The last thing I did yesterday was to put the big chrome-legged kitchen table we had from Little Sister's stuff on the FreeCycle list. This morning I had three responses for it so it will likely be gone this afternoon. [NOTE: It's gone.]

Although the lovely weather this week is appreciated, it's somewhat annoying we couldn't have it last week for the garage sale when it would really have done us the greatest amount of good. I'm totally sure the two rainy days impacted our totals, darn it.

I headed out for the library this afternoon and stayed for the moot where we discussed various upcoming activities and the organization thereof.

We haz garage sale done. Leofwyna accomplished the set up all by herself Wednesday while I recouperated; fortunately we had carried all the boxes out to the garage a few days ago and I'd already fetched the tables from the barony's storage.

It rained Thursday but that didn't stop the regulars who descended upon us the moment we opened the doors even though we weren't really completely ready for them. We'd collected enough before noon to cover the ads so we were pleased enough to go on. Friday was a gloriously beautiful day with a fine turn out of folks. And since it was raining Saturday morning I slept a little longer and didn't open up until after ten. It was a slow day but some further sales were accomplished and we are content with the results.

At the end of the afternoon we went and gathered up the signs... or at least the ones the gremlins left for us. Our two really good, metal framed signs were dissapeared and this made Leofwyna really unhappy since she'd paid good money for them a few years ago at a garage sale. Back at home we sorted and boxed up the leftovers. I saved a very few things for next year's all-new garage sale. Leofwyna is going to put some things on Craig's List and Ebay. I'll list some things on FreeCycle and take whatever's left to one of the thrift stores. And at long last we'll be clear of Little Sister's possessions and ready to get back to sorting through our own things and getting the house back in order, only two years later than planned.

And to conclude, we think Leofwyna has caught my 'crud' but hopefully a much milder version of it.

Finally bagged up the last of the consignment returns which will be going to the Salvation Army sometime next week. Packed up a suit and tops to be mailed out to a blogger friend. Made a quick run to JoAnne's for thread and was able to finish putting together the green Norman tunic for gold key though I still need to find the trim for it. Since Leofwyna still wasn't feeling so good I rousted up leftovers for us for supper.


Being determined to find some green/white trim I know is buried somewhere in the spare room I moved 2-3 dozen boxes, opening each lid to peek in, and eventually found trim which it should have been with if I still had it. No joy.

I did pull three boxes in the process. Two went upstairs to go out of the house to the Salvation Army being denim things for a project long forgotten and no longer desired. (Or maybe Master Gerald is still looking for denim for his buffing wheel; I must check on that.) The third box was quilt blocks ready to be assembled into 2-3 tops. Now I just need to locate the fabrics needed to go with the blocks for this purpose. Another day going through boxes must happen soon for this.

Leofwyna has come down with a nasty cold and I'm concentrating on not catching it from her I made Italian beef and pasta using the roasted tomatoes from the freezer. This recipe needs serious work.


I made goolash with the fixings Leofwyna picked up Saturday. Turned out really great; better even than Mom's spagetti but tastes similar.


Picked up the consignment check at Sassy and deposited it. Stopped in at a couple Goodwills to take advantage of my discount. Found 6 yards of a nice brown print I can use for a quilt back at one and a puzzle and several balls of darning yarn at the other.


Stopped in at Salvation Army for the half-price sale; came out with a grey lightweight wool skirt (for hose) and a raisen-colored wool/silk pasmina shawl.

Took my proposal for Cattle Raids to A&S where extended discussion was held regarding the site, additional distance and all. As no other proposal was evident I'm tentatively optimistic although right now it's still pending.


Leofwyna made yummy chicken noodles.

In spite of the sunshine I spent the afternoon loafing on the computer. After supper I went out dug up the compost pile in hopes of killing off the yellow jacket nest with the freezing temperatures and then finished the day cleaning up the kitchen.


I got out early to make my errand run picking up the unsold consignment items and my drycleaning. We have a largish check for the stuff that did sell over the past year. It's too bad Sassy isn't taking in any more consignment this winter as I would like to drop this stuff off for awhile there too.

Looked out at the cold and decided, no way. Saw Leofwyna off to work and I made do with Leftovers and entertained myself with the current jigsaw puzzle and the computer. I've been reading the archives of a new to me blog of a West Virginia romance writer. I haven't read any of her books but her blog about country living is delightful so I'm going to watch for her name when I'm looking at paperbacks.


Leofwyna got put on call tonight so we worked on another jigsaw puzzle.


Surprised Leofwyna with Aebleskiver made in the electric 'iron' I found a week ago. It works fine!


Today Leofwyna ran errands when she got up, then later picked me up to go out to supper. Val's was closed and we ended up at Applebee's where I discovered their baby back ribs are pretty good.


I managed to get going in a timely manner today. Called to fill a prescription and checked about clearing the consignment shops. Went to five thrift stores where I found four books of scrapbooking pages for Leofwyna to use at the hospital, a video, a puzzle, three yards of nice mauve-ish wool (for another wool Saxon apron dress), one of Suzanne McMinn's books and a few cotton pieces for the quilting stash.

Hello Sunshine! Got motivated to get out of the house and run errands to the bank with some LS paperwork, Kinkos to copy embroidery research and then stop in at the Salvation Army for the 50% off clothing sale before heading to the library for Moot tonight.

Finished off my day assisting Leofwyna in cleaning the refrigerator, taking out trash and compost. We relaxed from all this activity with beginning another jigsaw puzzle.

Went out to take the clothes to the alternate consignment shop and found a sign posted, no further consignements will be taken at this time. And I can see why; the store looks fit to burst. I'll have to watch for that sign to disappear and meanwhile my backseat is full of garments. I really don't want to put them back in the coat closet but laying in the backseat will probably wrinkle them. I'll have to decide how to handle this.
[NOTE: After about a week I sent up the camp rack to hang these on temporarily in the garage, draped with a sheet.]

Stripped out a 'trim' shirt tonight. This red and black on khaki will work for the khaki linen-cotton blend I bought awhile back for a Saxon undertunic.


Made the mistake of eating supper late, finishing with a popcorn ball. I slept poorly and had indigestion during the night. Argh! Seems I have to remind myself periodically not to do this to myself.

Went to feed a friend's cats this evening so Leofwyna won't have to do it and stopped for Chinese Buffet for supper. Back to "pick 'n put" while watching TV this evening. Finished up the evening stripping shirts for quilting cotton.

There's no moot tonight so Leofwyna was surprised I was home when she finally woke up about 7:30 this evening. Once she was awake I started the dryer for the last stage of my laundry then we went to the Chinese Buffet for supper as neither of us felt like taking the time to cook. Later I did a brief session of "pick 'n put" while she was on the computer.

Pick 'n put is dealing with the little things that get left here and there during the course of life that belong elsewhere. Getting the coat off the chair and onto the hook behind the door, taking the purse into the bedroom, taking the pile of magazines finished with into the backroom and put in a box of magazines that will be sold at the next rummage sale, getting the table cleared and so forth. This amounts to an hour or so every week and still is never really completely finished.


Got my laundry folded and put away this morning then loaded things in the car to take to the consignment shop. This is the last of Little Sister's clothes and a few more we've sorted out of our own closets. The coat closet is now nearly clear and we'll be able to get our coats out of our bedroom closets. I'll be VERY glad to reduce the crush in my closet as it's been very tight in there all these months.

[NOTE: I'd forgotten about the box of summer things that still needs to go to the second consignment shop in the spring.]

The first consignment shop didn't take but half the large pile of stuff I carried in... they are extremely choosy there. The Classic which is large sized took only half what I had for them but we're pretty much on top of that stuff anyway. I got lazy and didn't go to the last shop where I'll probably get to leave 80% of what I have left but I'll be sure to do that tomorrow. Leofwyna has someone she wants to give anything that's left to so I won't be taking it to Goodwill this time.

Tonight is the monthly get together at Leofwyna's household and I'm (as always) invited to join in. I think I'll probably go tonight for a change as I haven't seen some of these people for quite awhile. I'll take my knitting along to keep my hands busy.

Back at home I dumped together some cotton shirts and skirts into a basket; I've been picking these up at the thrift stores for quilting cotton. Took this downstairs and started breaking them down... buttons in the jar, flat deconstructed cotton pieces in a laundry basket to go through the washer before pressing and sorting onto the shelves. I've gotta get on the ball and put the sewing space back together so this can happen.

Slipped away while Leofwyna slept to go to the Wednesday 50% clothing sale at Salvation Army. Found a cotton flannel shirt for Leofwyna she'd requested several months ago. For myself I found a cotton print skirt with black background; exactly what I need to replace the border on a star quilt top I made several years ago; maybe I can get that one quilted sometime this winter. We got together to eat supper at House of Hunan before I headed across town to the Moot Social. One of the discussions there was about a trip out to Mullen for another demo.


We went looking for rummage sales but the season is getting late and we found very few of 'em. We stopped up at Leofwyna's hospital to have a notary there witness our signed papers to close Little Sister's estate joint account; this finishes dealings with the estate lawyer up in Omaha. We're still waiting to hear the results from the life insurance decision which should come in before the end of the month. Back at home I baked brownies to surprise Leofwyna while she dug up another section of the front flower bed.

We spent a good portion of the afternoon sorting and boxing up the rummage stuff left in the garage. We loaded the borrowed tables and the stuff for Salvation Army in the van and took some of the boxes of stuff into the house that we're holding over the winter to include in a Spring rummage. The garage is about three-quarters ordered, a significant accomplishment! Tonight I've gotten another of the quilt tops together and added to the donation pile.

Delivered ratty towels and blankets to the animal shelter, dropped fall/winter clothing off at two consignment shops, cleared aluminum cans out of car's trunk for a whopping $1.20, and cleaned the kitchen from yesterday's cooking spree.  Shoulda mowed the lawn but evening crept up on me and it was too late.  I've been enjoying [info]valr 's and others account of Valor down in Vatavia this weekend and I think I've gotta plan on going next year.

Up early to take fall consignment pile to first shop (they only took half of the clothes, a couple purses but all the shoes (which they had pre-sorted last spring).  I'm ready to take stuff to the second shop and the large-size shop early in September.  The winter consignment pile won't go to first shop until October.  Then we'll be able to put our coats back in the coat closet in time for winter.  Yay!

After cleaning up the kitchen I proceeded to load tables, sunshades, camp carpets, tent, chairs, tiki torch and firewood in the van.  Gwyneth brought over two tubs of barony feast gear to add to the load.  Now I just have to finish digging out bedding, clothes, exchequer and project gear to pack and load early tomorrow and I'm gone for the weekend with one quick stop at Kinkos for form copies and the bank for troll change.

Today i sewed up the new divider for the tent to replace the drab one that came with the tent. I need to go buy twill tape and netting to finish the project. This is going to be so cool! I finished the day by pulling out the box of silk samples to start stripping them for a couple crazy quilt tops. This, too, will be engrossing.


Today was a day we put on the calendar to work together on digging out the living room. And surprise, we found a floor under there with carpet and everything. It's not totally done but BIG progress was made. I have about two yards of closet rod of clothes to take to the consignment shops... the fall-winter things I couldn't take before. We priced and boxed up half a dozen boxes of stuff for the next garage sale and piled them in Leofwyna's bedroom. We swapped out the new coffee table and put the old one downstairs... and guest bedding went downstairs, too, along with a big pile of empty paper boxes we're not quite ready to let go yet.


I had intended to get up and out early for an annual textile garage sale put on by the UNL home ec department but when the alarm went off I decided I had enough fabric and went back to bed. It remains to be seen if I regret this when I hear stories about great buys. Leofwyna and I spent the afternoon working with several others here in MagMor making pretzels for the Cattle Raids feast. There were seven of us and a couple from Lonely Tower so the work went easily.

This evening Isadora called about borrowing a sewing machine while hers is on the fritz so I pulled out my second best 301 and oiled it up for her before she stopped by to pick it up. More silk stripping ensued.

Leofwyna started me off right with a tuna salad stuffed tomato for lunch.  When she left for work I got busy and loaded four bags of Little Sister's clothes in the car and headed out.  Dropped audio tapes off at the library (renewed one set I'm still listening to in the car), dropped those four bags at the Salvation Army and dropped the dozen (or so) wool blankets at the LaunDry to be washed and picked up again tomorrow.  Stopped back at the house for a fistfull of clothes on hangers to take to the consignment shop... couldn't leave them though (closed on Monday) so they're still hanging in the car for tomorrow.  Stopped at Hancocks for black thread from their clearance bin; I wonder how much longer that bargain will last as its been about three years so far.  Went to the store for some groceries and found wonderful fresh hams at Manager Sale prices and got one to put in the crockpot for barbeque meals this week.   Back at home I dug out the crock pot and put the pork on, washed up a sinkload of dishes including a huge pile of plastic storage containers, and took out the compost bucket and trash.  This evening I got the last of the camp carpets sewn up... that's three more we can use now.  And the pork is defatted, boned and tucked up in the refrigerater.  In hindsight I'm kicking myself 'cause I forgot to drop off the serger at the shop but that'll go tomorrow too.  All in all, a very productive day and I'm pleased with myself.

Slept until noon!  Didn't mean to do that but then Leofwyna slept until 2:00!  Talked her into a movie after checking the time in our Wednesday paper we went to eat at Ticos before.  When we arrived at the theater we discovered times had changed friday so we were too late.  Change of plans was to head home and do some sorting of 'stuff' in the living room before catching the last the movie instead.  Made some serious inroads in the boxes.  We bagged up a bunch to carry off to the Salvation Army, got some on hangers for consignment, made piles to carry downstairs and the odd bits to put away in our own rooms.  We found the stash of jewelry to be appraised; Leofwyna will deal with that.  Finally off to the movie again; we saw Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.  It was okay but not my favorite of the bunch.  We ate a late breakfast at Village Inn before heading home to haul 'stuff' downstairs and watch a movie we'd taped, "Dangerous Sea"


Monday evening it rained while I was at USA Buffet for supper.  With the sun low in the west I ran outside to check for a rainbow and there was one.  A perfect, pale half-circle arch... Mama's greeting the day before the trip. 

I spent a great deal of time Monday and Tuesday loading the van in such a way as to have an air mattress in the back for us to nap upon.  This meant I loaded the sunshade poles, chairs, bucket with torchbowl/ lamp/oil/ropes/spikes, pans, basin, totes and ice chest along the sides leveling them with some of the slats from my bed.  The sunshade, extra bedding and so forth was opened out on the floor for a flat surface to put the air mattresses on (only the top mattress was blown up).  The tent went between the seats in front and our baskets went on the passenger seat when one of us was on the mattress in back.  I spent some time devising hanger hooks for the rattan torch holder to go up on the clothing hooks and additional hooks to be able to use the back seat belts to stabilize the stacked totes (didn't want them falling on us when sleeping y'know).  The bag of tent poles and the folding table went at the head of the bed to prevent it sliding forward.  Actually the whole thing worked out pretty well for me but Leofwyna's penchant for carsickness caused her some problems and she didn't really rest well back there. 

We didn't actually get out of town until around 5pm 'cause Leofwyna had to back track to get Baskin-Robbins icecream to celebrate the beginning of the trip.  We stopped in Kronberg; the first purpose of this trip is to scatter Little Sister's ashes and our first stop for this was at our parents' graves there.  I also dropped off what I had ready for the quilt ladies to finish for charity packages.  We stopped at Jana's to leave a package for Greg in Marquette... really love her back yard and have ideas now for our patio someday.  Red-headed woodpecker  Then we got back on the long road through the first night and I drove across most of Nebraska listening to Gabaldon's Outlander along the way.  I turned the driving over to Leofwyna at the Sydney interchange and crawled in the back to sleep.  Falling star  Leofwyna stopped later to nap in front a couple hours while I slept and then continued on. 

Wednesday morning she stopped at the Oregon Trail wagon ruts and Register Cliff in Guernsey, Wyoming for a breakfast break and to stretch our legs.   She'd been there before and wanted to surprise me.  It was a good time to be there; it was in shade and the morning cool as well as being quiet with no one about yet.  Geese, Piping Plovers, cliff swallows, little rabbits, antelope, prairie dogs, magpie, deer, ducks with baby ducks  At one of our fuel stops the clerk had received Cherry Brandy roses for her birthday!  That's the same kind of roses we'd bought for Little Sister's funeral bouquet; the dried petals were with us for scattering, too.  Kinda spooky 'cause we've never seen that kind of rose any other time.  Unfortunately we didn't pull into Great Falls until late; Jodi was very sweet about the time and showed us where to bed down for the night. 

Thursday our hosts were up and gone to work when we got up and going.  On the way though, shortly after noon we spotted a quilt shop (Choteau, MT) and I found a few Natelstern-type fabrics to buy there.  Buffalo, beaver dam and pond, seagulls  At 2:19pm we were below Swift Dam which was our second stop for Little Sister's ashes (last campsite in a secluded glen of birches).   Ptarmagen, ground squirrel   We headed up toward Glacier Park... or that was the navagator's intention.  I took us several miles out of our way to Glacier County before we got that straightened out.  In Glacier Park we drove up the "Going to the Sun" road and over the pass before turning back.  We stopped on the east side of the Continental Divide at Logan Pass on the west side of the Silver Band Loop just above the loop over Siyeh Creek below a little waterfall on the west wall across the valley floor from the trolley stop; now Little Sister rests there.  Bighorn sheep, chipmunks, mountain goats, ravens, doe and buck in velvet, turtle  We were later than we planned getting back to Jodi's so again we didn't get to visit with our hostess.  We all just went right to bed. 

I'm wondering, will Minyata and Catcetra be at Dragonslayer?  Anyone else?  It's getting close enough to our travel date to think nothing will interrupt our plans now.  We've started making our lists.  I'm thinking about how to load the van optimally.  We want to have enough 'stuff' with us but we also want to be able to take turns sleeping during the drive out and back so things have to be secure and flat for the air matress.  

It's been years since we've travelled like this and I'm getting antsy to get this show on the road!  I'm even looking forward to the long drive across Nebraska and Wyoming.  Meanwhile I've got yardwork to get current and I need to think about sorting and pricing things for the next rummage sale (4of5) in August.


I finished pressing and sorting the cotton samples.  I've got a overflowing paperbox full of nice pieces to play with and another paperbox nearly full that'll got into more charity quilts.  Got out in the late afternoon and got the mowing done while Leofwyna deadheaded and weeded the flowerbeds.  Then Leofwyna's on-call got switched to get-in-now so I went inside to cool down before starting on the veggie beds.  When I came back out it had rained!  I hadn't even noticed but weeding was no longer going to happen so I cleaned up and headed out to supper.

Stopped in at the 50% clothing sale (which occurs every Wednesday but I missed the last couple weeks) and found two great winter coats at $12.99 and a wool blanket (which was not on sale) for $5.99.  Jackpot!  Took another batch of Little Sister's summer clothes to the consignment shop and picked up what didn't sell from what I gook in two months ago.  Brought home a check for over sixty bucks to split with Leofwyna.  We also got Toni over to look at the shoes... we filled two grocery bags with a nice variety that fit her very well.  Her DH, Marty, does so much for us it's too bad he can't use them himself.  Hee-hee!

Back at home I got the entire yard mowed again as the weather man keeps promising rain.  Doubtless this rain will come Saturday when we want to go to a nice archery event out at Gretna. 

The assignment late this afternoon was in the garage preparing for next week's garage sale.  We pulled the three (yes, count them, three) televisions from the garage.  Plugged in and attached cable to the first two to check and they work just fine.  We put the smallest one (19-inch) in the dining area; the other will go into storage downstairs as a back up when one goes out on us thereby skipping repair costs later.  The third (and we think the newest) is missing the cord to plug it in so it'll be stored for awhile until we find the box with the cord in it or we can replace it.   Our two old small tvs with built in vcrs went out to the garage to be sold for very modest amounts as the vcrs went out on both of them although the tvs both work just fine.  It's an embarrassing wealth of televisions as Little Sister didn't get rid of perfectly good televisions when she upgraded and our Magnavox downstairs still works just fine even after 25 years.  It's only the little combination sets we used upstairs that have had a problem with failure of the built in vcrs.   

Then we pulled four boxes of books... mostly cookbooks, some poetry, other misc... to go through.  There's a really good big dictionary.  Little Sister collected cookbooks on purpose unlike some of the other multitudinous stuff she'd accumulated just because she wouldn't get rid of anything.  We'll probably keep less than a quarter of these but need to decide which ones.

Tried to get Toni over from next door to check through the four dozen pairs of shoes as we've discovered she may wear the right size (8.5-9 narrow) but that'll have to wait for another day.. 

After supper I actually was finally embroidering on the banner again.  Will it be done in time for Cattle Raids?  That would be a lovely surprise if it was!



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