Wednesday woke to find it had rained in the night. Spent some time at the library computer, back at home cleared up the kitchen and carried laundry upstairs, then napped while it rained some more. Headed to A&S night followed by supper at Noodles.
Got the mowing finished Saturday evening and went to eat at chinese buffet for supper. Sunday morning I got up early to go water the community garden. In the afternoon was the Baronial A&S at the Lighthouse. A pleasant afternoon topped off with court and potluck feast.
Wednesday I had every intention of mowing. On my lunch, library computer run I stopped for the gas to do it. When I got back home Leofwyna encouraged me NOT to mow due to the heat. After a nap and some consideration I agreed. So it's her fault. We went to moot in the evening in one vehicle so I suggested Red Robin for the supper group and succeeded. I tried the salmon sandwich, which was was majorly good, with a side of onion strings. That will be worth repeating sometime.
Friday was coronation prep although I got away for one quick computer session mid afternoon. Before the library I cooked up 15 dozen eggs; after the library I returned and boxed the eggs up and got them in the cooler. I brought Subway footlongs for our supper and had to browbeat Leofwyna into stopping long enough to eat hers. Saturday was coronation and I thought it went off very well. My task was to sit guard over the Easterday location which we hired for the bathrooms... was cheaper than portajons... and cooler. Only a few dozen people came through but it was available. The other task of the day for me was clean up. Folks were stepping up well for this and I dried to Sigthrig's washing up in the kitchen. Loaded up my car. Swept the kitchen and stayed until Leofwyna was satisfied all was well. It was after midnight when we got home and crashed. Volkmar, Owain and Sigthrig stayed for locking up with us as well.
Another week has passed without getting my Lilies notes transcribed. That will be my next post. This week we've had rain a couple times so getting the lawn mowed took some planning. Got that done Monday while Leofwyna was at a pre-cook for coronation. Friday was a movie... Wonder Woman was as good as friends had indicated. Other wise the week was the usual gaming on Sunday, FoodNet Tuesday*, MagMor get-together and supper on Wednesday. The computer has locked up again over the weekend and this time NTT says it's the computer and not the connection so nothing they can fix. Leofwyna has Fausti lined up for a replacement, just have to wait for it to be accomplished. So I've been spending time at the library for computer access. With the computer down I've been spending time in the evenings upstairs with Leofwyna watching tv and fripping. Got two bags done this week. This morning (Thursday) I found water on the floor downstairs again so that's to deal with today. Last night at supper Owain and Gerald sounded like they were willing to help with pruning the maple tree. If I can get Arne, too, we should be able to make good work of it without the expense of the tree surgeon who's going to be working on the tree next door. That sounds like a much better ideal fiscally. As long as no one hurts themselves.

*potato, flour, carrots, raspberries, half dozen eggs, apple turnovers, pasta, cake mix, hamberger helper, green beans
Saturday up early and loaded. Spent the day with friends sewing shirts for Gold Key and partlets for Camera Key. Since it was such a busy day for so many we had only eight there but I'm pleased with the results.
Saturday Leofwyna put together food for Herdmaster so we had some of that for our supper too. I made it an another easy day aside from loading up Gold Key. That's two pretty days and no garden progress, I'm bad. At the sewing table tonight I started putting together another top with sniglet squares that came to the surface as I dug into the pile on the table.

Sunday was Herdmaster. I dressed three from Gold Key. For handwork I took along my green silk to finish the hem. Once that was done I dug into the bag of linen to prepare coifs and hankies for my work basket. I made arrangements to hire the hall for a sewing day Saturday, May 6th 10am to 'whenever'. We'll work up shirts and chemises for Gold Key. Zino won the champion position, Kate was made herd-driver and Morgana got Espiritu. Back home at the sewing table I finished the sniglet top and started pressing a lot of cotton I'd washed this weekend.
Wednesday I worked on the kronberg blocks. When this batch is done I'll have enough for nine tops. At moot this evening we discussed JAV, Lilies and the Pirate party, Crown Tournament and Cattle Raids. Isadora and I are co-autocrats for CR and the camera booth will be at JAV. Volunteers gave me funds ($56.60) for 'rat' at the Pirate party. We celebrated Master Gerald's birthday at Outback.
Monday evening as I was putting together scalloped potatoes (using the last of my homegrown potatoes) I thought to suggest to Leofwyna that we invite Morgana to supper. She'd had a heart attack last Thursday while visiting with Cassie and was back home with two new stents. Anyway Leofwyna called and fetched her while I finished making supper and we had a nice visit with her before Leofwyna returned her home. Tuesday after I went to FoodNet we ate leftovers before heading to the movie, Logan. It was a dark ending to that particular part of the X-men series. All week I've been sleeping late and frittering away the wet, grey afternoons. Wednesday was, of course, the MagMor group followed by supper. A plan was made for a Pirate party at the Great Machine at Lilies this year. At the sewing table I'm still putting together 10.5-inch Kronberg blocks.

At FoodNet this time I got Ritz crackers, a can of white beans, two small tubes of Pringles, a couple Granny Smith apples, one potato, croissants, hard rolls, and half a dozen brown eggs.
Friday while Leofwyna was gone (taking a friend to Omaha for an appointment) I took myself to lunch at KFC then stopped at Goodwill where I found a neat bag on casters that I'll use for fetching things home from Foodnet. I also found slippers, a couple tops and while there ran into Pat which is always a little uncomfortable. Learned she's recently retired though. Saturday we went back out to Gerald's for more washing and linseeding wooden parts as he continues to take down the Great Machine. Asa and Libbie were there, too.
Thursday Leofwyna and I went to Gerald's to help with the Big Machine take down/load up for Gulf Wars. He put us to work washing and applying linseed oil to some of his wooden items. I brought home a couple pieces of canvas to sew as his sewing machine quit on him. Since Leofwyna had music group tonight I had an easy evening at the sewing table working on kronberg blends.
Wednesday I scooped snow from the drive and sidewalk where the 'terrible trees' south of us cast their shadow. I went to get fabric for binding the quilt when I get it finished. Back at home I got that thrown in the washer. Took a nap and headed to A&S this evening. At the sewing table put the binding together and sorted blends for kronberg quilts.
Wednesday after lunch Leofwyna was gone for the afternoon so I used the time on the computer doing genealogy. When I left the house again for social moot it was snowing.  The snow continued through the evening so we had to clear our vehic les a second time after supper at Tandor.  Leofwyna brought home a HUGE poinsetta plant she'd rescued from the dumpster and It's beautiful.  At the sewing table the strips have been cleaned up and I started alternating stips with lines of bits.  
Saturday while I was at the library the snow started coming down.  We got about half an inch throughout the day.  Blech!  Leofwyna made mulagatawny soup for Yule Court... garlic fumes fill the house.  Sunday we went to Yule Court in the substitute site... very close quarters but we had a nice day and a good feast.  At the sewing table the red strips are coming together in a colorful top.  
Wednesday after lunch and time at the library computer I returned home to oversee the workers so Leofwyna could get out awhile.  The heater/ac installation was completed this afternoon.  As the day was overcast I didn't get anything done outside and continued working sniglets at the sewing table before and after an evening spent with the MagMor gang painting scrolls and going to supper.  The Doerr's, upon learning our Thanksgiving plans this year are lean, invited us (including Morgana) to their celebration.  Isabeau and Carlos are going midstate to her relatives this year.  Leofwyna and I finished assembling the industrial shelving in the laundry room this evening, too.
Sunday I was sore from all those cartridge pleats and maneuvering that big chunk of velvet.  I would have been glad to skip the baronial archery but knowing Isabeau and Carlos were probably tired too but they couldn't skip it (he's the previous champion) got me up and going albeit not until mid afternoon.  It was a pretty day for it though and it was fun to report to Their Excellencies on the Golden Needle results whereupon the newest member (why can't I remember her name?) wanted details.  I think she'll probably contrive to be on a team next year she's so interested.  Court and potluck occurred and I slipped away before load-up as I had gaming at Theron's where we got the wagon repaired and smashed Ghouls into oblivian.  We think the caravan and it's master have abandoned us and it's several days farther to our destination than he'd indicated.  Gnancy has discovered her 'sneak attack' ability and put it to use to good use.  I need to be more thorough in my notations.  At the sewing table tonight I continue pressing duos and pairing them up as I go for the next run of stitching.
Saturday after some computer time at the library and lunch I went home and seriously attempted to get the computer reconnected.  I pulled the desk out from the wall, checked all the connections and the power strip and tried opening the computer system... I did this three times thoroughly before giving up and pushing the desk back to the wall.  We still have only solitaire and Ma Jong.  So I started washing cut cutters... first the last stack from the 'red' box and then a bag full of frippered 'rolls'.

Sunday we were up and out for Baronial A&S at a very nice new (and economical) location.  Carlos talked me into helping with the judging so very little quilting was accomplished.  Carlos had succeeded in getting a good number of entries including Jane, Leofwyna, Isabeau, Natalya, Gwyneth, Zino, Volkmar(!), Aveline, Ffelix, and Halldora.  Zino's very impressive poetry entry was the winner.  There were several visitors (I dressed a couple from Gold Key), many of whom were 'self costumed'.  At the sewing table I'm cutting the red into strips for another Kronberg top.
Oops, I let this go nearly a week so lets see what I can remember.  There were a few tomatoes available for picking beginning with the little'uns this week, a few Early Girls and a really big and appropriately named Big Boy. I dealt with garb laundry off and on all week.  A lot of time has gone into putting sniglets together and I'm only beginning to put 'threes' together.  Thursday while Leofwyna was out I mowed half the lawn, rain rolled in and put a stop to that.  Friday afternoon we went to a movie, Jason Bourne.  The saga continues.  Back at thome I finished the lawn while Leofwyna work on weeds invading the sidewalks.  Saturday was Gwyneth's pre-cook. I went for cutting up, left to go to the library awhile, then returned to help with clean-up.  Our computer was acting up over the weekend but has settled down again.  Sunday I went again to Theron's for gaming.  Monday I grilled steaks for supper with green beans and garden potatoes   In the evening I finally got the cinnamon pickles canned... 13 pints of pickles plus one pint of cinnamon syrup.  Tuesday Leofwyna was gone for a pre-cook.  Quick storms came through; one out by Pioneer Park and one through Havelock.  Fighters thought they might have to cancel but they were spared.  After going to FoodNet I brought home one potato, one lime, strawberries, spagetti, one artichoke, one zucchini, a veggie tray, half a dozen brown eggs, cooked salmon, a jug of diet pepsi and fat free cream cheese,  I've cooked the eggs and potatoes (accumulated from FoodNet and my garden) to make potato salad.  I made a lettuce salad for my supper with strawberries, pod peas, tiny tomatoes but no salmon (it was too fishy for me).  I'm still working on that bottle of wonderful cherry vinegrette.  I sure hope I can find more of it when the bottle's empty.  Wednesday afternoon I cleared up the kitchen, made banana bread and muffins and cleared up the kitchen again before heading out for A&S-largess a little late but I won't miss out on the supper group going to Old Chicago.
Saturday we got up earlier than usual and headed uptown for the first of three pre-cooks.  Afterward Leofwyna dna I went to Valentino's for supper as we both had enough cooking for the day.  Sunday we spent the afternoon watching the Olympics.  I went to the Doerr's for my second game night.  Monday afternoon I mostly loafed but I did get the second cinnamon syrup boil done while I heated up supper.  Whenever I was at the sewing table these days I was putting together pink strips.  I finished the first top longer than usual, deciding to keep it for myself.
Wednesday after a quiet afternoon I headed out for moot at the library followed by supper with the group at Cowboy Chicken.  Thursday I was up bright and early to get the lawn mown before the day heated up again.  I spent the afternoon and evening at the sewing table putting the pink/purple strips into two tops.  There's a large segment leftover so a third, bordered, top is planned with that.
NOTE:  At some point this month I looked up the Cat House again and find that Maggie has apparently found a new home as she is no longer listed as available.  Good luck, Maggie, and bless you!



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