Sunday Trinket has gone home, everybody is happy.  He's a cute, sweet, little dog but my goodness he eats up time more than the internet even.  Sunday night I got the sniglet top put together and it really looks good.  I'm thinking about adding a border and keeping it. 
It's Saturday again and Trinket is still with us, making it ten days now.  Carlos had surgery Thursday.  Wednesday was a finance committee meeting for next year's WWM planning; I was quilting on the Castle Quarters.  That really needs to move along faster.  The weather alternates between fine and chilly rains but never warm quite long enough to dry out the raised beds for working over.  Leofwyna has been wondering why I've "wasted" lovely weather since they haven't been worked yet.   The sniglets are almost a completed pile of 7.5-inch squares.  Today I carried the camera key totes back out to the garage; the Gold Key will go to Kate this week so they're available for Herdmaster while we're gone in Colorado. 
The computer has been down all week and I just haven't found the time or energy to deal with moving stuff away from the desk so I can get to it.  On top of that we've had little Trinket with us since Thursday and with Carlos ending up in hospital we've got the pup a few additional days.  I got the Kronberg tops exchanged last Wednesday with Opal for a few boxes of fabric scraps which are still in the car.  About the only progress made on anything this week is a brocade panel added to the dark rose dress in camera key and the bag of sniglets developed into a pile of assemblages ready to cut down in uniform squares for another top.  And meals... I've done four meals this week and avoided it twice by calling for a pizza delivery one night and telling Leofwyna to select something from the leftovers another night. 

Agnes and Carl arrived on schedule Thursday exhausted from the very long day of travel.  As can be expected, sleep while in flight was sporatic and unsatisfying.  Leofwyna had prepared homemade chicken noodle soup for supper and it was not long before they headed off to bed.  Friday when we got up we finished loading (I'd gotten more than half the loading done during the day Thursday) and got on the road before noon.  The day was clear and beautiful and we made it home by mid evening with no trouble at all.  Taking only the pillows in we left the unloading (including the ice chest) until Saturday.  I'm reminded the computor is on the fritz but can do nothing about it until Monday; hopefully a phonecall (and long wait therein) will solve the problem.  So Saturday morning I dressed promptly upon awakening, unloaded the RAV while Leofwyna checked in with Morgana.  Morgana had arranged with Leofwyna to pick her up after her knee surgery to take her home and see her settled.  I ran a few errands, including getting my fenceposts from the 'pile' at the community garden, before putting stuff away outside and setting to work getting the raised beds ready for winter.  I ended the day running the No. 1 sewing machine awhile.  It may well be the one that will be sold as it is somewhat noisy running.  I soon switched to No. 2... a much smoother running machine.  I will clean, oil and run the new No. 3 machine soon to see if it's a keeper or can be sold off, too.

Wednesday I loafed through the afternoon while Leofwyna was working on Shrewsbury Cakes for Thursday's demo.  On the way to moot in the evening she commented (again) about wasting a lovely day.  Yeah, yeah.  Thursday we were both out pulling more branches off the north maple, making very good progress on the project.  We also got the table in the garage 'lifted' for wheeling mower and blower under out of the way.  Thursday night was the first of four days housesitting with Sammy and Leofwyna took on that duty this time around.  Friday we headed up to Elkhorn to the Cottonwood Quilt Show where every single quilt was machine quilted.  There were some lovely patterns though and I got a few ideas to try out sometime soon.  Shelly's here tonight so she can go with us tomorrow.  At the sewing table I'm doing up 4.5" nine-patches; this will take awhile.
Friday... I mowed the entire lawn and Leofwyna took me to supper a Golden Corral.  She is dogsitting with Sammy for a week beginning tonight.  Saturday... I went over to pass a message on to Leofwyna about 11am.  Sammy was in the backyard.  Three times over the next two hours I rang the doorbell and knocked but no answer.  I gave up and went home, worried but not convinced I should be.  About two o'clock she showed up at home... she'd been sleeping so soundly she didn't hear a thing.  Amazing.  She headed on over to help friends with moving and later called for me to join them all at supper.
Sunday and Leofwyna got hme in time to take us to Valentino's for supper.  She also brought a fresh turkey from Sam's so I guess that's what I'm making for supper tomorrow.  I 'came out' about the green-and-cream quilt so I can spend more time working on it when she's around.  She's gone again tonight... dog-sitting with Sammy for friends who are gone out of town for Christmas.
Sunday there was a message from Saturday on the answering machine that a friend was in the hospital due to a serious fall Friday night.  Leofwyna is very close friends with his wife so I knew she'd want to go up to Omaha for her.  Since i couldn't get Leofwyna on the phone (she was sitting with Sammy this weekend) I drove over to get the message to her.  I was right; she headed up to Omaha right away and I took over taking care of Sammy until Monday noon.  I filled my time Sunday getting caught up with laundry.  Monday at the sewing table I 'frippered' some unsuccessful sashing from a set of crazy-pieced blocks, made some necessary repairs and started a parti-sash with neutral 1.25" strips I want to 'go away' so I can fill that drawer with 1.5" strips instead.  I've been watching Bonnie Hunter archived quilt cams and want to make some 'corrections' to my stash system.
Saturday was our opportunity for a Thanksgiving feast with friends and they had every possible side with a lovely turkey.  We had trouble getting there in time as we'd forgotten which building their new apartment was in but it turned out okay as they were still putting together a couple final sides.  At the end of the day Leofwyna headed over to sit with Sammy for a couple days while the Fasts are out of town.
Wednesday I went to A&S in the evening and helped with the spice bags.  Leofwyna had to work but she sent along some little upholstery bags she'd made up while ago, three packages of corked vials and various excess spices and herbs.  We discovered the glass vials we have won't take an 'etch' so we started packing them up plain and adding name tags with purple cord.  The tags were ones I'd punched out last year with the same punch I'd used to make decorative tags... that's two or three other boxes I have stored up somewhere.  After the group supper at Chili's I stopped in to let Sammy out before going home.
Tuesday I went to let Sammy out awhile midday, stopped at Ben Franklin and Calico House for fabric and visited Sash.  Back at home I watered the veggie beds and started the water tractor on the lawn.  After Leofwyna left to house-sit with Sammy I boiled the cinnamon syrup, peeled potatoes and canned seven quarts.
Friday and Saturday Leofwyna and I Sammy-sat.  That means she slept over Saturday at the house between her two work shifts.  That lets Sammy out before she goes to bed and before she goes to work.  I go over at noon and midnight and spend half an hour or so socializing with Sammy and getting him some outdoor time.  The weather was so pretty Sammy stretched out on the deck and communed with nature.  I worked on the embroidery project awhile.  I spent Saturday afternoon and evening with Lucy. Izzie and a cute Springer Spaniel puppy named Annie.  I got caught up with my paperwork and changed out my beat-up old purse before falling back on the embroidery.

Friday Leofwyna brought Moo Shu over for supper and we then we worked up another jigsaw puzzle.  We had it more than three-quarters done with only the 'boring' woodwork left to do when we realized there was already at least five pieces missing.  It was getting late so we decided to skip the boring bit and call it a night.  Saturday I headed out to Weeping Water for Lonely Tower's Spring Fling event.  I only went for part of the afternoon and court so I drove separate from Leofwyna as she was staying for feast.  It's a nice laid back event and this year Master Gerald was there with his new dog competitions.  I've been working all week on the green/cream log cabin in hopes of having a top by next Friday but Sunday afternoon the blocks still need another round each of cream, then green. I'm doubting there'll be a top but just maybe there will be a pile o'blocks for Friday.

Tuesday and Wednesday while dog-sitting with Lucy and Izzie (ant the cat I call Kitty) I worked on the green/cream quilt blocks.  It's slow going with the really narrow strips but some major progress is being made.  It's been raining but at least not like the storms in the South with tornatos and flooding, thank goodness.  Leofwyna came over after moot and we put together a nice little jigsaw puzzle.
Sunday my appointment with Chris was cancelled since I won't have the third dog after all.  I headed off to the sewing day with only my work basket (I wasn't up to toting my sewing machine and getting a project organized).  I busied myself with hemming coifs and finished up five of them through the afternoon.  Today I'm loading up and heading over to Geyers to stay with the puppies for a week.  I'm taking along the sewing machine and materials for a couple quilt tops which really need to be DONE right away. 
I let the last twelve days get away from me as far as journaling here is concerned.  Just before Christmas a friend's wife died so there was a casserole to make and deliver and a funeral to attend.  We were dog-sitting the shar-pei that week as well.  There was several batches of cookies to be made for gift trays.  During this time we went to see the second Hobbit movie in 3D. Then there was Christmas itself.  We had agreed to exchange stocking gifts only but I was pleased with what I'd found for her, and with what I received as well.  For my birthday we saw Saving Mr Banks.  Between Christmas and New Years I went to dog-sit at Geyers; the first night there I was aware I was gearing up for one of my colds.  Leofwyna came over those evenings she wasn't working, which turned out to be several as she came down with an infection and couldn't work until that cleared up.  We put a couple jigsaw puzzles together and ate plenty of Wild Rice soup, cruditie pizza and holiday cookies.  When I was alone with the dogs I slept a lot between sewing up 10-inch squares to make squash blossom blocks.  Leofwyna also purchased for the house a floor-cleaner for the hardwood floors and a flat-screen tv for downstairs.  Now it looks like we'll have to replace the washer.  The last time it went out the repairman said it was nearly toast.
Sunday afternoon we got out and did some more yardwork.  Leofwyna put the winter protection on her rosebushes while I put things away in the garage and rearranged more piles of leaves using the yard vacuum to break them down to put on the next 'working' bed.  That evenng on Freecycle I saw there was some black dirt available so Monday morning I took off with the van and some bushel baskets... SCORE!  If there's any still there Thursday I'll drag Leofwyna over to help get another load.  Monday evening I headed over to Writing group where I managed to reconstitute a little ditty from my childhood to add to my book.  Then at the end of day was this month's massage; I'm lovin' those.  Oh yes, we're on Sammy duty again this week.
Saturday was hot and humid and the ground still rather damp so I stayed in with laundry and the computer all day.  Sammy's people came home a day early so I ran over to get Leofwyna's things  since she was heading to work.  Sunday I decided I shouldn't waste the previous relatively dry days and I mowed the ENTIRE yard.  I broke it down in thee parts with rest breaks between.  It was hot (84) and humid but it was finally accomplished.  Leofwyna took over supper duties as she'd found salmon this morning at the Farmer's Mart and so she grilled the fish and made rice pilaf.  Pretty yummy.
Thursday I was out back weeding and seeding some of the veggie beds as the storm blew in.  Such a ruckus overhead booming and sputtering but I was able to finish before it truly started raining.  I seeded two of the smal beds to green beans, spinach, carrots and bibb lettuce.  It's late but hopefully if I keep watering regularly I'll get a crop still.  With the rain though, and more promised the next four days, the two west beds are still unturned, unsifted and unamended so the potatoes are still sprouting on the landing and the weeds in those beds are getting quite robust.  I rummaged in the freezer for supper and pulled out sweet potato gnocci and smoked pork chops.  We've been concentrating on getting old stuff cleared out now that the winter is passed.  Leofwyna is spending the night and tomorrow with Sammie.
Wednesday, the first day of a week looking after Sammy while his people visit family in Minnesota.  Sammy is a sweet (although smelly) Shar Pei that we've spent time with off and on for several years.  We still miss the late Bailey who was even sweeter (and just as smelly).  Anyway Sammy was very happy to see me this evening when I went over to let him out, wanting to climb into my arms and snuffle at my face. 



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