Saturday after library computer time and an early supper I got busy and canned 5 pints of tomatoes (the last from the garden) and 25 pints of cinnamon pickles. I carried the two magmor totes and the extra canning 'stuff' downstairs and finished up the laundry. I got the kitchen cleaned up somewhat and finally settled in my chair awhile fripping. I had just turned things off and headed to bed when Leofwyna arrived home from her weekend so I was able to share my thoughts about postponing the rummage sale again. That's settled and now I can concentrate on getting ready for the trip instead.
Friday after a couple sessions on the library computer I returned home so Leofwyna could get to her physical therapy appointment. I spent the afternoon cleaning jars, sorting out the canning cupboard and putting away the peaches and tomatoes. I started the crockpots with several unsuccessful jars of peaches to make peach butter with Amaretto which I was putting into the jar around midnight. Got eighteen half-pints which we plan to use for 12th Night gifts. In the afternoon when Leofwyna returned we headed back to the library for one short session before they closed. I pulled the two jars of spaghetti sauce from the pantry for our supper with leftovers for tomorrow and reminded Leofwyna that she had beets and applesauce to use up. And naturally today was one of those days she commented how I wasn't getting ready for the upcoming rummage sale.
Thursday I got in a couple sessions on the library computer before returning home so Leofwyna could use the car. I got five jars of tomatoes canned, finishing that task and did a couple loads of laundry which will have to air dry on the racks. Leofwyna and I returned to the library together to finish the day and then to Golden Corral for supper. That place has become rather disappointing these days.
Wednesday I got in a double session at the library computer before Leofwyna needed the car (the van is at the shop getting repaired from her accident a couple weeks ago). I did some pick and put to clear the kitchen before getting seven quarts of tomatoes in the water bath. When I could turn off the burner we headed out for moot and supper with the gang. There was a rehash of Cattle Raids and plans for next years Crown Tourney. Owain reminded me about 'dish research' he'd brought up last week.
Friday I took Leofwyna to her appointment followed by many errands. By that time I was starving so she went with me for an early supper (my lunch) before heading home to get two-thirds of the mowing accomplished. While I did that she make my calls for me and got the peaches sorted and later we prepped and canned seven quarts. There's more to do tomorrow.

Saturday we drove up to Omaha and had lunch at Pla Too before heading north to pick up the pullet eggs I'd ordered. We stopped at Blair and Gretna for the Goodwills but they were closing at three for a family picnic day to our disappointment. When Haldora called we learned our chicken order isn't happening and I'll be paying more than planned on the pies. So when we got back to Lincoln I went to Aldi's and found the chicken I need for $2/lb and got 12 pounds and was happy not to pay $5/lb. The evening was prepping and canning the rest of the peaches. I really need to figure out how to prevent siphoning though.
Saturday after lunch and library computer time I returned to clear up the kitchen, carry up laundry, carry down fripper bags, carry up jars and carry out fripper trash and compost. Leofwyna made the first batch of mullagatawny and I canned the five jars. NOTE, freeze the following batches of mullagatawny... two of the jars siphoned half their contents then didn't seal. We ended up with three quarts (and two half quarts) of soup.
Thursday after library computer time and lunch I returned to deal with the peaches. We canned 6 quarts... about one/third of the haul. Unfortunately Leofwyna removed them from the canner shortly after the pressure returned to zero and they siphoned drastically. A learning opportunity I suppose as I didn't state more carefully before I left the house for a final round at the library computer.
Thursday found a box by the door... it was from Paula Nadelstern. She'd said she'd send scraps from her home workshop and she did; a delightful mix of her recent fabric line. Leofwyna and I had lunch together at KFC then I returned home to can roasted bone beef broth and bake three batches of banana bread. Still piecing Kronberg blend blocks at the sewing table.
The last thing before going to bed I started a batch of Thai Beef in the large crock pot so Sunday morning it was ready to can up in six pints for the pantry. A quart of the broth went into the fridge; I have an idea to use it for a sort of sloppy joe mixture this week. Part of the afternoon and again in the late evening I continued work on the Kronberg blocks. Gaming tonight was at Theron's with Mark as DM, I was playing the Buck Bannerman character.
Tuesday I found a pair of beautiful steaks at the grocery store and splurged.  I also skipped FoodNet this week and loafed until Leofwyna came home from her afternoon errands with, surprise!, movie tickets later that night.  I hurried and put supper together before going to see Passengers which was a nearly perfect space adventure movie.  Wednesday I set the oven to clean itself while I inventoried the pantry.  Our Wednesday was an unscheduled farbel and since we were few for supper we hit Lazlo's for a nice change.  Thursday I made cranberry orange sauce and canned up 16 pints then made a big pot of potato-hamberger soup.
Friday after lunch and library time (working on I got busy at home scrubbing the stove before canning the turkey broth (four quarts).  At the sewing table I'm sewing strip ends together for the Kronberg top.
Friday I went to three of the Goodwills for 99-cent sale.  I found a little something at each place, including a 'sparkly fruit wreath for Leofwyna's della robia tree, a journal I'll use for a canning recipe book, two cotton cutters, four tops and a pair of capris.  Back at home I finally baked the banana bread and washed a load of cotton accumulated from several trips this year.  
Monday I called NTT to try and get the computer at home connected onto the internet.  The gal there said she'd call back, in about an hour.  I wasted two hours waiting on her before giving up and going on to other things.  Delivered the brassicas to the Children's Zoo.  They've always so surprised and appreciative.  Apparently no one remembers me from one year to the next but those plants are just too much roughage to put in my compost piles and I'm glad I have somewhere useful for them.  On to lunch and the library for computer time.  Later back at home I canned the ripened green tomatoes (1.5 quarts) and baked bread pudding using the croissants from FoodNet.  Leofwyna doesn't usually like bread pudding but she really likes this and says feel free to make more anytime.  I had to discard the hubbard squash from a few weeks ago.  I don't think it was properly hardened off and was turning to mush on the counter.  I finished some prep work on the mountains majesty blocks then set them aside to do some machine maintenance and sorting scraps from the pumpkin project. 
Monday headed to the library for computer time.  Back at home I took a nap, then canned the last of the tomatoes including the ones ripened from the green tomatoes.  Got another 3.5 quarts by using a few of the cherry tomatoes to fill in the last of the pint jar.  At the sewing table the sniglets squares pile grows and the rough pile shrinks.  Leofwyna started putting together the shelves in the laundry room. 
Wednesday after computer time at the library I headed home where I used the water barrel to thoroughly water the tomatoes.  I hope to get a few more from these vines before first frost.  I canned the tomatoes I had... 3.5 quarts.  Again most of the liquid has escaped the jars.  I'm thinking the pressure cooker instructions are too stringent.  I need to call the extension agent to see what they think.  Leofwyna didn't sleep at all last night so she napped the afternoon away and skipped going to A&S.  I went but after wasn't able to find the restaurant and ended up going to Red Robin alone for the salad I like there.  Back at home at the sewing table I'm cutting print strips and washing the next load of cutters.

NOTE:  Now I'm thinking hot water bath for tomatoes... and maybe peaches, too... instead of the pressure cooker.
Friday we had decided we weren't up to doing the Scots-Irish Festival in Estes.  So instead Leofwyna took a quiet day.  I made the run to the Loveland Goodwill hoping the pint canning jars were still there.  I found eleven wide-mouth pints and a half-pint.  So back at the house I spent the afternoon picking apples and canning eleven pints plus one quart of sliced apples.  I'm thinking they're pretty thoroughly cooked but I'll try them as crisp, in muffins and in cakes and see if it's worth the effort to repeat another year.  That wore me out so we went to the Chinese restaurant we found the other night for supper again.  Back at the house I quilted while we watched "Oh God!"; hadn't seen that one in years.
Wednesday morning was wakened by the phone at eight and the housemaid at 8:30 so gave it up and got up.  So much accomplished before noon, shopping for meals the next couple days and more peaches to can as well as marking the next line to quilt.  After lunch I canned seven jars of peaches... packed as tight as I could with quarters and still have an inch under the floating fruit.  Oh well.  Leofwyna made spagetti salad and apple crisp for supper.  Quilted some more after supper until fingers hurt too much and switched to reading backlog on a new quilter's blog.
Monday we both stayed in our jammies.  After lunch I canned four quart jars of peaches to finish up in a hot water bath.  That used two-thirds of the peaches so we've decided to get another flat and can up two more batches later in the week.  Leofwyna continued with the laundry through the day.  After supper I returned to quilting on Ingabiorg's quilt almost finishing another line while we watched a movie, Next, that we hadn't seen before.  I liked it but she was frustrated by how it ended.
Oops, I let this go nearly a week so lets see what I can remember.  There were a few tomatoes available for picking beginning with the little'uns this week, a few Early Girls and a really big and appropriately named Big Boy. I dealt with garb laundry off and on all week.  A lot of time has gone into putting sniglets together and I'm only beginning to put 'threes' together.  Thursday while Leofwyna was out I mowed half the lawn, rain rolled in and put a stop to that.  Friday afternoon we went to a movie, Jason Bourne.  The saga continues.  Back at thome I finished the lawn while Leofwyna work on weeds invading the sidewalks.  Saturday was Gwyneth's pre-cook. I went for cutting up, left to go to the library awhile, then returned to help with clean-up.  Our computer was acting up over the weekend but has settled down again.  Sunday I went again to Theron's for gaming.  Monday I grilled steaks for supper with green beans and garden potatoes   In the evening I finally got the cinnamon pickles canned... 13 pints of pickles plus one pint of cinnamon syrup.  Tuesday Leofwyna was gone for a pre-cook.  Quick storms came through; one out by Pioneer Park and one through Havelock.  Fighters thought they might have to cancel but they were spared.  After going to FoodNet I brought home one potato, one lime, strawberries, spagetti, one artichoke, one zucchini, a veggie tray, half a dozen brown eggs, cooked salmon, a jug of diet pepsi and fat free cream cheese,  I've cooked the eggs and potatoes (accumulated from FoodNet and my garden) to make potato salad.  I made a lettuce salad for my supper with strawberries, pod peas, tiny tomatoes but no salmon (it was too fishy for me).  I'm still working on that bottle of wonderful cherry vinegrette.  I sure hope I can find more of it when the bottle's empty.  Wednesday afternoon I cleared up the kitchen, made banana bread and muffins and cleared up the kitchen again before heading out for A&S-largess a little late but I won't miss out on the supper group going to Old Chicago.
Thursday I slept late and loafed through the day.  At the sewing table in the evening I worked on the Kronberg strips.  Friday we were up and out early to go to the 99-cent sales and stop in at NSQG to see if there was a quilt show included.  We visited the merchants' area and saw the Nebraska challenge quilts hanging there.  Once we were home I was surprised by a visit from Haldora with more overgrown cucumbers, yay!  Tonight I made spagetti sauce again and canned one quart.  We had the rest for supper.  At the sewing table I finished two Kronberg strip tops.

NOTE:  This 'sweet' spagetti was pretty bad and the canned sauce was tossed along with the tomato jam still in the cupboard. 



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