Saturday pulled out of driveway about 4pm headed to Leach's because trailer brake lights weren't coming on. They changed the plug, tested and showed everything working in trailer and in RAV but somehow electrical wasn't connected. Went to Cichinsekis(sic) 'cause they dealt with electrical when we first got the trailer. Learned wiring was fried, apparently due to erroneous plug connections. 24 hours later (Sunday) the wiring is repaired but we're waiting for new trailer tires (I said we needed to check this some time ago) as originals were 'uneven'. So we're at the library computers awhile and later I'll surprise the gang at gaming when I walk in. Monday we will reload the cooler and pillows to head west.
Friday after an all too brief session at the library computer I headed home to pack and load. There was a break for the movie, Kingsmen II, then back to work. At the end of day there's still considerable loading to be done but progress has been made. I told Leofwyna, "We're retired, we're on vacation, sleep. We can get there when we get there since we didn't make reservations this time." Saturday morning I'm back for another brief session on the library computer while Leofwyna sleeps. We'll finish loading, eat, shower and stop at Best Buy for the cellphone before getting on the road but we can drive into the night as long as we're alert. Oh yes, another library stop to download Stirling books on the cellphone for the road. I'd be surprised if we're out of town before 4pm at this rate.
Thursday morning I returned items to IGA and that turned out to be easier than I anticipated. Got a haircut and lunch before heading to the library computer in the afternoon. I picked up movie tickets for Friday afternoon. We'll be seeing the second Kingsmen. Back at home I mowed the entire yard in spite of the heat while Leofwyna was at music.
Wednesday after lunch and computer time I raised the camper roof, removed some stuff left from Cattle Raids and made up my bed with the sheepskins folded under the pad. Tested the bed and found it good. Wednesday evening was at the Lighthouse this week and we painted scrolls before going to supper at Carlos O'Kelly.
Tuesday I ran five pints of cinnamon pickles over to Asa's house before heading to lunch and the library for some computer time. Back at home for Braganza's visit (she'll be taking care of Cassie while we're gone). With the camper gone for a wash I headed back to the library awhile.
Monday after lunch and library computer time I returned home to move the rest of the cement blocks into the backyard. Leofwyna had the camper out for battery and brake light repairs. Apparently the connection to the battery wasn't tight enough and so lost power, they're recharging the battery she'll go back to pick it up tomorrow. We both had massages tonight... so much worth the money to keep joints and muscles happy.
Sunday after lunch and library computer time I returned home to clean the refrigerator. After the cinnamon pickles it really needed it and I took the opportunity to clear out old stuff while I was at it. Gaming in the evening was mild... nothing was killed, no experience points but still good fun with friends.
Saturday after library computer time and an early supper I got busy and canned 5 pints of tomatoes (the last from the garden) and 25 pints of cinnamon pickles. I carried the two magmor totes and the extra canning 'stuff' downstairs and finished up the laundry. I got the kitchen cleaned up somewhat and finally settled in my chair awhile fripping. I had just turned things off and headed to bed when Leofwyna arrived home from her weekend so I was able to share my thoughts about postponing the rummage sale again. That's settled and now I can concentrate on getting ready for the trip instead.
Thursday after lunch and library computer time I returned home to get something accomplished. I did get the 4th boil done, moved a few more blocks, and the like. When Leofwyna went to the Doerr's to drill holes in the legs of her shelving unit I returned to the library for another computer session (and a good thing too because they'll be closed Friday). Friday was frustrating (no computer time) so after Leofwyna took off for Queen's Prize I went to three of the thrift stores (linen shirt, cutter shirt, embroidered cotton skirt, brooch, journal). Back at home carried two magmor supplies totes downstairs and moved some laundry along. In trying to get to sleep I finally worked out that rummage sale won't happen this fall, need to share thinking with Leofwyna when she gets back. Only so much energy to draw on and this has been a full year; need to accomplish this trip and fall yardwork, yada, yada.
Wednesday was an all day library computer day followed by moot and supper in the evening. I got the third 'boil' done. Thunder rumbled by in the night but no rain.
Tuesday after some library computer time and lunch I returned to the house to take Leofwyna to pick up her van. After that I returned to the library as she was going to run some errands before going to her drivers' ed class (due to the accident). I went to the China Buffet for my supper before picking up some groceries and going home.
Monday after lunch and some library computer time I returned home to finish mowing the lawn. I bagged the grass this time to cover the compost pile. We moved 'stuff' out of the garage to the curb for pick-up. I also moved some of the cinderblocks to the back yard... that will be a gradual on-going project this week. We took Leofywna's van in to be serviced for the upcoming trip.
Sunday as I left the house the sidewalk was speckled and the air smelled wet so I thought it was preparing to rain and headed to the library for the afternoon. When I came out of the library after a run of computer sessions I found the sky clear and the ground dry... I shoulda mowed today. At gaming we killed off a Manticore and her nestlings and chased off a Griffon, saving Lance in the process. I took 35/39s damage in the first battle but got in some good hits. Back at home I got the third boil done before we settled in to watch OUTLANDER, the last episode of season two and the first episode of season three. I think we need to get season two to watch again afterall (I'd declined the necessity last week) as now I'm thinking we missed some while in Colorado last year.
Saturday after library computer time and lunch returned to the house to empty the van from CR and do some "pick and put" in the garage. Got the SE corner done, swept and two tables set up before I ran out of steam. Potato soup with chedderwurst for supper (Leofwyna says etable)... I say yumtious!!! Got second boil done on the cinnamon pickles.
Friday all day at the library computer then home to make potato soup using up the "speared" potatoes. Learned Queen's Prize is next Saturday, not in two weeks as I thought. Oops! Shifting rummage plans forward... Leofwyna hasn't said anything yet, but she will.
Thursday nearly a double session at the library computer. Called to see if Leofwyna had her car but not until later in the afternoon so I returned home so she could get to her appointments. I ended up taking a two hour nap. When she returned to get her van I headed back to the library for two more sessions before going to supper at the Chinese Buffet. Leofwyna had music. Back at home I transfered the cukes to the jars we'd retrieved from the van and did the first boil on the syrup. Muck less room is being taken up in the fridge with the jars.
Wednesday I had a quick session at the library computer before returning home so Leofwyna could have the car again. I was there for the dryer repairman ($250). I was able to return to the library for another session on the computer before returning home to pick up Leofwyna so we could go for a computer session together before the evening moot and supper with the gang. Supper was at Los Marguerita... disappointing pork carnitas.
Tuesday after a quick library computer session I took the car home to Leofwyna as she had two appointments and several errands to run. I ran the cukes through their long day of processing to get them in syrup, still in the red pots. Since Leofwyna's errands took until seven I didn't get another computer session that I'd planned on. Since our meals today were skewed I took myself to the China Buffet again before going to the store for the cider vinegar I needed to finish the cinnamon syrup.
Saturday after a couple library computer sessions I returned home to get the laundry upstairs and deal with cleaning up the kitchen.

Sunday I returned library books to the drop and had lunch early. There was no computer today or tomorrow with them closed for Labor Day. Leofwyna went with me to gaming to spend some time with Isadora. Asa brought me 25# of big cucumbers so I have a big project coming up this week.

Monday with the library closed I loafed away time while Leofwyna slept. Once she was up I finished clearing up the kitchen and dealt with Asa'a cucumbers. Realized the big jars were still in the van which is at the shop so the cukes in limewater are in the fridge in the two red pots which took shifting the shelves. We went to the China buffet for supper. I finished another cotton cutter bag and dug into the linen cutters to get my workbasket back into service.
Friday after a couple sessions on the library computer I returned home so Leofwyna could get to her physical therapy appointment. I spent the afternoon cleaning jars, sorting out the canning cupboard and putting away the peaches and tomatoes. I started the crockpots with several unsuccessful jars of peaches to make peach butter with Amaretto which I was putting into the jar around midnight. Got eighteen half-pints which we plan to use for 12th Night gifts. In the afternoon when Leofwyna returned we headed back to the library for one short session before they closed. I pulled the two jars of spaghetti sauce from the pantry for our supper with leftovers for tomorrow and reminded Leofwyna that she had beets and applesauce to use up. And naturally today was one of those days she commented how I wasn't getting ready for the upcoming rummage sale.



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