Saturday pulled out of driveway about 4pm headed to Leach's because trailer brake lights weren't coming on. They changed the plug, tested and showed everything working in trailer and in RAV but somehow electrical wasn't connected. Went to Cichinsekis(sic) 'cause they dealt with electrical when we first got the trailer. Learned wiring was fried, apparently due to erroneous plug connections. 24 hours later (Sunday) the wiring is repaired but we're waiting for new trailer tires (I said we needed to check this some time ago) as originals were 'uneven'. So we're at the library computers awhile and later I'll surprise the gang at gaming when I walk in. Monday we will reload the cooler and pillows to head west.
Monday I spent most of the day at the library computer. Although it was a pretty day I didn't do anything outside... bad me! Had a scare when the car wouldn't start... but then it did. No idea how or why but no sound no response, then okay.
Tuesday I made a stop at the community garden and raked over the east end, raking the shredded weeds off to the side. Looking real good. Then headed to the other side of town for lunch and the south Goodwill, looking to fulfill a requested commission. The sheepskin is still there so tonight I ran the idea by Leofwyna about getting it for a bed pad in the camper... she thought it would be a good idea so I'll go back tomorrow in hops it's still there. On the way back to go to FoodNet the car died. A nice young man had stopped and let me use his cell. Calling Leofwyna didn't get her on the phone... she didn't have the one upstairs turned on and didn't hear the one downstairs ringing so I was only able to leave a message on the machine. Nearly an hour later the young man was back with a gallon of gas (He wouldn't allow me to pay for it, bless his heart) but the car still wouldn't start. I called Farmers for a tow and left another message for Leofwyna on his phone before he had to leave again. It was a nice neighborhood. Over the next hour three different man checked to see if I was okay. The one from the house I was in front of allowed me to visit their bathroom and later his wife came out and offered coffee or hot chocolate. The tow finally arrived (from Omaha for heaven's sake) and in no time I was finally at 24-hour where I learned sometimes it takes more than a gallon of gas to get the car started again. Who knew? It was a relief, when I got home, that Leofwyna had rationalized sufficiently so as not to worry about my absence and had gone to FoodNet without me. Since it was late when I got home we went to Golden Corral for supper. At the sewing table I broke down the cotton flannels from Kronberg for a couple tops but I can't finish either of them until I find the box of flannel I know I have somewhere.
Friday morning I got the new front tires installed and while there replace the bulb in the brake lights that had died.  Leofwyna and I went to see the new Jungle Book movie... I'd never seen the old one... and found the computer graphics to be well done.  Back at home leftovers for supper then put the binding on the cuddle quilt.  Found a couple Kronberg tops in the stack that I'd forgotten about so that can be added to the bag that will be picked up Wednesday.  In a passing discussion about Leofwyna's upcoming birthday we discussed going to Omaha to the zoo.  Recently thrift stores are somewhat out of favor temporarily due to laundry room plans, car upkeeps and other financial considerations.
Wednesday I pieced the blends up for a top... it's not quite done but it won't take long once I get back to it.  Wednesday evening was a farble.  Belinda brought truffle muffins which were quite good.  The group went to supper at Cowboy Chicken which was interesting.  Thursday afternoon I reclaimed the car ($570) which kinda hurt.  It was the ignition and plugs were the problem.  I met up with Leofwyna, Shelly and Morgana at the Doerrs where we played a 'very interesting' Q-and-A card game.  At midnight Volkmar lead us in a round of "what's one thing this year you most appreciated" and "what's one thing you hope to accomplish in the New Year".  I most appreciated the wonderful west coast trip Leofwyna took me on last spring and among many other things I hope to get my glass hoophouse up this spring. 
Tuesday I called to have the car towed in to get whatever is wrong fixed.  If it doesn't cost too much; we may become a one vehicle household eventually but I hope not yet.  Since I was homebound I got laundry mostly done and pressed the cutters I'd washed yesterday.  I ended up with a small pile of blends which I'll make into a lozenge top for Kronberg. 
I went out in the sunny afternoon Saturday having reclaimed my car from the mechanic.  That was another hefty bill but the brakes are now in good order.  Goodwill was having 10 for $10 so I stopped in at a couple of the stores but found nothing to tempt me.  All the green-and-cream blocks are done but I'm putting off assembling them for the time being.  Sunday I got out again and dropped the recycling off since the sun was shining and there was no wind to make a wind chill index to deal with.  Leofwyna surprised me with crablegs for supper Sunday.. yum!  At the sewing table I'm doing some sorting and culling before moving on to further projects.


Jan. 10th, 2015 07:11 am
Shelly stayed with us overnight so as Leofwyna slept on this morning Shelly and I watched some Outlander episodes downstairs.  I continued with pressing and proofing the green-and-cream log cabin blocks.  A call from the mechanic came with the bad news of a nearly $700 total for the work done on the car, which included bringing the brakes up to snuff in addition to replacing the battery and changing the oil.  I can only hope the credit card can take on the load as I have no other alternative this month.  This will make things extremely tight for me for the next 3-4 months but at least the car is good to go... and stop!


Jan. 9th, 2015 07:06 am
It is the battery!  And add on an overdue oil change and tweeking the brakes.  When he mentioned a loose tie-rod I objected.  It's not so long since we did the work on the front stuff so that better be on them!  We'll see how that goes.  So I absconded with Leofwyna's RAV4 since she was sleeping into the afternoon, and Shelly was coming, and there's no music this week.  I got Sash and Chiara to their various appointments; it made a rather full day.  Mid-evening when that was all done I joined Shelly and Leofwyna at the Greek restaurant for supper with the Straatmans including their young son.  I continue to be impressed by the young man who can hold his own with the adults with such elan.
I started sorting some of the stuff in my bedroom and doing laundry.  I found several of the coifs (13+1) I'd made for largess so I can take them to turn in to Haldara for WWM.  My car wont't start... battery maybe... due to the extreme cold?  Gotta call to have it towed in... Dave says it doesn't sound like li's the battery.
Thursday I took the car in for some work I'd been putting off cause it was going to cost so much.  I told them I had only so much for it so prioritize the work and stay on budget.  They did it ALL and stayed a couple dollars under!  I suspect since I've been going there so long they cut me a break but didn't want to say so.  My budget was about two-thirds of the estimate.

Thursday and fortunately neither the oven nor the car cost as much as I feared.  The appliance service man thinks we may be able to get reimbursed if we can get a copy of the delivery sheet from the delivery company.  We're still waiting to hear from them.  The car was tweeked so I can drive it while we wait for a part to come in next week.  While they had it opened they also replaced a leaky gasket which was still under warranty from my last visit so I was pleased about that.    This evening I cycled the automatic oven cleaner and opened up all the windows to let the smokiness out.  Fortunately we are having a few days of nice weather.  Now I have it heavily sprayed with Eeasy-off to finish cleaning the oven out.  Blech, that's a job I hate.
Wednesday I put beef shanks in the crock pot for supper.  I called and scheduled a car appointment for Thursday, then called and scheduled an appliance service appointment for Thursday.  Oops, overlap so after supper Leofwyna and I delivered the car to the shop and came back by way of picking up hot fudge malts at Perkins.
Thursday afternoon I took Leofwyna's van for its oil change and stopped in at a couple Goodwills.  Oops, this weekend is 99-cent sales to I'll have to go back to comb through garments for cotton cutters, linen and Maude fabrics.  Ah well, such a bother... not.  Pulled through McDonald's for supper and what a surprise, they messed up my order again.
Friday I went out right away to get the new tire put on the car.  Before I left there I pulled the spare back out of the trunk to put it in correctly myself right there in the parking lot so they'd see me doing it.  The manager came out and helped me finish.  Suppose he'll say something to his workman?  I stopped at one of the Goodwills for the 10 for $10 sale.  I only found six items but $10 for six was still a good deal.  One of the items was the cutest dark turquoise ruffle scarf I'll be sure to use as my muffler this winter.  Leofwyna got up while there was still light and raked some while I dealt with the downspout getting it ready for the water barrel AND adjusting the waterflow away from the foundation for this winter.  She's working a partial shift tonight so when we lost the light she laid back down for a nap before heading out. 

Wednesday we had A&S moot at Saint Mark's on campus.  Gyda and Sash talked about garb for beginners.  The weather has cleared and warmed up some so I cut the overgrown and flowering broccoli and lettuce plants to take to the Childrens' Zoo for the animals there.  Friday I had a flat tire.  I wasn't far from 24-hour so I stopped in there to gt it fixed and had to order a replacement instead.  Again I'm reminded the front end needs work and now the front tires are wearing unevenly and will need to be replaced soon too. 

Tuesday morning we got a little rain and things cooled down for a gloriously beautiful day.  I got to pick up the car.  They'd underestimated by $260!  I put it on the credit card and was releaved it was accepted.  I've been slicing up the stack of cutters, including the greens and creams I'd sorted out for a quilt in time for a Christmas project.  I'll be lucky if it's a top in time but that would be something to wrap at least and I could quilt it into the new year.  Rather fitting actually since she has two graduation present quilt tops she's never gotten quilted up.
I got a call Thursday evening reminding me Pennsic is a week early this year.  Ep!!! I got right to work Friday and got twelve sock-puppet tabards made and delivered around six o'clock.  That's when the car gave up a cloud of something and I had to call for a tow to 24-hour.  Turns out having the compressor out on the AC also affects the belt for some other elements in the engine.  The non-working compressor locked up the pulley and was burning up the belt or something.  Apparently I'll have air-conditioning after all, just to keep the car running properly.  That's going to be a major ouch to the finances.  Marty finished putting up the fence and my task now is to water in the holes a couple times a day, putting in a scoop of dirt each time, until the holes are filled (2-3 days).  We also need to drag out the brush piles before I mow again. 
Sunday Leofwyna required my assistance in getting the renovated medicine cupboard back on the wall.  Once she finishes replacing the bathtub caulking and installs a guest towel ring that room will be finished.  Monday we went to see the new Lone Ranger movie which was better than we'd initially expected, but it was LONG!  Not a bad long though.  And it was definitely Quirky!  Tuesday I took the car in to find out why the engine light was on.  Turned out the AC compresser is gone-gone-GONE and the fix would cost $1200.  That's not happening so it's good the windows go up and down.  Before watering the veggie beds I found one ripe cherry tomato and promptly ate it.  Mmm, sweet. There was a tiny, ripe Roma also but it had the black end rot and I threw that one away.  There's one small broccoli head nearly ready to harvest... Thursday supper.  I'm still in 'housekeeping' mode on the genealogy front but I did get into S Tuesday night.
We did get rain Sunday evening, hurrah.  

Monday my assignment was to pick up the pendant lamp before the sale ran out and to return the drapery samples.  I put a couple beef roasts in the crock pot with coconut milk and Thai peanut sauce.  Leofwyna had a continuing education class in York so I didn't finish supper preperations; the cooked meat went into the fridge for another night.

Tuesday I made a second attempt to return the drapery samples (I didn't have the receipt Monday), then seeing there was a sale in the quilting fabric I picked up some 'bilaterally symmetrical with major color changes' material for my stash.  I confess I got a wee bit carried away but there finally was some very good stuff to be had.  Coming home I noticed the check engine light came on.

Wednesday I took the car to be repaired (again); this time it was apparently a spark plug misfiring.  I picked up a swag lamp conversion kit for the new pendant lamp.   Moot was a pre-event meeting and I have quite a lengthy to-do list for the next few days.  Back at home I dealt with getting the little cupboard off the wall finally.  Leofwyna and I had both tried on a couple different occasions and had to back off and re-think it.  This time I went for brute force while she wasn't there to interject reason.  There was a little wallpaper behind it which I got stripped and then I primered the damaged wallboard above the tub suround and sink area. 

I learned Gabaldon's Outlander is being made into a TV series along the same lines as Game of Thrones.  I can only fervently hope it will be on a channel we get. 



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