Sunday after the clean-up Leofwyna crashed at home and I headed out to the library for computer time and gaming in the evening. When I got home we cleared what was necessary from the van and took it to the repair shop (radiator, hood, bumper and paint 'cause of her accident a couple weeks ago). Monday I headed out to the library computers again but went back around one to pick up Leofwyna for lunch and a couple afternoon computer sessions. Late in the afternoon we weeded and dug potatoes in the community garden.
Friday, four sessions at the library computer (morning and afternoon) with a break for lunch. Home again at five... oops! Was supposed to be there enough before five for Leofwyna to go to Isadora's... and for me to wait for the no-show LTT guy. Saturday, up early to bring more compost to the community garden and harvest some green beans such it's supposed to be not quite so hot today. The overcast disappeared just about as I was finishing up so mowing will wait until late afternoon today.
Monday I got up early to move compost. I weeded in the community garden before shoveling the compost over the potato bed. Looks like I need to do 2-3 more trips for the effect I want. By noon I was cleaned up and at lunch followed by some library computer time. It was too hot for doing more of the planned compost moving. A nap was in order, supper and fripping in front of the tv in the evening.
Monday Haldara and I met up at the community garden to discuss our parameters. We'll take turns watering, she'll plant the east half... ocra and beets were mentioned. We'll back each other up wnen the other is gone and on weeding. Back at home I made a big batch of spaghetti sauce and canned the extra (three quarts).
Saturday I went and pulled earth in over the potatos and put in bush bean seeds. Later I got one of the long beds turned over, composted, calcified and planted eight tomato plants and two basil. Now I'm all stiff and sore but progress is being made.
Thursday after lunch I headed over to the community garden office and picked up more plants... 8 tomatoes, 2 cucumbers, 2 basil, several marigolds and a couple handfuls of onion sets. Still damp for mowing so I 'rested up' for tomorrow's tasks. At the sewing table I finished two strippie tops and started putting together the blocks. I need to make arrangements for Opal to pick these up sometime soon.
Monday I headed over to the community garden and got my lot (7-8) rototilled by the neighboring kid, a nice fellow. I'd started digging myself and he took pity on me. I was able to do my two trenches and get 16 potatoes planted before heading home to crash. At the sewing table I finished pressing the washed cottons and got them trimmed, sorted, putting it away in the BH storage.
Wednesday I stopped in at Community Crops office to figure out where my plot is in the gardens on Adams Street. It was neither of the ones I'd thought it might be. Now I can prepare to plant potatoes when the ground dries enough from the periodic rains we've been having all month. I've been going into almost daily checking leaves. Obviously there's progress but it's hard to see. This evening was scribal and I finished a couple scrolls that had been begun the last time we did it. I skipped the group supper this time.
Friday I went and paid for my big lot at Community Crops and picked up several seed packets. After lunch and some computer time at the library I returned home to clean up the kitchen and do some more laundry. More time at the sewing table on the Kronberg blocks.

The daffodils out front are thick and beautiful this year. There's a couple squill out by the mailbox.
Wednesday at moot the A&S didne't happen so we farbled instead.  I discussed the idea of a shared community garden with Haldora but apparently Gyda beat me to it.  I wanted a place for potatoes and since we arent traveling in spring-summer this year maybe I should go ahead and do it by myself anyway.  We went to Zoup! for supper but they'd changed their hours so we ended up at Pepper Jax instead.  I went up the line to Noodles for take out before joining the rest at table.    Thursday I went ahead and rejoined for six months on the premise I'd have gift money this month for it.  That way it will be over before summer business overtakes me.  At the sewing table the tumblers have been sized and set aside again; now a red strippie top has been started for Kronberg.

Agnes and Carl arrived on schedule Thursday exhausted from the very long day of travel.  As can be expected, sleep while in flight was sporatic and unsatisfying.  Leofwyna had prepared homemade chicken noodle soup for supper and it was not long before they headed off to bed.  Friday when we got up we finished loading (I'd gotten more than half the loading done during the day Thursday) and got on the road before noon.  The day was clear and beautiful and we made it home by mid evening with no trouble at all.  Taking only the pillows in we left the unloading (including the ice chest) until Saturday.  I'm reminded the computor is on the fritz but can do nothing about it until Monday; hopefully a phonecall (and long wait therein) will solve the problem.  So Saturday morning I dressed promptly upon awakening, unloaded the RAV while Leofwyna checked in with Morgana.  Morgana had arranged with Leofwyna to pick her up after her knee surgery to take her home and see her settled.  I ran a few errands, including getting my fenceposts from the 'pile' at the community garden, before putting stuff away outside and setting to work getting the raised beds ready for winter.  I ended the day running the No. 1 sewing machine awhile.  It may well be the one that will be sold as it is somewhat noisy running.  I soon switched to No. 2... a much smoother running machine.  I will clean, oil and run the new No. 3 machine soon to see if it's a keeper or can be sold off, too.

Tuesday I went back to the community garden with my potato fork and got the few parsnips and several slug-chewed carrots.  There's no sign of the artichoke plants so the decision to let the plot go is that much easier.  Back at home Leofwyna discovered some 'winged' ants on the north wall of the house so we scrambled to move stuff away from that wall and spray.  We'll be keeping a close watch but I think we caught them as they were colonizing.  At least we're hoping that's the case.  At the sewing table I sewed up the tunic Sash asked me to finish for Halftroll so I could deliver it at social moot Wednesday. 
Friday I loafed; I needed it.  Leofwyna and Shelly had tickets for ballet in Omaha.  Saturday while Leofwyna went to the pre-cook I mowed.  Shelly headed home in the evening.  Sunday I did laundry.  Sunday and Monday Leofwyna worked in the garage removing some cupboards... turned out they were nastier than we'd realized.  Monday I harvested the shell beans at the community garden and came to the decision that I'll keep my gardening at home next year.  As I was finishing up I ran across a praying mantis.  It was four inches long and the wings were the exact same color as the dried beans I was picking.  At the sewing table I'm still working 1.25" strips.
Sunday, while Leofwyna took her turn loafing, I went out and about and... basically loafed, too.  Sunday evening we caught up on some television programs we like while I continued processing silk samples into 12" blocks for some quilt tops.  Monday pulled the pantry cupboard and reinventoried while putting away the new peaches and pickled beans.  I'm discarding the potatoes from last year as a non-success.  I went over to the community garden, harvested pattipan squash and pulled the bush beans.  I watered while I harvested what few beans were there before chopping the plants up for compost.
Thursday I stopped over at the community garden to harvest and water.  I brought home several pattipan squash, a couple small cukes and another bag o' green beans.  In the home garden I brought in several tomatoes off the Roma bush.  Friday Leofwyna and I canned five quarts of Peaches, four pints and six half-pints of dilly beans.  It rained very vigorously during the night, knocking branches of various sizes down all over town.  Saturday we had good results going to all five Goodwill stores for this month's 99-cent sales. We have plans for making stuff for camera key, gold key and Kris Kinder.
Thursday... Sleep was very broken up last night and I was dragging today.  I finally got over to the community garden late in the afternoon to harvest and water.  I took today's harvest to friends as a housewarming gift; they had the movers in for furniture today.  Shelly came up for appointments yesterday and is staying over tonight also so Leofwyna (who's still house-and-dog-sitting) brought supper over.
Tuesday I checked at the community garden and picked a pound or so of green beans.  It's movie night at the local theater for $5 so we went to the new Jurassic World movie and enjoyed it immensely.  The pizza though, not so much.  Later at the sewing table, for a change of pace, I cut down a turquoise with gold embroidery garment to make a couple caps (one man's, one boy's) for the camera key tote.
Monday we had a really substantial rain so no yard or garden work today nor probably tomorrow.  I did check on the squash as I don't want very many overgrown ones but nothing ready to pick.  Some are exhibiting end rot... possibly because of the amount of rain we've been having.   I didn't check on the beans as I didn't want to walk on wet soil.  Leftovers for supper and at the sewing table more silk crazy blocks are added to the pile.
Monday I put a solid two hours in the community garden, adding the wooden chairs from curb-culling to act as trellis for the winter squash and to reinforce that section of rabbit-fence.  I also put tomato cages out for the pole beans to climb. I only got a small section weeded so I need to keep going back until that is under control.   And I watered there again after harvesting another squash and a few beans.
Sunday I spent a good part of the day loafing but finally got in gear and spent an hour in the community garden trimming the grass along the outside of the fenceline and watering thoroughly.  Want to soften things up for weeding tomorrow.  Harvested one squash and a handful of green beans.



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