The last thing before going to bed I started a batch of Thai Beef in the large crock pot so Sunday morning it was ready to can up in six pints for the pantry. A quart of the broth went into the fridge; I have an idea to use it for a sort of sloppy joe mixture this week. Part of the afternoon and again in the late evening I continued work on the Kronberg blocks. Gaming tonight was at Theron's with Mark as DM, I was playing the Buck Bannerman character.
Tuesday, for all the good it did, I voted before heading to the library for computer time.  I crockpotted some beef shanks for supper and continued working on the pile 'o pumpkins while watching election results.  I am in dispair over the outcome.
Friday... I put turkey legs in the crockpot with a pint of 'pineapple squash' and made mashed canned potatoes.  We won't mash canned potatoes again, not horrible but definately meh.  There was ten for $10 at Goodwill and I brought a bag of ten home plus a 4 yard piece of wool that will become a winter tunic.  Saturday we went up to Omaha for coronation and Sunday was Baronial A&S so it was a busy and incredibly hot weekend.
Thursday in spite of the chill we got the rest of the yard raked, the raised beds mulched and the compost piles topped off.  I used the broiler [for the first time since I burned the oven a year ago].  I'd gotten some nice beef at special price and served steak with sweet potatoes and broccoli.
Friday I headed over to the library to print out 2012 and 2013 tax returns.  The crock pot was put on with beef shortribs for supper.
Saturday we rode with the Doerrs and Morgana to Kris Kinder.
Sunday I dug into the paper files to find W-2s and stuff for Monday's meeting.  We finished up the short ribs with fried potatoes for supper. Sewing these last several evenings was more four-patches for a Bugs Bunny as Cowboy quilt top.
Friday I put turkey legs and pineapple squash in the crockpot.  It rained early so yardwork and gardening are off the docket so I ran genealogy and 'logs' at the sewing table alternately.  Leofwyna is pretty sure she wants to retile the laundry room floor while the room is cleared out.  That puts quite a shift in the task load I'd outlined initially as we'll have to schedule someone to do the tile work before we put up the shelves and put things away.
Monday I provided transport home for Sash following some tests.  Hopefully those will provide some good news.  Back at home I started the crock pot with five packages of bargain gizzards and in the evening I canned them.  I've emptied the 'pantry' so I could stash my canning therein and sorted out older stuff to concentrate prompt usage.  A new pantry list was made as I put things back on the shelves.
Thursday I put on the crock pot with Thai Beef.  I knew I'd be working in the garden this afternoon.  The rest of the beds are thoroughly weeded and I watered at both locations.  There was a pile of branches off the maple tree so I stripped the leaves into the compost pile and harvested the larger branches for garden supports.  At the sewing table in the evening I sorted through the linen scrap bag... I need to make ties for the camera garb.
Sunday I made the rounds of the Goodwill stores just to get out in the pretty daylight.  I found a 12-inch Mirro skillet with the lid for less tha $10 and a strong, deep workbasket.  Leofwyna worked.   Monday we both got up early to be 'turned around' for Tuesday.   I worked in my room again, making some good progress, and made chili in the crock pot for supper.
Friday I popped a corned beef in the crock pot and wiped out the oven; the door came nicely clean.  Re- sprayed the rest of the nasty crust in the oven with more Easy-off and left it to sit again.  Made the run to the bank to return Leofwyna's passport to the deposit box.  When Leofwyna got up she went outside to work and I tried to finish cleaning the oven.  I made some progress but there's still lots of crust in the upper corners.  I haven't decided yet which way to go... more Easy-off or another, longer, heat treatment.  If I go for heat though I need to wait until tomorrow when the windows can be left open.
Wednesday I put beef shanks in the crock pot for supper.  I called and scheduled a car appointment for Thursday, then called and scheduled an appliance service appointment for Thursday.  Oops, overlap so after supper Leofwyna and I delivered the car to the shop and came back by way of picking up hot fudge malts at Perkins.
Wednesday I was so lazy I didn't even go out for Philosophy night... Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I mainly loafed on the 'puter doing the genealogy thing.  I'm finally nearly current on everything available to 1000.  Today I did throw some drumsticks into the crockpot and assembled them this evening into my chicken potpie casserole.
Tuesday morning I put beef in the crock pot with a can of coconut milk and a jar of Thai Peanut Sauce.  A couple hours before supper I dumped in a bag of 'baby' carrots and served it all up on rice for supper.  Wednesday I went to moot and supper after with the gang.  The new couple joined us, having both found work this last week, so we got a chance to know them better.  Mentioned my search for an electric skillet, Kat says she has one she doesn't use so I may be getting hers.  Yeah!
Even though Leofwyna works Thursday I put the last of the chicken legs in the crockpot and finished them out in another chicken biscuit casserole.  I got the last plants out of the garden; the brussel sprouts weren't going to get the time to get any bigger so I have a single batch of pea-sized vegetables I'll cook up and serve as part of Thanksgiving next week.  There were so many sprouts on four of those six plants if they had achieved any size I would have been eating them for weeks!  I did drop off the bag of stalks and leaves at the zoo for the animals.  Predictions have us very cold all through the next week, putting us into December.  I don't think there's going to be any more warm now until next year.  We've had first snow that thankfully was light and dry and not enough to scoop.
Thursday Leofwyna got put on call from work but it was too windy for her to paint.  Friday I made beans and smoked ham hocks in the crock pot and it worked just fine.  No monitoring a pot the stove all afternoon.  Saturday we got up really early in order to go to all of crown tourney since it was just up the road in Lonely Tower.  We now have a good repeat prince, Martino.  We enjoyed court and finished off the day skipping feast to meet up with Natalia, Gwyneth, Toli and Sabina for supper at Wheatfields.  Sunday I got the carrot cake made that I'd promised Leofwyna so she could take a piece with her for her supper.
Monday afternoon I emptied a couple totes, hanging our winter coats back in the coat closet.  These are coats we hadn't found last winter when we wanted them (having been packed up for the renovation in opaque totes).  In the evening during another heavy rain Leofwyna and I were kept busy mopping up in the spare room again.  A much easier task since it was emptied the other day.  It's good I'd made supper by putting a corned beef in the crock pot for the afternoon, adding potatoes and carrots the last hour as we would have been too weary to cook anything else.   Tuesday I took the van load of rummage rejects to the thrift store and cardboard to the recycling center.  Back at home I took down the sunshade, carried leftover paint back into the house to avoid having it freeze, and contrived an alternative for getting rain away from foundation on that southeast corner in case it rains again tonight.
Thursday morning I headed to the store to see what meat special I could find for supper.  I put the rather fatty, boneless pork ribs I found in the crock pot for the day.  In the afternoon I mowed all three sections of the yard since the weather broke down out of the 90s Wednesday and I know it will go back up Friday.  Shelly dropped by for a visit while she was in town so I woke Leofwyna up a little early.  Supper of pork, gravy, rice, corn and a salad with my tomatoes and broccoli was yumchious!  Friday was a lite day with computer and cutters with Leofwyna off to work. 
We did get rain Sunday evening, hurrah.  

Monday my assignment was to pick up the pendant lamp before the sale ran out and to return the drapery samples.  I put a couple beef roasts in the crock pot with coconut milk and Thai peanut sauce.  Leofwyna had a continuing education class in York so I didn't finish supper preperations; the cooked meat went into the fridge for another night.

Tuesday I made a second attempt to return the drapery samples (I didn't have the receipt Monday), then seeing there was a sale in the quilting fabric I picked up some 'bilaterally symmetrical with major color changes' material for my stash.  I confess I got a wee bit carried away but there finally was some very good stuff to be had.  Coming home I noticed the check engine light came on.

Wednesday I took the car to be repaired (again); this time it was apparently a spark plug misfiring.  I picked up a swag lamp conversion kit for the new pendant lamp.   Moot was a pre-event meeting and I have quite a lengthy to-do list for the next few days.  Back at home I dealt with getting the little cupboard off the wall finally.  Leofwyna and I had both tried on a couple different occasions and had to back off and re-think it.  This time I went for brute force while she wasn't there to interject reason.  There was a little wallpaper behind it which I got stripped and then I primered the damaged wallboard above the tub suround and sink area. 

I learned Gabaldon's Outlander is being made into a TV series along the same lines as Game of Thrones.  I can only fervently hope it will be on a channel we get. 
Being at home again Friday I took it pretty easy as my feet were still hurting from all the walking we did.  I have some sort of issue with my right heel, not in the bone but in the ligaments I think.  There's a pulling from the sole of the heel up the back that limits my stride and I think that's what aggravated both feet this week. 

I put the pork I bought earlier this week in the crock pot.  Leofwyna works two days and needs something that can go for her suppers.  We can have this in barbeque sandwiches, or I can make pork and rice if there's any left Sunday for supper.  The last of the brocolli from the garden went into a raw salad with bacon and sunflower seeds as a side with the barbeque for the first supper. 
Leofwyna worked Sunday and I mostly immersed myself in the ethernet hitting all my bases.  One of the blogs I follow (A Year of Slow Cooking) had a crock pot recipe for chicken that I just had to try for myself Monday.  The idea of using lemon Jell-o for seasoning seemed odd but worked out very nicely.  I'll use it again but I think I'll add some lemon zest or maybe try orange Jell-o with beef sometime. 

Monday Leofwyna and I set up the dorm refrigerator she boughtfound at a rummage sale recently.  Eventually it will go in downstairs but for now it gets some things back into the kitchen from the refrigerator outside the back door while the renovation is going on.

One of the family jokes regards Leofwyna's love for anything pickled.  So when her other activity Monday evening was to wash down all the now-wallpaperless walls with vinegar... I commented that I'd never have dreamed she would ever "pickle" the house.  The smell was very evident throughout the house as I went up to bed.
Saturday I put a couple packages of beef in the crock pot with peanut sauce and coconut milk.  Served up with rice and steamed baby carrots this is one of our favorite entrees and gives us plenty of leftovers.  Good eating for several meals.  Back to sewing, I finished the red linen tunic; now I'll be able to use the mustard caftan again... and the cool shiny-trimmed cap.  Yay!!!

I started to plan on staying up to mow but around four it occured to me that mowing early Sunday morning might not make the neighbors happy so I headed off to bed.

Sunday I looked at Leofwyna's paint chips and picked the best one; turns out that's the same one she preferred so that was an easy decision.  So when the furniture is out, before the flooring goes in, we'll be stripping wallpaper and painting everything through livingroom, diningroom and kitchen a nice light gold which will be good with the tapestry upholstered couches.  Leofwyna had plans to go to Menards to buy interior doors (first I heard about changing the doors!!!).  She had arranged to use Mike's pickup to transport her purchases and Mike decided to some along to 'schlep' for us.  Now she's thinking about doorknobs... one thing keeps leading to another. 

We invited Mike and Michelle to join us for supper and we all went to Golden Corral since we were dressed really casually and didn't want to take time to spruce up.  Back at home I settled in to sew up the second of Volkmar's gambesons and have it nearly finished... just have to finish the armholes with the shoulder flanges.  All the padding makes this a difficult process.  Since I'd napped so much through the afternoon I decided to stay up and mow Monday morning. 

I slept real good; didn't wake until four pm Monday.  Now that's really going to take some turning back around... and fast... for Tuesday's trip to Grand Island. 



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