Sunday I headed out for a quiet afternoon on the library computer, supper at Red Robin and gaming at Volkmar's with Arne as DM. Monday Leofwyna and I headed to Aurora for the Cousins' luncheon. I'm relieved that Leofwyna changed her mind about going to North Loup this week; she needs more recovery time. Both evenings were fripping in front of the tv until bedtime. Tuesday I watered the back garden, unloaded the car and put away the Gold Key totes before heading out to the library computers. Went to FoodNet where I picked up another hand of bananas, half a dozen eggs, tomatoes, chopped macadamia nuts, and so forth. I sense more baking soon. A movie didn't happen as nothing we wanted was playing right now.
Saturday I went and pulled earth in over the potatos and put in bush bean seeds. Later I got one of the long beds turned over, composted, calcified and planted eight tomato plants and two basil. Now I'm all stiff and sore but progress is being made.
Sunday afternoon I did four batches of banana bread, clearing out all but two bananas. I also went out and put seed in the brassica bed... brussel sprout, broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage. I put chicken wire over that bed to hopefully discourage the robins, rabbits and squirrels. Gaming was at the Doerrs tonight with Arne doing DM duties. He's jumped us up to third level in order to get better adventures going.
Sunday after lunch and computer time at the library I returned to sifting compost.  Leofwyna cut out this year's brassicas for me to carry to the Children's Zoo tomorrow.  The big east compost pile is shrinking steadily but not nearly as quickly as I hoped.  Next year's brassica bed will be ready this winter to be seeded sometime in March with brussel sprouts, broccoli, and cauliflower.  About five years ago when I accomplished this was the best broccoli harvest I've ever had and I want that sort of success again.  At gaming in the evening we set up for a new adventure under a new dm, Arne.  We haven't started it yet but characters are being developed.  Our usual game under Volkmar started late but was some good play.  I took the lead going up an alternate route with great success and the encounter with a pair of owlbears was well done.  Back at home at the sewing table I'm sewing up mountains majesty blocks.
Thursday after lunch and computer time went home to dig up the rest of the potatoes and started harvesting the compost from the big east bin.  We went to Golden Corral for supper.  Back home at the sewing table I cut and machine sewed the initial seams on six coifs for Halftroll from his old fighter tunic.

Friday after lunch, since the library was closed, returned home to work on the compost sifting awhile.  Made Mom's spagetti for supper although I went amok with the cheese.  Continued sewing Halftroll's coifs up.
Thursday after lunch and some computer time at the library I stopped in at the grocery and planned three meals for the weekend.  Back at home I emptied the water barrels for the winter, harvested the green tomatoes, pulled the vines and stacked the cages.  I put together pizza for supper.  At the sewing table I finished the tea party top and started a junk top for Kronberg which was nearly finished, too, when I 'hit the wall' and headed up to bed.  Leofwyna had tiles laid out all over the laundry room floor trying to decide on a layout and figure how many to buy as some of the stuff we'd picked up didn't work due to size, depth or grout style.  She's brought home one tub of mud and I'm just waiting for her to be out of the way to start the scratch coat.  I think more than one tub of that size may be required though.
Oops, I let this go nearly a week so lets see what I can remember.  There were a few tomatoes available for picking beginning with the little'uns this week, a few Early Girls and a really big and appropriately named Big Boy. I dealt with garb laundry off and on all week.  A lot of time has gone into putting sniglets together and I'm only beginning to put 'threes' together.  Thursday while Leofwyna was out I mowed half the lawn, rain rolled in and put a stop to that.  Friday afternoon we went to a movie, Jason Bourne.  The saga continues.  Back at thome I finished the lawn while Leofwyna work on weeds invading the sidewalks.  Saturday was Gwyneth's pre-cook. I went for cutting up, left to go to the library awhile, then returned to help with clean-up.  Our computer was acting up over the weekend but has settled down again.  Sunday I went again to Theron's for gaming.  Monday I grilled steaks for supper with green beans and garden potatoes   In the evening I finally got the cinnamon pickles canned... 13 pints of pickles plus one pint of cinnamon syrup.  Tuesday Leofwyna was gone for a pre-cook.  Quick storms came through; one out by Pioneer Park and one through Havelock.  Fighters thought they might have to cancel but they were spared.  After going to FoodNet I brought home one potato, one lime, strawberries, spagetti, one artichoke, one zucchini, a veggie tray, half a dozen brown eggs, cooked salmon, a jug of diet pepsi and fat free cream cheese,  I've cooked the eggs and potatoes (accumulated from FoodNet and my garden) to make potato salad.  I made a lettuce salad for my supper with strawberries, pod peas, tiny tomatoes but no salmon (it was too fishy for me).  I'm still working on that bottle of wonderful cherry vinegrette.  I sure hope I can find more of it when the bottle's empty.  Wednesday afternoon I cleared up the kitchen, made banana bread and muffins and cleared up the kitchen again before heading out for A&S-largess a little late but I won't miss out on the supper group going to Old Chicago.
Sunday I went to the library and central Goodwill.  I found a small bellows which will help when we have campfires.  I'll probably need to replace the leather on it.  I pressure cooked pork for supper again, watered the garden, boiled cinnamon syrup for the third time and mopped up the laundry room.  At the sewing table I pressed a load of pink-red cutters ready to work on next.  Monday we drove up to Aurora for the cousins' lunch and delivered elevan tops and six sheets to Beth Andreasson for the Kronberg Quilt group.  At the sewing table this evening I sorted and started stripping the batch from Kronberg Beth gave me.
Saturday Leofwyna headed out of town for the day so I got busy in the afternoon and weeded the three long beds and weeded or cropped the four square ones.  While I was at it I pruned up the ten tomato plants so further weeding and mulching will be much easier.  Found another volunteer potato plant that was hiding in the weeds in one of the square beds so I'll let that grow another week or two, until we've used the potatoes I pulled a few days ago.  I worked on the laundry off and on through the day as well.  Tonight I have the stomach ache.
Tuesday I finally finished emptying the camper and dug out the volunteer potato plant I'd allowed to mature in one of the square raised beds.  We had 'baked' new potatoes with pressure cooked ribs for a nice fast supper.  At the sewing table I'm putting together a pink and purple strippie top for Kronberg.
Thursday early I woke with a crashing headache.  Hadn't had one of those since a year ago May.  Managed to sleep it off by eleven, thank goodness!  Picked up the wheelbarrow at five and trundled three loads of old hay from a "free" pile a block away.  Tucked the first load and a half around the very healthy potato plants and stockpiled the rest in the second compost pile.  Will called (last minute) this morning for Gold Key for his mother at Lilies so went through totes for that in the evening cool (sic) and sorted them out as I went.  At the sewing table started assembling Honey Bear top for cuddle quilt.
Friday after a couple computer sessions at the library I went to find tomato seedlings for the garden.  I've decided to set them in the very wet raised beds and hope for the best.  I found some heirlooms and remembered how well Dennis' did last year so I bought four different kinds of heirlooms and four familiar kinds.  I avoided Romas this year since they didn't do well for me at all last year.  I was putting the last four plants in the ground (mud) as the next rain was beginning.  At the sewing table at the end of the night I've boxed up the lozenges as I need more variety in 2" squares before I continue.  Back to processing and stripping.
NOTE:  Leofwyna requested grape tomatoes so I went back for a couple more plants and got them put in Saturday.
Saturday I got another long veggie bed dug over but with the chilly night temps I decided to wait to plant the potatoes until this weather passes.  Leofwyna ordered in pizza for our supper, bless her heart.  Sunday we picked up Morgana and went to Crete to spend the afternoon playing dominos with Carlos again.  At the sewing table these nights I finished the second 'water' strip quilt top and started sorting through piles on the table looking for the next thing to finish up. 
Saturday I took the hazardous waste to the place at NW4th and Cornhusker.  Saw three deer coming out of the property there.  Did only one computer session; was so tired I took two afternoon naps.  Finally got out to work in the garden but early on slipped off the seat while weeding and wrenched my left wrist catching myself.  Skipped any digging and finished up cutting back weeds in all the beds so at least it all looks better.  At the sewing table finished the 4x4 top for Kronberg then ironed a basket of solids.  Sunday we headed down to Crete again for more Mexican Trail dominos and I came out on top again. 
Friday I started the day digging over the first of three long beds.  Then I went to eat and do time on a computer.  I was so tired though that I only did one session before heading home for a nap.  In the evening I barely pulled it together long enough to plant the brassica seedlings.  Fortunately Leofwyna brought Chinese home for supper.  At the sewing table I finished up the 4x4 square blocks needed to finish the top.  Headed up to bed early.
It's Saturday again and Trinket is still with us, making it ten days now.  Carlos had surgery Thursday.  Wednesday was a finance committee meeting for next year's WWM planning; I was quilting on the Castle Quarters.  That really needs to move along faster.  The weather alternates between fine and chilly rains but never warm quite long enough to dry out the raised beds for working over.  Leofwyna has been wondering why I've "wasted" lovely weather since they haven't been worked yet.   The sniglets are almost a completed pile of 7.5-inch squares.  Today I carried the camera key totes back out to the garage; the Gold Key will go to Kate this week so they're available for Herdmaster while we're gone in Colorado. 
Sunday I finally got the other two potato beds dug up.  There were half a dozen potatoes, randomly placed, that were complete 'mush'.  All the rest though were firm and lovely... I just wish I could avoid spearing 10% with the potato fork as I'm getting them out.  There was not as many as I would like.  These white potatoes, which Leofwyna likes so well, aren't nearly as prolific as the red ones I prefer.  Besides the red ones show up better as I'm digging which is another plus.  While I was doing that Leofwyna was blowing the leaves into piles and once I was done with the potatoes I pitched in 'tarping' the leaves to the compost bins.  We still had one pile when we lost the light so we covered it in anticipation of the coming rain.  Monday was damp all day and it was a relief to take it easy.  I wan't able to get the computor dealt with as I was reminded we'd changed phone coverage last winter and I don't have the new numbers.  Leofwyna will have to deal with that.  I spent one cycle on the computor at the library before coming home to make a pot of potato/hamberger soup to use up the damaged potatoes. 

Agnes and Carl arrived on schedule Thursday exhausted from the very long day of travel.  As can be expected, sleep while in flight was sporatic and unsatisfying.  Leofwyna had prepared homemade chicken noodle soup for supper and it was not long before they headed off to bed.  Friday when we got up we finished loading (I'd gotten more than half the loading done during the day Thursday) and got on the road before noon.  The day was clear and beautiful and we made it home by mid evening with no trouble at all.  Taking only the pillows in we left the unloading (including the ice chest) until Saturday.  I'm reminded the computor is on the fritz but can do nothing about it until Monday; hopefully a phonecall (and long wait therein) will solve the problem.  So Saturday morning I dressed promptly upon awakening, unloaded the RAV while Leofwyna checked in with Morgana.  Morgana had arranged with Leofwyna to pick her up after her knee surgery to take her home and see her settled.  I ran a few errands, including getting my fenceposts from the 'pile' at the community garden, before putting stuff away outside and setting to work getting the raised beds ready for winter.  I ended the day running the No. 1 sewing machine awhile.  It may well be the one that will be sold as it is somewhat noisy running.  I soon switched to No. 2... a much smoother running machine.  I will clean, oil and run the new No. 3 machine soon to see if it's a keeper or can be sold off, too.

Saturday was the local celebration for Sash's life.  There was a lovely display of his work and photos and a good turnout for it.   Shelly stayed until Sunday afternoon, then we worked in the backyard late clearing branches and reducing the logs to pile up.  We'll deal with the logs in November; we want to put together the pollinator boxes with them.  I got the beans shelled, bagged and put in the freezer.  Monday I cleared the tomato plants from the garden and mowed the entire yard since there was a possibility of rain Tuesday night.  Tuesday we finished in the garage and pulled in the camper for the winter.  I did laundry and packed up for the trip.  Wednesday Leofwyna stayed home preparing for the next three weeks while I went on over to moot.  There's no philosophy this month or next but we did have a finance committee meeting to deal with WWM details and Yule Court site.  Thursday I canned the last of the tomatoes and cleaned out the refridgerater.  All week at the sewing table I was doing nine-patches and there's still more to do to empty that box.  There should be enough of them for a couple tops.
Monday I got the car emptied and some stuff put away.  Natalya came over to get garb for a couple friends.  All while Leofwyna shifted and organized some more in the garage.  Tuesday I was up early to head back to Kronberg for a quilters' luncheon.  It was a nice visit with the other ladies who furnish quilt tops, one of whom is cousin Marlys, and the ladies who finish and package them for delivery. Back at home I harvested potatoes from one of the three raised beds.  Also got a few more small heads of broccoli so we'll have our favorite salad a couple more times.  While we were out back Leofwyna cut some of the low branches off the maple tree... we need to do more of that this fall so the garden can get some sun next year.  At the sewing table I'm assembling nine-patches.



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