Monday and Tuesday continued fighting off this cold and really not accomplishing much on the to-do list although we did get the camper pushed into the garage Monday. I took myself out to lunch both days. With a stop at the south Goodwill I found a beautiful green car coat which I'll give to Leofwyna as green is her color and I already have my great turquoise car coat. Tuesday I did make it to FoodNet and being the second letter called up was able to come home with some really nice stuff (qt pineapple juice, croissants, chocolate bar, runza, two big apples, onion, sweet potato, grated cheddar cheese, motzarella cheese, a fruited quick bread and crackers). When it came time for supper though I went lazy and called for a pizza from Valentino's. At the sewing table I'm still progressing through the Sash's tote fabric but the end is in sight.
Sunday I took it fairly easy through the day but felt clear in the head and did go to gaming. At bedtime though I was 'clogged' and the coughing picked up; wouldn't let me get to sleep.
Saturday and I think I have what Leofwyna had last week. Not really a cold, nor the flu. Just a slight sore throat and malaise. I slept awhile this afternoon. It's a good thing we decided not to go this weekend. I'm still building kronberg blend blocks at the sewing table tonight.
Friday afternoon I baked up a double batch of banana bread.  We are really enjoying using up inexpensive, overripe bananas this way.  Leofwyna had an errand in the evening and I baked up a package of chicken thighs so I could have some with my leftover goa rice... nom!

Saturday morning got up VERY early to load up and go to Council Bluffs for Lonely Tower's 12th Night.  I wore my new Florentine daydress, adding the sleaves for court to 'dress up'.  There was a morning court to tag Volkmar for Pelican and everything was ready for him to receive his elevation at afternoon court this same day.  I spent the day visiting, hand-sewing and by 4 o'clock eyestrain struck with painful muscles in my right eye and threatening headache.  I put away the sewing and was able to enjoy court but alarmed Leofwyna by 'disappearing' afterwards.  I'd only sat down at a quiet table when I came out of the bathroom and she couldn't find me.  We went with Volkmar, Isadora, Asa and Morgana to Greek Isles for supper.  OMG it was good.  I don't know why we haven't been there in so long; it was one of Roxane's favorites way back when.
Saturday and the cold continues to develop.  I did get to the library for computer time and since it was a lovely afternoon I went out to the south Goodwill for a chance to just move around some but came out empty-handed.  Back at home I did nap then spent time at the sewing table with the sniglet... 6.5 squares are happening.
Friday... yup, I've got a cold.  I was up at 11 am and at the library for computer time but skipped lunch and headed home for an afternoon nap.  Followed by a late afternoon nap while Leofwyna bagged up more of the forsythia.  Was in bed by 11:30, very early for me but slept through to 6:30.  Back to bed at 7:30 until 10:15.  So I was somewhat awake 9 out of 23 hours fighting off stuffiness and headache.
Thursday I woke up with a 'raw' throat which generally presages a nasty cold.  Still, I went to lunch and the library for a couple sessions on the computer.  Back at home in the afternoon Leofwyna and I went out to deal with the forsythia bush.  After roughly 15 years the city sent notification it MUST be cut back to 30 inches this week..,. a forsythia bush at 30 inches is nothing so it's coming out altogether more's the pity.  It's been a lovely spring display all these years. 
Sunday I mowed the entire lawn in one "swell foop" before heading out to Theron's for gaming.  At the sewing table early and late I worked on sniglets.  I was awake off and on all night with reflux... shouldn't have had that late breakfast at VI after gaming I guess.
Saturday Leofwyna headed out of town for the day so I got busy in the afternoon and weeded the three long beds and weeded or cropped the four square ones.  While I was at it I pruned up the ten tomato plants so further weeding and mulching will be much easier.  Found another volunteer potato plant that was hiding in the weeds in one of the square beds so I'll let that grow another week or two, until we've used the potatoes I pulled a few days ago.  I worked on the laundry off and on through the day as well.  Tonight I have the stomach ache.
Back home again and worn out.  Friday we loaded up and went to Des Moines where Leofwyna had found us a nice camping spot at the Iowa State Fairgrounds.  We had time to hit a couple thrift stores and found a great Indian Restaurant on University Ave near 73rd.  It was a short drive Saturday morning to the Coronation site where we arrived in time to ensure seats at feast.  Leofwyna spent a significant portion of her afternoon between courts finishing up the bid for next years coronation and I found an opportunity to present my 'queen's hankies' to HM Ylva and pledge more to come during her reign.  During afternoon court I was having a stomach ache but fortunately it had passed by time we sat down for feast.  
Thursday early I woke with a crashing headache.  Hadn't had one of those since a year ago May.  Managed to sleep it off by eleven, thank goodness!  Picked up the wheelbarrow at five and trundled three loads of old hay from a "free" pile a block away.  Tucked the first load and a half around the very healthy potato plants and stockpiled the rest in the second compost pile.  Will called (last minute) this morning for Gold Key for his mother at Lilies so went through totes for that in the evening cool (sic) and sorted them out as I went.  At the sewing table started assembling Honey Bear top for cuddle quilt.
Sunday and Monday... still have hacking cough but head is clearing and some energy returns.  Refrained from anything too energetic but at the sewing table finished one 'use-up-odd-bits' quilt top and started another.

Wednesday we decided not to try to go to the usual meeting (missing the chance to finish the scroll started last week) although we probably could have made it as streets were relatively cleared.  Just as well we didn't though as I started Wednesday evening with cold symptoms that laid me flat all day Thursday.  No need to spread that around.  I had thought I'd be able to keep up with the weekend plans  though and Leofwyna managed prepping the camper by herself.  However, when we got up Friday it was snowing again and neither of us wanted to get on the roads with the camper and snow.  The trip bringing the trailer home last year is still very clear in our minds.  So we missed meeting Suzi Friday, attending Sash's memorial at Clothiers Saturday and hitting thrift stores in KC Sunday. I haven't been out since last Sunday so I sure do hope my car will start when I do go somewhere this weekend.  I don't think I can stand to make it a full week before getting out somewhere...anywhere.

Friday i catered to the knee and stayed off it as much as possible, used a cane as necessary and was successful in getting back to normal by Saturday.  Shelly's mother came back to the hospital Saturday and Shelly's staying with us awhile again.  We had to be quite insistant that it was no intrusion, nor too often.  We said, "You've become a household sister and had best listen to big sisters and come quietly."  I went out Monday in spite of the snow for lunch at KFC but by the time I was done the accumulation was such that I skipped errands and only stopped in at the library awhile before getting myself back home.  I found the scooping had already been done thanks to the enterprising young man who'd come last time.  Tuesday we both went to fighter practice at Easterday.  Leofwyna is one of the entry key persons.  Little Jane turned five yesterday and wanted to challange the fighters to 'five strokes' with her boffer weapon.  She plans to be a figter when she grows up.  I figure she'll probably be queen in her own right some day.  At the sewing table I'm still trimming and piecing blend strips into more tops.
I spent most of Monday and Tuesday sleeping my way through a head cold.  Wednesday I felt enough better to go to Social Moot where I occupied my hands knitting on the green socks I started a couple years ago.  Shelly's back in town for a few days; she'll stay through Sunday at least for Yule Court.  What little I've done these three days at the sewing table was dealing with linen cutters and preparing coifs for my work basket.  I also made up two embroidered linen cappies on the machine that can go to largess at WWM in January.
Sunday Leofwyna wanted to check the local thrift stores.  She needs more "beaded fruit" for her tree.  Unfortunately she didn't find any today so now she wants to go to Omaha tomorrow to look there.  Oh, twist my arm!  I hope our sore throats today don't develop into anything more. 

May 26

Jun. 9th, 2015 10:50 am
Tuesday we were up at 9 am and on the road at 10 am.  We reached Port Angeles at 1:30 and decided to deal with laundry before catching the ferry to Vancouver Island at 5:20 pm.  We had reservations for camp at Goldstream Provincial Park, arriving there at 8:30 pm.   Reading in poor light during supper I gave myself a terrible headache.  Leofwyna medicated me and tucked me in for the night by eleven and I was relieved it was thoroughly gone by morning.  Day list: seagulls, heron, robin and barn swallows.


Feb. 15th, 2015 11:30 am
We had massages in the afternoon.  In the evening Leofwyna went to the ballet with Isadora and I loafed.

Note:  Prickles on left hand, left haze and right back headache.

Snow Sunday and Tuesday didn't affect me the least bit as the cold has me in it's clutches and I'm sleeping lots and lots, eating very little and coughing and coughing.  I am SO ready to be done with this!

Thursday and Friday I sporadically poked at my piles of stuff.  Friday I sorted through the totes, putting away camp linens and finding the Saxon outfit.  Friday evening Sash called.  Due to the nasty weather across the central part of Missouri Kat and Sash decided not to go to Clothiers.  This was probably a good idea.  Turns out Leofwyna has pneumonia and the doctor gave her orders not to work until he clears her.  Saturday the cough I've had all month since the last cold turned into another bout and I've got a low grade fever.  Oh, and the furnace decided to be difficult.  Checked the pilot, yes it's on.  Flipped "the switch" and we got it going but then it wouldn't stop.  So now we're manually flipping the switch every couple hours for 20-30 minutes.  It's a good thing we're on opposite schedules so someone is up to perform this task nearly around the clock.



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