Monday after lunch and library computer time I returned home to move the rest of the cement blocks into the backyard. Leofwyna had the camper out for battery and brake light repairs. Apparently the connection to the battery wasn't tight enough and so lost power, they're recharging the battery she'll go back to pick it up tomorrow. We both had massages tonight... so much worth the money to keep joints and muscles happy.
Tuesday and Ingabiorg came over to do massages. I now feel GREAT! Went to lunch and library computer and forgot (again) to print out results. Leftovers for supper and more fripping with television.
Tuesday after my massage with Cait I headed to a late lunch, then FoodNet where I picked up a couple hands of bananas, a potato, half a dozen eggs, whipping cream, and a quart 1% milk. At the sewing table tonight I finished butting strips together and started the long seams. A late night storm blew through with some heavy rain.
Wednesday afternoon we had massages and in the evening was the Magmor social followed by supper at Outback. Plans are being made for Gerald and MagMor to host a Pirate Party at the Great Machine during Lilies. I'm thinking on being Old Mother Hatchet and I may be cooking 'rat' on skewers for the party treats. I'm also making treasure maps to use for flyers and four days of treasure hunts.
Thursday I stayed in to work on the quilt all afternoon. In the evening we had Ingabiorg in for massages and Owain came along to discuss autocrat stuff with Leofwyna and to have me put together his armband. He asked about my dental work again so I really need to start some research into that.
Tuesday was a rather laid back day.  Checked for squash at the community garden but the borers appear to have completed their work killing the rest of those plants.  Someone had 'flattened a few feet of my fence.  Either they took what squash was left or no more had developed since I harvested last week.  The shell beans are looking good.  I did bestir myself to clear up some things in honor of Shelley coming up.  Leofwyna did supper though so I had it pretty easy.  She used my broccoli to make my favorite salad with bacon bits, onion and sunflower seeds.  Wednesday was supposed to be a massage but that got postponed so I headed to the south Goodwill (trug, two red goblets, two pkg pens and small notebook) and the library early for some computer time.  There was A&S with Zino telling us about early stone polishing techniques.  Leofwyna and I may be trying some of this eventually.  Some highly interesting conversations tonight were quite eye-opening.  Oh, and a note about a sharp pain in the right hip joint in the night interupting sleep and continuing into the morning was dealt with (a heavy dose of ibuprofin).  Hasn't come back yet.


Apr. 9th, 2015 05:59 pm
It's been more than a week since I posted.  I got the tote sorting completed and put away over the weekend.  The Easter bunny made it's annual stop by.  Monday we had massages.  Tuesday I had a visitor for Gold Key.  I've hemmed a couple pair of jeans for a friend and started some sewing of short sets for Leofwyna.  I've gone and paid or my community garden plot and have permisson to go ahead with my fencing and planting before orientation.  I've been regreting not getting that garden work completed last week when the weather was fine because we're now having several grey, damp days... hey, it's April!  Forsythia and daffodils brighten the yard in spite of the weather.


Feb. 15th, 2015 11:30 am
We had massages in the afternoon.  In the evening Leofwyna went to the ballet with Isadora and I loafed.

Note:  Prickles on left hand, left haze and right back headache.
Sunday and Monday afternoons I turned over the raised veggie beds in the back yard, pulling weeds as I went, getting roots and all out of the loosened clods.  Monday I pulled the three trugs of city compost out of the garage to add to the three long beds.  I got Leofwyna's help to carry the bushel of potatoes in to the back landing which is probably the coolest part of the house.  She spent a similar amount of time putting her roses to bed and trimming down the yews by the front door.  Monday night we had our massage therapist in and, oh boy, that felt good!  And tonight I started putting together the blocks on the first of two cobblestone tops for the Kronberg ladies.  Oh, and it's snowing tonight; timing is everything!
Monday evening we had our massages. At the sewing table I'm adding logs and cornerstones to the last sett.  After a very short night I was up early Tuesday to pick up Morgana and make the early run to the airport.  Back at home I went back to bed.
Thursday I'd intended to do some garden work but postponed that to do some 'stuff' moving from laundry to guest room.  Leofwyna wanted to sort through some totes of fabric for a project first which took quite a lot of time and wore her out... nothing got moved before she cleaned up and headed out for music practice.  She brought Ingaborg back with her for our massage sessions.  I benefit greatly from this; I haven't had stiff shoulders nor headaches since we started doing this regularly.  At the sewing table I keep adding 'logs' to the blocks.
Wednesday I only got the community garden watered and some tomatoes delivered to Sash before going to moot where final discussions and plans were made for Cattle Raids.  I skipped out on supper this time though. Back at home at the sewing table I'm putting purple/gold pairs together.

Thursday in addition to watering the community garden and the lawn at home I straightened up the house in anticipation of the visit of our masseuse.  Unfortunately she wasn't feeling well today and cancelled.  At the sewing table tonight I assembled purple/gold quads while we watched So You Think You Can Dance and Project Runway.

Thursday I mowed the back yard.  Haldara dropped off a grocery bag of overgrown cukes and I peeled, cored and sliced the lot to get it into the fridge.  I need to find the pickling lime to get that started.  When Leofwyna got back from her appointment she took up the rest of the mowing and got it finished.  Yay.  I'd arranged for Ingaborg to come this evening for massages for both of us.  It's been a long while but I didn't realize it had been six months but she insists that is so.  While we watched the beginning of the 13th season of Project Runway I got the blue cotton spread cut down and bound for Leofwyna to give to Owain... the last bit of the wedding present to go with the camp bed.  Hard to believe it's been nearly four years already.  It's really incredible how time flies for me now.
This afternoon I sewed the squash blossom blocks together and then the Happy blocks which are now ready for the border.  Tuesday evening I was still after Leofwyna about, "When is our massage?" since she hadn't gotten it on the calendar.  She finally called this evening after eight, and voila, our massages are Tuesday.  This Tuesday.  I'm sure glad I'd kept on her about it or the masseuse would have been knocking at our door and we wouldn't have been ready.
Sunday afternoon we got out and did some more yardwork.  Leofwyna put the winter protection on her rosebushes while I put things away in the garage and rearranged more piles of leaves using the yard vacuum to break them down to put on the next 'working' bed.  That evenng on Freecycle I saw there was some black dirt available so Monday morning I took off with the van and some bushel baskets... SCORE!  If there's any still there Thursday I'll drag Leofwyna over to help get another load.  Monday evening I headed over to Writing group where I managed to reconstitute a little ditty from my childhood to add to my book.  Then at the end of day was this month's massage; I'm lovin' those.  Oh yes, we're on Sammy duty again this week.
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I've been out covering the brussel sprouts at night as it's been really cold.  Temperatures are predicted to be good now for another week and with some watering I'm hoping the little buttons have a chance to fill out so I can get a meal or two off these plants before I pull them for the zoo animals.

Wednesday before moot I was talking with Sash and I think I'll be going to Battlemor next August with the apprentice gang to work in the Tailor's booth.  We're having an apprentice weekend this Saturday so more discussion of this no doubt.  Back at home Wednesday I mentioned being in Colorado next August and how about making a vacation out there so maybe Leofwyna'll come out and pick me up for a 'trip'.  (I'm pretty sure she will skip the war camp and just catch me up at the end of it.)

On Ancestry-dot-com I seem to have a problem so work there is slowed until I can get that figured out.  I've been working, instead, on some cutters washing, ironing and cutting.  I have finally cleared the pile of grocery bags full of cutters I had accumulated.  My plastic stacks of drawers are getting full but I need to work through more rough before I begin construction.  And I really need to get focused and look in my stash for purple and gold to get that project begun and completed within the next year as I'm already benefiting from the massages I'm getting in trade for it.
Thursday morning a huge thunderstorm came through and  we ended up with water in the southeast corner of the basement so I MUST get the downspout out there redone this fall.  Meanwhile Leofwyna went out this morning for a new water-vac and we need to line up our "bucket brigade" to get everything out of that room and into the garage this weekend.  Now I'm debating with myself regarding postponing the garage sale to next spring as I don't think we can set up 'around' the great pile of stuff that will then be in the garage although if the weather is nice I could set up on the driveway.  Do I trust the weather this far along in the fall?  Tonight Ingaborg was here and we both got a massage... heaven!!!  Oh, and another thunderstorm blew through.
Having four days off in a row Leofwyna made plans for a mini vacation.  Monday afternoon I cut back the primrose where I want to put in the water barrel. I used the crushed brick Leofwyna was discarding to fill and level the area for the cement block we'd gotten to raise the barrel. The rest of the work, though, will have to wait as Leofwyna had scheduled a massage for both of us in the evening.  Tuesday we went up to Omaha for the day.  She tried to arrange for a friend to join us but she wasn't feeling well this week.  We hit several Thrift World stores before going to the Lauritzen Gardens for a Peace Love Etcetra concert.  We had nearly perfect weather for the day and evening, the sprinkles holding off to the end of the evening.
Wednesday I spent time at the library computer lab before heading out to A&S.  Back at home in the late hours I've been breaking down cutters.  Thursday I sorted boxes, moving about a third of them into Leofwyna's bedroom and condensing the rest into a couple neat piles in the livingroom and dining area.  This was mainly done so there would be room for the massage table; I now owe Ingaborg when she next needs something done.  Thanks to her work my shoulders are much more limber and comfortable.  She did a range of motion check on hip and shoulder joints and I did much better than anticipated! Friday after using up my available computer time at the library I headed out to JAV to help set up for Saturday's faire and Saturday I did the same process only helping with take down and furnishing van space for the baronial tables.  I had decided that although I no longer had the dogs for an excuse I still was in no shape (stamina-wise) to do the entire day this year.  A storm blew in Saturday night and is revisiting us Sunday afternoon so the lawn is getting enormously shaggier.  At least the veggie plants are getting a thorough soak. 
Tuesday I got out to turn over one of the three long veggie beds.  I managed to avoid disturbing the one lonely chard plant that's coming back again from last year.  It's one that produced through the winter of the hoophouse and is still sending up new growth.  The weather is already beginning to turn; it was nice and cool for the work I was doing though.  Ingaborg came in the evening for my last earned massage. 



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