Feb. 23rd, 2016

Saturday Morgana came over I put her to work on half-shirts, Leofwyna worked on the blue/gold brocade skirt and I worked on the red brocade skirt and the cream 'crewel' skirt.  Sunday we had both Morgana and Kate although Kate was here for help with her gambeson pattern.  Morgana continued working on the half-shirts and I started a doublet from the cream 'crewel' stuff.  Leofwyna opened the backs of a couple girls' costumes she'd picked up in Colorado and got them hemmed and ties added.  Monday I went to get my car re-licensed, got a haircut (too short all over) but wasn't able to get on a computer at the library so no print-outs yet.   We've been having some beautiful who-needs-a-coat weather for a week which looks to keep going another week.  Will we have a warm spring or more nasty, blustery winter?



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