Wednesday I stopped in at Community Crops office to figure out where my plot is in the gardens on Adams Street. It was neither of the ones I'd thought it might be. Now I can prepare to plant potatoes when the ground dries enough from the periodic rains we've been having all month. I've been going into almost daily checking leaves. Obviously there's progress but it's hard to see. This evening was scribal and I finished a couple scrolls that had been begun the last time we did it. I skipped the group supper this time.
Tuesday I went to lunch and the library and managed to lose track of time and miss FoodNet this week. Instead went to the grocery store to stock up a bit for this week. After supper I continued working on kronberg blends but wasn't able to finish another top in time to add it to the pile. Wednesday after lunch and genealogy at the library I unloaded the new table from the car, loaded up the quilt tops in the car and moved the gold key out of the living room into the garage. Then I was able to head out for scribes' moot with a clear conscience. Thursday I waited to help Leofwyna move the camper out of the garage to get ready for the weekend. Then after lunch, library and supper I packed and loaded, ready to go. Today my back near tire was 'squishy' and had to go get it filled.
Monday we were still iced in. I did some pick and put around the living room. The key totes are ready to go to the garage and the kronberg pile is half boxed up to be loaded in the car. The rest of my time today was in genealogy and piecing up another top for the pile.
Sunday the icy conditions kept me at home, missing out on gaming this week. Spent most of the day either working on genealogy or at the sewing table making kronberg blocks.
Monday I set the alarm to get pulled forward again.  Got up and went to lunch and the library awhile.  Then home to boil up eggs and potatoes for salad with supper.  Started doing some sewing area sorting alternating with genealogy on the computer.
Wednesday after lunch Leofwyna was gone for the afternoon so I used the time on the computer doing genealogy. When I left the house again for social moot it was snowing.  The snow continued through the evening so we had to clear our vehic les a second time after supper at Tandor.  Leofwyna brought home a HUGE poinsetta plant she'd rescued from the dumpster and It's beautiful.  At the sewing table the strips have been cleaned up and I started alternating stips with lines of bits.  
Monday I did genealogy in the afternoon and finished the black linen gammura.  Tuesday I did more genealogy in the afternoon, went out to FoodNet* and pressed the basket of cottons for stash.  Looked around for the next task and pulled the TOSB comforter off my bed to replace the binding.

* Bananas, bread, eggs, 5# whole wheat flour, spagetti, cookies and cans of green beans, spagetti sauce and chicken., 
Tuesday I continued to work an as well as puttering around the house dealing with certain piles and sorting tasks while doing laundry.  FoodNet today offered up a squash, several red potatoes, three oranges, a box of breadsticks, and croissants. At the sewing table I finished putting eyelets in the gammura and sleaves.
Wednesday at moot the A&S didne't happen so we farbled instead.  I discussed the idea of a shared community garden with Haldora but apparently Gyda beat me to it.  I wanted a place for potatoes and since we arent traveling in spring-summer this year maybe I should go ahead and do it by myself anyway.  We went to Zoup! for supper but they'd changed their hours so we ended up at Pepper Jax instead.  I went up the line to Noodles for take out before joining the rest at table.    Thursday I went ahead and rejoined for six months on the premise I'd have gift money this month for it.  That way it will be over before summer business overtakes me.  At the sewing table the tumblers have been sized and set aside again; now a red strippie top has been started for Kronberg.
Thursday was a pretty day again although the ground was pretty wet from yesterday's extended rain so I didn't have to feel bad about not doing yardwork.  Too bad I didn't do anything else inside though either, except for some sett pressing and geneaology and feeding a cat across town.
Monday and Tuesday I poked along on the log cabins and genealogy alternately.  I'd intended to get myself going on the gardens this week but Tuesday's rain punished me for my procrastination and now I'm stuck with waiting for things to dry.  Wednesday morning we found water in the basement again and initially I thought it was just because the rain was so heavy Tuesday night and Wednesday morning but when I took trash out I found the downspout was off again, although I'd checked it Tuesday afternoon when we came home from a grocery store run.  I have GOT to find a way to secure that better so whatever is knocking it off can't anymore.  At A&S Wednesday evening Gerald had brought an old sewing machine so we sat to the side and I looked it over and showed what I knew to help him.  There was no manual, and it wasn't a Singer, but we covered oiling, tension, threading, loading the bobbin and I hope I helped him some.  I missed the meeting though and can't even say who all was there for Morgana's embroidery discussion.  Only Natalya and Gerald showed up at Ticos for supper though but we had a rousing discussion on goals and competitions.
Wednesday we went together to 'social' moot, where we had a really good turn out, followed by supper together at VI.  Otherwise Wednesday and Thursday has been piecing log cabin blocks and computer time including followin the 'leaves' for genealogy.

Monday Leofwyna took me out to Misty's for a really nice steak dinner.  We made some tentative plans for next year's vacation... we're thinking to get to California to see Aunt Jeanne.  Monday and Tuesday I poked about doing little bits of things but mostly spent my time working on the log cabin blocks and when on the computor worked on genealogy.
Friday I put turkey legs and pineapple squash in the crockpot.  It rained early so yardwork and gardening are off the docket so I ran genealogy and 'logs' at the sewing table alternately.  Leofwyna is pretty sure she wants to retile the laundry room floor while the room is cleared out.  That puts quite a shift in the task load I'd outlined initially as we'll have to schedule someone to do the tile work before we put up the shelves and put things away.
Sunday I mostly did genealogy [working on the 6th Century] and worked some on the log cabin.  Leofwyna and I went to a movie, The November Man, which was better than we'd expected it to be.  Leofwyna is making raspberry jelly for our pantry so I located some jelly jars and dug them out of storage for her.
Monday I finished going through the seventh century in genealogy.  Leofwyna and I used her Groupon for supper at Aces (meh) and then I worked on the purple/gold quilt.  More than 160 blocks nearly done but I'm thinking I might need roughly sixty more.  This means I need to go back to the shops for more purple/gold fabric.
Saturday I drove some of the first few tomatoes over to Sash so he could enjoy some right away.  I swung by the community garden to water but when I saw how the potato plants were beginning their die-back I decided to start the hardening off right away and skipped the watering there.  Since I have learned the seedlings will become available early in August this will enable me to start the brassicas sooner.  I'm working the Seventh century in the genealogy now.  Sunday we put in a couple hours doing yardwork before heading out to supper and a movie.  Leofwyna treated us to the fancy seats to see Lucy.  What a wonderfully intriguing movie this one is... quite an unusual story line.
This Friday was 99-cent sales at Goodwill again and I got to all five, only "skunked" at one.  It was terribly hot today so I was really glad I didn't have to do the rest of the lawn today.  I harvested a few tomatoes from the garden.  Oh yes, my new pressure canner was delivered today so I'm ready to can potatoes next month.  Sash called to update me on his situation and confirming we're not going to BattleMor after all.  I was looking forward to the apprenti bonding but it gives me an additional week for rummage prep which isn't a bad thing.  Tonight I finished up the 7th Century and started the 6th in genealogy.  What AM I going to do with myself when I'm caught up (sic)?
Saturday...  well, I did finally get the old chunk of carpet mostly out of three.  And got the lawn watered.  Work continues on the Eighth Century.
Friday I furnished medical transportation for a friend and was treated to lunch.  Back at home some of the linen strips got sewn up for camera garb ties.
Eighth Century continues in genealogy.



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