Wednesday I see our trees are okay but there's some limbs down in the neighborhood. I'd gotten up to the alarm clock. Wanted to make sure I was on time to meet up with Opal to pass the 18 tops, 6 pieced backs and 4 whole backs... two full boxes. Declined to accept two small boxes... I really need to deal with what I have myself before I take on their stashes anymore. While I was at lunch another storm came through with heavy rain. MagMor meeting was scribal this week and I got one completed before the group cleaned up and headed to supper at Applebey's. Back at home I cleared up the kitchen, mixed up and baked three batches of banana bread, then loaded the dishwasher with the resulting pile. It rained again during the night.
Thursday after lunch I headed over to the community garden office and picked up more plants... 8 tomatoes, 2 cucumbers, 2 basil, several marigolds and a couple handfuls of onion sets. Still damp for mowing so I 'rested up' for tomorrow's tasks. At the sewing table I finished two strippie tops and started putting together the blocks. I need to make arrangements for Opal to pick these up sometime soon.
Saturday Leofwyna put together food for Herdmaster so we had some of that for our supper too. I made it an another easy day aside from loading up Gold Key. That's two pretty days and no garden progress, I'm bad. At the sewing table tonight I started putting together another top with sniglet squares that came to the surface as I dug into the pile on the table.

Sunday was Herdmaster. I dressed three from Gold Key. For handwork I took along my green silk to finish the hem. Once that was done I dug into the bag of linen to prepare coifs and hankies for my work basket. I made arrangements to hire the hall for a sewing day Saturday, May 6th 10am to 'whenever'. We'll work up shirts and chemises for Gold Key. Zino won the champion position, Kate was made herd-driver and Morgana got Espiritu. Back home at the sewing table I finished the sniglet top and started pressing a lot of cotton I'd washed this weekend.
Wednesday I worked on the kronberg blocks. When this batch is done I'll have enough for nine tops. At moot this evening we discussed JAV, Lilies and the Pirate party, Crown Tournament and Cattle Raids. Isadora and I are co-autocrats for CR and the camera booth will be at JAV. Volunteers gave me funds ($56.60) for 'rat' at the Pirate party. We celebrated Master Gerald's birthday at Outback.
Thursday I dug out what I think is the final box of junk fabric and started sorting and pressing to prepare it to be added to the Kronberg blend blocks. Now my bed and the loveseat are covered and I'll need to clear the bed off before I can sleep. While sorting through a laundry basket of stuff I found several cotton sheets... I need to get them made up into undertunics and shirts this spring.
Monday evening as I was putting together scalloped potatoes (using the last of my homegrown potatoes) I thought to suggest to Leofwyna that we invite Morgana to supper. She'd had a heart attack last Thursday while visiting with Cassie and was back home with two new stents. Anyway Leofwyna called and fetched her while I finished making supper and we had a nice visit with her before Leofwyna returned her home. Tuesday after I went to FoodNet we ate leftovers before heading to the movie, Logan. It was a dark ending to that particular part of the X-men series. All week I've been sleeping late and frittering away the wet, grey afternoons. Wednesday was, of course, the MagMor group followed by supper. A plan was made for a Pirate party at the Great Machine at Lilies this year. At the sewing table I'm still putting together 10.5-inch Kronberg blocks.

At FoodNet this time I got Ritz crackers, a can of white beans, two small tubes of Pringles, a couple Granny Smith apples, one potato, croissants, hard rolls, and half a dozen brown eggs.
Saturday I stayed in all day. And no, I didn't get stuff unloaded from the trip yet. I did get four quilt backs put together for Kronberg. I was determined to get the pile of white pieces cleared up. Now I can get back to pretty pieced blocks. I made potato soup for supper... plenty of leftovers.
Monday I went to have lunch, stopped at the library was unsuccessful as the computers were all in use. Instead I stopped at the south Goodwill where I found thread and a canning jar. At the sewing table I dug through the Kahre tote, pressing pieces and sorting them for projects. Tuesday I went to lunch and the library where I printed out forms for gaming and the mystery quilt instructions, in case I actually get around to starting something new. This afternoon I'll stop at FoodNet, Leofwyna is making supper and I'll get back to constructing kronberg blend blocks.
Saturday was another pretty day. I went out for lunch and stopped in at the north Goodwill where I got another bag o'stuff. Back at home to trim and bind Ingabiorg's quilt; it took all evening but I got that finished. I made turkey vegetable soup for supper to favor Leofwyna's delicate tummy. Sunday I was able to take it easy until time to head out for gaming at the Doerr's. It was a quiet night for Pansy in town and preparing for future adventuring. At the sewing table I got another Wilderness Cabin top finished for kronberg.
Sunday we were up promptly at ten, loaded up, said our good-byes and off looking for Savers and Goodwills. Both of us found a few good things before we hit the road to get me back in time for gaming. In Theron's set-up (Gnancy) we gleaned information, bought horses and after a night's sleep started out on an adventure which was immediately interrupted by a wizard and his six hirelings (Black Earth Monks... "Earth Monkeys!") which we were unexpectly efficient at eliminating. Lot's of experience points and we were done this time with a full 'day' for adventuring when we come back. At home I worked at the sewing table on the kronberg blends for a second Wilderness Courthouse top.
Monday we were still iced in. I did some pick and put around the living room. The key totes are ready to go to the garage and the kronberg pile is half boxed up to be loaded in the car. The rest of my time today was in genealogy and piecing up another top for the pile.
Sunday the icy conditions kept me at home, missing out on gaming this week. Spent most of the day either working on genealogy or at the sewing table making kronberg blocks.
Wednesday afternoon I brought Leofwyna home from the hospital.  She can't drive as long as she's on the pain medication so my car is still in the parking garage there.  We both took naps this afternoon; she didn't sleep much last night.  I went to business moot alone tonight.  Lots of discussion about Winter War Maneuvers and the new location.  I helped Gerald some with his sewing machine.  We all went to Old Chicago for supper.  Thursday Their Highnesses postponed coronation for a week due to the icy, cold front heading their way.  I headed out for the afternoon picking up tickets for a movie tomorrow, stopped in at the south Goodwill where I came away with half a dozen canning jars.  Back at home I made both potato soup and chili, then canned the chili.  At the sewing table finished two nine-patch quilt tops for Kronberg.  
Sunday Owain led gaming so I played Han again.  Although I hadn't done my homework and surely missed opportunities we had a good night chasing down a pack of goblins through the back alleys of the town.  When I got home I went through the book learning what this character might be capable of and making plans when he advances.  Monday I stayed in while Leofwyna ran errands.  In the evening I sewed up a special cap to assist a project she has going.  Tuesday I headed out for lunch, haircut and the Vine Street Goodwill.  I found a replacement purse as my 'Alaskan' purse is falling apart.  Since I stopped at Joanne's for webbing I was late getting to FoodNet so I was last through the line.  I got a sweet potato, two oranges, a hand of bananas, a jicama, crackers and a loaf of bread.  At the sewing table blend squares have been assembled into a top that needs a narrow border but I set that aside for the moment to assemble blend bits and start a bit and strippie top.  
Thursday I got my pumpkin pudding finally made up and then mixed up two batches of banana bread.  I need a few groceries before I can do up the rest of the bananas.  At the sewing table some of Kronberg's nine-patches are getting sewn together.
Saturday Leofwyna and I spent Christmas eve at the Ambassador with the Mobleys; we played a full set of dominos.

Sunday, Christmas afternoon we opened our presents and put together a jigsaw puzzle while watching a couple old movies.

Monday we drove up to Omaha for lunch at Pla Too and hit a few Thrift Worlds where I found a really nice pair of brown leather mules.  We returned to Lincoln in time for a movie, Rogue One.

Tuesday afternoon lunch at Ticos then another movie, Magical Creatures.  I was able to get to FoodNet where I picked up two hands of bananas, a cantelope, crackers, macadamia nut cookies, a couple sweet potatoes, and multigrain bread,

Wednesday I went to stand in the end of month lines at the DMV to get my driver's license renewed.  I was pleasantly surprised to pass the eye test.  I wrote my thank you note to Laurel for a Christmas check and replaced Leofwyna's December check. Then there was A&S in the evening followed by supper at Famous Daves with the gang.  Haldara taught nailbinding to some of us while Volkmar wove, Isadora worked on his new cloak and I stitched linen coifs.

At the sewing table this week I've put together half a dozen Kronberg quilt tops from the blends they've provided.  I'd be glad to be done with 'em as I don't enjoy working with the blends this way but there's still lots of that stuff to get through.
Friday I spent some time at the library before lunch.  I stopped in at the south Goodwill for a quick look but no purchases.  Homemade pizza and colorado peaches for supper.  At the sewing table I'm still working through a box of blend pieces making tops for Kronberg.  It rained some during the day so the temps are cooler but at lealst not so frigid as last week.
Sunday I went to the library and central Goodwill.  I found a small bellows which will help when we have campfires.  I'll probably need to replace the leather on it.  I pressure cooked pork for supper again, watered the garden, boiled cinnamon syrup for the third time and mopped up the laundry room.  At the sewing table I pressed a load of pink-red cutters ready to work on next.  Monday we drove up to Aurora for the cousins' lunch and delivered elevan tops and six sheets to Beth Andreasson for the Kronberg Quilt group.  At the sewing table this evening I sorted and started stripping the batch from Kronberg Beth gave me.
Monday Opal called to make arrangements to deliver a box of fabric from Kronberg.  That's very timely.  We'll meet Wednesday at the library to make an exchange as I have eleven tops ready for them.  Tuesday we went to fighters and fiber followed by supper at IHOP.  At the sewing table I've been finished up a couple of those quilt tops from strips and when those were done I started working up the sniglets as that bag was nearly full.  
Saturday while I was out and about some dark grey clouds piled up and spat out some grapple dropping the temperaturs rather drastically.  I'm back at the sewing table downstairs putting 'reject' strips together for quilts.  We're thinking about heading out to Kronberg soon and I want to top off the pile of pieced tops.  Sunday we went to the mens' gynmastics competition.  It's the only one we'll get to this year and we enjoyed it immensely.  



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