Tuesday I got the Halftroll's new linen pants made up.  In the process found a hork pile left by Cassie so had to wash the pants and leftover fabric.  Fortunately the spots came out.  Mostly I loafed through the day though.  Spent a little time at the sewing table (on the #1 machine) working up another lozenge top with the athletic bear feature fabric.

June 11

Jun. 11th, 2015 12:06 pm
Tuesday I concentrated on catching up my laundry.  In the afternoon there was a knock on the door.  A couple was looking for work and wondered did we want our lawn mowed.  Leofwyna thought it would be a good idea to have them come do that Thursday, saving my energy for other things.  I'm not going to argue with that.  Wednesday the Biggerstaff man recharged the A/C so we're good to try to get through another season.  I got Owain's tabards finished so I could deliver them.  Before moot I mentioned wanting the maple tree removed and it was suggested local woodworkers might be interested in maple wood enough to take it down so I've got something to follow up on after Lilies.  Wednesday night a storm blew in and rained steadily all night so I won't need to water the gardens this week.  Thursday Morgana came over to meet the cats and learn where things are kept; she'll come twice a day while we're at Lilies.  She'll also call the mowing-man when things are dry enough and pay him when it's done.
Thursday was rather busy.  I had a new gal (Chelse) over to pick something from Gold Key.  She's going to Crown Tourney Saturday.  I finished the Viking Rus garb... follow up will happen after Lilies to do some fine tuning.  An interesting suggestion was advanced for me to think over.  Leofwyna and Shelly headed back to Bellvue for the weekend.  Friday i went to three Goodwills for the 99-cent sales and brought home 24 items.

Rain finally!  We certainly need it.  I spent considerable time Tuesday sewing up the Viking Rus garb... pants, undertunics and an overtunic.  I was doing the handsewing Wednesday and at A&S in the evening. Leofwyna is here with Shelly for a couple days (appointments).


Mar. 24th, 2015 12:05 pm
I washed up fabric for a Viking outfit I need to get sewn up this week.  Leofwyna headed out to Belleview again.  I spent the evening balancing my checkbook and paying bills. 
I got a call Thursday evening reminding me Pennsic is a week early this year.  Ep!!! I got right to work Friday and got twelve sock-puppet tabards made and delivered around six o'clock.  That's when the car gave up a cloud of something and I had to call for a tow to 24-hour.  Turns out having the compressor out on the AC also affects the belt for some other elements in the engine.  The non-working compressor locked up the pulley and was burning up the belt or something.  Apparently I'll have air-conditioning after all, just to keep the car running properly.  That's going to be a major ouch to the finances.  Marty finished putting up the fence and my task now is to water in the holes a couple times a day, putting in a scoop of dirt each time, until the holes are filled (2-3 days).  We also need to drag out the brush piles before I mow again. 
Thursday Felix came timely to pick up the barony tables and I visited awhile with Michelle and played ith Mia and Molly for the first time in ever so long.  After Leofwyna got up I ran the mower around the front yard and verges, leaving the back for another day.  Therefore she took me out to Appleeby's for supper.  Back at home I quilted the last gambeson and started applying the binding.  I finished the binding Friday afternoon and ran the gambeson across town so it could be added to the packing for Lilies.  Friday evening with Leofwyna at work I'm emptying, sorting and putting away the pantry stuff, making a list as I go, so I can be using what we have instead of buying more when I don't really need to.  I found a box of Girl Scout cookies in the far back of one shelf which is a shame 'cause we usually put those in the freezer so they don't go stale.  I'm kinda afraid what this one will be like because the one's we got THIS year ARE in the freezer.  This one has to be more than a year old... maybe two, who knows?  I'll wait until Leofwyna is here to open them so she can suffer with me if they're bad.
Wednesday I got on the ball and stopped at the drycleaners for my wool sweater, went and got my hair cut, picked up the leaf print at the thrift store and headed to moot where we reviewed JAV, Newcomer's and discussed upcoming Lilies, Baronial A&S and Cattle Raids.  I got arrangements made for Felix to pick up the barony tables from me early Thursday afternoon and and to hand off some items for the Pas gift basket.  And back at home for the evening, Leofwyna came home from work (it was slow today) so I worked on the final gambeson securing the heraldry and beginning the quilting.
Sunday I worked some more on Voilkmar's linen gambison and have it nearly finished.  Only a little handwork left to do and the ties will see it finished. Wrestling with the heavily batted garment has made my arms achy though, right above the inside elbows and the wrists.  Ouch!  I'll wait a couple weeks before I deal with the second one.  Leofwyna and I have been discussing vacation possibilities for next September.  We're looking at Kentucky and Tennessee, remeniscent of our first vacation when we were kids when Dad drove us around the country in our converted panel truck called Uncle Herman.  I wonder if we'll find the rocky stream where we spent one night on that trip.
Tuesday through Friday the weather was wet, chilly or out and out cold so I spent most of my time on the computer or piecing the crazy quilt tops.  Wednesday I attended moot and went to supper with Sash and the gang.  Friday I finished the crazy quilt tops for Kronberg.  I know there must be more bags of samples in the house somewhere but for the moment I'm done with 'em.

Saturday I took Volkmar's tote to sewing day and got his two linen gambesons cut out and the batting layers hand stitched at the shoulders.  Back at home I started the machine sewing and got well along in the assembly and quilting of the first one.  Leofwyna got put on call so she started painting the trim for her room and ordered pizza for supper. 
Thursday I did my laundry and then did up a pile of quilt fabrics, too.  I got the tabards made for ten teddybears which Ingaborg will pick up Friday.  I still have five bears and I'll try to do the cheirgenate and waterbearing tabards figured out for them.  I didn't get to bed until five so I slept until nearly one Friday morning. 

Friday when Ingaborg picked up the bears I broached the subject of the massages and we agreed I still had two coming, plus one for these bears so now I can look forward to three more.  Yeah!!!
Tuesday included a trip to Hancock's for the purple and gold cotton I need for teddybear tabards for Ingaborg.  These need to be done and delivered before Friday to be taken to Kris Kinder.  This will earn me another massage; and with all the painting I'll be wanting it when that job is done.
Friday more primer hit the walls, I received another lovely massage, and I went and walked Sam at midnight.

Today at the computer I started the 10th Century in my genealogy process.  I've got the leaves down around 500 now.

Ingaborg said today's massage completed the commitment.  I'm thinking that's off one or two but won't press the issue.  She left another bag of bears with me; I'll try get them ready for Kris Kinder next weekend but she acknowledged it was kind of late giving me an 'out' if they're not done.
Tuesday I put 11 hours into the JG project, finishing up at 5am.  Stayed up long enough to pick Leofwyna up from work since I'd borrowed her van that night so didn't fall into bed until 8am Wednesday morning.  I set the alarm though for 1pm so I could get myself back onto a normal sleep schedule right away.  I did get to Wednesday moot, using her van yet again, where we discussed WWM, Herdmaster, Cattle Raids, Crown Tourney and what all else.  Back at home I managed to stay up until midnight whereupon I fell into bed and slept past 10am which felt really GOOD!!!  Now I've just got to get an invoice sent off to JG and hope the check comes fairly promptly.

I might also mention that while at JG's playing with the dogs put the notion of dogsitting into Chris' head.  I told her about the shar-pei's and I'm hoping something might come of that eventually.
Sunday morning JG wanted me to come confer with him about the format for this grant transcription.  Once that was done I treated myself to lunch and a session of computer at the library to read email and stuff.  Back at home I put in 9 hours on the transcription, heading to bed at 3am.  I'll also mention here that JG called three times during the evening.  During one of the phonecalls an appointment was made to meet at VI to pass on an up-dated hard-copy at 9:30.  I thought he meant this for Monday morning; we both laughed during the last phonecall when we realized we'd been talking at cross purposes.  He brought me a piece of pie when he brought the hard-copy on over Sunday night.

Monday I called to get the car in.  I'll drive it over tonight when Leofwyna can bring me back and they'll look into it tomorrow.  Made a quick run for lunch and picked up a pork roast to put in the crock pot with an Apple Butter BBQ sauce for supper.  I put 10 hours on the transcription, talking to JG on the phone four times and late this afternoon he brought over the final updated hard-copy.  One portion down and one to go; I finished with it about 1am.

I'm certainly learning a lot about John Steinbeck, author, that I didn't get in school.  I don't think I ever read any of the books but I've heard about them and seen some of the movie adaptations.  I've always learned a lot doing the various production transcriptions so I'm glad to be able to keep my hand in this way.
Friday the car showed me a low coolant light again.  It's only been a couple weeks since I put $300 into it for that very reason so Monday I'll be calling the garage about it.  I'm almost afraid to consider what else might crap out around here.

I got the things done Friday that I needed to have ready for Saturday and we spent that day at 12th Night.  We didn't get onto the feast list so a bunch of us went to Katie's Greek Restaurant for supper afterward.  Leofwyna accidently locked the keys in the van at Katie's so the whole group waited with us in the parking lot for the locksmith to come and open it.

Sunday I'd only just gotten up when a call rang in from JG about the transcription; I headed over to his place to pick up a hard-copy so I won't be limited to city library time schedule.  I'm back to keying on his wife's number 3 laptop and I'll sit up late working on this... and finish up sometime late Monday, hopefully. 

During the drive up and back Saturday, Leofwyna expanded on her summer camping plans this year.  I had to rein in some of her ideas to leave room for my rummage sale in July.  Gotta hang on to some time for prepping and to keep up in the garden.  Sounded like she was thinking about half a dozen short trips in addition to my time at Lilies.  I held her back to three I think; one in late May, one during the summer and one in mid September.   Of course, all this is subject to change if I find work.
Wednesday I got an email from JG for some work.  I stopped by his place on the way to A&S to pick up his laptop to work on.  I didn't want to commit to this job with my set up as I'm not sure it won't act up.  Learned the deadline for this is next Wednesday; nothing like the last minute boyyo!  I told him I had things to do to be ready for Saturday's event and something already on the schedule for Sunday, too.  So I've dedicated Monday-Tuesday to his job. 
Did a yardwork session Tuesday, getting the entire yard mowed in one go and turning over most of the dill bed where I'll plant the tomatoes this year.  All eight potato plants are thriving, brocolli is coming right along, half the spinach was used in the fowl pastries and the first flush of radishes is nearly gone. The lettuce has bolted already and needs to come out this week so beans can go in.  Still gotta buy a couple tomato plants to put in between rainstorms; this has been a long wet spring.  The basement has remained (so far) blessedly dry... thank Gale!

I got the first third of the fowl pastries made up Thursday evening for the JAV privey tent.  I'd asked Leofwyna to make up the pastry for me again; it definitely turns out better when we do it this way.  This time I didn't bother with the little tool and they went considerably more quickly and smoothly.  They also turned out to be somewhat smaller, a true bite size.  This batch turned out particularly well with the lavender flavor being subtle but definitely there.  I'll make up the other two-thirds next week to turn in Thursday at the last pre-cook.

JG called this week. Apprently he's been let go, too.  One has to wonder are there any producers at NET any longer.  Anyway, he sounded me out for some work in September but he wanted bargain rates.  Since I haven't had any transcription in more than a year and he is just getting started I conceded.  I just won't be quit as thorough as I normally would be and I told him this would be the case.  Part of my decision is the subject is Jun Kineko again and I'm interested in the art world discussions that will be involved.

JAV this weekend turned out well for a wonder.  It rained Thursday and Friday so we were forced to do our set up Saturday morning before the event.  I got there earlier than I normally would so we could set up my sunshade for the steel fighters.  There was a good turn out of help and set up of the other canvas was going well.  I ended up resting on the baronial sunshade matting after 10am for awhile.  Near noon I helped their excellencies with their dress, lacing and tying points and pinning on ruffs.  Once I'd gone up the hill to change I settled in as lady in waiting most of the afternoon, with intermitant asides doing storytelling with random kids and catching the occasional cat nap while sitting quietly on my bench.  The day stayed clear with cool breezes; a late afternoon storm passed west and north of us which kept the temperatures nice for us.  I'd successfully husbanded my energy as I was able to help take down the steelfighters' sunshade and get myself loaded up.  Fortunately the ground had dried enough we could drive in for the load up. 

And yes, a great deal of time is still being spent in genealogy minutia.

This afternoon I sat down to get Halftroll's tunic done, thinking it would take 2-3 hours.  Six hours later It was done but for a little hand sewing to control the tucks on the border trim around the hem.  I keep forgetting how long those seams are on his oversized tunics and since they're all french finished that doubles everything.  It does look good though, esp. with the narrow trim finishing the neckline trim.  To bad there wasn't enough of it to put on the armband borders too, but oh well.

I was late getting out for the A&S moot; got there just in time to join in the last bit of chatter before the library closed.  In hindsight, since Halftroll wasn't there, I could have skipped it.  I guess I'll just deliver it all to Gyda next week at moot. 

Back at home we watched the Survivor we'd taped... huzzah, they voted Russel out.  Too bad he'll probably make a comeback.  There's not very many who'll be able to defeat him at Resurrection Isle.  

I'm still seriously involved in dealving through the Ancestry.com site following my leads.  There's still lots of this to be done. 


I spent a quiet day Sunday thinking Leofwyna would want to do something this evening.  Turned out she was on an add shift so I had a quiet evening too.  Spent a great deal of time on the computer... more genealogy mostly, some job serches.  Got the totes sorted and stacked in my bedroom; there's still lots in the living room to be sorted and priced for a rummage sale or put back (somewhere, somehow)  in my room.


Sewed up Halftroll's linen pants and cut out his tunic during the afternoon.  Delivered the pants at the social moot and loaded the loom for another piece of narrow trim.


It snowed all afternoon so we didn't go out at all; we got four inches.  After "beanies and weins" for supper Leofwyna suggested doing another jigsaw puzzle together. 


I got the drive and walks blown out this noon and swept off both vehicles.  While I was out there I thought I saw a large bird chasing a little one but I'd just caught it out of the corner of my eye so I wasn't sure what I'd seen.  Just a little later I saw the large hawk  cruising around over the street and knew that was what I'd seen.  Probably the little bird was a sparrow; I'd heard some 'chip, chip, chipping' in the brush.  Perhaps the hawk has taken up residence in the area and that's why I haven't seen or heard any cardinals this year.

Later when I went out to get supper I had to sweep off the car again; good thing I'd pulled the van into the garage.  Coming out of KFC I discovered I'd locked my keys in the car so I used my insurance call-in benefit for the first time, less than an hour later I was heading for the grocery store and home.  I found both beef shanks and some boneless pork with manager's special stickers and I'm planning on pulling both crock pots out tomorrow.




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