Saturday up early and loaded. Spent the day with friends sewing shirts for Gold Key and partlets for Camera Key. Since it was such a busy day for so many we had only eight there but I'm pleased with the results.
Saturday Leofwyna put together food for Herdmaster so we had some of that for our supper too. I made it an another easy day aside from loading up Gold Key. That's two pretty days and no garden progress, I'm bad. At the sewing table tonight I started putting together another top with sniglet squares that came to the surface as I dug into the pile on the table.

Sunday was Herdmaster. I dressed three from Gold Key. For handwork I took along my green silk to finish the hem. Once that was done I dug into the bag of linen to prepare coifs and hankies for my work basket. I made arrangements to hire the hall for a sewing day Saturday, May 6th 10am to 'whenever'. We'll work up shirts and chemises for Gold Key. Zino won the champion position, Kate was made herd-driver and Morgana got Espiritu. Back home at the sewing table I finished the sniglet top and started pressing a lot of cotton I'd washed this weekend.
Thursday I dug out what I think is the final box of junk fabric and started sorting and pressing to prepare it to be added to the Kronberg blend blocks. Now my bed and the loveseat are covered and I'll need to clear the bed off before I can sleep. While sorting through a laundry basket of stuff I found several cotton sheets... I need to get them made up into undertunics and shirts this spring.
Saturday after some computer time at the library and lunch I went home and seriously attempted to get the computer reconnected.  I pulled the desk out from the wall, checked all the connections and the power strip and tried opening the computer system... I did this three times thoroughly before giving up and pushing the desk back to the wall.  We still have only solitaire and Ma Jong.  So I started washing cut cutters... first the last stack from the 'red' box and then a bag full of frippered 'rolls'.

Sunday we were up and out for Baronial A&S at a very nice new (and economical) location.  Carlos talked me into helping with the judging so very little quilting was accomplished.  Carlos had succeeded in getting a good number of entries including Jane, Leofwyna, Isabeau, Natalya, Gwyneth, Zino, Volkmar(!), Aveline, Ffelix, and Halldora.  Zino's very impressive poetry entry was the winner.  There were several visitors (I dressed a couple from Gold Key), many of whom were 'self costumed'.  At the sewing table I'm cutting the red into strips for another Kronberg top.
Thursday early I woke with a crashing headache.  Hadn't had one of those since a year ago May.  Managed to sleep it off by eleven, thank goodness!  Picked up the wheelbarrow at five and trundled three loads of old hay from a "free" pile a block away.  Tucked the first load and a half around the very healthy potato plants and stockpiled the rest in the second compost pile.  Will called (last minute) this morning for Gold Key for his mother at Lilies so went through totes for that in the evening cool (sic) and sorted them out as I went.  At the sewing table started assembling Honey Bear top for cuddle quilt.
Friday Leofwyna and I went out to help with setting up JAV.  The pavillion, presence sunshade and three subsidiary sunshades were put up in the SCA area and archery got a sunshade up the hill.  Sunday we were up very early and on site around nine.  It was a beautifully clear, sunny day with a lovely cool breeze.  The best weather for JAV I remember ever having.  We got all the camera key totes emptied onto hangers and tables and had the camera booth ready for the day by ten.  At that point I realized the male partlets were not there... epp!  So Leofwyna and I made a dash back home to fetch them.  (She went along for the AC in the van.)  The faire went smoothly and well except for one of the steel fighters falling wrong and messing up his shoulder requiring him and a friend to head off to the hospital.  I gotta say by the time the day was done and everything packed up I was more than finished.  I was in bed by midnight.
Monday and Tuesday Leofwyna's painting the front door and I'm sorting, packing up and working on some of the camera key items.  Tuesday afternoon Craig finished the doors by tweeking some little fittings, flanges and things.  The front door light WORKS.  Turns out it was a dead lightbulb.  Apparently so was the one we replaced it with!!!  Who would guess that?

NOTE:  Turns out I was ahead of myself as Craig didn't show up Tuesday.  Leofwyna put in the new front door latch and lock herself.  Learned it was rather easier than we were lead to expect; she coulda had it done months ago!  We still need to have Craig come back when we're available for it.
It's Saturday again and Trinket is still with us, making it ten days now.  Carlos had surgery Thursday.  Wednesday was a finance committee meeting for next year's WWM planning; I was quilting on the Castle Quarters.  That really needs to move along faster.  The weather alternates between fine and chilly rains but never warm quite long enough to dry out the raised beds for working over.  Leofwyna has been wondering why I've "wasted" lovely weather since they haven't been worked yet.   The sniglets are almost a completed pile of 7.5-inch squares.  Today I carried the camera key totes back out to the garage; the Gold Key will go to Kate this week so they're available for Herdmaster while we're gone in Colorado. 
The computer has been down all week and I just haven't found the time or energy to deal with moving stuff away from the desk so I can get to it.  On top of that we've had little Trinket with us since Thursday and with Carlos ending up in hospital we've got the pup a few additional days.  I got the Kronberg tops exchanged last Wednesday with Opal for a few boxes of fabric scraps which are still in the car.  About the only progress made on anything this week is a brocade panel added to the dark rose dress in camera key and the bag of sniglets developed into a pile of assemblages ready to cut down in uniform squares for another top.  And meals... I've done four meals this week and avoided it twice by calling for a pizza delivery one night and telling Leofwyna to select something from the leftovers another night. 
Saturday it rained some.  I did a blouse conversion to a sleave-partlet with collar and cuff ruffles.  Leofwyna had an appliance repairman in to deal with the dishwasher.  Sunday I sewed up Leofwyna's tan striped open-sided surcoat.  Monday we both went to Hancocks where she got more linen for another surcoat and lining material for her curtains.  I picked up two 10-packs of machine needles.  
Wednesday I put the 'oh shiney' trim on the cranberry velveteen doublet and finished the first half before Leofwyna rousted me up to go to the farble at the Deorr's.  Only Bindi and Gerald were there besides us.  I worked on the quilt while there. Thursday I was pretty lazy, only working on processing a box of fabric samples to add to the pieces for another lozenge top.  I noticed a few crocus showing early this week but today (Thursday) there are several dozen showing and the forsythia is beginning to bloom.  Friday I finished the second half of the cranberry velveteen doublet and joined the two parts with a velveteen tube down the inside of the front.  Looks very good.

Sunday I finished the green linen Byzantine for Leofwyna, then Monday I altered it by narrowing the shoulder seams a total of four inches.  Tuesday I started putting together the cranberry red cotton velveteen doublet for camera key.  Zino approached me at supper following fighter and fiber about embroidering the bull on a herald's document folder for baronial court.   Also at supper Leofwyna and I were sitting with Killian and Kristi talking vacations past and future which has Leofwyna thinking about where else we might go this year in addition to the two trips to Colorado and the trip to the 50th Celebration in Indiana.  I can see how gardening, preparing for and running a rummage sale, and building the glasshouse is going to get crowded somewhat, not to mention lawnmowing and canning.

Friday after lunch I stopped in at the southern Goodwill (no luck) and back at home I converted two blouses into partlets with sleeves.  In the evening downstairs I found a box of 'church' squares that I commenced cutting down to 3.5 to work with the 'program'.
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I've been getting the three half-shirts put together.  I only have to do the ties now.  Wednesday was changed to business moot since suddenly we don't have a meeting space next week.  The gang all went to Red Robin after moot.  Since the weather has been so fine for a couple weeks I'm considering the possibility of working some of the raised beds early this year.  Now, just to get the energy pulled together to actually do so.
Monday i spent some time on a couple of the three half-shirts.  Downstairs in the evening I continued processing the cutters that have been in the works off and on for a week.  They've been washed, ironed and the lights have been stripped out.  Most recently I've been stripping out the darks.
We've continued to have beautiful weather all week. Wednesday I set the replacement satin center panel in the child's purple velour dress for camera key before heading out to A&S where I led the discussion on choli. I told the girls they could call to meet with me one-on-one for actually fitting and sewing these. I learned that the blocky construction was a more modern variation; the period paintings show the scoop neck bodice form instead. Thursday I cut the garnet velveteen for a doublet but I didn't get around to sewing it up. The weekend was really busy beginning with Friday in Auburn and Bellevue for Shelly's funeral. Isabeau and Carlos rode with us. Others there from Magmor were Isadora, Volkmar, Asa, and Vasilla. Isadora and Volkmar invited us over for the evening. We took along the Balderdash game and I was soundly beaten by the three of them. Saturday Leofwyna and I hit all the Goodwill stores for the 99-cent sales where I had lots of luck finding cotton cutters, a black/red brocade skirt and a sweater dress. Sunday we went up to Omaha for the Chanticleer performance. We headed out early enough to eat at Pla Too and stop in at a few thrift stores. I came away with only a belt for Gold key.
Tuesday I got my choli print-out done.  Just need to do multiple copies before A&S tomorrow.  Back at home I un-did the work on the blue/gold skirt and re-did it with two widths instead of one... much better results.  Leofwyna stayed home with her cold while I went to Fighters and Fibers where I worked on the quilt. 
Saturday Morgana came over I put her to work on half-shirts, Leofwyna worked on the blue/gold brocade skirt and I worked on the red brocade skirt and the cream 'crewel' skirt.  Sunday we had both Morgana and Kate although Kate was here for help with her gambeson pattern.  Morgana continued working on the half-shirts and I started a doublet from the cream 'crewel' stuff.  Leofwyna opened the backs of a couple girls' costumes she'd picked up in Colorado and got them hemmed and ties added.  Monday I went to get my car re-licensed, got a haircut (too short all over) but wasn't able to get on a computer at the library so no print-outs yet.   We've been having some beautiful who-needs-a-coat weather for a week which looks to keep going another week.  Will we have a warm spring or more nasty, blustery winter?
Thursday morning Leofwyna called from Florida.  Shelly died in her sleep.  What a distressing thing to have happen the first day of their vacation.  Leofwyna posted the following to the Barony...  "I'm afraid that I have sad news to impart. While starting our vacation in Florida, Sabina le Smith/Shelly Smith Myers (Toli's widow) passed away gently in her sleep last night. I have no details on why she died or when the family will be able to make arrangements.  Try to take comfort, as I am, in knowing that she is now where she most wanted to Toli's arms.  Hug your peeps tonight."  Leofwyna called again in the afternoon.  She'd successfully changed her flight to Friday.

I spent my days Thursday and Friday as originally planned finding and setting up for my sewing days for Camera Key and Gold Key.  I'm not getting a lot of response to my request for labor except for Morgana.  Kate is coming too but she'll be working on her gambason project so she can get advice during the process.  Oh well, Leofwyna will be back and I'll set her to work on some of it too.  Friday evening I actually got one blouse made over into a sleeve-partlet to add to camera key while I waited for Leofwyna to get home.
Friday I continued to take it easy but at least stayed awake enough to do some sewing on the sniglets blocks.  Leofwyna treated me to supper Friday and on Saturday she cleared the snow (from Tuesday) off my car and moved it into the sun to finish thawing.  I was determined to get out awhile so went to lunch and stopped at the south Goodwill where I found a small metal mesh ironing board to replace the fiberboard one that has turned out to be unsatisdactory.  I also found three pair of long white cotton stockings and a really nice garnet and gold drape for making up for key garments.  I stopped at the grocery store on the way home for supper makings and treats but I've worn myself out.  I'll sleep well tonight.



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