Monday I dealt with laundry and caught up with email and blog postings.  It was a lovely day out and I should have been taking advantage of that but...  well, I just didn't.  I used the first of the squash (acorn) for supper with the sprial ham Leofwyna picked up.  I also cooked up the beets and she put some of them into some reserved pickle juice..  Upon smelling said beets cooking I wsa reminded that I really don't like beets.  I had thought maybe I had matured and could develop a taste for them but I don't think it's going to happen.

Tuesday I ran stash cuttings through the wash and ended up with three basketfuls ready to iron.  At supper we had a discussion about my job hunting and forced 'early retirement' and the status of the mortgage.  I don't like the present status quo but we're dealing with it and I'm still looking for work. 
Tuesday I poked around outside a little bit, deadheading daylilies and pruning the yews.

Wednesday I was able to get out to the library for our A&S discussion on definitions of color in the medieval era with Natalia.  At the same time I continued working on my inkle loom and got halfway through the current purple/yellow piece I set in the loom last week. 

Thursday and Friday I finally fired up my 'Get her done!' and worked on the compost piles and veggie beds.  I also carried out a few more boxes to the garage for the sale.

Saturday I was sorting stuff in my bedroom putting away summer SCA gear and making room for the Gold Key totes.  When I went to my closet to get my shoe-case the closet pole crashed to the floor.  I hadn't touched it; just all three supports failed!  Cleared everything out of the closet to the living room sofa, studied the situation and figure I can fix it myself.

Sunday Leofwyna pretty much finished her front yard project removing the flower beds she'd put in fifteen years ago.  All that's left now is the forsythia and the thyme bushes and a volunteer maple we're encouraging.  While she dealt with that I mowed two-thirds of the yard, leaving the zoysia in front for another day.  For a wonder it's stayed green this year with the nicely spaced rainfall all through the summer but growth does seem to be slowing some.

Monday Leofwyna declared a holiday with pizza and root beer floats while we watched 9-11 programs.  We also taped programs on stations we weren't watching.  My favorite was the one about a photographer who revisited the folks she'd met and photo'd those days.  Another favorite was the French photographers who were already taping the fire department that was first on-site on 9-11.  I did get out while Leofwyna was sleeping and bought what I needed for the closet repair.

Tuesday and I'm down sick with a sinus crud.  Blech!

And naturally a portion of every day is still applied to job searches and genealogy research.

Leofwyna headed back to work today so things are nominally back to normal.  I'm still job-hunting but that's been an ongoing issue and has become 'normal' around here.  Between having the modem replaced Saturday and having Dwolm back in Monday we have the computer back up and working plus LS laptop up and going too so we can both be on at the same time.  What a treat it is not to have to trade off anymore on computer time when we're both here.

Now it's time to be getting back to the clear out and organization of stuff around the house and when the weather turns nice again getting the veggie garden going this year.  Along with a busy SCA season coming up in May, June and August and a camping trip planned in July it'll be a good summer, finished off with a final rummage sale, probably in September.  Looking at all this the ideal would be for a perfect job opportunity to come along in the fall so as to not derail these great summer plans.


I spent a quiet day Sunday thinking Leofwyna would want to do something this evening.  Turned out she was on an add shift so I had a quiet evening too.  Spent a great deal of time on the computer... more genealogy mostly, some job serches.  Got the totes sorted and stacked in my bedroom; there's still lots in the living room to be sorted and priced for a rummage sale or put back (somewhere, somehow)  in my room.


Sewed up Halftroll's linen pants and cut out his tunic during the afternoon.  Delivered the pants at the social moot and loaded the loom for another piece of narrow trim.


It snowed all afternoon so we didn't go out at all; we got four inches.  After "beanies and weins" for supper Leofwyna suggested doing another jigsaw puzzle together. 


I got the drive and walks blown out this noon and swept off both vehicles.  While I was out there I thought I saw a large bird chasing a little one but I'd just caught it out of the corner of my eye so I wasn't sure what I'd seen.  Just a little later I saw the large hawk  cruising around over the street and knew that was what I'd seen.  Probably the little bird was a sparrow; I'd heard some 'chip, chip, chipping' in the brush.  Perhaps the hawk has taken up residence in the area and that's why I haven't seen or heard any cardinals this year.

Later when I went out to get supper I had to sweep off the car again; good thing I'd pulled the van into the garage.  Coming out of KFC I discovered I'd locked my keys in the car so I used my insurance call-in benefit for the first time, less than an hour later I was heading for the grocery store and home.  I found both beef shanks and some boneless pork with manager's special stickers and I'm planning on pulling both crock pots out tomorrow.



A run downtown to deliver the little recorder was a nul result as the recipient was not at work.  With his health issues in mind I certainly hope he's okay.  Instead of doing the thrift store thing again I went back home to the computer for some more job and genealogy searching.  When the evening rolled around I headed back out for the A&S singing session.  I took along the quilt to work on, too.  We taped the beginning of the new survivor and I think this is going to be a good one but in my opinion Phillip HAS to go! 

Continued moving piles of stuff out of my bedroom into the living room; doing this in stages to survive the experience.  Friday, went to three of the Goodwills where they were having 99-cent clothing days and found a few items at each.  Saturday rest periods consisted of reading through the archives of a new-to-me blogger  One of her entries made me stop and think --- eight out of nine is a very fortunate place to be.

  • If you have food in the refrigerator, clothes on your back, a roof overhead and a place to sleep … you are richer than 75% of this world.
  • If you have money in the bank, in your wallet, and spare change in a dish someplace … you are among the top 8% of the world’s wealthy.
  • If you woke up this morning with more health than illness … you are more blessed than the million who will not survive this week.
  • If you have never experienced the danger of battle, the loneliness of imprisonment, the agony of torture, or the pangs of starvation … you are ahead of 500 million people in the world.
  • If you can attend a church meeting without fear of harassment, arrest, torture, or death … you are more blessed than three billion people in the world.
  • If your parents are still alive and still married … you are very rare, even in the United States.
  • If you hold up your head with a smile on your face and are truly thankful … you are blessed because the majority can, but most do not.
  • If you can hold someones hand, hug them or even touch them on the shoulder … you are blessed because you can offer healing touch.
  • If you can read this message, you are more blessed than over two billion people in the world that cannot read at all.
The job search is ongoing.

Yay, I remembered to get up and going to Sash's for our first bi-weekly walk (I'd forgotten both Tuesday and Thursday last week due to lack of sleep). Unfortunately Sash'd been to the dentist already for fillings and wasn't feeling too well. We didn't walk. He broke the news also that our apprentice weekend has been postponed to December. On the way home I stopped in at one of the thrift stores; didn't find anything. Back at home I started up the hose to water the trees and shifted it a couple times through the afternoon. I sure wish we'd gotten some of that rain that passed north of us yesterday.

I Found another opening to send an application to and an election worker at the door turned out to be a former co-employee and may have a lead for me. I think I'll probably vote for her son next week for county commissioner.

This evening I went to Hancock's and got my quilt basted... the batt is just barely big enough so I'm going to have to be careful while quilting it to not allow the batt to draw in from the edges.

Found a fulltime job to apply for this morning and got that mailed out. Thought I'd found two but upon checking my lists discovered I'd applied for that one a week ago on another listing so apparently it's still open and processing.

About noon I was so drowsy I lay down for a brief nap. These naps I've been taking 3-4 days a week isn't normal for me so I wonder if this is stress rearing it's ugly head.

I should have gone outside today and accomplished something as it was pretty weather but... well, poked about the internet some more instead.

Worked on the job search and found another one to send an application on. A couple others that require you to go through their [uncooperative] websites. I don't know what it is with those but I have more trouble with 'em and have to look for an alternative which some have but other's don't. Very annoying!

Just one yellow jacket dispatched early today and one more late afternoon. Maybe the nights are cool enough that they're beginning to die off... hope, hope, hope. I did an internet search to read up [again] on their cycle and learned the breeding females had their honeymoon flight this fall and will hole up in new locations. This year's old nest of the old queen, males and workers will die out and will not be re-used next year. We found two nests of them this summer and will glad to see them gone. Next May-June I'll put out a wasp trap in hopes of preventing subsequent hives developing on our property.

After supper while I was doing dishes Leofwyna revamped the plastic bowl storage cupboard which is one of the banes of my existance being a high cupboard I resist accessing. This makes her unhappy as I leave 'em piled on the side cabinet after they've been washed. We'll see if this helps.

I found a couple positions listed at UNL that I applied for, one full-time and one parttime. I also took the quilt top, backing, batt and basting tools to Hancocks to use one of their big tables to baste it up. Unfortunately the backing had shrunk too much when I washed it so I had to buy another piece to bring home to wash. I really wanted to be able to begin quilting this weekend but now I probably won't have it basted until sometime Monday.


Today an old friend stopped by to say hello. Hadn't seen R for over a decade when he last stopped by. He sure is aging well; better than me. He's been traveling the world with his work in computer systems. Burmuda last month and Hawaii the month before. And Angola last summer where he is determined never to go again. At first I was envious but since he doesn't get to see anything of these places but work I guess that doesn't sound so good after all. But then he does have interesting work so there's goes the envy again.

This evening I found a position listed at Wesleyan that sounds absolutely wonderful so I have to take especially good care in this application. Costume Closet Manager, doesn't that just sound too, too wonderful. This one is only the ten months of the school year but does have benefits. And wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to concentrate on my garden and camping events in the summer?

There is a yellow jacket buzzing around the light down here in our rec room. I wonder where it got in. It reminds me I found one down here one day during the rummage sale which I managed to capture under a plastic glass on a piece of cardboard and transported it back outside. This one is much more energetic however and I'm not going anywhere near it.

Ding-dong, it's 10am and Leofwyna's sleeping; Laurel stops by to drop off canned goods we forgot to take Sunday. OMG, did she drive all that way in just for that? Well, no, she had an appointment. But totally, no concept that other people's sleep cycles might be important to consider. Passed off majoram and lemon mint plants to Dennis since they were here so I'll be able to clear out that corner in the garden with a clear conscience. I think I'll pot some more up in cans or something and offer them on FreeCycle or something.

Found half a dozen parttime clerical jobs listed on the UNL list and did the applications. Maybe I can score a couple of them to juggle and equal full time work. One of them was at the Quilt Center which would be totally awesome to get!

Thanks to a code dona_violante furnished I managed to get logged into Dreamwidth today. I'd tried Sunday with no success whatever. So now I'm backed up over there under the name Patable2010.

This morning when I got up Leofwyna was out for a work meeting so I was able to do some cleaning up while I was freshly energetic but still somewhat sleep-zombied which is best for me to accomplish this sort of thing.

The weather is clearing nicely but motivation is absent this afternoon. I did manage to find a few leads and send resumes out... three with the university and one at a diesel service north of town. The bank statement finally showed up today... nearly a week later than usual... so I dealt with paperwork and balancing the checkbook. It was fighting me this month.

Leofwyna headed out for household tonight but I stayed home. I spent some of the time cutting some more of the batiste blends for 'cuddle' quilts. When Leofwyna got home I helped her get up a second shelf in the garage to put her camp-bed rails up off the floor. Actually the storage on the back wall of the garage is looking really good with all the new shelving she's put in there.

It was supposed to rain this morning but it didn't. I still didn't get out into the garden to start work there; my middle name should be procrastination! I watered and set the two flats of seed pots out on the sunny step for the afternoon AND remembered to bring them in again.

Although it was a pretty day I spent the afternoon on the computer doing job searches. One of the aps I sent off is on UNL campus which I'd really like to get back to especially for the benefits.

In the evening I sewed together the log cabin blocks. I need to find a bit of fabric for an inner border and binding before I put the pieced borders on. I know I have a backing fabric in my stash somewhere for this then I can baste it for quilting.

With the beautiful weather this week I had intended to get lots done outside but all good intentions aside all I got done was to make the seedpots from paper roll tubes and fill them for broccoli, cauliflower, leeks, tomatoes, squash, cucumber, and basil.

Leofwyna commented on the job situation the other night so I've buckled down to the job search again. I'd gotten discouraged about lack of results and slacked off awhile and that's gotta change.

I actually found a good job to apply for today; yes, gotta find at least two every week for the extension on the unemployment insurance. I do go through all the lists every week and some weeks I can find several to apply for but occasionally I have to apply for something truely marginal get the necessary two in a week.

I didn't go out to the Social Moot this evening like I probably should have. Leofwyna got up and headed out to punch letters for her calendars; these are made to record babys' stats on and then given to the parents for their scrapbooks. Anyway I spent considerable time sorting through my thrift store pile to a) remember what I got, and b) condense the pile somewhat by organizing it.


I put a corned beef in the crockpot when I got up this morning; that worked much better than boiling on the stovetop and having to keep an eye on it. I spent considerable time stripping out a couple trim shirts and harvesting brass beads and discs off a tee-shirt to use to decorate medieval projects. At least these take up less space now.

After supper we started a new jigsaw puzzle; our major cold winter adiction this year.

With all the snow on the ground and the chill in the air I'm spending a great deal of time lounging around at home. Do I take advantage of this time to accomplish anything? Well, there is the excuse of avoiding making unnecessary noise while Leofwyna sleeps but just the same I'm not doing even as much downstairs as I could. I immerse myself in the Internet or a jigsaw puzzle. I'm clearly in hibernation mode here.

Tonight I did get out of the house to attend A&S; I was one of three to do so but we had a nice discussion about glovemaking, Winter War Maneuver's and its revel, and so forth.


I got a call from NelNet today about one of my applications there so I'm being considered for an interview. I've responded to 5-6 positions there so naturally this is my least favorite choice but it is within my desired salary range and has benefits so I've got my fingers crossed that this might be accomplished. After eighteen months it wouldn't do to be fussy and perhaps getting my foot in the door could be translated eventually to a lateral move within the company.

I've got turkey legs in the crockpot with barbeque sauce and crushed pineapple for supper. When Leofwyna gets up we'll eat and go to the late movie to see Avatar in 3D.

I spent a quiet day doing my job searches and working on a jigsaw puzzle. When Leofwyna woke up we hussled off for pizza and a movie. We saw Avatar which was a wonderfully visual movie and we want to go see it again in the 3D theater before it leaves town. It has a a 'ferngully' sort of plot but with the great visuals made a decent movie experience.


I ran through a couple loads of laundry primarily to have my garb ready for WWM in a week and made some progress on the current jigsaw puzzle. With the snowed in feeling of the season it brings back memories of sitting with mother in the evening doing puzzles back before we had our first television. It also brings to mind seeing a cupboard full of puzzles at her grandmother's house following her funeral.

A snow day was declared already yesterday evening and it did snow but not so much to be a problem. The wind chill index IS rather severe. I made a run to the store when Leofwyna discovered she was missing sherry for the wild rice soup this evening. She had in mind a late birthday dinner for me with the soup, veggie 'pizza' and angelfood cake. Some of my favorites, NOM.

I worked quietly at the computor today job shopping until Leofwyna got up. We went to Barnes and Noble so she could get a new puzzle magazine then we went to Grisanti's to have their soup and bread for supper. Finally we got back to watch our videotape of the final Survivor shows. What a great surprise to have Natalie win over Russell! And how so not a surprise that viewers' choice was Russell. How typical they love the bad boy so long as it doesn't directly affect them.

With the cold and snow I'm turning into a hermit. It's just not tempting to don heavy clothes and deal with a cold car and all so I spent a quiet day at home running through job search locations. It's amazing how much time can get tied up with this between the tedious searches and dealing with on-line applications. It's not too bad when they accept a resume attached to an email but if you have to go to their website you have to figure out their systems, fill out their application, proof it, and try to send it which is not always successful. It's really annoying to spend an hour or two on one application and then fail to make the connection.

When Leofwyna got up and left for work I used the broth from yesterday's crock-cooked chicken to make a very small batch of chicken-rice soup for my supper. An unusual flavor but tasty.

During the day I ran through some job searches and accomplished a couple applications. When Leofwyna woke I suggested a movie or decorating for Christmas and after some discussion we decided on supper and a movie tonight and decorating Tuesday-Thursday so the week is planned.

We treated ourselves to Invictus; an excellent movie. Seems the good ones recently are sporty ones but since they are character driven they are engrossing and this one was very good.



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