Thursday after lunch and computer time went home to dig up the rest of the potatoes and started harvesting the compost from the big east bin.  We went to Golden Corral for supper.  Back home at the sewing table I cut and machine sewed the initial seams on six coifs for Halftroll from his old fighter tunic.

Friday after lunch, since the library was closed, returned home to work on the compost sifting awhile.  Made Mom's spagetti for supper although I went amok with the cheese.  Continued sewing Halftroll's coifs up.
Thats a week gone and I hardly noticed.  Shelly was with us Monday and Tuesday.  Leofowyna was disgruntled Monday morning, not that she was able to get around again Monday, but that she missed out on Sunday's fun because of that pulled muscle.  I visited the Humane Society Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Wednesday was business moot and the group went to Zoup for supper after.  I turned largess over to Haldara (30 gift bags, three pilgrims' pouches, two fighters' coifs, one coif and two cappies).  Thursday afternoon we got an e-mail and rushed out to a neighborhood several blocks south on a tortie sighting.  Turned out to be a resident cat there; we got to talk with her owners and they'll watch for a stranger tortie for us.  We had some pretty weather this week.  I finished up in the garden and cleaned up the gutter out front.  We've both been coughing all week but hopefully we're almost through with that.
I spent most of Monday and Tuesday sleeping my way through a head cold.  Wednesday I felt enough better to go to Social Moot where I occupied my hands knitting on the green socks I started a couple years ago.  Shelly's back in town for a few days; she'll stay through Sunday at least for Yule Court.  What little I've done these three days at the sewing table was dealing with linen cutters and preparing coifs for my work basket.  I also made up two embroidered linen cappies on the machine that can go to largess at WWM in January.
Thursday evening we played Railroad Dominos and I WON.  Friday I was looking for rummage stuff in my bedroom and with piles of stuff on my bed at bedtime I decided to sleep on the sofa.  Progress is happening, really it is.  At the sewing table I put together some drawstring bags from upholstery samples I ran across in my room.  Saturday more rummage sorting, more bags.
Sunday I machine sewed the initial seam on the french seams on the many coifs making them ready to put in my work basket to hand sew at Cattle Raids and Battlemoor.  I also started a partlet conversion from an embroidered linen shirt.
Wednesday was Largess night making gamebags.  Afterwards we all went to an Indian restaurant for supper.  Gerald asked me to make weight bags for the Great Machine and has some linen garments he needs reconstructed into tunics.  There was also a newbie, Carol, who I'll be helping make a gambison pattern next week.


Apr. 23rd, 2015 10:54 am
Shelly is back and we all went to A&S followed by supper with such a large group we settled into two groups.  Our table was Natalya, Isadora, Leofwyna, Shelly and I. Natalya talked of her daughter's wedding plans, Isadora of packing for moving, Leofyna of our travel plans, and Shelly of settling in at the new place.  I got the (covered) water coloers turned in to Saraphina tonight and the quilting is DONE on Child's Play.
Saturday I went to Earl May to take advantage of the CROP donation sale.  I bought my seed potatoes and a dozen packets of seed for the gardens.  I also stopped at another Goodwill for the 99-cent sale and came away with another bagful of cutters.  I started trying to sort and deal with my sewing area a little bit.  At the end of day I 'rested' by putting together some white silk 'cappies' from samples I had come across for this year's largess. Sunday some more sorting.  I was surprised by Leofwyna's return this evening (I thought she was gone until tomorrow). We finished the day catching up with this week's television.
I started sorting some of the stuff in my bedroom and doing laundry.  I found several of the coifs (13+1) I'd made for largess so I can take them to turn in to Haldara for WWM.  My car wont't start... battery maybe... due to the extreme cold?  Gotta call to have it towed in... Dave says it doesn't sound like li's the battery.
Tuesday I put what few tomatoes I have in the dehydrater and in the evening prepped the coifs, caps and veils for largess.

I had a thought the other day as I was reading the archives of a new blog.  I really enjoy reading these, especially certain chatty, expansive ones but as much as I'd wish I could I just don't have it in me to do so myself.  That's probably why mine is what Mother and my sister called the letters I used to write to them 'lists'.  I find my journal sort of follows that template too.  I keep it up though because sometimes this list has come in handy.
Wednesday I went to A&S in the evening and helped with the spice bags.  Leofwyna had to work but she sent along some little upholstery bags she'd made up while ago, three packages of corked vials and various excess spices and herbs.  We discovered the glass vials we have won't take an 'etch' so we started packing them up plain and adding name tags with purple cord.  The tags were ones I'd punched out last year with the same punch I'd used to make decorative tags... that's two or three other boxes I have stored up somewhere.  After the group supper at Chili's I stopped in to let Sammy out before going home.
Wednesday I went again to visit Sash in the hospital and found Laura already there and Gerald joined us.  Sash'd been up walking four times today and was scheduled for one more and during the afternoon was finally allowed some ice to his great gratification.  From there I headed to Wednesday's meeting where we planned largess for Cattle Raids.
Sunday Leofwyna planned to get up early to take advantage of the fine weather.  She worked on bundling up the pile of sticks accumulated since last Fall and I raked around the veggie beds and built a new compost pile.  I put out the plastic wasp trap by the garden; I can't find the two glass ones though.  Hardly surprising considering the amount of stuff piled in there.  I also finally got the bike out of the van and back into the garage.  I found some orange, yellow, black trim on ebay today that's enough to finish the Viking hats and won the low bid.  Soon those can be finished and out the door.  Now I'm back to hemming chalice veils and hankies for my busy-work.
Friday morning Leofwyna warned me of a major price jump in gasoline so I scrambled out to fill the tank before all the stations got their prices pushed up.  Saturday we went to a movie Leofwyna chose, Mr Peabody and Sherman.  It was kinda cute but I thought lots of it would be over kids' heads but rather silly for adult taste.  Back at home the Viking hats are as complete as I can get them. I still need braid trim for six of them before I can hand them over to the largess mistress.
Friday I set a butter braid out of the freezer to thaw and baked it Saturday morning to take along for a treat at the apprentice gathering.  We spent the afternoon hearing about Marcella, Shandra  and Killian's trip to Spain.  Through the evening we were looking at their photo's on Sash's television thanks to Rich's neat techno toys.  I kept my hands busy through the day sorting four button jars, leaving two for Sash to use and bringing the rest home for the rummage box.  Once I was done with that I hemmed linen squares and coif ties.  I need to get more coifs made up for largess at WWM in January.
Tuesday we had schedule the duct cleaaner to come thinking the plastering and sanding would be done (nearly so).  He called midafternoon as he was running late; 7:30 works much better than 5:30 for us but it made a long day for him.  Anyway, that's done.  The leaf blower/vacuum was delivered today and I'm looking forward to trying it out.

Today in genealogy I found an ancestor, William Smith, who was godfather to Shakespear!  Now ain't that cool.

Yesterday evening I discovered a scrap of linen and set about reducing it to three napkins and two goblet-covers.  I've begun hemming them this evening as we watched our DWTS tape.
It's been a week and I have no excuse but pure laziness.  I haven't been accomplishing much and didn't want to confess it here so I practiced avoidance and denial. 

I harvested all the rest of the ground cherries when we had a couple really cold nights. So every 3-4 days I'm going through them to sort out and freeze them as they ripen.  It's been a beautiful week weather-wise and I should have been outside in the garden but... I just didn't.  We did finally have rain, beautiful rain so at least wet ground gave me an excuse part of the time.  During this week I've pretty much come to the decision I won't put up the winter garden this year.  I just don't have the 'drive' for it right now.

Once Leofwyna is satisfied with her walls I'm determined to deal with the painting PDQ so we can get this project finished up.  She's bought a paint sprayer so it should go rather quickly once she gives the go-ahead.  

Last Monday I put together a big pot of potato-hamberger soup using half of the potatoes from this summer's garden.  Note to self:  don't wait too long before using up the rest as they're not keeping well where I have theem stored and have nowhere better to store them.

At A&S farble Wednesday I took along my sewing basket and got one coif finished.  There's half a dozen in there to finish up.  I'd like to have them ready when we next do largess.  I finally finished the fighter's pennents I took to hem for Crown Tourney.

This week I've been noticing a trigger-finger problem with my left ring finger.  I've been trying to be very careful of it in hopes it can cure up as surgery is Not likely.  Really the first time I really noticed it is when I reach to type a w, 2 or @ and now the finger is just slightly achy most of the time. 

Last night I sorted through four bags of plastic... folding up and pressing out air so I can store and use recycled bags for A) trashcan liners, B) aluminum can and recycling bags, C) bags for the rummage sale next spring, and D) only one bag now to take to the plastic bag recycling bin at the grocery store.  Oh yes, we recycle lots; aluminum cans for the cash, glass/plastic/cardboard to the recycle bins, plastic bags for personal use as much as possible then the balance to the bin at the grocery store, and composting for kitchen waste, too.
Thursday I was beginning to feel better.  I got out into the garden for a little while to harvest tomatoes and ground cherries.  I was able to get another small batch of the cherries into the freezer.  Mostly though I continued to take it easy Thursday and Friday amusing myself doing genealogy.  Friday evening was a scheduled massage and i was glad I was able to go ahead with it.  LOVE those magic hands!!  Ingaborg brought a couple kits for the bead-edged veils for largess.

Saturday I had to get up early to take advantage of a hazardous waste collection day in another part of town.  The collection site in our part of town ALWAYS coincides with our Cattle Raids which is very frustrating.  We've had a trash can full of stuff to go for several years and really wanted to get it out of the garage so now that has finally happened.  Lost the trash can though as the collection man insisted it was too contaminated to send back home with me.

The rest of Saturday went to one nap after another throughout the afternoon, thanks to Friday's massage and the early morning wake-up.  I did remember to drink lots of water to flush the toxins from my system but I've learned not to plan much for the day after a massage.  In fact I treated Leofwyna to a late supper at Golden Corral as I didn't get anything going in the kitchen either.
Tuesday I stayed inside on the computer most of the day as I had thought to stay up and mow Wednesday morning but at 4am temps were still so high I decided to wait until Saturday morning instead.

Wednesday I hemmed a dozen purple napkins for largess and finished I's fifth tunic and took the bag of finished items to A&S to pass on to Ingaborg.  Back at home I started the last tunic in the series; the purple trim is a perfect match.

Leofwyna was thinking to carry her boxes out to the garage tonight.  She carried one out and discovered just how hot the garage is staying even at night and decided to wait for cooler days.  I know deep in the back of her mind she was thinking I should be doing more out there but this surely settled those ideas in a big way. 
Tuesday it was a nice day so I turned back the plastic on the winter garden to harvest enough chard for supper and water it all.  I think the beet greens are all dead but the chard is holding on and the carrots actually look healthy.  The broccolini is totally gone and now the kale is "green lace".  I have no idea what pest is doing this but so far its leaving the other stuff alone. 

I made potato/chard gratin and corned beef for supper.  The chard worked well with the potatoes but I have decided I prefer scalloped to the gratin.

I finished the hems on the seventeen purple napkins I have in hand which makes a total of 27 in this batch.  There's still a good size piece of yardage so more can be made but not in time for largess at WWM as I need to be working on some other things now. 



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