Monday is another pretty morning. Took tire to be repaired, stopped at JoAnne's for green thread and headed to lunch and library computer. Picked up tire; it was a tiny bit of wire that caused the flat. At the sewing table got the border on the baby quilt flimsy and started filling in the corners.
Sunday, clear and bright. Got Cassie's boxes outside to clean out thoroughly and back downstairs. Started putting together the leftover wonky blocks for a baby quilt this afternoon. Gnancy got to play and earned 1000 points at Theron's tonight. Now I need to do the homework for the next level. When I left found I had a flat tire; Lyle, Eric and Theron helped get that changed though it resisted due to rust they finally succeeded with the help of a sledge hammer. Back at home I collapsed at the computer in front of the tv. Saw on Facebook that Lincoln is on a water emergency (reduce residential usage 50%) because of the flooding.

NOTE: Next time into the car realized I'd forgotten to release the e-brake... oops!
Saturday, another sunny, pretty day. Out to lunch and library computer, then home to put the camper in the garage. At the sewing table finished Jane's flimsy and started a baby quilt using leftover stars and borders.
Friday woke to bright sunshine. When Leofwyna got up we pulled the supports down for the portable closet pole to loan to Natalya, then Leofwyna went to get the camper while I chopped the ice out of the bottom of the driveway. Headed to lunch then back to get the stubborn last yard of ice accomplished. Turns out Leofwyna didn't get there before they closed so picking up the camper will wait until Monday. Got myself moving dealing with laundry before putting supper together. At the sewing table pulled out Jane's flimsy and put the blocks together, just the borders left. Got notification from Agnes that the Colorado trip isn't happening in April; Carl doesn't want us. He's decided the cats will be more peaceful without our presence. Bah!
Thursday overcast and turned pretty cold. But the basement is dry. Headed out to lunch and library computer. Light snow flurry in the afternoon but no accumulation. All the snow and ice is pretty much gone except for the bottom of the driveway. Nebraska is in a National emergency with the flooding in the east and blizzard in the west. Talked Leofwyna into going to Asian Buffet for supper. At the sewing table finished the next two Kronberg flimsies.
Wednesday at noon headed downstairs and found water, water everywhere. It hadn't quite invaded the sewing area yet but was everywhere else. Started shifting cardboard boxes and vacuuming water, a quart at a time, with the little sucker. Soaking up the water with the towels wasn't going to cut it so put them in the washer to spin out for later. When Leofwyna got up she headed to Menard's to get a second vacuum and something for me to eat, too. By three we were somewhat in control so I started up the dehumidifier and took off. I needed to check if OD had books ready for me to pick up but even at the library computer wasn't able to access facebook. Tonight was moot followed by a group supper at VI. Back at home finally got back on facebook but nothing from OD. At the sewing table continued butting strips; I think there's enough in this batch for two flimsy tops. At least most of the snow is gone and the rest of the ice should disappear tomorrow I think.
Tuesday I slept past noon before heading out for lunch and library computer. Its finally raining this afternoon. Leofwyna got movie tickets for tonight; How to Train Your Dragon, Part 3. A really fun series of movies worth seeing again sometimee. Still 'butting' strips at the sewing table.
Monday spent the first part of the day on the home computer but when Leofwyna got up and out to deal with the RAV and camper I headed to lunch and library computer. After supper at the sewing table started putting the next set of strips together for another Kronberg flimsy.
Sunday with DST lost an hour, reset various clocks. Sat in with the home computer until time to go to supper and gaming at Doerr's. S'awn got to play in the caverns but no fighting the under-common dwarves. Back at the sewing table working Kronberg strips finished one flimsy, started another.
Saturday with 100% chance of rain... I looked forward to the snow being washed away. But no rain at all. It did get up to 32 degrees and there were very soupy streets this afternoon because the storm drains were still blocked with ice and snow. Did get out for lunch, library computer time and a grocery stop for ice cream and bread. At the sewing table tonight I started sewing strips from the discard box for a Kronberg top.
Friday warming... got up to 22 degrees. Predictions indicate a little warmer everyday and if tomorrow's rain shows up some of this snow should break down quickly. I'd really like to be able to get to the compost pile soon as the pile in the kitchen is getting pretty big. Headed out for lunch and library time on the computer. Tonight at the sewing table finished up Leofwyna's pile hemming two pairs of pants and making three more body pillow cases.
Thursday woke to 4-5 inches of snow so the first item of the day was to scoop out the driveway and clear the vehicles. Headed out for lunch then returned for the afternoon for home computer time. Got stuck heading out again for supper since Leofwyna had music tonight. A nice young man passing in a pickup truck stopped to help and ended up pulling me out with the truck. At the sewing table tonight Leofwyna brought out a pile of stuff for me to work on. Remaking pillow cases for her body pillow, shortening several king pillow cases to standard size, repairing a favorite summer lounge dress, and hemming a couple linen dish towels.
Wednesday (9:30) gloomy and grey. Headed out to lunch and library for the afternoon. MagMor A&S this evening with Natalya's museum slide show and supper at RR after. Back at the sewing table put the binding on the Loosy Goosy (which it turns out is Leofwyna's, not mine).
Tuesday woke at 10am to a bright, sunny day. Leofwyna was already awake and headed out for a rare breakfast. I got on the home computer until noon then went to lunch, the south Goodwill, Calico House and Joanne's (found fabric at Joanne's for binding Loosy Goosy) and FoodNet. Picked up bananas, cantilope, bread, spaghetti, brown rice, a couple squash, a red onion, lettuce and apple turnovers. Washed and pressed a couple loads of new stash after I finished the 1.5-inch dark sort.
Monday woke at 9am to a bright, sunny day. Leofwyna and I went together to Asian Buffet for lunch before returning home to get the camper out of the garage and hooked up for her to take for repairs. Found the electrical connector on the RAV was broken now as well. I worked on the home computer this afternoon and also pulled a couple boxes from the spare bedroom to sort. At the sewing table tonight I went through the 1.5-inch darks looking for binding for the Loosy Goosy wallhanging that surfaced this afternoon.
Sunday up at 9:30 and out dealing with the light, crisp half-inch of snow. Headed out about 1pm for lunch and library. Didn't get on the computer right away so read a series of graphic books instead. Eventually did get in a single computer session before heading to supper. Gaming at Theron's brought Gnancy out to play for 850 experience points, leaving me about 70 points from the next level. Volkmar suggested planning out the next level on an index card to be ready to go when it happens. Back home at the sewing table finished stripping out the fripping and putting away the results.
Saturday up about 9:30 and headed downstairs for some game challenge and 'media' coverage. Gone out in the light snowfall to lunch and errands. Found replacement legs for east sofa and a replacement wheel for the file/end table. Then one session at the library before heading home. At the sewing table continued processing strips while we watched recorded movies.
Friday managed to sleep until 10am... about eight hours for a change. After lunch while Leofwyna ran errands I worked genealogy on the home computer, sorted out a couple boxes from my room and finished components for Jane's flimsy. Started stripping out the fripping pile in the evening. Talked Leofwyna into going to Asian Buffet for supper.
Thursday up before 9am, headed out to license and gas up the car, drop bags at Salvation Army, have lunch and head to the library computers for the afternoon. Put together an easy supper tonight then headed down to the sewing table to start putting together Jane's flimsy.
Wednesday woke before seven, ate and spent the morning on the home computer and early afternoon assembling Kalebs borders. Mid-afternoon headed out for lunch and a couple library sessions before going to the meeting for an upcoming demo. We had fourteen at Red Robin for supper afterwards. At the sewing table tonight I finished the corners on Kaleb's flinsy and commenced assembling Jane's corners while watching the Cohen House hearing.



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