Sunday after lunch and library computer time I returned home to clean the refrigerator. After the cinnamon pickles it really needed it and I took the opportunity to clear out old stuff while I was at it. Gaming in the evening was mild... nothing was killed, no experience points but still good fun with friends.
Saturday after library computer time and lunch returned to the house to empty the van from CR and do some "pick and put" in the garage. Got the SE corner done, swept and two tables set up before I ran out of steam. Potato soup with chedderwurst for supper (Leofwyna says etable)... I say yumtious!!! Got second boil done on the cinnamon pickles.
Friday after a couple sessions on the library computer I returned home so Leofwyna could get to her physical therapy appointment. I spent the afternoon cleaning jars, sorting out the canning cupboard and putting away the peaches and tomatoes. I started the crockpots with several unsuccessful jars of peaches to make peach butter with Amaretto which I was putting into the jar around midnight. Got eighteen half-pints which we plan to use for 12th Night gifts. In the afternoon when Leofwyna returned we headed back to the library for one short session before they closed. I pulled the two jars of spaghetti sauce from the pantry for our supper with leftovers for tomorrow and reminded Leofwyna that she had beets and applesauce to use up. And naturally today was one of those days she commented how I wasn't getting ready for the upcoming rummage sale.
Wednesday we pulled the trailer into the garage for the winter.  That evening was, of course, moot followed by supper with the gang at Culvars.  At home again I finished stitching down the new binding on the TOSB comforter.  Thursday I cooked up the pumpkin and made two batches of banana bread.   I brought the rest of the canning jars and the Gold Key totes into the house.  Outside the cold is bitter these days and I'm reluctant to go out.
Thursday I got my piles cleared out of the living room so Leofwyna can decorate for Christmas.  Said piles are now in my bedroom and I really need to do some sorting and thinning in there.  Friday when Leofwyna got back from going on an appointment with a friend we loaded up, hooked up the trailer and headed to KC.  There was a little bit of a boondoggle finding the Kenney residence but all's well that ends well.  We spent Saturday at Kris Kinder where I resisted actually buying anything.  Then during court Master Gerald received his 20-year delayed Laurel scroll AND his new Keeper of the Flame!  
Monday was sunny and somewhat warmer so Leofwyna and I got out and organized the garage for winter.  Now there's room for the camper to go under cover when we get back from Kris Kinder next week.  
Monday was chilly and grey.  I carried Leofowyna's three boxes of tiles to the garage and brought in some of the canning jars.  Other than that I accomplished very little but I did succeed in 'guilting' Leofwyna to make a big batch of lemon curd.  At the sewing table I sorted some of the 2" strips.  Lots more to do there.
Friday I put some time in on the computer at the library.  After lunch I stopped in at the central Goodwill and found a set of plastic drawers.  At the cutting table in the evening I'm still dealing with slicing the washed cutters into strips.  Leofwyna had also brought home a set of plastic drawers for me to sort into so I started reorganizing as things had been getting somewhat cramped.  This will take awhile but will make it much easier to access pieces when I'm building new tops.

Saturday I went to crown tournament in Council Bluffs alone.  Both Leofwyna and Morgana were under the weather and stayed home.  It was a beautiful day and the 31 contestant field moved briskly along taking merely 3.5 hours to reach a conclusion.  Ashir and Ashland are now the prince and princess.  Court lasted long and accomplished much but a keenly anticipated accolade was not included at this time.  At least Leofwyna didn't miss it thereby.  I left before feast, stopping at PlaToo for my supper before continuing home.

Sunday we both went up to Omaha for Annalise and Gavin's afternoon wedding.  It was another glorious day and the lovely ceremony was held in a beautiful yard at UNO's Alumni building.  Afterwards there was time for a stop at one Thrift World where Leofwyna bought bagsfull of stuff.  We got back to Lincoln in time for me to grab a burger on the way to gaming at Theron's where a 'stony' troop of bullies were ignored, then a little later 8 trogs and two trolls were destroyed.  The wagon is yet to be repaired but it has been unloaded. 
Monday Leofwyna had a couple guys in to move some heavy stuff around.  The wood and concrete shelving is out of the laundry room.  The old tv, mattress and box springs are out at the curb.  The tiles and new industrial shelving is downstairs awaiting installation.  And a few other odds and ends are in the garage.  After computer time at the library and lunch I got busy.  I finished mowing the lawn (skipping the zoysa which hasn't grown much), put 'stuff' back in the garage pending possible rain and took Leofwyna out to supper.  Back at home I finished assembling wedding ring 'eyes' and proceeded to press said 'eyes' and then washed cutters. 
Sunday after lunch I spent part of the afternoon on the computer at the library.  I mowed the verges, watered and picked tomatoes, then Leofwyna and I did a little condensing in the garage before I cleaned up to go to game night where I killed at least three kobalds.  Back at home I continued putting together the vintage wedding ring eyes.  It was late when Leofwyna and I cleared the laundry room for tomorrow's laborers.
Thursday I went to the library for a computer session.  I registered for the Golden Thimble competition in two weeks with Cat, Isabeau, Carlos and Kate on my team.  At home again I sorted the bags of paperbacks for Lois, Morgana and the garage sale.  Leofwyna went to find out what the bumps are... shingles complete with a low-grade fever.  They have her some anti-viral pills.  She skipped music tonight so I know she's uncomfortable with it.  At the sewing table I finished cutting strips and started ironing the next batch of print cutters.
Tuesday after computer time at the library and lunch I headed back home to work on the pile of boards.  I got the nails and brass removed and piled then under the 'table' temporarily.  On the run to FoodNet I got two lemons, one potato, one onion, a box of couscous, half a dozen eggs, and a loaf of Italian bread.  I ran a couple bags of cutter rolls through the laundry.  After leftovers for supper I finished cutting the red strips and ironed the print cutters. 
Monday after some computer time at the library and lunch Leofwyna and I dove headfirst into dealing with the mess in the garage.  Since the weather is supposed to be sunny and temps moderate for most of the week we're breaking it down into 3-4 days so we don't break ourselves.  Good progress was made this first day and we celebrated by ordering a pizza for supper.  At the sewing table I'm still cutting red strips.
Saturday Leofwyna went with friends for the 99-cent sales.  I coulda waited to go with them but I wanted to check out the racks while they were fresh on Friday.  Saturday I unpacked sacks from yesterday, last weekend and all month to sort on the front room couches.  I'll pull stuff out of my room to sort and pack up in a more organized manner.  I've promised to have it all put away again before Shelly comes next week.  Monday night the winter storm blew through on schedule and dropped five inches of snow on us.  I got out Tuesday and tried to start up the snowblower (couldn't) and scooped the walks and part of the driveway.  Leofwyna went out and finished up the driveway so the slushy wet stuff underneath is prevented from becoming ice pack. 

Saturday, Sunday and Monday mostly loafed while Leofwyna took down decorations, sorted, thinned and repacked them.  What little I did do was at the sewing table... not enough to finish 'leftover' top so I started piecing together the sniglets for it.

Friday we both stayed in and poked at piles.  I sorted through four boxes of fabric and garb to see what might be used and what must move on.  I sorted through three tall stacks of magazines, most of which we'd both already read, and boxed up most of them to go in the rummage pile.  At the sewing table this evening I started putting together the 'leftover' pile as a 'strippie' top.  I'm trying to get that table somewhat cleared off.
Sunday and Monday, still looking for Cassie, still putting together Mountains Majesty quilt tops.  Also putting away laundry and travel stuff in my room to make room to box up and move books and magazines out of the living room.  Monday night there was an e-mail, "There is a small tortie can (looks like this one) running around the area of 38th and Madison for the last three days.  Pretty far from Havelock but cats do travel someotimes."
Saturday was the local celebration for Sash's life.  There was a lovely display of his work and photos and a good turnout for it.   Shelly stayed until Sunday afternoon, then we worked in the backyard late clearing branches and reducing the logs to pile up.  We'll deal with the logs in November; we want to put together the pollinator boxes with them.  I got the beans shelled, bagged and put in the freezer.  Monday I cleared the tomato plants from the garden and mowed the entire yard since there was a possibility of rain Tuesday night.  Tuesday we finished in the garage and pulled in the camper for the winter.  I did laundry and packed up for the trip.  Wednesday Leofwyna stayed home preparing for the next three weeks while I went on over to moot.  There's no philosophy this month or next but we did have a finance committee meeting to deal with WWM details and Yule Court site.  Thursday I canned the last of the tomatoes and cleaned out the refridgerater.  All week at the sewing table I was doing nine-patches and there's still more to do to empty that box.  There should be enough of them for a couple tops.
Wednesday I filnaly got the replacement screw to secure the leg of the electric skillet and then replaced the battery in my watch.   Upon returning home from social moot and the group supper we carried the pieces of the counter from the garage to the curb, then I spent an hour cleaning up the kitchen.  Thursday we went to visit Maggie, I dealt with my paperwork for the month and washed up a load of new fabric for the quilt stash.
Friday I loafed; I needed it.  Leofwyna and Shelly had tickets for ballet in Omaha.  Saturday while Leofwyna went to the pre-cook I mowed.  Shelly headed home in the evening.  Sunday I did laundry.  Sunday and Monday Leofwyna worked in the garage removing some cupboards... turned out they were nastier than we'd realized.  Monday I harvested the shell beans at the community garden and came to the decision that I'll keep my gardening at home next year.  As I was finishing up I ran across a praying mantis.  It was four inches long and the wings were the exact same color as the dried beans I was picking.  At the sewing table I'm still working 1.25" strips.



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