Friday Leofwyna had an appointment so I went out and helped her get unhitched from the camper and helped clear the snow off the RAV. Since I was up and out anyway I cleared my car and went to eat lunch and go to the library. Things are a little odd at the sewing table since so much of my stuff is still in the car but I'm putting together white and light strips for quilt backs for the Kronberg ladies.
Another week gone but this time it was more interesting. We loaded up the camper and headed up to Michigan. The weather was fine for most of the trip so spending nights in the camper in Walmart parking lots worked out just fine. In Frankenmuth our room at the inn was very comfortable. The purpose of the trip was so I could finally get a 'refresher' workshop with Paula Nadelstern and it was worth the trip. When we got there we discovered I'd recorded the dates wrong and we were a day early. We also discovered one of the other teachers had to back out and Ms Nadelstern agreed to do an additional half day workshop and I signed up for that too. So Saturday afternoon-evening we took a drive up toward the bay which deliniates the mitten of Michigan in an attempt to find water to view. We finally found access to the bay just as the sun went down so Leofwyna's photos mainly consists of sunset colors in a rather dark picture with a silvery strip for the water. Sunday after the 30-60 workshop in the afternoon we both attended the evening program. The two-day workshop I'd signed up for on Monday and Tuesday was totally what I'd wanted and I'm sure I can now delve into the special stash I've accumulated for the purpose. On the way home again the weather turned on us Thursday between DesMoines and Omaha with pouring rain. In Omaha as we thought we'd stop for supper the rain turned to sleet and we decided we should wait to get ourselves home and got back on the road without our supper. Good thing we did because it got progressily worse until just past the Platte River crossing we were slowed to a creep by wet snow falling heavily. Some drivers who failed to slow down ended up in the ditch; we passed at least two accident sites with police in attendance. We got home safely and decided to leave the unloading until the slop clears off.
Wednesday morning woke up to snow on the ground... light enough I don't feel the need to go scoop it fortunately. Stayed in for the afternoon wowrking on the kronberg blends... have nearly enough 10" blocks for two more tops. Rode with Leofwyna to moot which is downtown for a few weeks.
Wednesday I scooped snow from the drive and sidewalk where the 'terrible trees' south of us cast their shadow. I went to get fabric for binding the quilt when I get it finished. Back at home I got that thrown in the washer. Took a nap and headed to A&S this evening. At the sewing table put the binding together and sorted blends for kronberg quilts.
Thursday when I got up I went straight out in the cold and scooped the inch of fluffy snow and cleared the vehicles.  The sun is shining today and I want ti to be able to work on the pavement and glass.  In the evening while Leofwyna was at music practice I went for KFC for supper then at home I scooped snow that had been under the vehicles.  At the sewing tabke a couple more blend tops were added to the pile and another one started.
Wednesday after lunch Leofwyna was gone for the afternoon so I used the time on the computer doing genealogy. When I left the house again for social moot it was snowing.  The snow continued through the evening so we had to clear our vehic les a second time after supper at Tandor.  Leofwyna brought home a HUGE poinsetta plant she'd rescued from the dumpster and It's beautiful.  At the sewing table the strips have been cleaned up and I started alternating stips with lines of bits.  
Saturday while I was at the library the snow started coming down.  We got about half an inch throughout the day.  Blech!  Leofwyna made mulagatawny soup for Yule Court... garlic fumes fill the house.  Sunday we went to Yule Court in the substitute site... very close quarters but we had a nice day and a good feast.  At the sewing table the red strips are coming together in a colorful top.  
Saturday while I was out and about some dark grey clouds piled up and spat out some grapple dropping the temperaturs rather drastically.  I'm back at the sewing table downstairs putting 'reject' strips together for quilts.  We're thinking about heading out to Kronberg soon and I want to top off the pile of pieced tops.  Sunday we went to the mens' gynmastics competition.  It's the only one we'll get to this year and we enjoyed it immensely.  

Wednesday we decided not to try to go to the usual meeting (missing the chance to finish the scroll started last week) although we probably could have made it as streets were relatively cleared.  Just as well we didn't though as I started Wednesday evening with cold symptoms that laid me flat all day Thursday.  No need to spread that around.  I had thought I'd be able to keep up with the weekend plans  though and Leofwyna managed prepping the camper by herself.  However, when we got up Friday it was snowing again and neither of us wanted to get on the roads with the camper and snow.  The trip bringing the trailer home last year is still very clear in our minds.  So we missed meeting Suzi Friday, attending Sash's memorial at Clothiers Saturday and hitting thrift stores in KC Sunday. I haven't been out since last Sunday so I sure do hope my car will start when I do go somewhere this weekend.  I don't think I can stand to make it a full week before getting out somewhere...anywhere.

Saturday Leofwyna went with friends for the 99-cent sales.  I coulda waited to go with them but I wanted to check out the racks while they were fresh on Friday.  Saturday I unpacked sacks from yesterday, last weekend and all month to sort on the front room couches.  I'll pull stuff out of my room to sort and pack up in a more organized manner.  I've promised to have it all put away again before Shelly comes next week.  Monday night the winter storm blew through on schedule and dropped five inches of snow on us.  I got out Tuesday and tried to start up the snowblower (couldn't) and scooped the walks and part of the driveway.  Leofwyna went out and finished up the driveway so the slushy wet stuff underneath is prevented from becoming ice pack. 
Friday i catered to the knee and stayed off it as much as possible, used a cane as necessary and was successful in getting back to normal by Saturday.  Shelly's mother came back to the hospital Saturday and Shelly's staying with us awhile again.  We had to be quite insistant that it was no intrusion, nor too often.  We said, "You've become a household sister and had best listen to big sisters and come quietly."  I went out Monday in spite of the snow for lunch at KFC but by the time I was done the accumulation was such that I skipped errands and only stopped in at the library awhile before getting myself back home.  I found the scooping had already been done thanks to the enterprising young man who'd come last time.  Tuesday we both went to fighter practice at Easterday.  Leofwyna is one of the entry key persons.  Little Jane turned five yesterday and wanted to challange the fighters to 'five strokes' with her boffer weapon.  She plans to be a figter when she grows up.  I figure she'll probably be queen in her own right some day.  At the sewing table I'm still trimming and piecing blend strips into more tops.
Saturday we had Winter War Maneuveres out at the Lancaster event center.  The numbers were pretty low as I understand we had some competition.  There was a rather large contingent from Outlands though.  I had volunteered for clean up at the center but as it turned out the center's people were bored and waiting for the bull-riding event next door to be done later.  They said leave the table-and-chair stacking and the sweeping up for them to do.  We had only to take down the thrones and Natalya's easy-up that was the privey chamber.  Easy-peasy.  We went to supper with Isabeau and Carlos at the chinese buffet.  It sounded like folks were spreading out to several venues which was probably better than descending on one place en-mass.  Although the weather was getting filthy we went out to Waverly for the post-revel birthday party.  Belinda's cupcakes were VERY good.  I think I had four of them but that was okay as there were 200 cupcakes but I doubt there were fifty people present.  Temperatures are bitter cold so Sunday we stayed in and were very lazy.  We did spend the evening putting together a jigsaw puzzle.  Monday I went out in spite of the bitter cold just to get out awhile and we needed milk.  We got another inch of snow that night; less than predicted for a blessing.  Tuesday Leofwyna got out for her seneschal session with Cat and I paid the kid who knocked at the door to scoop our snow.  Neither of us needed to be out doing that in the bitter cold and this child has been persistant in wanting the work.  At the sewing table the sniglets are under control and I'm back to adding rows on the strippie top. 
Monday I swept half an inch of windblown snow off the front steps and sidewalk.  Then when I went to my car to do some shopping I found the car wouldn't start.  I'm hoping it's just the excessive cold and will wait 'til it's a little 'warmer to try again.  When Leofwyna got back from her errands I took the RAV to get a couple things I needed for the sewing machine.  Back at home I finished a Mountains Majesty top for Kronberg and ran a couple loads of found cotton fabric through the washer while watching television. 
Tuesday we talked Shelly into staying over another night since she finished her shopping so late.  I've been spending afternoons this week trying to find some extra little stuff for Leofwyna's stocking with no luck at all.  Told her Wednesday we're going to get her curtains done over the holiday and that met with her approval.  Wednesday there was no get together at the library; I don't like the break in the routine as I miss the conversations and silliness.  At the sewing table I've been making the lozenge blocks; it goes together very nicely.  Thursday morning we woke to 4-5 inches of snow (unexpected).  Actually what woke us was the new neighbor knocking; would we like him to blow out the driveway?  "Oh yeah, go for it!!!"  And yes, he did the sidewalks too.  We've only our entry and what's between the van and the garage to do ourselves.
Saturday we were up early to go into Denver to go to the Science and Natural History museum.  We went to three of the IMAX shows including Age of Space, Cousteau's Ocean and Humpback Whales.  In between shows we went through the Gems and Mineral display, Colorado Wildlife dioramas, Australia and the Pacific Wildlife dioramas, and several others.  We were thoroughly worn out but stopped for supper at Pete's Greektown Cafe; what wonderful food they have there.  We made a note to go again when we're in the area.  Sunday we went to laPeep for brunch; Leofwyna was delighted to find they hadn't changed.  Then we drove out to an animal sanctuary but were too late to get in.  We were able to see a camel, several dozen vicunas and a couple prides of lions from the road.  Back at home in the evening we started another jigsaw puzzle while running some laundry through but agreed to toss the puzzle as it was poorly registered.  Monday we were up and out to go back to Estes and Rocky Mountain Nat'l Park.  We saw one elk this time, several magpies and 3-4 small deer herds (only a couple bucks).  Back at the house Leofwyna's trying to get her weaving project big enough to call done.  She's having some problems with warp threads breaking but is pushing ahead in spite of it.  Tuesday is the last day of being tourists and we headed to Wyoming... Cheyenne and then Laramie by way of ___ Nat'l Forest.  We saw several very large groups of antelope while we were on the road.  In town we found a few thrift stores and I found an unopened set of pink/taupe polka dot sheets, a couple cotton cutters and a puzzle.  We also found another quilt shop for me to be tempted in and I got a replacement ruler in addition to a dozen cuts of cotton prints.  When the sun went down we hurried to beat the storm back to Loveland... there were snow flurries in the wind for 20 miles on I-80 but was clear the rest of the way.  Wednesday we were surprised the promised storm had petered out.  The snow on the ground pretty much disappeared throughout a sunny day.  We stayed at the house and started some of the packing and cleaning up.  I made baked porkchops and sweet potatoes for our supper; a yummy dish I want to remember to repeat with chicken this winter, too.  Thursday some more cleaning and loading the RAV as Agnes and Carl will pull in late this afternoon.  One more night here then we'll be on the road all day Friday heading home.  Here's hoping the weather holds one more day as we cross the plains down I-25 and I-80.

I should perhaps remind myself here and share with friends how this trip has come about.  Our friend has taken a trip to Australia and asked if we would house and cat sit while she was gone.  She is paying for the gas to and from home and we have the run of the house while we're here so there's no 'travel' expense.  Leofwyna is underwriting the gas we're using as we play tourist and she's buying the tickets for the attractions we've gone to.  I'm extremely grateful she's able and willing to do that for me.  The only money I've spent is on groceries, which I'd be doing back home anyway, and on my finds in the thrift stores. 


Feb. 5th, 2015 11:53 am
It snowed another five inches or so Wednesday morning.  Leofwyna said it hadn't snowed yet when she went to bed (abt 4am) and it was all over when I got up before 10am.  Anyway, we got out in the afternoon and discovered the snow blower won't start so we had to shovel it again.  At least it was light and fluffy 'cause no one stopped to help us finish up this time.  Since we had the vehicles in the clear and a slight case of cabin fever we took ourselves in the Ford to KFC for supper.  When we got home Leofwyn was going to take the RAV on a quick run and discovered the battery was down too far to turn over the engine and had to call for a jump, then she drove up the Interstate to get the charge back up.  We think I bumped the overhead light on when I went to the grocery store the other day.  At the sewing table the blocks are coming together for A Boys' Car.
Aside from a run to the grocery store Tuesday, we've both stayed in out of the cold.  Our massage Tuesday was canceled due to the snow accumulation and street conditions.  Even though the snow scraper came through our street they didn't do a very good job, leaving a heavy layer of ice.  At the sewing table I put a lot of the four-patches into double-four patches for a boys' quilt.  I also did some sewing up of body pillowcases for Leofwyna when she had them frippered from standard pillowcases.


Feb. 2nd, 2015 10:53 am
There's an accumulation of about 6 inches of snow this morning and the temps below freezing all day.  Purely miserable.  However, Leofwyna and I headed out to shovel since it was way too wet and heavy for the snowblower to deal with.  We were well into the task when young Billy pulled up in his big black truck and asked if we would like some help.  He's a nice fellow; wouldn't accept payment so we insisted he come in and share our brunch.  I made up a big pot of potato soup for supper as I've really got to do something with the potatoes that are trying vigourously to sprout.


Feb. 1st, 2015 11:11 am
Woke up to a very damp day with a steady snowfall lasting All Day.  Since the temps stayed above freezing it was turning to slush all day.  I went to pick up Sash and Rich to go out to the Lancaster Center for the 4-H Robotics Competition.  Unfortunately Rich had gotten called in to work (computer emergency somewhere) and Sash was feeling punk from having his meds downshifted this week.  I visited with Sash for awhile then went out to the south Goodwill (yes, again).  I found a wonderful green throw that wasn't there yesterday and hurried to let Owain know about it for his Rus cote.  Since the throw is two-sided there's more than enough fabric in it, beautiful stuff for only $30.


Dec. 30th, 2014 12:22 pm
It was snowing this morning and neither of us was inclined to go out in it.  This worked out just fine as there was still leftovers to eat and projects to occupy our time.



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