Wednesday I cleaned up in the laundry room and continued the jigsaw puzzle. In the evening we went to A&S and supper with the group. Thursday I Met Carlos at the storage unit and helped load stuff for JAV. Back at home I mowed the backyard and Leofwyna finished up the front while I staged things in the garage for JAV. Timing is going to be tight this weekend.
Sunday and we finished one puzzle and started another. Gaming tonight was Munchkin with just four of us but it was fun and I want Leofwyna to experience it sometime.
Saturday we learned flights had been cancelled so our friends wouldn't be in until 24 hours later than planned so we had a second day of relaxation over our jigsaw puzzles.  The snow in Loveland was only an inch and was pretty much gone Sunday.  No scooping was necessary.  Our friends pulled in as scheduled Sunday evening and Monday was our drive home day with clear roads all the way.
NOTE:  Apparently in the south part of Colorado there was an accumulation of up to fourteen inches.  No doubt Denver had more than we did in Loveland so their caution was probably a good thing.  We heard over 90 percent of flights for Denver had been cancelled Saturday evening.
Saturday we had Winter War Maneuveres out at the Lancaster event center.  The numbers were pretty low as I understand we had some competition.  There was a rather large contingent from Outlands though.  I had volunteered for clean up at the center but as it turned out the center's people were bored and waiting for the bull-riding event next door to be done later.  They said leave the table-and-chair stacking and the sweeping up for them to do.  We had only to take down the thrones and Natalya's easy-up that was the privey chamber.  Easy-peasy.  We went to supper with Isabeau and Carlos at the chinese buffet.  It sounded like folks were spreading out to several venues which was probably better than descending on one place en-mass.  Although the weather was getting filthy we went out to Waverly for the post-revel birthday party.  Belinda's cupcakes were VERY good.  I think I had four of them but that was okay as there were 200 cupcakes but I doubt there were fifty people present.  Temperatures are bitter cold so Sunday we stayed in and were very lazy.  We did spend the evening putting together a jigsaw puzzle.  Monday I went out in spite of the bitter cold just to get out awhile and we needed milk.  We got another inch of snow that night; less than predicted for a blessing.  Tuesday Leofwyna got out for her seneschal session with Cat and I paid the kid who knocked at the door to scoop our snow.  Neither of us needed to be out doing that in the bitter cold and this child has been persistant in wanting the work.  At the sewing table the sniglets are under control and I'm back to adding rows on the strippie top. 
Friday for Christmas we stayed home and enjoyed our time with each other.  We had agreed to keep our gifts-giving inexpensive but we had fun opening the many little presents we'd gathered over the year.  I'd found her several excellent scrapbooking books in excellent condition at the thrift stores, a boggle book she plans an taking on her trip in February, and a scarf that goes perfectly with her winter coat.  She got me the traditional package of marzapain, a new traveling soap dish (mine got left behind somewhere this year), a "cigarette lighter" flashlight (like hers), and a candy bar with movie tickets to go to Star Wars Christmas night.  We spent the afternoon workng on a jigsaw puzzle until time to leave for the movie.  Saturday we spent the day with friends where we played a full set of Mexican dominoes which takes several hours to work through double twelves.  For my birthday she'd given me a gift card to Barnes and Noble for a garden book I'd voiced an interest in.  Now I've got to try to remember the name of the book so I can go get it.  Laurel sent us both a check for Christmas and I'd gotten a birthday card Thursday with a check for my birthday.  I'd planned on getting new pillows but the checks are big enough I need to find something special for the rest of it.  Sunday we made the rounds for the 99-cent sales where both of us had some excellent luck.  I came home with three big bags full of good stuff.
Friday we slept longer than planned so we decided to return to Fort Collins (it's only ten miles away) and go to the quilt shop we found closed yesterday and check into the other thrift stores in town.  At the quilt shop I got about a dozen pieces of original prints I'd never seen anywhere else.  I had good luck at the 4-5 thrift stores, too.  We received an e-mail from Australia; they're enjoying their trip once they got past the jetlag.  Saturday we'd planned on staying in and doing laundry.  It was a beautiful day to hang my jeans outside to dry in the sun and breeze.  Saturday evening Leofwyna had plans for trick or treaters complete with black cape, wig and crown.  She had 29 visitors.  Sunday we went out to visit the prairie dogs then Leofwyna did brunekatefla and salmon patties for supper.  Monday we're off to Denver for two days and had a great lot of luck with beautiful weather and at the thrift stores.  I found a 301A Singer sewing machine for only $25 with a 25% discount!  Leofwyna had made a reservation at Comfort Suites and we had a great room with comfy beds and a huge street light outside our window and NO DRAPES!  Back in Loveland Tuesday night and we unloaded bags and bags of our treasures and started sorting them.  I ran out of steam and headed to bed early.  Wednesday we slept late and stayed in and purely loafed.  The weather has finally turned grey and dreary.  Thursday we stayed in and did a jigsaw but in the evening we went to a movie, The Martian.  What a great movie that is.  I want to go see it on a big screen again before it moves out!  Friday we went to Longmont for lunch at a place Leofwyna knows; it was closed so we went to Panda Express instead.  Then we went to five or so thrift stores.  At one of them I found several soft knit garments in my size and bought half a dozen pieces at about $5 each including a turquoise cardigan, black pants, two white short pants, and a black jumpsuit.  It's been a great week here in Colorado!
Friday we were up early, loaded and finally got on the road shortly after noon.  We pulled into Loveland around 8:30 their time so that was good.  We got settled in, met the cats and had a little time to visit.   Saturday Carl and Agnes were off to Australia and we started a jigsaw puzzle over the noon hour before going out to explore Loveland a little bit.  We found a beautiful art park and walked along several paths looking at beautiful bronze statuary (from alligator to giraffe to gorilla to rabbit and wolfpack and much more).  It'll take another couple times to see it all.  Sunday afternoon we drove up to Estes and to Rocky Mountain National Park.  We were able to go in as far as Many Parks Pass before turning back.  We saw many deer (3-4 10-point bucks), many elk (including maybe a dozen big bulls), ground squirrels and a stream FULL of rainbow trout.  We stopped at a lovely restaurant in Estes so Leofwyna could have trout for supper; I chose salmon.  Monday we stayed in.  We spent time on a jigsaw puzzle.  Leofwyna started weaving a runner.  I made Garden scalloped potatoes and ham for supper.  Tuesday we went to Boulder by way of Estes (taking the scenic route).  We found a couple wool/weaving shops where I bought a couple skeins of wool for a cowl and a pair of socks.  Leofwyna wanted wool to add to her project on Anges' loom.  We also found a couple thrift stores and I got my hair cut.  We stopped on the way home at Katmandu for east indian food which was yummy.  Wednesday Leofwyna decided she wanted to get some tasks finished so we stayed in.  There was a jigsaw puzzle, letter writing and unpacking accomplished.   We cleared leaves from the fish pond and I took the stationary bike for a spin.  Thursday we drove up to Fort Morgan for the afternoon; on the way we drove by a HUGE prairie dog town.  We ate lunch at Chocolate Cafe; a nice selection of a dozen entrees and over twenty dessert selections... only a couple of the desserts without chocolate.  Then we drove up into the Poudre River canyon where we did indeed find a herd of Bighorn sheep!  Back in Fort Morgan we found a thrift store where I found a perfect pair of turquoise ankle boots, four skeins of wool sock yarn and a nice piece of fushia t-shirt material.  At home I sauted the Garden parsnips to go with leftover crown tourney feast chicken.  It's been a great week for us both.

Friday Leofwyna brought Moo Shu over for supper and we then we worked up another jigsaw puzzle.  We had it more than three-quarters done with only the 'boring' woodwork left to do when we realized there was already at least five pieces missing.  It was getting late so we decided to skip the boring bit and call it a night.  Saturday I headed out to Weeping Water for Lonely Tower's Spring Fling event.  I only went for part of the afternoon and court so I drove separate from Leofwyna as she was staying for feast.  It's a nice laid back event and this year Master Gerald was there with his new dog competitions.  I've been working all week on the green/cream log cabin in hopes of having a top by next Friday but Sunday afternoon the blocks still need another round each of cream, then green. I'm doubting there'll be a top but just maybe there will be a pile o'blocks for Friday.

Tuesday and Wednesday while dog-sitting with Lucy and Izzie (ant the cat I call Kitty) I worked on the green/cream quilt blocks.  It's slow going with the really narrow strips but some major progress is being made.  It's been raining but at least not like the storms in the South with tornatos and flooding, thank goodness.  Leofwyna came over after moot and we put together a nice little jigsaw puzzle.
I let the last twelve days get away from me as far as journaling here is concerned.  Just before Christmas a friend's wife died so there was a casserole to make and deliver and a funeral to attend.  We were dog-sitting the shar-pei that week as well.  There was several batches of cookies to be made for gift trays.  During this time we went to see the second Hobbit movie in 3D. Then there was Christmas itself.  We had agreed to exchange stocking gifts only but I was pleased with what I'd found for her, and with what I received as well.  For my birthday we saw Saving Mr Banks.  Between Christmas and New Years I went to dog-sit at Geyers; the first night there I was aware I was gearing up for one of my colds.  Leofwyna came over those evenings she wasn't working, which turned out to be several as she came down with an infection and couldn't work until that cleared up.  We put a couple jigsaw puzzles together and ate plenty of Wild Rice soup, cruditie pizza and holiday cookies.  When I was alone with the dogs I slept a lot between sewing up 10-inch squares to make squash blossom blocks.  Leofwyna also purchased for the house a floor-cleaner for the hardwood floors and a flat-screen tv for downstairs.  Now it looks like we'll have to replace the washer.  The last time it went out the repairman said it was nearly toast.
Wednesday even as Leofwyna was getting ready for work I thought I was going to the gathering moot but once she was gone I got involved in washing up dishes and let the time get away from me.  I ended up clearing up some leftovers for my supper and put a major portion of tedious jigsaw puzzle pieces together instead.

Thursday I carried my pile of mail flotsom downstairs and got it sorted, bank statements balanced and a couple checks written out... only took four hours altogether as I had some trouble balancing the checkbook but it's done.  Just gotta find the stamps and drop the checks in the mail.

Then, of course, both days I sifted through emails, blogs and some more genealogy making the hours disappear in a thoroughly comfortable way.  I did start putting together a list of things I want to accomplish for the New Year so I must start curtailing some of the comfort so I can achieve some progress.  More on that another time, I headed back to the genealogy page while Leofwyna was out as I knew I'd have to give up the computer when she got back this evening. 

Late in the evening we pitched in together to move puzzles to the hidden shelves behind the entertainment center, then she put her vhs drawers in the bottom of the entertainment center and sorted our movie tapes into this storage.  Various other sorting and dustings ensued until I wimped out and headed up to bed.
Monday I took Leofwyna's van to get the taillight fixed.  She had an appointment this afternoon to get her dressing changed and her foot is doing well.  We spent the evening with a jigsaw puzzle.

Tuesday we went out to visit a new resale shop and then Goodwill.  Leofwyna used her 'knee' cart for this jaunt.  Back at home we worked together to make a potato gratin and broccoli salad for supper and later started another jigsaw puzzle.
Saturday Leofwyna had her godson's wedding to go to and Sunday she worked.  We've been having lovely weather this Labor Day weekend so I should have been out every day working in the garage.   But no, I've been on the computer doing genealogy every day instead. I'm so-o-o-o bad!

Monday when Leofwyna got up we couldn't find a movie we wanted to see so we changed our plans and stayed in with a thrown together supper and a jigsaw puzzle. 

Leofwyna got both her normal workdays in and the entire add-a-shift.  I was glad to hear her 'add' was an easy one-on-one with a compliant and drowsy elderly lady which allowed her a chunk of computer time.  Saturday I put beef shanks in the crockpot which got boned out and the juices strained to add to a quart of ginger carrot soup out of the pantry for Sunday's supper.  That was pretty good; we need to figure out where we got that soup so we can do it again and tweek it just a little.  Next time I'd put some fresh ginger in with the beef.

I started another jigsaw puzzle Sunday night, concentrating on the outside edge, then water and pavement areas of the picture.


Today I put the boned pork cuts in the crock pot to go with a baked sweet potato and green beans for supper.  We can use the leftovers for barbeque sandwiches this week.  We finished up the jigsaw puzzle together then played a game of Scrabble.


At the two nearest thrift stores I found white linen and green cotton/linen tableclothes for future garb and found the trug I'd been watching was finally on half price sale.  Back at home I finally heard a cardinal male singing in the neighborhood, making spring official.


I spent a quiet day Sunday thinking Leofwyna would want to do something this evening.  Turned out she was on an add shift so I had a quiet evening too.  Spent a great deal of time on the computer... more genealogy mostly, some job serches.  Got the totes sorted and stacked in my bedroom; there's still lots in the living room to be sorted and priced for a rummage sale or put back (somewhere, somehow)  in my room.


Sewed up Halftroll's linen pants and cut out his tunic during the afternoon.  Delivered the pants at the social moot and loaded the loom for another piece of narrow trim.


It snowed all afternoon so we didn't go out at all; we got four inches.  After "beanies and weins" for supper Leofwyna suggested doing another jigsaw puzzle together. 


I got the drive and walks blown out this noon and swept off both vehicles.  While I was out there I thought I saw a large bird chasing a little one but I'd just caught it out of the corner of my eye so I wasn't sure what I'd seen.  Just a little later I saw the large hawk  cruising around over the street and knew that was what I'd seen.  Probably the little bird was a sparrow; I'd heard some 'chip, chip, chipping' in the brush.  Perhaps the hawk has taken up residence in the area and that's why I haven't seen or heard any cardinals this year.

Later when I went out to get supper I had to sweep off the car again; good thing I'd pulled the van into the garage.  Coming out of KFC I discovered I'd locked my keys in the car so I used my insurance call-in benefit for the first time, less than an hour later I was heading for the grocery store and home.  I found both beef shanks and some boneless pork with manager's special stickers and I'm planning on pulling both crock pots out tomorrow.



Got out into the cold for A&S farble at the library followed by supper with the group at 9South Grill, then stopped for groceries on the way home. I 'specially needed fruit to go with the leftover cream cheese which I whipped up with a small jar of marshmallow creme. I found the most scrumptious pears for the purpose.


Finished last week's leftovers concluding with the Thanksgiving turkey, gravy and dressing tonight. Then we set up the Christmas tree. We're using the Cup of Christmas Tea theme this year with the collection of toy teapots and cups and discussed setting up Maude Doll and Jennifur Teddy in a tea party vignette.


Still working on genealogy and jigsaw puzzles, avoiding the cold outside.


Went for groceries so I could start the crockpot chili and make something for Yule Court potluck tomorrow. Stopped at the library to pick up books I'd requested; I'm still working my way through Jim Butcher's Dresdan File novels.

Basically much of my day was a repeat of yesterday, except I called the bank to cut off monthly checks to Worldworks and called Worldworks to arrange my refund. I also encountered the winter chill as I made a run to the grocery store, so I guess I'm starting the countdown for spring already, brrr. Oddly, I don't usually do that until AFTER Christmas.

Winter has definately arrived and I find myself immersed in hibernation mode already. At least I think that's why I'm getting in so much genealogy time which is what I did this afternoon. When Leofwyna got up this evening she heated up leftovers for supper and then took me off to a movie. Tonight it was Disney's Tangled, a delightful little interpretation of the Rapunzel story. As Leofwyna said, "That was a perfect movie." Back at home we continued with another jigsaw puzzle.

Spent most the afternoon making progress on the genealogy tree. It's going much smoother now I've figured out the program and I'll soon have that side of the family current and ready for further exploration.

When Leofwyna got up today it was already getting dark but we geared up with forehead flashlights and went out to clean the gutters before the next cold wave blows through overnight. With her going up the ladder and me being the ground crew we got it done fairly quickly and headed back in for Thanksgiving leftovers. We spent the evening with another jigsaw puzzle and got it completed before I headed up to bed.

I spent the day preparing for our turkeyday dinner... roasting the turkey, making apple crisp and dressing. When Leofwyna got up her part of it all was making the gravy, steaming the veggies and serving it up. We were just ready to dish it up when her work called saying, "Where are you?" Apparently she'd managed to mark her calendar wrong and she had to dash off and work tonight. So I ate, packed up lots of leftovers, washed the dishes and now I'm off for cat sitting duties which she took on this weekend and now I'm pitch-hitting.



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