As planned I sat troll Friday 6-12... Gyda was there off and on as exchequer in training so I was able to get up now and then for this and that. 


When I set up camp Friday I found I didn’t have the hardware to put the bed together so I ended up on the ground again.  Although I felt the cold Friday night it’s probably not because I was on the ground (I had the wood slats and one of the wool blankets under the air mattress)… I could have used one more wool blanket with the one heavy and two light wool blankets I did have. 

I think I’m going to use these two light wool blankets (the ones I bought in Canada this summer) as the filler for the pieced linen camp quilts.


I had made arrangements for troll to be covered so I didn't have to be there until after ten.  I'm not very good with early mornings and this caused me trouble last year so I was determined not to repeat myself this year.  I had good reliable help for troll this morning and was able to 'let it go'.

I wore all Linen for the first time at Hidden Treasures this summer and Cattle Raids this weekend and found it good. It’s time to sort the garb wardrobe and move some things out to make room for new. The goal now is for all Linen and Wool garb eventually… I have some cotton camp garb I’ll probably hang on to and wear out myself but there’s other stuff that can be moved into gold key just as soon as I get myself better organized.


First thing Saturday when I was dressed and had their excellencies together I brought out The Project… the new baronial banner… and presented it to them so it could be used. The bull is hung!


We had a good day in court, too, with Cailee getting a baronial golden feather, a Queen's Chalice, and an AOA.  Dwolm and Randwulf were fyrded, Osric was given a Torse, Eleanor Deyeson was awarded a Silver Hammer and HE Vasilla was given a Cross.  Countess Jane is our new archery champion.


Organizing bardic entertainment for feast turned out to be… interesting? I had lined up HalfTroll myself ahead of time and then during the day had so many offers I became concerned about having too much. I didn’t need to perform myself and late in the afternoon I actually turned down an offer on the basis of too many already.  My thinking was there needed to be time at feast for general discourse, too, and of course there’s always the possibility their majesties might take up time, too. Just before feast while the populous was settling into the hall I held a confab with bardic friends about this and I then decided to narrow the field further. One of the bards was from out of kingdom and thinking I wanted to feature Calontiri I notified this individual that I wouldn't be calling on her.  Let’s just say this did not go over well at all. 


During the various courses I presented HalfTroll, _____ and Dorcas. Their majesties did indeed accept a presentation during feast and later requested another individual to perform for them (I think she may have been the same as I’d spoken to that afternoon). All was well with my timing, I think. The out of kingdom personage did make the presentation to their majesties during feast and used the opportunity to add her input to the evening; I choose not to elaborate further on this.  As for the feast, Gwyneth made it and as always it was perfection!


I was up bright and early packing and loading. I think I actually rolled out of bed by eight which is exceedingly unusual for me.  At least it allowed me to work in the shade for a good 2-3 hours getting the sunshades down and the tent cleared out.  It also allowed the tent to have an hour or so in the sun before I dropped it.  Back at home I crumped and accomplished very little the rest of the day.


When I got home from Milford Sunday I was just too beat to empty the van so I got on it this morning while the driveway was still in the shade… besides I wanted all the camp gear to have a full afternoon in the sun to dry thoroughly before I packed it up for the winter late this afternoon.   Again this evening I'm collapsed in front of the TV and I'm not doing anything further today.

The ground was dry enough Tuesday so I got the lawn mowed and just in time too as we've had more rain come through. 

Worked steadily on The Project and finally got it to the point that it can be put to use this weekend although I'll probably take it back to rebind it as there's already a three inch failure along one side of it.  I'll have to find some black silk to remake the binding wider.  Aside from the binding I'm very pleased with the results of this project and I can't wait to see the response to it. 

I went and got my hair cut Wednesday afternoon and stopped at Hancocks for wide cotton twill tape and mosquito netting for the silk tent divider.  This probably won't be ready to use this weekend as I still have to much to get done first..

I spent the afternoon re-making the bound panel for my project since the first one hasn't shown up.  When Leofwyna came home from her afternoon excursion she suggested going to Valentino's for supper as she was hungry and didn't want to take time to cook something. 

My planned tasks for today didn't get completed. First Leofwyna's work was set back four hours so she decided to sleep in late and I stayed quietly downstairs on the computer. Then when I did get going I did a bit of pick and put accomplished. A trip outside mid-afternoon to scope out the lawn showed me there was still too much moisture to mow today so that's to do tomorrow. I did run 3-4 loads of laundry though. Once Leofwyna left for work I went to eat supper and feed a friend's cats (she's out of town for the weekend). Once I got home again I looked high and low for the bound velveteen I'd prepared a couple weeks ago for a project I want to finish and I can't find it anywhere logical, not even borderline logical. I have enough fabric to redo it but that'll take time I don't really have this week to get it completed in time for next weekend. I'm really annoyed by this but suppose that's what I'll be doing tomorrow, too, if I can't find it when I look again later tonight. I need to move the pile of stuff (from the first round of looking) off my bed..

Accomplished a couple errands, deposited a Ford check and stopped in at Joanne's where I picked up some thread. 


Was somewhat more productive today taking out trash, running three loads of laundry, emptying a bag of puzzles into storage, watering the front lawn and responding to three joblist contacts (cross all digits something hits this time).  This evening was A&S where Seraphima tutored Viking chain weaving.  I'm still working on the banner.

We had a beautiful day for Spring Fling and Leofwyna's birthday.  We got to visit with lots of folks and I spent considerable time embroidering on the banner in the process.  His excellency, my baron, is positive the banner will be ready for Cattle Raids in August.  I reminded him there's rummage sales, vegetable beds, yardwork and a job search that have to take priority on my time.  I tried to prepare him for the possibility this might not be achieved although I am trying to make it happen. 

During court Dorcas Whitecap was asked to join the Order of the Pelican for her long-standing efforts in field-heraldry and Master Gawain of Miskbridge was offered an augmentation of arms for his years of service to the kingdom.  Since we hadn't gotten our names in for feast in time we joined other MagMorons in seeking our supper and ended up at a Chinese buffet. 

Didn't go to A&S yesterday and there was no fiber arts tonight... I'm in withdrawal here.  It's certainly a good thing I have Spring Fling to look forward to.  I spent several hours today looking for ideas for a birthday present for Leofwyna and finally located two possibilities.  I couldn't afford the one I liked best but second choice is good and I think she'll be pleased with it.  I finished the day putting a couple hours embroiderig the banner while watching Survivor and CSI.

The assignment late this afternoon was in the garage preparing for next week's garage sale.  We pulled the three (yes, count them, three) televisions from the garage.  Plugged in and attached cable to the first two to check and they work just fine.  We put the smallest one (19-inch) in the dining area; the other will go into storage downstairs as a back up when one goes out on us thereby skipping repair costs later.  The third (and we think the newest) is missing the cord to plug it in so it'll be stored for awhile until we find the box with the cord in it or we can replace it.   Our two old small tvs with built in vcrs went out to the garage to be sold for very modest amounts as the vcrs went out on both of them although the tvs both work just fine.  It's an embarrassing wealth of televisions as Little Sister didn't get rid of perfectly good televisions when she upgraded and our Magnavox downstairs still works just fine even after 25 years.  It's only the little combination sets we used upstairs that have had a problem with failure of the built in vcrs.   

Then we pulled four boxes of books... mostly cookbooks, some poetry, other misc... to go through.  There's a really good big dictionary.  Little Sister collected cookbooks on purpose unlike some of the other multitudinous stuff she'd accumulated just because she wouldn't get rid of anything.  We'll probably keep less than a quarter of these but need to decide which ones.

Tried to get Toni over from next door to check through the four dozen pairs of shoes as we've discovered she may wear the right size (8.5-9 narrow) but that'll have to wait for another day.. 

After supper I actually was finally embroidering on the banner again.  Will it be done in time for Cattle Raids?  That would be a lovely surprise if it was!

Went to Salvation Army for their 50% sale and picked up a few cutter shirts and a top, grabbed supper at House of Hunan before going to A&S where our archers shared information on bow making and arrow making.


Went to Sash's for Fiber Arts.  I worked at getting the inner seams whipped down on my wood apron dress and some more split stitching on the baronial banner.


Didn't sleep well last night... said hello to 5 am before I finally dropped off; then was woke at 7 am with a repeating and rather annoying dream.  When I woke again at 10:30 I got up thinking to make sure I sleep well tonight.

More job search, chauffered Leofwyna after dropping her van off at the shop for maintenance, got Ford papers noterized, stopped at a couple garage sales and a thrift store (no purchases), went to Chili's for ribs for supper and had a movie night at home with zigsaw puzzle.


Packed for the weekend and got the car loaded then worked with Leofwyna getting several boxes of rummage sale stuff sorted and priced for the April sale.  Met up with PJ and Diane to leave about 9pm to get on the road.  I hung my little flashlight on my right ear so I could embroider on the banner all the way down to KC and got a good little section of word done thereby.


Didn't sleep very well; for once a motel heater worked all too well and about cooked us.  Free breakfast was orange juice and Belgian waffles; not bad at all!

Got to the Coronation site in good time to be well settled for morning court. 

During Their Majesties'  Maerwynne and Luther's final court Mistress Katrei Grunenburg (Companion of the Laurel, Chiurgeon General of the Society, Baroness of the Court of Calontir) was elevated to Pelican in a beautiful ceremony.  My goodness, she is a busy, busy Calontiri!  Duchess Phaedra was awarded a Cross with a dazzeling scroll created by Mistress Fionn ( evil_fionn) and written by Drix ( trimguy ).  And Mistress Elasait (elasait ) got Her Majesty's QED for courtesy... hurrah!

And as always the ceremony for Their Highnesses crowning was extremely moving.  But this time haveing both Martino and then Ariel elevated on sheilds was breathtaking!

The site for the coronation was lovely and considering the weather a much better choice than originally indicated but it was a trifle close with the numbers attending.  I settled myself with my embroidery and visited with those who came into proximity and missed out on many others who were there.

During troll we agreed we'd stay for feast.  This was a thoroughly Roman feast that was most interesting and flavorful but unfortunatly my tummy didn't handle it very well... too much acid which kept me from sleeping very well.  At the end of the day since there was lots o'snow we decided to stayover at the motel another night.


KC this morning was full of pretty snow and ice frosted trees and bushes against clear blue sky... got home about noon back into spring-like weather.

This afternoon I caught up with e-mail, job search and did some more sewing my my new blue linen cote adding another line of trim around the hem which used up the last little bit of that particular trim.

We went shopping for a clock and timer to replace the wall clock with a timer we obtained twenty years ago with green stamps.  We have come to the realization we're not going to find anything like it now but we need a clock for the family room and a timer so we remember to go in take care of the next stage of laundry when we need to get it done for heaven's sake!

Did a little yardwork... barefooted.  I love bare feet and the ground is feeling warm enough to indulge myself.  I pulled the 'deadwood' out of the daylily bed and gathered up the leaves that collect in the corner between the house and garage while Leofwyna raked over her 'spot' again. I also had to bag up a 'possum that died in the side yard... phew!  That was nasty. 

Tonight was Fiber Arts at Sash's again.  This time Chiara and Gyda were there working on inkle looms while I embroidered on the banner. 

I have a nice new sleep pattern set up, early to bed and early to rise.  I'm reading my emails and ljs in the mornings while making Joey a warm lap and doesn't he love it.  Cut and sewed up a pair of britches to go with the second doublet Thursday afternoon and went to Fiber Arts in the evening.  Friday I whipped through the dishes and then started sewing up the squares cut from the earlier samples... might as well get them out of the way even if they are fiddly.  Set up and ready for a fast get-a-way tomorrow for Kris Kinder and early to bed.


Up early and dark, beating Leofwyna to the facilities as she works this weekend.  Met up with Cat, Oz and Sash to pool the ride to Kris Kinder.  While there I cruised through the merchants but managed to refrain from serious shopping; did quite a lot of work on the banner while getting to know Marcella better and visiting with many various other folks.  Did attend my exchequer meeting and manged the last little while of the fiber meeting also.  Got to page through the many books Jane and Angelo brought from from their trip to Europe.   Court was splendid, especially the presentation of the magnificent floorcloth for the Kingdom pavillion.

Just couldn't get to sleep last night; heard Leofwyna get up for work then finally slept.  Woke at 1pm.. loafed the rest of the day.  Pray I sleep tonight!


That's better.  Slept and woke at normal times then headed out for my haircut.   Tonight was moot and making plans for Saturday's demo, Yule Court, WWM and Jubilee.  In other words, the future is going to be busy, busy, busy!  Cut a check for fighters' practice insurance cert for next year and stitched some on the banner

Sort of a loafing day.  Tried to get in a little yardwork today, wanted to finish rogueing another veggie bed but the rain came when I was only half through my planned chunk o'work.  The rest of the afternoon was spent wrestling with the computer trying to get on the Internet.  When it's wet the phone line gets static and the computer acts up... bummer. 

This evening was A&S, the first under a new A&S minister, so I went to take part in the planning stages for the next little while.  I worked on the banner during the discussions.  Volunteered the leather samples for a bookbinding A&S night.  At home again I finished putting together the second polyester quilt top for the African missions.   Then I finally got ahold of the help center so finally got on the Internet after midnight to catch up with email and journal.

After lunch ran errands to Kinkos, back home for the forgotten register and change shirt, the library, the post office, then to a couple thrift stores where I found a big basket, a willow wrapped flask, jigsaw puzzle, 5yds cotton print, bag o' bandanas, and silk paints... some good hunting

Met up with Leofwyna and Tamison to go to the last ocarina night where they learned how to play them; i worked on the banner embroidery as music-making just is not my thing.  And oh my, the noise eight ocarinas can make!

So... upon arising today I firmly set myself to preparing for the weekend making my list and packing and taking myself off to meet up with Calien and Asa at 5pm for the drive to Standing Stones for Charlemagne's Octoberfest.  We pulled into Asa's sister's place about 11pm to spend the night.  It was a camping event but the three of us in a compact car was just enough room as it was with no camping materials nor armour for Asa. 


Since both Calien and Asa were part of Her Majesty's retinue we were up early for the thirty minute drive to the event site.  Thus I was able to deliver the passports to troll before it officially opened.  The site was a lovely little park on a bluff overlooking the Missouri River.  There was a fine big pavillion for A&S during the day where the feast was served that evening.  Another large shade fly housed MoC activities.  There was of course plenty of meetings, cooking, fighting and archery.  I mostly stayed in the A&S area auditing the classes and working on my banner embroidery.

At court after various awards and event reports their Majesties were approached for the boon of inviting HL Finghuala inghean Fhearghuis to join the Order of the Laurel.  This was the same lady who had presented three of the four classes offered during the day and I was pleased with this announcement.  The vigil and ceremony will probably be at Crown Tournament in Three Rivers.

At feast I sat with Nicholas and Nina and had a most pleasant meal.  Courses were generous and tasty.  Most memorable was the delicately seasoned pork sausages with honeyed roasted vegetables and a honey-mustard sauce.  After a short session at the bardic session at the fire pit we headed back to our crash site before the real rowdiness began.

[Nina sent photos out on the Internet The lady in the saffron yellow veil is HL Finghuala]


Another early day but this one was begun with a nice stop for breakfast with Heather before getting on the road to head home.  We pulled into town around 2pm [a pleasant surprise as I'd expected not to arrive before 3pm or so].  Got home to discover Leofwyna had gone to Omaha for a movie and supper with our younger sister.  I got unloaded and unpacked and caught up with emails before going out for my own supper.  Finished the evening breaking down several more sample books and stripping paper from the poly samples.  Soon I'll be sewing up quilt tops for the ladies at home to tie off for the missions.

When I brought up that we were looking for a little lady cat to bring our residence population back up Calien thought perhaps her Summer, a Siamese mix, might suit.  They have a dog and three cats and this one isn't settling well with the others.  I'll bring it up with Leofwyna and we'll check it out.


It rained during the night and was promising more during the day so the proposal demo got postponed to next Monday.  Wouldn't you know, the sun broke out about 3pm and turned into a lovely clear evening.  Sure hope the weather works next week or somebody will be kicking themselves for this.

Leofwyna and I got busy this afternoon making a HUGE apple crisp and starting crockpot apple butter from Shelly's apples.  Leofwyna put together a nice tuna-noodle cassarole for lupper [mid afternoon meal instead of lunch] which we ate again for linner [a late dinner balancing a late lunch].   I stripped paper from cotton-linen samples until my hands were cramping... too much peeling and stuff in one day I guess.

When Leofwyna talked with Calien tonight we learned Summer wasn't declawed; that wouldn't be fair to Joseph so we're having second thoughts.  It would have been a good thing for Caleigh to be able to visit Summer here when she has cooking lessons with Leofwyna; what to do?

Fortunately the downpours that stayed with us the entire distance did let up to a faint drizzle while we were out of the van for supper in Council Bluffs.  I made good use of the dim evening light handsewing Leofwyna's new coif and mending her Saxon belt pouch.  I also got to embroider the banner through the dusk with the dome light but when the sun finally set I had to turn it off for the driver.  From that point we played "I went to coronation and in my bag I packed..."

"analgesic, Benedryl, coronet, doggie biscuits, earmuffs, footwear, gorget, harpsichord, icepick, jasper beads, knucklebones, lantern, marsupial, neanderthal, opposom, potty paper, Queen, raccoon, strawberries, tamborine, ukelele, ventriloquist, Westphalia ham, x-ray glasses, yarrow plant, and a zebra!"

It was good to reach the motel and fall into bed around eleven!

SATURDAY, Part one

We awoke bright and early... well we were bright enough though the day wasn't.  The motel had a nice courtesy breakfast of Belgian waffles, sausage gravy and biscuits, cereal, bagels, juice, milk, coffee and a choice of apples or bananas.  We can endorse the use of Heartland Inn when needed!

It rained or drizzled most of the day and was so hugely humid it seemed rainy even if it wasn’t.  It was supposed to be an outdoors coronation, but it got moved into the lodge, which was a great relief to me as I was then able to relax and enjoy the day.  There was apparently some problem with the tentage rented for the coronation site; as we drove in that morning we saw one end was down from rain overload.  Most of the schedule went awry because of the lack of outdoor activities.  

Their majesties Anton and Isabeau gave a nice closing court and thanked the various parts of their retinue for their service. There was a Silver Hammer for Sofya la Rus for Russian studies and a Calon Cross for Caillin O’hicighe, former kingdom chirurgeon, awarded.   Mirabel Wynne was made a court baroness.  The Queen awarded Agamemnon of Flatrock a chalice for service and participation he did as a child.  He grew up in the SCA as she did and she felt it was long overdue.  He may be the first Fyrdman to receive a chalice.  
For Queen’s Endorsement of Distinction Baroness Gillian Warrender for the Ideal of the Society; Lady Nikolyena for Courtesy; and Lord Sean of the Chippendales for Chivalry.  Lord Sean also received a "Court Duchy" for the remainder of the reign; a tinfoil coronet accompanied this honor. 

Luther and his entourage approached the chivalry guarding the throne.  He was challenged, then three officials spoke up to affirm that he was indeed the winner of the last crown tourney.  He received the crown and then Maerwynn approached and received her crown.  At each approach, there was singing from Mistress Gwenyth's group from MagMor.  Queen’s Champion is HE Edward Blythe. Semjaka was made King's Champion.  The Knights, Laurels, Pelicans and Territorial Barons made their pledges of loyalty.

Got up quietly today and slipped downstairs so Leofwyna could sleep in... boy, did she sleep in!  I basically spent a major chunk of the day computalating.  At four-thirty we headed out for Bran's BD grilling party with a couple thick rib steaks and some tomato salad; we were home again by eight-thirty.  We had a nice visit with Naimh and Asa, also Boris, Brannac, Kyrstin, Mikhail, Osrik, and a couple mundane family members.  I got in a couple hours of embroidery on the banner during the evening while Leofwyna had a turn on the computor.


I celebrated Labor Day in the kitchen putting up another batch of roasted tomatoes, this time with oregano and did up a big load of dishes.  When Leofwyna got off work we went out to the fairgrounds for supper and to use the ride tickets she bought Saturday.  Found the double ferris wheel had been taken down so settled for the gondola ferris wheel, a very overpriced and tame short ride. 


Realized I'd let my supply of Diet Pepsi run out so first thing today I headed out to Walgren's sale to remedy that problem,  Stopped at SalvArmy hoping to pick up a couple jigsaw puzzles I'd passed on last week but they were gone.  I know that if you pass up on something second thoughts rarely do any good but I tried. 

Mixed up a half batch of pizza dough for tonight's supper but when I weNt up to assemble it found the dough hadn't risen.  Had to reneg on supper for Leofwyna and ran to pick up something on the way to A&S farble tonight.  I think since I was using the newer mix and activate method that perhaps I didn't have the water hot enough; I've been used to being careful not to have it too hot for the pre-soak method.  I'll try again tomorrow.

At A&S we had a brisk discussion of making things for personal use, to gift or for competition.  Present was Gyda, Vilhjalhmer, Zino, Gerald, TOCD, Sigtryigg, Eulalia, Aibhilin and myself.  I worked on the banner during the discussion and at the end was asked about it.  When I opened it up and said it was for the new baronial banner I received many gratifying compliments on it.  The drawing of the winged bull was done by Thedrich and since I'm hand embroidering it may take a year or more to complete.  I really want to get it done soon enough for Sash to enjoy it awhile before he steps down so I'm well motivated.


Didn't feel completely rested upon awakening today so we decided to spend the afternoon checking out rummage sales and a couple thrift stores for Leofwyna's glass. Stopped at the hospital for a newspaper then found rummage addresses to check out, also stopped at two Goodwills where I have senior discount. I found a bias cut black stripe linen skirt I'll make 'hose' of and Leofwyna got plenty o' glass. We also found a large pair of slippers depicting boxer dog faces... I'm going to convert them to Halloween masks for us to use this year. We decided to complete the day with a buffet supper at Golden Corral. I got in a little work on the banner and we watched the tape of Olympic closing ceremony.


Was better rested today so I ran errands: made my Cattle Raids deposit, stopped in at the library downtown, bought cat chow and stopped for groceries for us. Leofwyna did supper with leftover pork and sauce from feast plus a noodle cassarole from the freezer and fresh corn and watermelon. Tonight I just poked about in the Internet.



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