Wednesday I had a quick session at the library computer before returning home so Leofwyna could have the car again. I was there for the dryer repairman ($250). I was able to return to the library for another session on the computer before returning home to pick up Leofwyna so we could go for a computer session together before the evening moot and supper with the gang. Supper was at Los Marguerita... disappointing pork carnitas.
Friday after waking from unpleasant dreaming I hurredly dressed to go out and put the downspouts on as Leofwyna had asked if I'd heard the thunder.  We had some pleasant daytime rain, good for yard and garden.  I got on the ball in the afternoon and took the pretreated quilt and wool blanket to the LaunDry to use the big front loaders to clean them.  Back at home I ran a couple loads through the home machine and have the mundane nearly done.  There hasn't been any hot water for a couple days so I finally got down to get the water heater started back up.  Started right away, no problem.  At the sewing table I've been working on a kit I'm calling Tea Party.  The blocks for it are about half done but I do have the back nearly finished.
Tuesday I loaded up the mower to take to Mohrhoff to have front wheels replaced while we're gone.  On the way the mower handle broke out the back window on the RAV.  Back home to confess to Leofwyna before heading out to get lunch, CDs for trip.  Back home again and putting up tomato cages, watering veggie beds, staging to load and so on.  Wednesday morning after the window was replaced on the RAV I started loading both camper and RAV.  However, all forward progress halted when a/c issue wasn't being successful.  Leofwyna is gone to Apache to see if they can get it going.  We may not have a/c for this trip which will be very unfortunate.

NOTE:  The air conditioner problem was resolved and we finished loading up except for the ice chest.  Wednesday we were up and loaded and on the road near noon.
Sunday in spite of the heat we mowed as thunder storms are predicted this week.  The gas cap vibrated itself off and I wasn't able to find it.  Very annoying but the mower goes to the shop to have the front wheels replaced so the cap can be replaced also.  We took the RAV in to be serviced on our way to supper at Golden Corral.  At the sewing table I sorted and folded plastic grocery bags to get the cupboard cleared out.  
Saturday it rained some.  I did a blouse conversion to a sleave-partlet with collar and cuff ruffles.  Leofwyna had an appliance repairman in to deal with the dishwasher.  Sunday I sewed up Leofwyna's tan striped open-sided surcoat.  Monday we both went to Hancocks where she got more linen for another surcoat and lining material for her curtains.  I picked up two 10-packs of machine needles.  
Thursday and Friday were sunshiny but the nights were cold.  We hope someone has taken KC up so that she's not cold and hungary.  I went to the take-up shelter Friday morning and plan to go Mon-Wed-Fridays for awhile just to check but knew it was probably too soon to be successful this first time.  Thursday Shelly was feeling chilly and we discovered the furnace wasn't blowing hot... barely warm.  We were fortunate that Biggerstaff was able to fit us in but the old furnace may well be on the way out.  Parts for it aren't to be found and repairs have been jury-rigged.  I managed to get someone out to reprogram the computer at home Friday so at least that's back to normal.
Wednesday I filnaly got the replacement screw to secure the leg of the electric skillet and then replaced the battery in my watch.   Upon returning home from social moot and the group supper we carried the pieces of the counter from the garage to the curb, then I spent an hour cleaning up the kitchen.  Thursday we went to visit Maggie, I dealt with my paperwork for the month and washed up a load of new fabric for the quilt stash.

June 11

Jun. 11th, 2015 12:06 pm
Tuesday I concentrated on catching up my laundry.  In the afternoon there was a knock on the door.  A couple was looking for work and wondered did we want our lawn mowed.  Leofwyna thought it would be a good idea to have them come do that Thursday, saving my energy for other things.  I'm not going to argue with that.  Wednesday the Biggerstaff man recharged the A/C so we're good to try to get through another season.  I got Owain's tabards finished so I could deliver them.  Before moot I mentioned wanting the maple tree removed and it was suggested local woodworkers might be interested in maple wood enough to take it down so I've got something to follow up on after Lilies.  Wednesday night a storm blew in and rained steadily all night so I won't need to water the gardens this week.  Thursday Morgana came over to meet the cats and learn where things are kept; she'll come twice a day while we're at Lilies.  She'll also call the mowing-man when things are dry enough and pay him when it's done.

June 3-8

Jun. 9th, 2015 12:11 pm
We've been home nearly a week and I finally finished journaling the trip and reading all my backlog.  Wednesday we went to social moot and Shelly came in for another round of appointments and stayed three days.  We had rain the first couple days so it was Sunday before the ground was dry enough for me to weed the raised beds.  Tomatoes and potatoes are looking good.  There's some brassica goodness happening but the middle of that bed needs seedlings to fill in and I'm thinking it's too late to find 'em.  Monday I started clearing up the community garden; it all came up except the parsnips.  I've got pole beans, bush beans, winter squash, yellow and pattipan squash, nasturtiums, carrots, cucumber and even five artichokes.  While I was waiting for the ground to dry I hit a few thrift stores... found a glass wasp trap at one of 'em.  Talked again about taking out the north maple tree and sounds like Leofwyna agrees; gotta get a bid on it.   Over the weekend we noticed the AC isn't cooling so Monday I called for service (Wednesday 1-2 pm) and an upgraded estimate if we have to replace it.  At the sewing table I'm piecing up another crazy top for Kronberg using samples that was involved in the flooding while we were gone.  They'd been spread out in the laundry room to dry and I decided there was no point in packing them up again.


Jan. 13th, 2015 12:14 pm
The repairman came for the thermostat and did his task.  The only problem I had was he left for a part and wasn't back when I had to leave so I had to leave the door unlocked and hope he'd follow through [and that no one else would take advantage].  All was well, he was just leaving as I returned and so was able to get my signature.  Since that was done I went back out and got my hair cut and stopped at the grocery store.  I decided to make potato/ham gratin for supper [Leofwyna had mentioned it a couple times over the past month or so].   I do need to make and can potato soup soon to take care of the now sprouting potatoes.  At sewing table I'm putting together another crib top from a 'kit' put together last year.  I can only 'enlarge' it a little, hard as I try.  I WILL NOT go buy borders for it.
The return to bed Tuesday morning was moderately successful in that no nap was taken later and I got through to normal bedtime.  Not a great deal was accomplished however.  I did get the go-round on last set completed and started pressing the seams over.  Wednesday started off better.  I sorted paperback books and did laundry.  The heater man came and reported the heater to be in fine condition, although he spent considerable time cleaning and tweeking it.  Morgana's 'so-called' shy cat met me at the door and allowed me to scratch her chin.  I'm so special.  It was raining when I headed on over to the library for social moot, was still raining when we left there and still when we left the restaurant.  At least it hasn't gone cold for it.
Friday I popped a corned beef in the crock pot and wiped out the oven; the door came nicely clean.  Re- sprayed the rest of the nasty crust in the oven with more Easy-off and left it to sit again.  Made the run to the bank to return Leofwyna's passport to the deposit box.  When Leofwyna got up she went outside to work and I tried to finish cleaning the oven.  I made some progress but there's still lots of crust in the upper corners.  I haven't decided yet which way to go... more Easy-off or another, longer, heat treatment.  If I go for heat though I need to wait until tomorrow when the windows can be left open.
Thursday and fortunately neither the oven nor the car cost as much as I feared.  The appliance service man thinks we may be able to get reimbursed if we can get a copy of the delivery sheet from the delivery company.  We're still waiting to hear from them.  The car was tweeked so I can drive it while we wait for a part to come in next week.  While they had it opened they also replaced a leaky gasket which was still under warranty from my last visit so I was pleased about that.    This evening I cycled the automatic oven cleaner and opened up all the windows to let the smokiness out.  Fortunately we are having a few days of nice weather.  Now I have it heavily sprayed with Eeasy-off to finish cleaning the oven out.  Blech, that's a job I hate.
Wednesday I put beef shanks in the crock pot for supper.  I called and scheduled a car appointment for Thursday, then called and scheduled an appliance service appointment for Thursday.  Oops, overlap so after supper Leofwyna and I delivered the car to the shop and came back by way of picking up hot fudge malts at Perkins.
Tuesday I went to our local Sears in person hoping that would facilitate getting something done about the stove and the receipt.  The saleslady was most cooperative in getting someone in the office to talk with me.  It remains to be seen if she will be successful in getting something from the delivery people for me.  I stopped in at a couple of the Goodwills while I was out and found a few canning jars at 29-cents each and a couple pairs of jeans.  Now I have enough new jeans I can cutoff the old paint-marked jeans for gardening and yardwork.
Woke up Sunday to a light frosting of snow and still bitter cold out.  I found a recipe for carnitas and was making that for supper when I put an oiled cookie sheet under the broiler to put the cooked meat on to carmelize it during the final steps.  Turned around to put the meat on it and saw flames in the oven; the oil combusted and oh what a mess.  Leofwyna ran in with the fire extinquisher and there was no damage except to the oven... we have a code F10 blinking at us.  We aired the haze out of the house in spite of the zero degree temperatures and I put away the meat and sauce which we'll have for supper tomorrow.  To take my mind off the mess Leofwyna took me out to supper at Ticos and we went to a movie, 3 Days to Kill, which had a good enough story to engage us for the duration.  Back at home I scrubbed the sooty residue off the hood and stove and swept most of the ash out of the oven.  Monday I called Sears Repair Service and if we can prove the mid-March delivery we're still under warranty.  Gotta find that paperwork pronto.
Thursday and Friday I sporadically poked at my piles of stuff.  Friday I sorted through the totes, putting away camp linens and finding the Saxon outfit.  Friday evening Sash called.  Due to the nasty weather across the central part of Missouri Kat and Sash decided not to go to Clothiers.  This was probably a good idea.  Turns out Leofwyna has pneumonia and the doctor gave her orders not to work until he clears her.  Saturday the cough I've had all month since the last cold turned into another bout and I've got a low grade fever.  Oh, and the furnace decided to be difficult.  Checked the pilot, yes it's on.  Flipped "the switch" and we got it going but then it wouldn't stop.  So now we're manually flipping the switch every couple hours for 20-30 minutes.  It's a good thing we're on opposite schedules so someone is up to perform this task nearly around the clock.
Wednesday morning I discovered we've had more snow and, oh yeah, the washer is already on the fritz and the tech doesn't come until Thursday!  I went to moot where a final discussion for WWM occurred.  Nine days and counting.  Back at home I did get the border on the Happy top and started another Happy top to add to the pile for Kronberg.
This afternoon I sewed the squash blossom blocks together and then the Happy blocks which are now ready for the border.  Tuesday evening I was still after Leofwyna about, "When is our massage?" since she hadn't gotten it on the calendar.  She finally called this evening after eight, and voila, our massages are Tuesday.  This Tuesday.  I'm sure glad I'd kept on her about it or the masseuse would have been knocking at our door and we wouldn't have been ready.
Monday the plumber showed me for future reference how to release the pressure in the hoses on the washing machine.  I KNEW I wanted to hang on to the old hoses but I let them talk me out of it.  Leofwyna headed off to work with only three hours sleep; she simply was not able to get to sleep today.   It's going to be a long night for her.  I stopped in at Barnes and Noble and bought the greatest heirloom seed catalog with some of Laurel's birthday money.



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