Tuesday the plumber came to fix the water connection on the washer and re-route the hot water pipes (apparently they were there for a water softening unit) but we just wanted to improve traffic flow.  In the late afternoon we went to the cheap movie night and saw Hacksaw Ridge.  What a great movie this one is... very intense and real.  At the sewing table I'm still sorting 2" strips.
Wednesday after lunch and time at the library computer I returned home to oversee the workers so Leofwyna could get out awhile.  The heater/ac installation was completed this afternoon.  As the day was overcast I didn't get anything done outside and continued working sniglets at the sewing table before and after an evening spent with the MagMor gang painting scrolls and going to supper.  The Doerr's, upon learning our Thanksgiving plans this year are lean, invited us (including Morgana) to their celebration.  Isabeau and Carlos are going midstate to her relatives this year.  Leofwyna and I finished assembling the industrial shelving in the laundry room this evening, too.
Tuesday Biggerstaff starts putting in the new heater/ac.  I went and picked up tickets for Inferno tonight.  Weather promised to be nice through Thursday, though now there's some indication it may rain Wednesday and otherwise be nice through Friday.  If I can just get my energy back I should be able to put the veggie beds right for spring and get the garage ordered for the winter.  This afternoon I'll visit FoodNet, put together supper and head out for the movie with Leofwyna.
Monday headed to the library for computer time.  Back at home I took a nap, then canned the last of the tomatoes including the ones ripened from the green tomatoes.  Got another 3.5 quarts by using a few of the cherry tomatoes to fill in the last of the pint jar.  At the sewing table the sniglets squares pile grows and the rough pile shrinks.  Leofwyna started putting together the shelves in the laundry room. 
Monday work continues on the tiles downstairs.  After time on the computer at the library and lunch I returned to empty the van and show Leofwyna the new ensemble.  We celebrated by going out for ice cream at 31 Flavors where we learned that location is probably going to close due to lack of profit there.  Pooh!  At the sewing table I'm pressing and trimming crazy bits.
Monday the second coat of paint has been applied to the laundry room... putting an end to procrastination on that front at last.  Lunch and time on the computer at the library followed.  Leftover carnitas for supper and at the sewing table still putting pairs together from the sniglet bag.
Sunday I scoured the joints in the laundry room, swept and tacky wiped the joints and painted the first coat.  Thoroughly worn out, still I showered and headed out for a stop at the library for one computer session, a quick supper and on to gaming where I succeeded in advancing to third level and gained another spell.  We have vacated the cave scenario with the kobalds, lizards and roper behind us. 
Saturday after lunch and computer time I returned home with more joint compound and finished the walls in the laundry room.  At midnight the last bits were not dry enough to scour so that waits until the morning.  For supper the carnitas were somewhat successful... some tweeking may be involved another time.  At the sewing table the second junque quilt was set aside until I have created more junque to add to it.  Grabbed up the sniglets bag and started pairing them up.
Friday after lunch and some computer time at the library I returned home to put the pork carnitas in the oven and start mudding the wallboard joints in the laundry room.  The stuff they sold Leofwyna the other day was the worst... very glue-y plastic stuff, not the joint compound I was expecting.  I made a run to Menards to get some joint compound, no problem with this going on the walls but the little container I bought only did half the job so another will be gotten for the rest.  Today Leofwyna has been on the sick-list... this time a fairly simple stomach upset merited quiet time and naps.  At the sewing table the first of two junque tops was finished and a second well underway.
Thursday after lunch and some computer time at the library I stopped in at the grocery and planned three meals for the weekend.  Back at home I emptied the water barrels for the winter, harvested the green tomatoes, pulled the vines and stacked the cages.  I put together pizza for supper.  At the sewing table I finished the tea party top and started a junk top for Kronberg which was nearly finished, too, when I 'hit the wall' and headed up to bed.  Leofwyna had tiles laid out all over the laundry room floor trying to decide on a layout and figure how many to buy as some of the stuff we'd picked up didn't work due to size, depth or grout style.  She's brought home one tub of mud and I'm just waiting for her to be out of the way to start the scratch coat.  I think more than one tub of that size may be required though.
Wednesday after lunch and computer time at the library I returned home to take Leofowyna's place overseeing the work in the laundry room so she could get ready and go to moot.  Terry continued working until completely done with that part of the project at 7:40 so I missed going to moot and was too late to catch up with the crew for supper.  I stopped in at Red Robin with my book and had one of my salads there.  Back at home I continued working on the Tea Party blocks at the sewing table.
Wednesday was a pretty day.  After lunch and two sessions on the computer at the library I headed home for some quiet time before getting ready to go to the demo in the evening at the Auld Auditorium.  I didn't have a project to take along so I helped with the fighters watching out for 'strays' and watering the fighters.  Thursday was another wet day, poor timing for Aletia's funeral.  We got to visit with cousins at lunch.  In the afternoon we had an appointment at the bank to arrange for the money for the heating/ac and laundry room renovation.  A second evening demo at Auld was given for the younger set with Oliver in attendance.
Monday Leofwyna had a couple guys in to move some heavy stuff around.  The wood and concrete shelving is out of the laundry room.  The old tv, mattress and box springs are out at the curb.  The tiles and new industrial shelving is downstairs awaiting installation.  And a few other odds and ends are in the garage.  After computer time at the library and lunch I got busy.  I finished mowing the lawn (skipping the zoysa which hasn't grown much), put 'stuff' back in the garage pending possible rain and took Leofwyna out to supper.  Back at home I finished assembling wedding ring 'eyes' and proceeded to press said 'eyes' and then washed cutters. 
Thursday I pretty much loafed; well I sewed sniglets.  Leofwyna made fajitas for supper.  Friday we went up to Omaha, to Pla's for lunch then looking for tiles which we finally found exactly what we needed in a near perfect color at Restore and didn't have to spent the $300 we'd thought we'd end up doing.  Anyway, we finished the day hitting a few thrift stores and then headed home for leftovers for supper.  Oh, and after leaving the final thrift store we had a bit of an adventure when a car pulled up alongside us at a stoplight, cursing and calling us names and before pulling off in front of us displaying a revolver.  I admit to a slight increase in heartbeat.  Leofwyna said it's probably good she was struck speachless or she may have laughed at the cliche.  
Monday and Tuesday Leofwyna's painting the front door and I'm sorting, packing up and working on some of the camera key items.  Tuesday afternoon Craig finished the doors by tweeking some little fittings, flanges and things.  The front door light WORKS.  Turns out it was a dead lightbulb.  Apparently so was the one we replaced it with!!!  Who would guess that?

NOTE:  Turns out I was ahead of myself as Craig didn't show up Tuesday.  Leofwyna put in the new front door latch and lock herself.  Learned it was rather easier than we were lead to expect; she coulda had it done months ago!  We still need to have Craig come back when we're available for it.
Friday I put turkey legs and pineapple squash in the crockpot.  It rained early so yardwork and gardening are off the docket so I ran genealogy and 'logs' at the sewing table alternately.  Leofwyna is pretty sure she wants to retile the laundry room floor while the room is cleared out.  That puts quite a shift in the task load I'd outlined initially as we'll have to schedule someone to do the tile work before we put up the shelves and put things away.
Friday I traded out the downspouts on the SE and NE corners of the house and moved the rain barrel to the back by the garden.  Hopefully due to how the gutters drain there will be less going into and (overflowing) the barrel and we'll avoid flooding the window well up front.  The barrel filled up way to fast when it rained last week.  I also held the cupboard door in the kitchen steady so Leofwyna could screw it back up.
Monday I made a run to the store to check the meat sales; picked up a couple nice packages of pork so for supper I made soup braised pork with rice for supper.  Tuesday while Leofwyna was gone to work I made cherry cola salad and a coconut-oatmeal pie for our T-day feast.  All day Wednesday I was up and down with the turkey, dressing and gravy prep and all came out timed perfectly for Leofwyna's wake up so we had our traditional favorites for a Thanksgiving supper Wednesday night.  I also steamed my brussel sprouts (the last garden harvest) to include in our special meal.  So my Thanksgiving day was spent back with my genealogy search and Leofwyna headed off to work.

I am thankful for my sister (partner, best friend), our nice home and all the contents therein, my health and all our good friends.  I'm thankful my car is still functioning and that the kitchen is complete for cooking in.  I'm thankful the renovation is behind us.  A caller the other day trying to sell renovations, siding or replacement windows asked in exasperation when I thwarted her presentations, "What changes do you plan for in the future?"  I answered that my hope was I wouldn't need to do anything further as long as I live here.  This, however, is a wee bit unrealistic as no doubt the a/c will need to be replaced in the next year or two.
Tuesday evening Leofwyna got put on-call so after supper we worked upstairs.  I switched out the new handles on the kitchen cupboards and Leofwyna worked on putting up the new curtain rods and curtains.  Yes, we're still not done with unpacking and settling back in either.  On the genealogy front I called and now I'm going to Google Chrome when I access Ancestry.com to get around whatever the problem is on Explorer.
Sunday Leofwyna and I got out in the garage and put up the ice chest and campbed rails.  We also carried another batch of boxes into the house to be unpacked.  I'd spent the afternoon with such tasks as packing up the tent properly, emptying the kitchen box and running the camp pans through the dishwasher.  All this made a big difference toward getting ready for a sale yet this fall.



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