Tuesday ran out first thing to get more chicken for second set of pies, made four pies then headed to FoodNet for bread (got eight). We had to dump eight loaves that didn't get taken to the freezer space and developed mold so we're recovered to where we were. Need about eight more. Went to the library to send ingredient list to Isadora, then back home to move cooled pies to Gwyneth's freezer. Leofwyna managed to scorch final pie and offered to remake it. As she still has shortbread and second batch of mulligatawny to deal with I said we'd both deal with making another pair or pies. No point wasting expensive pinenuts so we will make two tomorrow.
Saturday after some library computer time I mowed the front yard and big verges, leaving the back and small verge as there's still some really wet spots. I watered the tomatoes and brassicas from the water barrel. Sunday we went to 17th and A(?) FoodNet and got several rolls and breads for inn, an angelfood cake, strawberries, and more. I picked up a few windows and storm windows from craigslist for the glasshouse. Sunday night was gaming with Buck again... we've all been bumped up to fifth level.
Tuesday at the library on computer, then FoodNet where I got 6 plums, strawberries, a tomato, a cucumber, eggs, do-nettes, a choc croissant and frozen boneless chicken thighs. Leofwyna and I went to a movie, War for the Planet of the Apes which was pretty good, followed by supper at Perkins.
Sunday I headed out for a quiet afternoon on the library computer, supper at Red Robin and gaming at Volkmar's with Arne as DM. Monday Leofwyna and I headed to Aurora for the Cousins' luncheon. I'm relieved that Leofwyna changed her mind about going to North Loup this week; she needs more recovery time. Both evenings were fripping in front of the tv until bedtime. Tuesday I watered the back garden, unloaded the car and put away the Gold Key totes before heading out to the library computers. Went to FoodNet where I picked up another hand of bananas, half a dozen eggs, tomatoes, chopped macadamia nuts, and so forth. I sense more baking soon. A movie didn't happen as nothing we wanted was playing right now.
Another week has passed without getting my Lilies notes transcribed. That will be my next post. This week we've had rain a couple times so getting the lawn mowed took some planning. Got that done Monday while Leofwyna was at a pre-cook for coronation. Friday was a movie... Wonder Woman was as good as friends had indicated. Other wise the week was the usual gaming on Sunday, FoodNet Tuesday*, MagMor get-together and supper on Wednesday. The computer has locked up again over the weekend and this time NTT says it's the computer and not the connection so nothing they can fix. Leofwyna has Fausti lined up for a replacement, just have to wait for it to be accomplished. So I've been spending time at the library for computer access. With the computer down I've been spending time in the evenings upstairs with Leofwyna watching tv and fripping. Got two bags done this week. This morning (Thursday) I found water on the floor downstairs again so that's to deal with today. Last night at supper Owain and Gerald sounded like they were willing to help with pruning the maple tree. If I can get Arne, too, we should be able to make good work of it without the expense of the tree surgeon who's going to be working on the tree next door. That sounds like a much better ideal fiscally. As long as no one hurts themselves.

*potato, flour, carrots, raspberries, half dozen eggs, apple turnovers, pasta, cake mix, hamberger helper, green beans
I need to find my notebook before I can post for Lilies so that will be posted out of order. Meanwhile, I came home Friday, loafed Saturday, mowed half the lawn Sunday before going to gaming Sunday evening at Theron's. Monday I finished mowing and emptied the camper and RAV. Tuesday I weeded the tomato bed and did several loads of laundry. Tuesday evening after going to FoodNet Leofwyna and I went to the cheap movies to see Wonder Woman which was well worth going downtown for. At FoodNet we'd gotten lots of bananas, a couple artichokes, two cauliflower heads, four lemons, a dozen brown eggs and more to Wednesday afternoon and evening I baked several batches of banana bread in addition to going for the Wednesday meeting and supper.
Tuesday after my massage with Cait I headed to a late lunch, then FoodNet where I picked up a couple hands of bananas, a potato, half a dozen eggs, whipping cream, and a quart 1% milk. At the sewing table tonight I finished butting strips together and started the long seams. A late night storm blew through with some heavy rain.
Tuesday I made a stop at the community garden and raked over the east end, raking the shredded weeds off to the side. Looking real good. Then headed to the other side of town for lunch and the south Goodwill, looking to fulfill a requested commission. The sheepskin is still there so tonight I ran the idea by Leofwyna about getting it for a bed pad in the camper... she thought it would be a good idea so I'll go back tomorrow in hops it's still there. On the way back to go to FoodNet the car died. A nice young man had stopped and let me use his cell. Calling Leofwyna didn't get her on the phone... she didn't have the one upstairs turned on and didn't hear the one downstairs ringing so I was only able to leave a message on the machine. Nearly an hour later the young man was back with a gallon of gas (He wouldn't allow me to pay for it, bless his heart) but the car still wouldn't start. I called Farmers for a tow and left another message for Leofwyna on his phone before he had to leave again. It was a nice neighborhood. Over the next hour three different man checked to see if I was okay. The one from the house I was in front of allowed me to visit their bathroom and later his wife came out and offered coffee or hot chocolate. The tow finally arrived (from Omaha for heaven's sake) and in no time I was finally at 24-hour where I learned sometimes it takes more than a gallon of gas to get the car started again. Who knew? It was a relief, when I got home, that Leofwyna had rationalized sufficiently so as not to worry about my absence and had gone to FoodNet without me. Since it was late when I got home we went to Golden Corral for supper. At the sewing table I broke down the cotton flannels from Kronberg for a couple tops but I can't finish either of them until I find the box of flannel I know I have somewhere.
Tuesday was a pretty day and Leofowyna was out dealing with fallen branches. All I accomplished however was FoodNet and making supper. I brought home bananas, an apple, two artichokes, a dozen eggs and a pair of 54" white shoestrings. I thought I was done with the Kronberg blocks but found myself working on another set.
Monday evening as I was putting together scalloped potatoes (using the last of my homegrown potatoes) I thought to suggest to Leofwyna that we invite Morgana to supper. She'd had a heart attack last Thursday while visiting with Cassie and was back home with two new stents. Anyway Leofwyna called and fetched her while I finished making supper and we had a nice visit with her before Leofwyna returned her home. Tuesday after I went to FoodNet we ate leftovers before heading to the movie, Logan. It was a dark ending to that particular part of the X-men series. All week I've been sleeping late and frittering away the wet, grey afternoons. Wednesday was, of course, the MagMor group followed by supper. A plan was made for a Pirate party at the Great Machine at Lilies this year. At the sewing table I'm still putting together 10.5-inch Kronberg blocks.

At FoodNet this time I got Ritz crackers, a can of white beans, two small tubes of Pringles, a couple Granny Smith apples, one potato, croissants, hard rolls, and half a dozen brown eggs.
Tuesday being pleasant (but not sunny) I headed out to get the car licensed, go to lunch and stop in at the south Goodwill where I found way more to bring home than I probably should have. This included a bushel for the garden, a purse, a couple wooden boxes (to make over for largess), a card compact, a taupe shawl, a file purse (for the gift drawer), and I don't remember what all. I got to FoodNet in good time but our row was nearly last so things were rather picked over. I got a hand of decent bananas, a tomato, poppy seed rolls, and key lime cookies. Leofwyna showed up to let me know she was going to Fibre Arts and was convinced to go through the line too. More bananas and I don't know what else but I'll be making banana bread tomorrow. While at the sewing table working on Kronberg blends Leofwyna was thinking aloud about how we might manage Gulf War and New Orleans this year. in just a couple weeks. Sounds like we'll be going!
Monday and Tuesday continued fighting off this cold and really not accomplishing much on the to-do list although we did get the camper pushed into the garage Monday. I took myself out to lunch both days. With a stop at the south Goodwill I found a beautiful green car coat which I'll give to Leofwyna as green is her color and I already have my great turquoise car coat. Tuesday I did make it to FoodNet and being the second letter called up was able to come home with some really nice stuff (qt pineapple juice, croissants, chocolate bar, runza, two big apples, onion, sweet potato, grated cheddar cheese, motzarella cheese, a fruited quick bread and crackers). When it came time for supper though I went lazy and called for a pizza from Valentino's. At the sewing table I'm still progressing through the Sash's tote fabric but the end is in sight.
Monday I went to have lunch, stopped at the library was unsuccessful as the computers were all in use. Instead I stopped at the south Goodwill where I found thread and a canning jar. At the sewing table I dug through the Kahre tote, pressing pieces and sorting them for projects. Tuesday I went to lunch and the library where I printed out forms for gaming and the mystery quilt instructions, in case I actually get around to starting something new. This afternoon I'll stop at FoodNet, Leofwyna is making supper and I'll get back to constructing kronberg blend blocks.
Monday I got the van unloaded and cleared the camper of my things. Leofwyna did supper for us. Monday and Tuesday I put in some serious time quilting on Ingabiorg's quilt. I'm determined to finish it this week. Tuesday I went to FoodNet but I was late and went in the last group. I got parsley, zucchini, honey mustard, farina, whole grain bread and eggs.
Tuesday I went to lunch and the library and managed to lose track of time and miss FoodNet this week. Instead went to the grocery store to stock up a bit for this week. After supper I continued working on kronberg blends but wasn't able to finish another top in time to add it to the pile. Wednesday after lunch and genealogy at the library I unloaded the new table from the car, loaded up the quilt tops in the car and moved the gold key out of the living room into the garage. Then I was able to head out for scribes' moot with a clear conscience. Thursday I waited to help Leofwyna move the camper out of the garage to get ready for the weekend. Then after lunch, library and supper I packed and loaded, ready to go. Today my back near tire was 'squishy' and had to go get it filled.
Sunday Owain led gaming so I played Han again.  Although I hadn't done my homework and surely missed opportunities we had a good night chasing down a pack of goblins through the back alleys of the town.  When I got home I went through the book learning what this character might be capable of and making plans when he advances.  Monday I stayed in while Leofwyna ran errands.  In the evening I sewed up a special cap to assist a project she has going.  Tuesday I headed out for lunch, haircut and the Vine Street Goodwill.  I found a replacement purse as my 'Alaskan' purse is falling apart.  Since I stopped at Joanne's for webbing I was late getting to FoodNet so I was last through the line.  I got a sweet potato, two oranges, a hand of bananas, a jicama, crackers and a loaf of bread.  At the sewing table blend squares have been assembled into a top that needs a narrow border but I set that aside for the moment to assemble blend bits and start a bit and strippie top.  
Monday I did genealogy in the afternoon and finished the black linen gammura.  Tuesday I did more genealogy in the afternoon, went out to FoodNet* and pressed the basket of cottons for stash.  Looked around for the next task and pulled the TOSB comforter off my bed to replace the binding.

* Bananas, bread, eggs, 5# whole wheat flour, spagetti, cookies and cans of green beans, spagetti sauce and chicken., 
Tuesday afternoon Leofowyna 'kidnapped' me to go look at some furniture for the spare room with an eye for storage.  At FoodNet I got a hand of really nice banans, a cauliflower, a sweet potato, some scallions, a bag of croissants, a loaf of bread, and an angelfood cake.  Doing more strip sorting at the sewing table forming up kits.  
Monday it rained, lightly, several times thoughout the day.  After lunch and computer time at the library I worked up a character for Arne's game, Buck Bannermann.  This week FoodNet was on Monday and I stopped in there on the way home.  Scored three small potatoes, a hand of bananas, a can of Campbells cream of mushroom soup, a tomato, cauliflower, half a dozen eggs, a box of croissants and an angelfood cake.  At the sewing table I'm still building the stack of pumpkins. 
Tuesday the haul from FoodNet was a bag of stuff that will go to Od, one dozen Aracuna eggs, a half dozen brown eggs, three apples, one big sweet potato, a box of elbow macaroni, a hand of very ripe bananas, one large tomato, a half pint whipping cream and a loaf of sourdough bread.  We thoroughly enjoyed the movie, Inferno, tonight... Ron Howard and Tom Hanks makes 'em consistantly well!  Back at home the sniglets squares pile passes 80 and the rough pile continues to shrink.  Leofwyna put together the first shelf... it's quite big so I see there's no room for a cold closet after all.  I need to consider her suggestion about putting it in the guest room instead. 



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