Another week has passed without getting my Lilies notes transcribed. That will be my next post. This week we've had rain a couple times so getting the lawn mowed took some planning. Got that done Monday while Leofwyna was at a pre-cook for coronation. Friday was a movie... Wonder Woman was as good as friends had indicated. Other wise the week was the usual gaming on Sunday, FoodNet Tuesday*, MagMor get-together and supper on Wednesday. The computer has locked up again over the weekend and this time NTT says it's the computer and not the connection so nothing they can fix. Leofwyna has Fausti lined up for a replacement, just have to wait for it to be accomplished. So I've been spending time at the library for computer access. With the computer down I've been spending time in the evenings upstairs with Leofwyna watching tv and fripping. Got two bags done this week. This morning (Thursday) I found water on the floor downstairs again so that's to deal with today. Last night at supper Owain and Gerald sounded like they were willing to help with pruning the maple tree. If I can get Arne, too, we should be able to make good work of it without the expense of the tree surgeon who's going to be working on the tree next door. That sounds like a much better ideal fiscally. As long as no one hurts themselves.

*potato, flour, carrots, raspberries, half dozen eggs, apple turnovers, pasta, cake mix, hamberger helper, green beans
The computer has been down all week and I just haven't found the time or energy to deal with moving stuff away from the desk so I can get to it.  On top of that we've had little Trinket with us since Thursday and with Carlos ending up in hospital we've got the pup a few additional days.  I got the Kronberg tops exchanged last Wednesday with Opal for a few boxes of fabric scraps which are still in the car.  About the only progress made on anything this week is a brocade panel added to the dark rose dress in camera key and the bag of sniglets developed into a pile of assemblages ready to cut down in uniform squares for another top.  And meals... I've done four meals this week and avoided it twice by calling for a pizza delivery one night and telling Leofwyna to select something from the leftovers another night. 
Sunday I finally got the other two potato beds dug up.  There were half a dozen potatoes, randomly placed, that were complete 'mush'.  All the rest though were firm and lovely... I just wish I could avoid spearing 10% with the potato fork as I'm getting them out.  There was not as many as I would like.  These white potatoes, which Leofwyna likes so well, aren't nearly as prolific as the red ones I prefer.  Besides the red ones show up better as I'm digging which is another plus.  While I was doing that Leofwyna was blowing the leaves into piles and once I was done with the potatoes I pitched in 'tarping' the leaves to the compost bins.  We still had one pile when we lost the light so we covered it in anticipation of the coming rain.  Monday was damp all day and it was a relief to take it easy.  I wan't able to get the computor dealt with as I was reminded we'd changed phone coverage last winter and I don't have the new numbers.  Leofwyna will have to deal with that.  I spent one cycle on the computor at the library before coming home to make a pot of potato/hamberger soup to use up the damaged potatoes. 


Apr. 14th, 2015 03:50 pm
These long gaps are becoming somewhat chronic.  I've been having some problems with the computer.  Sometimes it comes up okay, other times it won't connect.  Rather annoying.  Today I'm at the library lab.  The other night Leofwyna and I picked up some drawers curbside (without the 'chest of') just before a thundarstorm blew through.  I'm planning on using them when we organize the back shelves in the garage (when we get the stuff in the garage cleared out that is).  Meanwhile, even though we've been having some fine weather, I haven't made any progress in the gardens.  Terrible procrastination going on here.  Evenings I have been working at the sewing table... a little on the silk blocks, a little on the cooler covers, a little on a hat to add to the camera key totes.  Leofwyna's been struggling with sciatica and we're wondering if we might have to postpone the California trip until it does clear up.  Five weeks traveling with sciatica would NOT be much fun.  For the time being her disposition is touchy as a result.  I have, finally, gotten a short set sewn up for Leofwyna that she's quite delighted with.  Now we need to find the rest of the knits she bought to make up a few more now that I have the pattern drafted.
Wednesday Leofwyna headed out for errands so we found our ways separately to business moot followed by supper with the gang.  Leofwyna got to tell all her travel stories.  At the end of the evening back at home the computer did a dump and freeze so I left it running a 'clean-up' and reload through the night.

Thursday it continues to be unseasonably COLD!  I stayed in all day either on the computer or sewing logs and cornerstones to the second cornerstone top.
We've had a little problem this week with the computer but it seems to have straightened out for the time being.  I've put together a couple of the log cabin setts and added borders to bring them up to size.  They turned out rather nicely and I've now got another couple of setts nearly ready to assemble.  Wednesday evening we both went to moot where we farbled since philosophy was out for a couple months.  Plans were to go to a quilt show in Fremont Friday but postponed to Saturday so Leofwyna could finish up some paperwork on the weekday.  I spent some time in the yard Thursday but there's still lots to do.  I should be putting this fine weather to better use but... I'm kinda coasting.
Tuesday after I got the backyard mowed Leofwyna and I went to a movie.  We decided to see the new Xmen film and really enjoyed it a lot.  Quite an interesting time-travel-change-the-future plot twist.  The computer at home is acting up again after behaving for a year.
Sunday I made a run to the store so we could have BLT's for lunch.  The tomatoes took off while we were gone but Saturday's rain cracked a bunch of 'em.  Bean beetles got to the beans and wiped them out so there will be no long slow finishing off the dry beans this fall.  I wasn't able to get into the computer Sunday, but Monday morning it started up just fine so I really have no idea what's with that. 
Tuesday and Wednesday I spent the time necessary at the library to get in three sessions on the computer each day.  We have GOT to do something about the computer situation at home really soon.  Sunday and Monday are going to be rough with the libraries closed for the holiday.  I've spent some time at home beginning the sort through the accumulation I have in my bedroom.  I've been sleeping on the sofa in the living room since the sort involves piling things on my bed to get to the things easiest to sort and move on out.  Laundry, piles of magazines, Gold Key items, bags of cutters.  Progress is slow but is being made since the skies are grey and rain intermittant preventing any yardwork.  When I came home from moot Wednesday I was surprised Leofwyna was not home... more than an hour later, as I progressively began to worry, I finally remembered her odd schedule this week.  She was at work.
Tuesday Leofwyna got put on call and I hadn't really planned for supper so she took me to Golden Corral.  She ended her day by heading to a friend's place to sleep because Wednesday Tom came and started putting the trimwork in.  I left him working in the afternoon as I headed out for Moot.  Lots of May/June planning for JAV, Newcomers, Lilies and Cattle Raids along with beginning planning for A&S and Herdmaster which is going to be flipped so A&S is in July.  After eating out with the gang I got home to find Tom was still there albeit finishing up for the day.  Leofwyna put the push in on the bay window so I began treating the wood so I could stain it Thursday morning.  Apparently the power went out briefly during the night and the computer won't come on (I'm at the library computer lab right now).  I wonder when I can get Dwolm to come over and look at it.  Oh, and it's Leofwyna's birthday; it snuck up on me so I'm planning a trip to the grocery store for a special supper tonight.  Busy-busy-busy!
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were decidedly damp when not totally rainy so the veggie beds, lawn and trees are well and truely watered... yay!!!  Thursday and Friday were pretty but since the compost was wet I felt free to stay on the computer getting the search to the point I want it before the 1940 census comes on-line.  Oh, and the laptop has bailed out again so Leofwyna and I are swopping out on the desktop until I can get the laptop fixed... oh, Dwalm, are you terribly busy?
So, Friday evening after considerable effort Dwolm got my laptop sorted and functional for me.  I don't know what was wrong but after bringing it home from Office Depot I still wasn't able to get on it.  Now the only thing wrong is the 'o' key cover won't stay on; fortunately I can still type 'o' but it sure does feel odd.  Anyway, Monday I'll take it back to have OD put it back on for me.

After three hours on the desk computer Dwolm says only that he has made progress and is returning Monday to do more.  In return he's only asking for chocolate cake and perhaps sewing up some of the fabric he has for garb.  That's no problem once I get my sewing area back in shape which I plan on doing soon as Leofwyna finishes her Christmas storage sort and put away.

Last thing before heading to bed I went out and put up the signs for WWM Saturday. 
Wednesday I spent a great chunk of time again at the city library on the computers there.  Then out to the other end of town for philosophy night followed by dinner at Red Robin with the gang.  While telling Owain about the computer problems at home he pointed out that Will, at the other end of the table, works with computers.  When all was said and done Will had agreed to deal with the desk computer system in exchange for some garb-making. 

Thursday I took the laptop to Office Depot to be cleaned; hopefully that will take care of that problem and I may have it at home this weekend.  But it's back at the library this afternoon for another chunk of genealogy before heading home to clean for guests.  Talked to Aibhelin and turns out the second set of crashers won't be coming either, but perhaps one of the fighters instead.  AND Dwolm will come over Friday evening to deal with the desk computer, bless him mightily!!!

Friday morning I called and talked to the tech at OD; the laptop will be ready to pick up at one after a simple cleaning ($20) so that's good too. 
Thursday and Friday I spent the afternoons at the library on the computers there.  Ours need work and I still need to line up the computer-savvy friend to come around and deal with 'em.  I DO NOT bring up my email here at home but the Internet is still working on Leofwyna's side of the desk set up so here I am.  Thursday evening I worked through four loads of laundry so I can be out of Leofwyna's way after she works the weekend.

I got the car back late Friday after forking out another $850.  Turns out the radiator was punctured afterall last month when Leofwyna had her accident in it.  She has said she'd pay this bill and I'm not resisting that.
Wednesday there was a message from Joe on the answering machine.  He was available to come for awhile today and I should call him.  Repeated calls only got a busy signal and it wasn't until I was driving to moot tonight that it occurred to me I should have been dialing 'one' first.  Stupid!

I did go drag out what was ready to go to the curb for pick up.  I also watered some more of the plantings around the place.  They keep predicting rain but it hasn't been falling here. 

The laptop has been acting up, off and on, this week so don't be too surprised if I disappear for awhile.  I need to have Rich or Dwolm take a look at it sometime soon.

Driving home last night at 10:30 the air was so full of haze there were times I couldn't see beyond the nose of the car. This was not fog or smog, it was smokiness from the fireworks going off all over the place. There were some seriously big boomers out there in addition to the usual sparklers, rockets and what-not. I just drove straight home and retreated to the basement to watch TV and pet the cat.

Before going to bed I found an old notebook and started making a list of things I might accomplish during the thirteen days Leofwyna is gone. All good intentions for the moment; we'll just see how that goes.

Anyway, after spending a quiet morning reading email and catching up on the computer I went to KFC for a late lunch and back at home I braved the potentially wet yard and got the entire lawn mowed except for the bit east of the garage which really was too wet still. It wasn't awfully hot, for a wonder, but the humidity was pretty thick so I did the work in two parts with a substantial resting period between.

Back in the house this evening the computer was hit with a virus so ended up with the 'check and connect' program 7-11 when that program dumped too. I called that in and was told I needed to arrange for a new modem tomorrow. With that I shut things down and headed to bed rather frustrated.

Still fighting with the computer. Got the purging system going on it AGAIN and headed out to the library to use the computer there for a quick read through my email. Finished organizing for the weekend which is full of things to do.


Spent the day at Sash's appretice ingathering. Luchie was there too. Marcella and I were making garb for Sash while he worked on Pennsic garb for their majesties. I got pants and a tunic done using the toasty gold stripe cotton I'd found recently; I just have to finish buttonholes on the pants this week and get them back in time for him to pack.


I picked Sash up to go to Antelope Park for our Newcomer's Revel. Saraphina and Natalya organized it as a followup for our JAV demo last week. We had an excellent turnout of barony folks and I'm told there were eleven interested people who'd been at JAV. In addition we scored some walk-by interest as well. One gentleman was quite taken with the tablet weaving loom and singing rounds. As he was also talking about going to coronation next fall I matched him up with a tunic from Gold Key for the summer. I really think we'll have some new members out of the work these two weekends.

The computer is exceedingly ill and I spent many long hours on hold Wednesday dealing with 'help' to remedy the situation. Remedy failed late that night and I'm going through the whole mish-mash again today. A run to the city library this afternoon allows me to quickly sort through email, post this note and then it's back home to wait some more. Last night dragged in a major way and I want my full computer fix tonight.

Somewhat later THURSDAY

The computer is finally back up tonight but one of the fixes included eliminating my side of the situation. The help desk could clear Leofwyna's side but we couldn't access my side to allow the process to happen there. Finally the decision was reached to purge the problem side which was continuing to reinfect with the virus. So now I'm trying to remember my important sites while I try not to mourn the missing bookmarks I'd collected over the past couple years. Naturally I hadn't printed out any of 'em since my printer access is very minimal.

It rained through the morning and well into the afternoon. A good day to stay in and play in the internet and then play with the fabric scraps some more.


Danger, danger... caught a horrendous computer virus... too late in the day apparently to reach the office that can deal with the problem.


Spent hours attempting to contact, contacting and then waiting for the cleaning up process but finally about 6pm I was able to get back on the computer. It was a dreadful experience... however did I used to manage without it? Anyway, I finally was able to work on the Runstaff and get it sent out to Gyda for printing, whew!


When the sun broke through this afternoon I went out to deal with a list of errands I'd accumulated this week. Returned an overdue book and extended an audiobook at the library; picked up my prescription [ouch - the new insurance doesn't pick up much of that bill]; stopped in at the mechanic 'cause the car is running rough again [still?] and made an appointment for a diagnostic test Monday; and stopped in for Goodwill's 99-cent sales but didn't find much [just a couple cotton shirts and two demi-bushel baskets].

Back at home I pulled a box out of storage and sorted through some geneology notebooks and wiped down the cover of my Rector book with clorox/water to remove potential mildew. That's something else I want to get back into once we have the house whipped back into shape. Meanwhile I put most of it back in a fresh box back in storage.

Tonight a great black cloud rolled through with immense lightning displays... I spent a good deal of time watching the show.



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