Saturday after library computer time and an early supper I got busy and canned 5 pints of tomatoes (the last from the garden) and 25 pints of cinnamon pickles. I carried the two magmor totes and the extra canning 'stuff' downstairs and finished up the laundry. I got the kitchen cleaned up somewhat and finally settled in my chair awhile fripping. I had just turned things off and headed to bed when Leofwyna arrived home from her weekend so I was able to share my thoughts about postponing the rummage sale again. That's settled and now I can concentrate on getting ready for the trip instead.
Thursday after lunch and library computer time I returned home to get something accomplished. I did get the 4th boil done, moved a few more blocks, and the like. When Leofwyna went to the Doerr's to drill holes in the legs of her shelving unit I returned to the library for another computer session (and a good thing too because they'll be closed Friday). Friday was frustrating (no computer time) so after Leofwyna took off for Queen's Prize I went to three of the thrift stores (linen shirt, cutter shirt, embroidered cotton skirt, brooch, journal). Back at home carried two magmor supplies totes downstairs and moved some laundry along. In trying to get to sleep I finally worked out that rummage sale won't happen this fall, need to share thinking with Leofwyna when she gets back. Only so much energy to draw on and this has been a full year; need to accomplish this trip and fall yardwork, yada, yada.
Saturday after library computer time and lunch returned to the house to empty the van from CR and do some "pick and put" in the garage. Got the SE corner done, swept and two tables set up before I ran out of steam. Potato soup with chedderwurst for supper (Leofwyna says etable)... I say yumtious!!! Got second boil done on the cinnamon pickles.
Saturday, one week later, we got it all together and had our rummage sale Thursday through Saturday and cleared a total of $700 divided among four of us.  I'm quite happy with my $94.50.  I'm already facing the fact that I'll do this again in the spring.  I still need to clean out my sewing room and there's still stuff buried in the pile in the garage.  That can't all be blamed on moving the sale forward a week.  Some of it is all the extra, unexpected things that came up for us this  year... and the great May vacation.  There's only so much energy to call on now.  Thursday afternoon I had to leave Leofwyna dealing with customers alone while I took totes to a demo at Union College.  One of our 'offerings' was a photo op using our camera booth garments.  We had a really good turn out.
Thursday evening we played Railroad Dominos and I WON.  Friday I was looking for rummage stuff in my bedroom and with piles of stuff on my bed at bedtime I decided to sleep on the sofa.  Progress is happening, really it is.  At the sewing table I put together some drawstring bags from upholstery samples I ran across in my room.  Saturday more rummage sorting, more bags.
Thursday I got myself on the ball and mowed the lawn... Every bit of it.  We had plans for Friday and Saturday and I wanted to fell free to enjoy myself.  So Friday we spent the afternoon canvassing each Goodwill in Lincoln for the 99-cent sales.  Then Saturday we went up to Omaha and had our usual stop for lunch at Thai Pla's before heading around to several Thrift Worlds and Goodwills.  But the real feature of the day was to go over to Iowa just before dark to find a place about a mile from the Midwest Raceway to watch for the Lanternfest ascension; and it was well worth the effort.  For nearly an hour there was roughly a thousand Chinese lanterns sent up... That was quite a sight to see, even at that distance.  At first we could count them as they went up, then numbers were rising faster than we could count.  After 30-40 minutes we finally were counting them as they arose again.  We stayed until the last holdout went up and up and finally winked out.  Then on Sunday we started working on sorting out the garage to get ready for our rummage sale later in September.  We have hopes for getting the garage cleared enough to be able to store the Aliner in it this winter; and maybe even get the RAV in as well.
It has been a full week and I need to catch up on the journaling.  Monday I mowed the yard and made a run to the community garden to harvest several pattipan squash.  Tuesday we loaded up the Aliner and headed west.  We didn't find anyone in Kronberg to take the quilt tops for the Sew'nSews but in Marquette Leofwna found Clint Petersen to assign him the task of delivering them for us.  We reached North Loup about 9:30 which was much later than we'd intended. We quickly got set up and plugged in so Laurel could turn in.  Wednesday Leofwyna went to tour the Chalk mine where Dennis was docent(ing) and Thursday afternoon I helped Dennis can tomatoes in Laurel's kitchen.  Thursday evening we all were at Chris's for supper and her granddaughter's birthday celebration.  Friday we came back home by way of Grand Island where we stopped at a couple thrift stores and JoAnn's.  Saturday I canned the tomatoes Dennis had given us while Leofwyna was at a pre-cook.  I wasn't able to do them all because she took one of the big pots with her.  Sunday I went to Sash's to collect the materials for Halftroll's tunic so I can finish it.  Sash was in the hospital while we were out of town; he's had bad news and faces another round of chemotherapy.  This will hopefully buy him through to the new year but he won't be attending any events.  I've cancelled the reservations for Battlemoor since Sash won't be going and his going was our reason to go ourselves.  Instead I'll be able to concentrate on prepping for and doing a rummage sale and getting my glass hoophouse put up this fall.
Sunday I simply crashed through the afternoon.  When Leofwyna got up that changed.  We unloaded the van together, then I dug over some of the veggie beds.  The cabbag-y one I put in weeks ago was a fail and I re-dug that one too.  A discussion in the car after supper allowed me to re-think the rummage sale... just one, next fall.  This will work.
Friday and Saturday I sat out all day with the garage sale.  We had gloriously beautiful weather for it, got rid of quite a bit of stuff and some of what's left will go to the Goodwill Monday (some things that have been on the tables for 2-3 of the previous sales we held for Little Sister's stuff).  A few boxes of some of the better bits will go back in the garage and we'll do it all again next Spring and I WILL have everything else in the house and garage sorted through, priced and ready to go. 
Thursday Leofwyna and I put up the sunshade and tables, finished filling in the new signs and put them out, stopped for supper at Appleby's and then started putting out "stuff".  I'll get up early tomorrow to be ready to spend the day being available to looky-lous and customers.  I'm hoping for LOTS of customers and none of the scattered thundar showers.
Thursday morning a huge thunderstorm came through and  we ended up with water in the southeast corner of the basement so I MUST get the downspout out there redone this fall.  Meanwhile Leofwyna went out this morning for a new water-vac and we need to line up our "bucket brigade" to get everything out of that room and into the garage this weekend.  Now I'm debating with myself regarding postponing the garage sale to next spring as I don't think we can set up 'around' the great pile of stuff that will then be in the garage although if the weather is nice I could set up on the driveway.  Do I trust the weather this far along in the fall?  Tonight Ingaborg was here and we both got a massage... heaven!!!  Oh, and another thunderstorm blew through.
Sunday Leofwyna and I got out in the garage and put up the ice chest and campbed rails.  We also carried another batch of boxes into the house to be unpacked.  I'd spent the afternoon with such tasks as packing up the tent properly, emptying the kitchen box and running the camp pans through the dishwasher.  All this made a big difference toward getting ready for a sale yet this fall.
I spent most of Saturday and Sunday trading off between my genealogy research and cutting the cutters down with a few hours Saturday night at Sash and Rich's New Year's Eve souper supper with Braganza, Stacia, Marcella, Edward, Cat, Oz, Rosa, and Bristol.  Leofwyna worked both nights so she missed out on the party.  Apparently tonight her work is slow enough she's researching plans for a couple camping weeks this coming year in May and September intending to avoid hot summer camping.  This proposed camping scheme may cause me to have my rummage sale in July instead of May to get out from under the spring gardening and JAV/Lilies crush.
Tuesday we both went out to the garage and got everything packed up.  Several boxes to hold a few more months for one more sale in the spring, and the rest loaded in the van, some to go straight to Goodwill and a box of hardback books for the library.  

Wednesday we both went to A&S where Seraphina had us working on leather medallions for largess.  Leofwyna is getting along real well with her knee-cart... WHEEE!  And she hasn't had pain in excess of what she was feeling in her feet anyway on a daily basis. 
Monday through Wednesday I concentrated on unloading boxes onto the tables in the garage, sorting things and making it all look as nice as possible..  I decided the lawn could wait until Sunday for mowing so at least that made things easier.  With all this I skipped Social Moot.  Late Wednesday Leofwyna and I went to put out the twelve new signs. 

Thursday through Saturday I sat out 9 hours each day chatting up customers and reading when there wasn't any.  The weather stayed beautiful as the weatherperson promised so that was delightful.  Saturday when I closed up I went straight away to gather up the signs, two were missing.  After supper I called and lined up a couple friends to come Sunday afternoon to move LS's two televisions so Leofwyna won't have to maneuver around them on the landing with crutches following her foot surgery Monday.

I have a considerable to do list for October now that the garage sale is done.  Oh, and I'm already planning another garage sale next spring for stuff I still have downstairs.
Wednesday at the A&S farble as we discussed a variety of random ideas I finished another 2-yard piece of inkle tape.  Gerald has been lobbying for a wide piece for his bow so I broke out the heavier pearl cotton. I'll use it up in this project and use the full width of the heddle.  I haven't been successful with wide tape in the past but I'll give it one more try.

Friday I got the ad for the rummage sale done.  I hadn't been able to call it in because there had been a name change and I couldn't find 'em in the phonebook.  I had to go myself to the office location to take care of it.  I stopped in at the Vine Street Goodwill [they're having 99-cent for clothes this weekend].  I found a pair of jeans and a couple tops for myself and half a dozen cotton pieces for the quilting bag. 

Saturday I went to three of the other four Goodwills to check the sales there.  I found a pair of black oxfords my size; they weren't on sale but hey they fit.  I also found a few paperback books and a string of blue Xmas tree lights I'll use in my winter garden.

Sunday after weeding the new veggie beds [lots of sprouting crabgrass] I watered the front yard and the garden thoroughly.  Weather indicates no moisture again this coming week so I want to keep the new grass and garden seedlings going strong. 
Monday I mowed the frontyard and weeded the winter veggie bed and Tuesday I mowed the backyard.   I've got the living room nearly cleared of rummage stuff.  Now I need to get busy in the garage setting up and pricing everything.  Tuesday night Joe called to ask if he could store some boxes of books in our garage for a week... bad timing, that.  I did come up with the idea to put his stuff in Leofwyna's van though so he'll be bringing that over today. 
Wednesday I was still feeling lethargic but I got out for Moot in the evening and went to supper with the group.  Carlos talked with me about making hall banners of the past baron/baroness's devices for use at events.  I then brought up the idea with Sash and he voiced a strong preference for painted silk banners over the heavy appleque version.  That project is pending further discussions. 

Joe was pleased to announce that he'd found work here in Lincoln so won't be going back to New Mexico afterall.  He's already found a place to rent with a fenced yard for his dogs and permission to put in a garden.  I know he'd never gardened before so obviously it's my little garden that's inspired him.  Best though is keeping a willing worker in the barony as our labor pool is so small for when we put on an event. 

Whatever malady I'm suffering has shifted to a rather nasty cough and I've been lethargic all week but thankfully I haven't clogged up which would totally lay me out.   Arrangements for the rummage sale have been significantly slowed but will still go on as I have no intention to re-store what has been sorted and cleared out to the garage.  I'll just have to run a reduced sale this fall and set up again for another in the spring for the rest.  At least the living room and my bedroom will be cleared and much more pleasant.  So the spring sale will be stuff from my sewing room which has been stored up in the spare bedroom since we tore into the foundation walls several years ago. 

Cool weather running several days this week has ruined the tomatoes for us.  Once they get chilled the flavor changes so we won't eat them; I'll be putting the green tomatoes on freecycle and pull the plants.  I'll cut 'em up and bury them under the next round of grass clippings.  Finally the potatoes will start dying back so I can get them dug out during the cool fall days and the brocolli plants will go to the zoo for the animals there to enjoy.  THIS year the old beds will be spring-ready when winter blows in.  The new beds have lovely seedlings shooting up and I'm ready to put the hoops and plastic over the winter bed when fall advances a bit further.  If we don't have a srong Indian Summer the other new bed won't have time to do anything.  Right now the radishes and beans look promising for October but I won't worry over them, I knew it was a gamble.

Sunday Leofwyna and I went to see Contagion which is a very alarming look at what an epidemic would do to us now.  It had a great line up of actors and was well done... but I wouldn't quite call it entertainment. 
Tuesday I poked around outside a little bit, deadheading daylilies and pruning the yews.

Wednesday I was able to get out to the library for our A&S discussion on definitions of color in the medieval era with Natalia.  At the same time I continued working on my inkle loom and got halfway through the current purple/yellow piece I set in the loom last week. 

Thursday and Friday I finally fired up my 'Get her done!' and worked on the compost piles and veggie beds.  I also carried out a few more boxes to the garage for the sale.

Saturday I was sorting stuff in my bedroom putting away summer SCA gear and making room for the Gold Key totes.  When I went to my closet to get my shoe-case the closet pole crashed to the floor.  I hadn't touched it; just all three supports failed!  Cleared everything out of the closet to the living room sofa, studied the situation and figure I can fix it myself.

Sunday Leofwyna pretty much finished her front yard project removing the flower beds she'd put in fifteen years ago.  All that's left now is the forsythia and the thyme bushes and a volunteer maple we're encouraging.  While she dealt with that I mowed two-thirds of the yard, leaving the zoysia in front for another day.  For a wonder it's stayed green this year with the nicely spaced rainfall all through the summer but growth does seem to be slowing some.

Monday Leofwyna declared a holiday with pizza and root beer floats while we watched 9-11 programs.  We also taped programs on stations we weren't watching.  My favorite was the one about a photographer who revisited the folks she'd met and photo'd those days.  Another favorite was the French photographers who were already taping the fire department that was first on-site on 9-11.  I did get out while Leofwyna was sleeping and bought what I needed for the closet repair.

Tuesday and I'm down sick with a sinus crud.  Blech!

And naturally a portion of every day is still applied to job searches and genealogy research.
I kinda let the week get away from me as far as journaling is concerned.

Monday Leofwyna stayed with Sami (dog-sitting) so I didn't have anything specific to deal with. I confess I loafed.

Tuesday I sorted through my box of seeds, throwing out old stuff and putting in a late summer bed [beans, squash, radish, lettuce, spinach] and the winter bed [Kale, chard, spinach, carrots, beets]. I'll wait until later this fall to put up the hoops and plastic but it's shaping up pretty well. If we have a mild fall we'll have some fall crops, otherwise I'll end up just turning stuff under so the bed will be ready for spring.

Wednesday I did get out to moot for the Cattle Raids de-briefing. Sounds like everyone is sold on the site and some plans are being made to help with the "kitchen" for the future feastocrats. If we go back there having to deal with no appliances is a major factor. This time around Mikhail dealt with it by having grills, lots of roasters and a hot-box. After moot most of us headed out to Red Robin; after two months going to Perkins this is an incredible relief!

Thursday I set up the tables in the garage and started carrying boxes out of the house for the garage sale. This is going to be an ongoing three week process... boring... tiring... but it must be done this month!

Friday I got on the ball and mowed the entire lawn since the weather man was predicting a couple days of possible thundarstorms. This time the weather blew up around 8pm so I was very happy with myself. Leofwyna took me to Grisanti's for supper as she had a 'Groupon' to be used before it expired.



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