Friday I continued to take it easy but at least stayed awake enough to do some sewing on the sniglets blocks.  Leofwyna treated me to supper Friday and on Saturday she cleared the snow (from Tuesday) off my car and moved it into the sun to finish thawing.  I was determined to get out awhile so went to lunch and stopped at the south Goodwill where I found a small metal mesh ironing board to replace the fiberboard one that has turned out to be unsatisdactory.  I also found three pair of long white cotton stockings and a really nice garnet and gold drape for making up for key garments.  I stopped at the grocery store on the way home for supper makings and treats but I've worn myself out.  I'll sleep well tonight.
Friday... I put turkey legs in the crockpot with a pint of 'pineapple squash' and made mashed canned potatoes.  We won't mash canned potatoes again, not horrible but definately meh.  There was ten for $10 at Goodwill and I brought a bag of ten home plus a 4 yard piece of wool that will become a winter tunic.  Saturday we went up to Omaha for coronation and Sunday was Baronial A&S so it was a busy and incredibly hot weekend.
Thursday... who needs a stove?  I cooked corn on the cob in the electric skillet and grilled steak and summer squash on the grill.  That's good eatin'.  I spent the evening hemming a linen half-circle veil and applying three rows of ruffles harvested off a linen blouse to make a nebula veil.  This turned out very nicely and now I need to make a cotehardie to wear with it.

Friday morning on only four hours sleep I was up and out having offered transport for a friend having oral surgery this morning.  The plan was to pick him up, take him to the dentist and bring him home.  Turned out they intended him to have someone with him for several hours... he shouldn't be alone.  Seems like they should have told him that before times, don't you think?  So I stayed until past noon until his wife could get out of classes and come home.  I didn't mind except I hadn't eaten, thinking I could do so after when my own system was more awake to deal with the thought of food.
Wednesday I went and got a haircut, started sewing a lattice pattern doublet and, mowed the outer verges and the backyard.  Leofwyna reported a weather threat of heavy hail as she left for work so instead of finishing with the front yard I cleared the garage to put the car in.  Fortunately the worst of the storm passed north of us so my garden was saved from that stress.  Thursday I set part of the sewing back up in the garage and worked on the camara garb, finishing the lattice patterned doublet, a bronze stripe silk "skirt" and remaking the heavy blue skirt from the Gold Key Tudor outfit.   Friday I sorted and packed for the weekend.  We were loaded up and on the road around four and pulled in to the motel around ten.  While on the road I'd worked on handstitching the lace on the magenta silk dress for the camera booth and got that finished.

The event this weekend was Kingdom A&S and included an equestrian competition.  Natalya's snow sculpture project was really quite impressive and she was successful in having an actual 'freezer-saved snow' sculpture on-site.  Otherwise my favorites were a lovely trestle table, a gorgeous illumination, and a Persian themed dance, garb and party food combination entry.  A whiz-bang storm cut outdoor activities short late in the afternoon; Isadora had wanted to authorize for equestrian but that was cancelled.  The storm blew through quickly and by time court was done and we were getting ready to leave the rain had mostly drained away.  We pulled back in at home around 1am

Sash has given me four yards of really nice off-white linen... just right for a new undertunic.  This will call for some hand embroidery I think.  Reminds me I still need to make up the brown linen I bought at Lilies last year.  I wanted to embroider that with cherries, reminiscent of the scroll I received the previous year.   Which also reminds me I have that red linen for an undertunic for the mustard caftan.  I've really gotta get on the ball!
I am very frustrated!!!  I went out Saturday evening after Leofwyna woke up and got two bags full mowed.  When I went to start up the mower again, it wouldn't.  Turns out the primer bulb is worn through again and I can't even get the repair process started until I can call Monday.  The front lawn and verges are undone and already several days past due 'cause of the rain earlier this week.  Instead I trimmed back the yews in front of the house so at least those look good.  Then I went in back and finished getting the tomato bed ready to plant; I'll get the plants tomorrow and get them in.

After supper I started sewing up two linen coifs I cut last night from a 99-cent linen shirt.  I want to have some for Lilies and some more for Gold Kay so I plan to get half a dozen (or so) made up.
I spent Sunday afternoon at our baronial Heardmaster event.  Highlights were that Graf Volkmar became the new fighter champion and Killian was awarded a writ for his service as previous champion.  That was what Leofwyna has been working on that she wouldn't let me see this past couple weeks.  The new herddriver is Will (Will o' the Whip).  Ingeborg got the Espirtu, Belinda the Crodh Catha, and Catherine a cambroges.  The double batch of rice and squash I made was completely gone when I picked up the crock pot, a success! 

Sash gave me four spools of silk cord he picked up at Gulf Wars... for a special project on the inkle loom.  It's some lovely stuff.

Monday I was successful in using the Internet for my tax returns so I didn't have to mail them... supposedly the returns should come within a couple weeks. 
Early in June the house air conditioning unit wasn't dealing with the heat AT ALL and Leofwyna was having trouble sleeping days.  I called in Biggerstaff and learned the motor needed to be replaced so I scrambled to get that accomplished before leaving for Lilies.  So that occurred the same week I was busy packing and loading the van.  This was interesting as I needed to reduce our usual packing for war to keep an extra seat up for another passenger.  Odierne rode with us to war, having found another ride for her baggage.

Lilies War... Laundry Lilies... we had the wash and air dry cycles on three occasions; fortunately spin dry didn't quite happen.   Friday was good for the fireworks and mostly the daytimes were dry for activities.  The three main courts were filled with taps for peerages and there was a "drive-by" knighting early in the war.  We may well get a couple peer elevations at Cattle Raids again this year which would be good for our coffers.  And best of all, in opening court Oz petitioned for permission to marry above his station and proposed to HE Catherine right there before us all.  How cool and SO romantic.

It was really good for have Leofwyna there this year but the heat got to her a great deal (because of the meds she's on).  She only went out drumming a couple times and found it disappointing.  Now she's saying she probably won't go for an entire Lilies again, but maybe she'll come down for 3-4 days at the end of the war for the fireworks and parties and to help me break camp.  (Additional motive might be a Sunday run into KC as well... snerk!)  We'll see what happens; she really doesn't enjoy staying quietly close to camp watching the world pass by as I do.  This year I was the one getting out and about more when Sash wanted me to go along on some of his rounds. This resulted, the last day, on a purchase of six yards of a lovely dark brown linen for a gown.  I'm planning real embroidery and all for it and will be great with the golden linen undertunic I haven't gotten made up yet.

We joined the food group and had really yummy breakfasts and suppers throughout the war.  Wednesday we put on mundanes and went to KC to pick up Rosina as Gyda had to go back to Lincoln for work.  Turned out this was one of the two hottest days in camp so being in the air-conditioned van that day was definately a boon.  Leofwyna and I decided we were jinxes when we tried to go to anything together; the evening movie Monday and Jenna's stories Tuesday didn't happen.  Turns out Jenna was rescheduled Wednesday while we were gone.

I spent quality quiet time in camp hemming four headrails and I spent one afternoon in Marcella's camp stitching Royal Crown flannel bags to a big purple fleece blanket.  I'd meant to go again but the second round of 'interesting' weather kept me close in camp.  A good thing too as I had to run down the hill and drop the sunshade when the winds pushed a couple of the poles through and was ripping it up.  After court Thursday I stopped by at Marcella's camp but they were preparing for Ed's household meeting so I didn't stay.

After breaking camp Sunday (and finding room somehow for Od's kit for the return trip) we headed back into KC to hit the SAVERS stores.  I got a nice set of intensely hot pink twin flannel sheets and a couple books.  Od found her queen bottom sheet (leopard print, of course) and a pretty black blouse.  And Leofwyna came out with bags and bags of little stuffed toys, puzzles, baby onsies, dish towels, blouses and I don't know what all else.  For a wonder we did find room for it all but we were definitely packed tight.  

On the way home (we crossed the Missouri at St Joe since everything north to Sioux City is closed due to the floods) we were watching a huge thunder storm to the north with the most unusual lightning.  It looked amazingly like shorthand, all crimped up in loops and squiggles, which lasted all the way from St Joe home.

Monday afternoon, although it was rather hot and muggy, I did get most of the lawn mowed while Leofwyna unloaded the van.  I had to leave the backyard unmown as the ground was still wet from yesterday's rain.  The tent and groundclothes need to be spread to dry soon.  We left the beds, well secured, in the van for the Niobrara trip next month rather then handling them an extra time.  I will need to pull out a couple of the sunshade poles to repair, make the new siderails for my bed and at least one of the new sunshades before that trip.

I popped in and out of a few thrift stores and found a jigsaw puzzle, a couple Y bags for the vacuum cleaner, a couple cotton cutter shirts and a couple blank journal books.  Back at home I continued the garb sort to prepare for Lilies.


Was poking through a few piles and rearranging them.  Still looking for the red linen both upstairs and down; and trying to clear the center section of the west wall unit downstairs for Leofwyna to use for her scrapbooking supplies.  Also set up a new 'nesting' place for Maggie in the west wall unit since this project destroyed her previous place.  I was interrupted by an individual ringing the doorbell to promote a switch from cable to their company for our television and while upstairs/outside remembered the storm window which needed to be fixed.  When I had that done I realied I hadn't set the television recording for the evening (was already half an hour late) and was missing A&S - poetry (was an hour late).  I set the recorder for the rest of the evening programs but was too late to catch up with the A&S group so I settled for stopping in at Sash's with his birthday present before heading off to supper.

Back at home Leofwyna had brought the new kitty, Cassie, home and settled her in upstairs.  Cassie is a black and orange calico and has a vocabulary that makes me think she may have some Siamese blood.  She's very interested in human contact and doesn't seem the least bit shy of us.  However, neither Cassie nor Maggie seems to have any interest in the other... no patti-paws going on at the door between kitchen and basement stairs, not even any sniffing or hass-ing.  Integration may take longer than planned if they're not communicating at all.

I went to Shelly's both days to feed Rusty and __.    Boxed up a bunch of loose stuff from the living room loveseat.  Sorted it into linen (white or colored), whole cloth/tablecloth and so forth.  Ran across several things I'd like to get sewn up for Lilies.  Deconstructed three bedskirts for gauze veils and another bedskirt which was all cotton-linen which will probably become a camp tunic.

Turns out the kitty we thought we'd be getting to keep Maggie company isn't going to come home with us after all.  So now we have to look more vigorously to get this done before June.


Helped Leofwyna go through her garb to see what she needs for Lilies this year.  She hasn't been there in a couple years and we thought we'd have to make her quite a lot.  Turns out she's better off than we thought so we'll just each make her something new and she'll be good to go with only a few repairs on her other things.  I'll add gussets to her red print undertunic so it can go too.

Leofwyna found sleep elusive today so she got  up early and suggested going to a movie.  So we went to the early show of Unlimted which had an unusual premise which was done well enough and with good acting.  It moved rght along and kept you wondering about where it would go next but in the end left me feeling somewhat flat. 

We stopped at the 17th Street Goodwill where I found a beautiful but incomplete byzantine style buckle.  I got it thinking there ought to be a way to make a mold from the side buckle part to replace the other side and maybe get one of our metal workers to pour a replacement for me. 

Leofwyna got both her normal workdays in and the entire add-a-shift.  I was glad to hear her 'add' was an easy one-on-one with a compliant and drowsy elderly lady which allowed her a chunk of computer time.  Saturday I put beef shanks in the crockpot which got boned out and the juices strained to add to a quart of ginger carrot soup out of the pantry for Sunday's supper.  That was pretty good; we need to figure out where we got that soup so we can do it again and tweek it just a little.  Next time I'd put some fresh ginger in with the beef.

I started another jigsaw puzzle Sunday night, concentrating on the outside edge, then water and pavement areas of the picture.


Today I put the boned pork cuts in the crock pot to go with a baked sweet potato and green beans for supper.  We can use the leftovers for barbeque sandwiches this week.  We finished up the jigsaw puzzle together then played a game of Scrabble.


At the two nearest thrift stores I found white linen and green cotton/linen tableclothes for future garb and found the trug I'd been watching was finally on half price sale.  Back at home I finally heard a cardinal male singing in the neighborhood, making spring official.

Alternating cleaning and sorting in my bedroom (interrupted by dust reactive gollywobbles) and computer searches for jobs and genealogy continues.  Friday I organized my basket and change-tote for this weekend and I also located the linen tub and found two pieces that might work for bedlinens for Maude to take along for this weekend's project.

Whenever there's something I have to be up early for it's guaranteed I won't sleep so I've made a definite effort this couple days to pull my sleep schedule forward a few hours to make this weekend easier to handle.  I was moderately successful in this but still got only three-and-a-half hours rather broken sleep.  I took a Benadryl to help me catch the sleep 'wave' and missed it so took a second one.  Got to sleep that time but dreamed an alarm bell and woke myself up again.  The remaining sleep was definitely on the 'lite' side. 


On the drive down to KC (and home again tonight) I drowsed, missing a great deal of syntilatting conversation between Sash, Braganza and Kat.  Once the sun came up Saturday morning I was able to rouse up, participate and start deconstructing a mid-weight linen skirt.

The event this weekend was Clothier's with five hours of classes and a Fashion Parade.  With half a dozen choices each hour it was sometimes difficult to pick just one.  Due to our time of arrival we missed out on the first set.  I went to the Italian Renaissance in the second hour... checking to see if that's what I want to do with the red-gold brocade which still seems the likeliest.  In the afternoon I went to the Chatelaines discussion and attended Sash's Garb Care class.  I also got in a good amount of friend-and-new-acquaintance visiting while I continued hemming Maude's linen sheets and started a pillow. 

I got a good seat at the end of the second row for court.  I do like to be near the front to be able to see and hear everything.  [I'll expand on court later when I find my notes.}

At the end of court the announcement was made that Mistress Luci had passed but no details were yet known.  Clothier's ended with a spontaneous and beautifully poignant Non Nobis in her honor.   If it hadn't been for Sash's apprentice weekend last year, to which she came with Marcella, I wouldn't have had the pleasure of getting to know her better myself.  At events there're just so many people in her orbit someone as new and reticent as myself doesn't get very close. 


I went through some of my Rubbermaid tubs this afternoon... that's a dozen tubs holding my vintage quilts, wallhangings, wool blankets, camp bedding, camp garb and sca accessories.   And I've written this blog three times now; not because it's difficult but because this dratted system has dumped it twice.

I put half a pork tenderloin into the crockpot this morning, no seasonings 'cause pork has such delicious flavor all itself.  I got the snowblower out and cleared the driveway and sidewalks.  I got boxes and a few other things cleared out of the living and dining rooms preparing for guests this weekend.  Sometime the next couple weeks I'll have to empty my room back out into the living room, sort, repack and eliminate some of it all so I can move about in my room and then AGAIN empty the living room.  Hopefully this process will have lots of stuff cleared into the garage for a rummage sale next  spring.  I know this process will locate the supplies for a couple projects I've been wanting to accomplish, one of them being the Florentine ensemble I want to make.

For supper Leofwyna made corn from the freezer, rice, and lovely simple gravy with the pork.  That's one of my most favorite meals.  Later she made double chocolate cookies for this weekend's event and we had a few cookies and milk for a treat.  We've been watching the Caprica DVDs Leofwyna borrowed.  I'm finally seeing them all in order and complete.  Definately an interesting series.

I took Leofwyna's van to act as freighter for friends to move.  We had two vans available and made four trips getting the majority of their household goods into storage and the last vanload to their temporary habitat.  We were all glad of an unexpected sunny day, albeit lots of slush and puddles of water underfoot.  At least it wasn't slippery and COLD!  At the end of it all the lot of us was treated to supper at Village Inn and I was home about 8:30.  It was a very wearing day though and I hit the sack early.

Oh, and in passing a dumpster at the back of the apartments I spied an interesting box sitting upon it.  Naturally I thought it must be broken in some way and wondered could it be fixed so I stopped to check it.  To my surprise it was lovely and perfect and, no surprise here, I carried it away with glee.  SCORE!!


Today I was up early but well rested with the early night.  I was needed to run over and take Sash to a morning appointment.  Back at his house later he handed me the Twelfth Night gift he'd missed giving me last week.  Four yards of scrumptioius fine linen and four vintage embroidered placemats of similar linen!   I foresee a very nice chemise to go with my green Italian, which still needs the skirt replaced but no doubt now I will be better motivated to get it done sometime soon.  Or, perhaps a slightly different chemise with a collar to go with the Florentine I plan with the red/gold brocade draperies.  Decisions, decisions...

I spent the evenings doing 'housekeeping' in the Kaae genealogy.

Sorting, sorting, sorting. Cleaning, too. Maude's 'sitting room' is clean and tidy. Moved new cotton and cotton cutters downstairs to attend to later. I have piles on my bed and the living room sofas. Sorted the linen cutters to purpose reducing that pile by a quarter. Re-discovered and washed/fulled purple wool; it'll be great for a couple chaparones. With all this stuff better organized it will soon be time to add to the stash challenge lists. For tonight though I'll sleep on Leofwyna's bed since mine is completely buried; lots more to do tomorrow.

Made a list determined to get organized; yeah, right.

Dropped wool camp blankets off at the cleaners. Stopped in at four of the thrift stores; bought box of scrapbooking papers for Leofwyna and a great gold Italian bedspread with which I plan to make an opensided surcoat at the first one. Three of 'em are having a 99 cent sale again this weekend so I didn't look through the clothes this time... will go back Friday for that. Discovered the 'wet problem' is back in the van... bad news for Leofwyna that the front floor under the dash on both sides is saturated. Got the last items cleared out of the van into the living room. Did another 3-4 loads of laundry, finishing up what was actually worn/used last week.

Looked out at the cold and decided, no way. Saw Leofwyna off to work and I made do with Leftovers and entertained myself with the current jigsaw puzzle and the computer. I've been reading the archives of a new to me blog of a West Virginia romance writer. I haven't read any of her books but her blog about country living is delightful so I'm going to watch for her name when I'm looking at paperbacks.


Leofwyna got put on call tonight so we worked on another jigsaw puzzle.


Surprised Leofwyna with Aebleskiver made in the electric 'iron' I found a week ago. It works fine!


Today Leofwyna ran errands when she got up, then later picked me up to go out to supper. Val's was closed and we ended up at Applebee's where I discovered their baby back ribs are pretty good.


I managed to get going in a timely manner today. Called to fill a prescription and checked about clearing the consignment shops. Went to five thrift stores where I found four books of scrapbooking pages for Leofwyna to use at the hospital, a video, a puzzle, three yards of nice mauve-ish wool (for another wool Saxon apron dress), one of Suzanne McMinn's books and a few cotton pieces for the quilting stash.

Got a hair trim Tuesday to get ready for the upcoming interview. Turned in aluminum cans ($2.70) and paperback books ($25.00). Dropped two bags of t-shirts off at Salvation Army. Stopped in at a couple Goodwills and found a few cotton shirts for my quilt stash.


Wednesday was half-price at Salvation Army; picked up a couple shirts. Then went to the social Moot where I got to visit with Isadora, Eleanor, Gyda, Chiara, Saraphina, and others. No Natalya, Isabeau or Carlos though so I still have the scroll I painted for Sunday.


Got the interview done; it wasn't too bad. One question was, "Describe your best and worst bosses." I described working with Gene Bunge at UNL Television. He was my first boss there and really drew out the best in me and trusted me with some expanded responsibilities. My worst was Steve who replaced Michelle at LBL after I worked there more than a year. He decided I had a bad attitude and had me out within a month. At least these folks didn't ask any weird existential question like some places do; I never know how to answer some of those.

I stopped at the thrift stores downtown and in one of them found a great set of red/gold woven pattern drapes that'll make a great laced overgown. I'll do cartridge pleats and make it as full as possible. Finally something I can wear with a black velvet overgown I want to make eventually with the fabric from when I worked at Hancocks.

... ummm... spent a lot of time on the computer and when Leofwyna was on the computer I stripped out cotton shirts. Very exciting, eh?


I made a stop at Salvation Army today for the 50% off clothing sale and picked up a few shirts I've been watching and found a set of striped cotton sheets too. I'm not sure if I'll use the sheets for my bed (they are twin-sized) or for Polish pants for the baron; this remains to be decided later.

Moot tonight was at the library closest to home. I sure wish we could meet here all the time but then there's so many of our folk living in the south part of town I know it will never happen.

While Leofwyna spent the afternoon with a friend I lazed about and accomplished nearly nothing.  Well, I did finish up the laundry from last week but I still need to get it all put away.  Late in the afternoon she called from the mechanic's shop asking me to pick her up.  Apparently she thinks her a/c needs recharging before our trip (I had no problem with it last week); the mechanic said he could get it done before she needs the van for work Wednesday. 


When I got up this morning I slipped quietly from the house while Leofwyna slept.  I returned the wrong size serger needles and while there bought not quite two yards of linen-cotton at half price for another pair of breeks.  I want to try an alternate pattern I'd run across a few weeks ago.  Came out ahead on the transaction by more than a dollar.  Stopped in at a few thrift stores and found a nice pair of brown ankle boots that will work for winter shoes at events though I may switch out the buttons fastening them.  I also found a print linen-cotton dress I'll make over for a choli.  Mostly I picked up cotton shirts for a quilt project I've had in mind for awhile.  I also remembered to stop in at the hardware store for shorter bolts for my camp bed as well as some 1/4" stock to remedy the slat slippage. 

Made a point to get to the Barony social so I could get Gyda's looms to her  (I provided travel space to get them back from Lilies).  While there I finally finished the celtic dog embroidery I've worked on occastionally over the past year or so.  I'd tried doing this project without the black outline and don't like the results so asked Master Gerald if he still wanted it after pointing out the flaws.  He's delighted to take it off my hands.  Once I have the banner finished I'll start over again on the celtic dogs and I will forevermore start with the black, or at least dark, outlining on my embroideries. 



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