Saturday we had to change our plans.  We missed our lecture up in Omaha so we could attend our first caucus.  What a mess but we stayed to be counted and line up representatives.  A primary would make so much more sense.  My sewing time today was spent on a green linen Byzantine for Leofwyna.
Saturday Morgana came over I put her to work on half-shirts, Leofwyna worked on the blue/gold brocade skirt and I worked on the red brocade skirt and the cream 'crewel' skirt.  Sunday we had both Morgana and Kate although Kate was here for help with her gambeson pattern.  Morgana continued working on the half-shirts and I started a doublet from the cream 'crewel' stuff.  Leofwyna opened the backs of a couple girls' costumes she'd picked up in Colorado and got them hemmed and ties added.  Monday I went to get my car re-licensed, got a haircut (too short all over) but wasn't able to get on a computer at the library so no print-outs yet.   We've been having some beautiful who-needs-a-coat weather for a week which looks to keep going another week.  Will we have a warm spring or more nasty, blustery winter?
Monday, although I started out well enough getting the load taken to the Goodwill and cleaning up the kitchen, I ended up feeling quite 'crumped' and had to force myself to at least accomplish the laundry while I lazed away the afternoon.  At the sewing table in the evening while Leofwyna had the computer I sewed the pairs into four-squares.
Sunday morning I got my car unloaded before Leofwyna got home, then spent the afternoon dealing with laundry.  At the sewing table I'm working on 1.25 inch strips for sashing.  Monday I went to get a concrete block to park the aliner with since the 'wheelie' mount is mis-shapened. I checked the raised beds and found several broccoli heads to harvest, pulled a bunch of weeds, too.  The potatoes are still green so it will be a late harvest this year... maybe another month.  At the sewing table I've got Sash's job-tunic serged and ready to sew up.
Monday pressed and sorted a pile of re-washed cutters (dealing with May's flooded wet box).  Tuesday I cut the tunic but got hung up over what sort of seams to do if Viking embroidery is going to be done.  Need to talk to Sash before continuing.  Wednesday mowed front and verges on a very cool day.  Would have done it all but for philosophy night.  Delivered Jerry's tunics... he was satisfied with the results.  Shelley showed up in time for the group supper.  Thursday I finished mowing and did some weeding.
Thursday I sewed up the wine tunic conversion (a two-piece suit to begin with) which I initially had serious reservations about.  It turned out great to my immense surprise.  Friday I sewed the rest of the canvas scraps up into the smaller sized weight bags, finishing that project.  Saturday we participated in the Inn pre-cook for Cattle Raids with Gwenyth.  Back at home in the late afternoon I whacked around the raised garden beds, mowed the verges and backyard, and Leofwyna finished up the front yard when I'd reached my limit.  At the sewing table I'm cutting and prepping linen coifs for the work basket.  I'll have those and the napkins to work on at Cattle Raids and Battlemoor.

A planning discussion Saturday evening... we're going to go to Battlemoor but will skip Gulf Wars and Pennsic in the new year.  Instead we'll do the 50th Celebration making that a shorter, more economical trip.  New England and Louisiana will have to wait a couple years.  The costs and repairs from the Pacific Coast trip needs to be paid for before we do another extended trip.  


Apr. 14th, 2015 03:50 pm
These long gaps are becoming somewhat chronic.  I've been having some problems with the computer.  Sometimes it comes up okay, other times it won't connect.  Rather annoying.  Today I'm at the library lab.  The other night Leofwyna and I picked up some drawers curbside (without the 'chest of') just before a thundarstorm blew through.  I'm planning on using them when we organize the back shelves in the garage (when we get the stuff in the garage cleared out that is).  Meanwhile, even though we've been having some fine weather, I haven't made any progress in the gardens.  Terrible procrastination going on here.  Evenings I have been working at the sewing table... a little on the silk blocks, a little on the cooler covers, a little on a hat to add to the camera key totes.  Leofwyna's been struggling with sciatica and we're wondering if we might have to postpone the California trip until it does clear up.  Five weeks traveling with sciatica would NOT be much fun.  For the time being her disposition is touchy as a result.  I have, finally, gotten a short set sewn up for Leofwyna that she's quite delighted with.  Now we need to find the rest of the knits she bought to make up a few more now that I have the pattern drafted.
Saturday I waited for Gale to come to be measured for new tunics.  After he called with a definate time I went to the library for an hour on the computers there.  Sunday Leofwyna and I took the camper to a big, empty parking lot and took turns practiced backing up and backward turning.  At the sewing table I pressed and proofed the 'spiky' parts of the wonky stars.


Jan. 29th, 2015 02:42 pm
Leofwyna and I made up the beds in the Aliner this afternoon and then closed it down and covered it.  We went to A&S night together although we didn't join in on the bookmaking.  I worked on the Childs' Play quilt and talked with Owain about making Rus garb for him this spring.  Back at home at the sewing table I'm putting together another set of four-square patches.
Wednesday I went to the gathering where all the tables got pushed together so folks could visit while working on their various projects.  I got Ingaborg scheduled for a massage for Leofwyna and she presented an idea for me to earn more for myself... she wants something easy to maintain in their front yard.  That's something to give careful thought.  At home finished the linen ties and oiled up the machine.
Sunday I worked some more on Voilkmar's linen gambison and have it nearly finished.  Only a little handwork left to do and the ties will see it finished. Wrestling with the heavily batted garment has made my arms achy though, right above the inside elbows and the wrists.  Ouch!  I'll wait a couple weeks before I deal with the second one.  Leofwyna and I have been discussing vacation possibilities for next September.  We're looking at Kentucky and Tennessee, remeniscent of our first vacation when we were kids when Dad drove us around the country in our converted panel truck called Uncle Herman.  I wonder if we'll find the rocky stream where we spent one night on that trip.
Tuesday through Friday the weather was wet, chilly or out and out cold so I spent most of my time on the computer or piecing the crazy quilt tops.  Wednesday I attended moot and went to supper with Sash and the gang.  Friday I finished the crazy quilt tops for Kronberg.  I know there must be more bags of samples in the house somewhere but for the moment I'm done with 'em.

Saturday I took Volkmar's tote to sewing day and got his two linen gambesons cut out and the batting layers hand stitched at the shoulders.  Back at home I started the machine sewing and got well along in the assembly and quilting of the first one.  Leofwyna got put on call so she started painting the trim for her room and ordered pizza for supper. 
Saturday I carried Leofwyna's return package to FedEx.  OMG, that was expensive for 3-day, land delivery!  I stopped in at the south Goodwill and discovered they were having 10 for $10 and found twenty items to pick up although the last three were 'throw-ins' to get the count, also picked up a 1000 recipe cookbook.  I gotta say, I'm missing having a stove and oven.  After eating I stopped in at Menards to get the wool socks Leofwyna told me about; I picked up four pairs.  It is so hard to find good quality wool socks with something more than 15% wool and it seems strange to find them in a hardware store.  Back at home I located the yellow duck pieces harvested from an old sunshade to make new straps for the current Baronial sunshade and got started on that project.

Sunday I finished up the straps, made a travelbag for them and then mended Leofwyna's pillowcases.  I ran across a laundry basket of washed quilt fabric and got it all pressed and folded to go into the stash.  A cold front has come through and I've decided not to go out in it today; I'll make due with what's in the house to do and eat.  Poor Leowyna had to get out and go to work tonight.
Wednesday at moot my Laurel volunteered himself and his apprentices to get pennants made for the fighters; that we would work on them Thursday  Since only two of his apprentices are 'in town' I knew my Thursday was thereby spoken for.  He later said he did it 'cause the discussion on who, how and when would have taken up another hour at least.

Thursday I gathered up the black duck I'd saved from the de-constructed former baronial pavilion (I KNEW it would come in handy some day) along with my favorite sewing machine and headed to Sash's for a sewing night.

At home when I'm not on the computer (when Leofwyna has claimed her time using it) I have been working on a pair of brais that I'm making from two cotton-linen blend shirts.
Wednesday afternoon I watered the veggie beds again; the brassica sets droop daily if I don't.  I really want them to flourish for early winter harvesting in my presently planned improved hoophouse.  I went out to moot in the evening where plans for various upcoming events are progressing nicely.  Back at home I finished the pieced shift and ran it through the wash to get rid of creases and folds that remain from being five blouses.
Monday Leofwyna had a contractor in to measure the floors for a bid.  I'd planned to finally get the camp gear put up but pulled something in my back before I even got started.  Instead I very carefully got supper grilled and spent some evening time sewing on the pieced undertunic.  Leofwyna marked the length for me to hem; all that's left is armhole facings.

Tuesday I was working the 13th Century Ws; I'll be in the 12th Century very soon now.
Saturday I got on the ball and did my laundry which pretty much tied up the entire afternoon.  I've been harvesting a few tomatoes fairly regularly.  Their skins are tough and I'm thinking I should be watering more often... my bad!  I pretty much decided not to go around to the Goodwills this weekend for the 99-cent sales.  I hardly need to add to the piles of stuff around here and I'm more aware of them since we're packing things up for the renovation.  Since they do these sales one weekend nearly every month I can wait until August for the next one.

Sunday I bailed on the baronial archery event.  I never did decide about a dish for feast and when it came time to dress and go I procrastinated.  Once I realized I'd probably only go for court it seemed silly to drive that far so I ran some errands instead.  Tonight while watching Olympics I finished the ecru linen shift and got back to work on a shirt-pieces linen shift.  So far I've put pieces from four shirts/blouses into this shift and will probably do most of a fifth to finish it. 
Thursday I went through the Gold Key totes and sorted out some belts, a couple adult t-tunics and the 2-3 child's garmets we have to use at JAV.  I left the totes empty to pack the camera garb into and piled the Gold Key on the side table in the garage.   I'm definitely going to need to get more totes for this stuff.  I was supposed to deall with fastening tabs on everything but I got distracted by the gold and red-orange and made up a herald's tabard of part of it and hemmed the big rectangle for an additional table throw.  Leofwyna came out and got the 'closet legs' down out of the rafters and we cleared the two tubs of river rock and a couple dozen moving boxes out of the back of the van so I can use it this weekend. 
Friday and Saturday I'm working on three cotton organdy partlets.  Never thought they'd take so long but the organdy is fiddly and I don't have any pattern and have to invent them as I go.  Saturday I took time to go to the fabric store for velcro, chiffon and heavy pellon.  I'll be doing a couple hennins next and making sure everything already done has fastenings in the back.
Wednesday I went and got a haircut, started sewing a lattice pattern doublet and, mowed the outer verges and the backyard.  Leofwyna reported a weather threat of heavy hail as she left for work so instead of finishing with the front yard I cleared the garage to put the car in.  Fortunately the worst of the storm passed north of us so my garden was saved from that stress.  Thursday I set part of the sewing back up in the garage and worked on the camara garb, finishing the lattice patterned doublet, a bronze stripe silk "skirt" and remaking the heavy blue skirt from the Gold Key Tudor outfit.   Friday I sorted and packed for the weekend.  We were loaded up and on the road around four and pulled in to the motel around ten.  While on the road I'd worked on handstitching the lace on the magenta silk dress for the camera booth and got that finished.

The event this weekend was Kingdom A&S and included an equestrian competition.  Natalya's snow sculpture project was really quite impressive and she was successful in having an actual 'freezer-saved snow' sculpture on-site.  Otherwise my favorites were a lovely trestle table, a gorgeous illumination, and a Persian themed dance, garb and party food combination entry.  A whiz-bang storm cut outdoor activities short late in the afternoon; Isadora had wanted to authorize for equestrian but that was cancelled.  The storm blew through quickly and by time court was done and we were getting ready to leave the rain had mostly drained away.  We pulled back in at home around 1am

Sash has given me four yards of really nice off-white linen... just right for a new undertunic.  This will call for some hand embroidery I think.  Reminds me I still need to make up the brown linen I bought at Lilies last year.  I wanted to embroider that with cherries, reminiscent of the scroll I received the previous year.   Which also reminds me I have that red linen for an undertunic for the mustard caftan.  I've really gotta get on the ball!



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