Monday evening as I was putting together scalloped potatoes (using the last of my homegrown potatoes) I thought to suggest to Leofwyna that we invite Morgana to supper. She'd had a heart attack last Thursday while visiting with Cassie and was back home with two new stents. Anyway Leofwyna called and fetched her while I finished making supper and we had a nice visit with her before Leofwyna returned her home. Tuesday after I went to FoodNet we ate leftovers before heading to the movie, Logan. It was a dark ending to that particular part of the X-men series. All week I've been sleeping late and frittering away the wet, grey afternoons. Wednesday was, of course, the MagMor group followed by supper. A plan was made for a Pirate party at the Great Machine at Lilies this year. At the sewing table I'm still putting together 10.5-inch Kronberg blocks.

At FoodNet this time I got Ritz crackers, a can of white beans, two small tubes of Pringles, a couple Granny Smith apples, one potato, croissants, hard rolls, and half a dozen brown eggs.
Thursday was another lazy day. I did get up enough energy to straighten up the kitchen (taking out compost, doing dishes, etc) but after that I settled at the sewing table with the kronberg blends again. We came to an agreement that we'd skip Clothiers... no point going when we weren't really interested in any of the classes and we've been to a couple kingdom events already this year. Friday we went to an afternoon senior rate movie and saw The Space Between which was fairly good.
Saturday after lunch and a couple sessions on the library computer I finished peicing the pumpkin tower banner abd made up a batch of banana bread.  It was a pretty day but Leofwyna and I agreed to take it easy a day since we knew the next few days will be even prettier for working outdoors.
Monday, although I started out well enough getting the load taken to the Goodwill and cleaning up the kitchen, I ended up feeling quite 'crumped' and had to force myself to at least accomplish the laundry while I lazed away the afternoon.  At the sewing table in the evening while Leofwyna had the computer I sewed the pairs into four-squares.
Monday I futzed and puttered around all afternoon expecting Leofwyna and thinking I needed to be there to help deliver the RAV to the repair center.  When she gets home about four it turns out that's two blocks up the street and I'm not needed so I took off to run a couple errands.  Tuesday after sleeping past noon I loafed through the afternoon and in the evening we went to a $5 movie (Inside Out... it was a notional original animation).
Wednesday I wasn't able to get into the gardens so I loafed at home some.  I've been trying to sort stuff in my room, adding things I'd purchased over the last couple months to the mix and putting up garb.  I did manage to regain a little floor space.  In the evening Leofwyna, Shelly and I went to Social Moot followed by supper with half the gang at the Parthenon while the other half went to Red Robin.
Sunday I spent a good part of the day loafing but finally got in gear and spent an hour in the community garden trimming the grass along the outside of the fenceline and watering thoroughly.  Want to soften things up for weeding tomorrow.  Harvested one squash and a handful of green beans.
Thursday I ran Leofwyna over to pick up her RAV... hit the library for a talking book for the car... but mostly loafed the day away.  A brief stop at the community garden shows many, many little yellow squash to plan on eating soon.  I harvested one nice sized one to start the season.  At the sewing table I've been putting together upholstery sample silk crazy blocks and cutting them to 12-inch squares to eventually embroider.
All quiet, cold days with the usual computer, sewing table and supper-making cycles. 


Feb. 15th, 2015 11:30 am
We had massages in the afternoon.  In the evening Leofwyna went to the ballet with Isadora and I loafed.

Note:  Prickles on left hand, left haze and right back headache.


Dec. 30th, 2014 12:22 pm
It was snowing this morning and neither of us was inclined to go out in it.  This worked out just fine as there was still leftovers to eat and projects to occupy our time.
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday... lovely weather... plenty of progress on the log cabin blocks... visiting Morgana's cat daily... utterly lazy otherwise.  
Friday and Saturday... I've become a slug with Leofwyna gone on her trip.  The computer and sewing machine hold my attention and only the responsibility of feeding Morgana's cat gets me cleaned up and out of the house.  The weather has been fine and I shouldn't be wasting it with only a week left in October.
Saturday and Sunday Leofwyna worked.  Saturday I got the car cleared out, but I still need to sort those bags from 99-cent purchases.  That became a bit of a loafing day though.  Sunday I finally got the tomato vines tied up and then dealt with several loads of laundry.
Monday resembled Sunday in loafing levels except Leofwyna was gone to work.  I followed up a Craig's List lead and Tuesday I purchased a tent for when I go camping alone.  That way the big tent can last a little longer for the two of us and it should be a lot easier to put up the smaller one my own.  Tuesday evening as Leofwyna headed out to work again I got out and mowed the lawn.  Such a pretty, cool evening I was able to get it all in one 'swell foop'.  Tonight I have the house fan on pulling in that lovely cool fresh air.
Saturday when Leofwyna got up I went out to stake up the tomato plants using branches I'd saved all year from the maple trees.  It makes quite a large 'structure' with the ten plants but keeping the fruit up off the ground where it can be picked easily is a major factor for me.  I also need to be able to get to the radishes I planted in that bed when the tomato plants first went in.  There are folks around the neighborhood who are already doing fireworks for the upcoming holiday.  When the mosquitos began to sing we cleaned up and headed out to supper.  At the sewing machine I pulled out the plaid drawer and started putting together a 'boy' quilt top for Kronberg.

Sunday became another loafing day.  When it was time I thought about heading outside the predicted weather was heading in and I was not going to let biting flies at my ankles again so soon.  I'm scarcely healed up from three weeks ago.

Thursday dissolved into a day of nothing accomplished.  Leofwyna headed over for a music evening and I continued a day on the computer with

Friday morning Leowyna sent me on a errand to pick up some meds she'd forgotten.  While I was at that end of town I stopped in at the Goodwill and was reminded it was 99-cent sale this weekend.  I ended up going to all four and spending... lots.  I picked up some neat stuff to convert for the 'camera' totes.

I managed to accomplish nearly nothing Saturday.  It was a pretty day and I really should have mown the lawn and worked in the veggie beds but I just didn't.  Leofwyna dashed off to work when she got a call reminding her she'd agreed to help one of the others get off part of the shift.  Oops.
Wednesday I was so lazy I didn't even go out for Philosophy night... Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I mainly loafed on the 'puter doing the genealogy thing.  I'm finally nearly current on everything available to 1000.  Today I did throw some drumsticks into the crockpot and assembled them this evening into my chicken potpie casserole.
Sunday there was the baronial archery tournament but my energy level was so beaten down from the work done these past few days for the rummage sale that I chose not to go and just didn't do anything at all. 



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