Wednesday up early to get additional supplies for replacement pies, then home to make those two pies. Was able to get in a little computer time before the evening meeting and supper group. Nice visit with Owain re dishes, dental work, and peers. Back at home I put up three quarts of ripe tomatoes which cleared the counter nicely.
Tuesday ran out first thing to get more chicken for second set of pies, made four pies then headed to FoodNet for bread (got eight). We had to dump eight loaves that didn't get taken to the freezer space and developed mold so we're recovered to where we were. Need about eight more. Went to the library to send ingredient list to Isadora, then back home to move cooled pies to Gwyneth's freezer. Leofwyna managed to scorch final pie and offered to remake it. As she still has shortbread and second batch of mulligatawny to deal with I said we'd both deal with making another pair or pies. No point wasting expensive pinenuts so we will make two tomorrow.
Monday we picked up Morgana and took her with us to Cortland for Felix and daughter's birthday bash which was to include the eclipse totality. We got to see the beginning and end but clouds rolled through during the main performance. Felix's smoked pork was good with broccoli salad and we had some good visiting time with several friends. Back at home I hit the library awhile before returning to make three chicken pies during the evening.
Sunday afternoon I did four batches of banana bread, clearing out all but two bananas. I also went out and put seed in the brassica bed... brussel sprout, broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage. I put chicken wire over that bed to hopefully discourage the robins, rabbits and squirrels. Gaming was at the Doerrs tonight with Arne doing DM duties. He's jumped us up to third level in order to get better adventures going.
Wednesday afternoon I made three batches of banana bread and only used up the sorriest bananas; there's still enough bananas for half a dozen more batches if I can find the time. I did some kronberg blocks at the sewing table during the afternoon also. Tonight was social moot where I quilted as we talked. Supper at Misty's followed, perhaps a little expensive.
Monday was a lovely, sunny day and I headed out for lunch and computer time at the library. (No problem with the one at home.) When I got back I trundled the camper into the garage to surprise Leofwyna. When I opened it up inside the garage I cleared the rest of my things out of it. Leofwyna had voiced a desire for 'new' potatoes and peas when she saw me sorting and de-sprouting potatoes so that's what I made for supper tonight with smoked porkchops; a really easy meal. At the sewing table I'm still putting together kronberg blocks. We may be heading west sometime in March and I want these assembled so I can get the pile out of the house.
Saturday I stayed in all day. And no, I didn't get stuff unloaded from the trip yet. I did get four quilt backs put together for Kronberg. I was determined to get the pile of white pieces cleared up. Now I can get back to pretty pieced blocks. I made potato soup for supper... plenty of leftovers.
Saturday was another pretty day. I went out for lunch and stopped in at the north Goodwill where I got another bag o'stuff. Back at home to trim and bind Ingabiorg's quilt; it took all evening but I got that finished. I made turkey vegetable soup for supper to favor Leofwyna's delicate tummy. Sunday I was able to take it easy until time to head out for gaming at the Doerr's. It was a quiet night for Pansy in town and preparing for future adventuring. At the sewing table I got another Wilderness Cabin top finished for kronberg.
Monday I set the alarm to get pulled forward again.  Got up and went to lunch and the library awhile.  Then home to boil up eggs and potatoes for salad with supper.  Started doing some sewing area sorting alternating with genealogy on the computer.
Thursday I got my pumpkin pudding finally made up and then mixed up two batches of banana bread.  I need a few groceries before I can do up the rest of the bananas.  At the sewing table some of Kronberg's nine-patches are getting sewn together.
Tuesday I found a pair of beautiful steaks at the grocery store and splurged.  I also skipped FoodNet this week and loafed until Leofwyna came home from her afternoon errands with, surprise!, movie tickets later that night.  I hurried and put supper together before going to see Passengers which was a nearly perfect space adventure movie.  Wednesday I set the oven to clean itself while I inventoried the pantry.  Our Wednesday was an unscheduled farbel and since we were few for supper we hit Lazlo's for a nice change.  Thursday I made cranberry orange sauce and canned up 16 pints then made a big pot of potato-hamberger soup.
Wednesday we pulled the trailer into the garage for the winter.  That evening was, of course, moot followed by supper with the gang at Culvars.  At home again I finished stitching down the new binding on the TOSB comforter.  Thursday I cooked up the pumpkin and made two batches of banana bread.   I brought the rest of the canning jars and the Gold Key totes into the house.  Outside the cold is bitter these days and I'm reluctant to go out.
Monday even though it was a relatively mild day and pretty with sunshine I didn't get back out to finish the compost.  Naturally Leofwyna commented on wasting a pretty day.  Instead I cleared up the kitchen to be ready to cook our turkey.  We had a sweet potato, gravy and leftover dressing with it.  I'll need to make a new batch of dressing for the leftovers.  I got the bones from two turkeys boiled up for soup.  At the sewing table pulled for Christmas project, Natelstern workshop and red Kronberg project while putting away new strips.
Sunday when I woke Leofwyna was gone.  Didn't know she had plans so was wondering all day.  Made a big batch of apple crisp, some for Arne and some for the gaming group.  Even remembered to do a little dish separate for Leofwyna.  At gaming started the new adventure with Arne as DM.  
Monday I called NTT to try and get the computer at home connected onto the internet.  The gal there said she'd call back, in about an hour.  I wasted two hours waiting on her before giving up and going on to other things.  Delivered the brassicas to the Children's Zoo.  They've always so surprised and appreciative.  Apparently no one remembers me from one year to the next but those plants are just too much roughage to put in my compost piles and I'm glad I have somewhere useful for them.  On to lunch and the library for computer time.  Later back at home I canned the ripened green tomatoes (1.5 quarts) and baked bread pudding using the croissants from FoodNet.  Leofwyna doesn't usually like bread pudding but she really likes this and says feel free to make more anytime.  I had to discard the hubbard squash from a few weeks ago.  I don't think it was properly hardened off and was turning to mush on the counter.  I finished some prep work on the mountains majesty blocks then set them aside to do some machine maintenance and sorting scraps from the pumpkin project. 
Saturday after lunch and a couple sessions on the library computer I finished peicing the pumpkin tower banner abd made up a batch of banana bread.  It was a pretty day but Leofwyna and I agreed to take it easy a day since we knew the next few days will be even prettier for working outdoors.
Saturday after lunch and computer time I returned home with more joint compound and finished the walls in the laundry room.  At midnight the last bits were not dry enough to scour so that waits until the morning.  For supper the carnitas were somewhat successful... some tweeking may be involved another time.  At the sewing table the second junque quilt was set aside until I have created more junque to add to it.  Grabbed up the sniglets bag and started pairing them up.
Friday after lunch and some computer time at the library I returned home to put the pork carnitas in the oven and start mudding the wallboard joints in the laundry room.  The stuff they sold Leofwyna the other day was the worst... very glue-y plastic stuff, not the joint compound I was expecting.  I made a run to Menards to get some joint compound, no problem with this going on the walls but the little container I bought only did half the job so another will be gotten for the rest.  Today Leofwyna has been on the sick-list... this time a fairly simple stomach upset merited quiet time and naps.  At the sewing table the first of two junque tops was finished and a second well underway.
Thursday after lunch and some computer time at the library I stopped in at the grocery and planned three meals for the weekend.  Back at home I emptied the water barrels for the winter, harvested the green tomatoes, pulled the vines and stacked the cages.  I put together pizza for supper.  At the sewing table I finished the tea party top and started a junk top for Kronberg which was nearly finished, too, when I 'hit the wall' and headed up to bed.  Leofwyna had tiles laid out all over the laundry room floor trying to decide on a layout and figure how many to buy as some of the stuff we'd picked up didn't work due to size, depth or grout style.  She's brought home one tub of mud and I'm just waiting for her to be out of the way to start the scratch coat.  I think more than one tub of that size may be required though.
Tuesday after computer time at the library and lunch I returned home and made up a batch of baked beans from the Amish Country cookbook for supper.  Definately an improvement but I'll tweek the recipe for the rest of the beans to bake and can them, probably thursday.  The trip to the FoodNet bagged a small watermelon, pecan crackers, taco shells, a mozarella cheese and a pound cake.  I finished up my laundry and got it upstairs.  There will be no laundry done for a week or two while the floors and new heater/ac go in.  At the sewing table I'm adding sashes and cornerstones to the 4-squares. 



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