Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I was at the library on the computer but apparently didn't think to post here.  They were normal days of activity until Thursday when I ceased procratinating and started gathering up materials for the competition, packing up the van and readying the camper.  Friday the first of the tile was laid in the laundry room and at one Cat and I got on the road and arrived early on site to place the camper near an outlet and unload our sewing gear.  Shandra had three teams signed up and we talked Killian into being a fourth as a solo.  I had the only full team with Cat, Kate, Isabeau and Carlos.  Others were Ann and her son (her second event, his first) doing early 13th century, Maisie doing late period Scots and Killian (who came down sick and left Saturday morning).  So Friday at 7pm the competition began.  I started Cat with the giornea, Kate divided the linen for the cammisa which Carlos serged all the raw edges, and Isabeau began drafting the bodice of the gammura.  Subsequently I set Kate to drafting the sleaves and Carlos made the pocket.  Once Isabeau had assembled a mock-up of the bodice (to be finished later myself and which I can use for a 'day-dress') she commenced on the painted velvet bodice of the actual gammura.  Between sessions of being measured and fitted I cut and applied a 2" strip of __ to the edge of the painted velvet yardage for the cartridge pleat header.  By midnight we had made excellent progress and I suggested we get a full night's rest.  I stayed a little longer and made my black linen and gold mesh cap and a red brocade 'cockade' which I decided not to use.  I headed to bed at 1am.  Saturday morning by 9 we were breakfasted and back at work.  Kate finished the machine work on the sleaves and commenced on the cammisa construction.  When Isabeau was finished with the bodice just before noon I started applying the skirt.  Cat had finished the machine work and pressing the giornea and she and Isabeau hand stitched the narrow area on the sides closed and hemmed it.  At four-thirty I machined hemmed the selvedge up on the skirt and Kate machine hemmed the cammisa.  The armpit gussets are still to do on the cammisa and the gammura needs eyelets for the lacing.  At five the pocket, cap, sleaves and giornea were done, the rest were at least 'demonstratable'.  We got me into the lovely ensemble (the sleaves are a bit snug) and faced the judging.  All went very well.  I didn't stammer.  A little light joking was involved.  "I've never had minions in my life.  I LIKE it!!"  And when all was said and done, I'd WON!  I think I was channeling Sash 'cause the delegating went smoothly and we all got along well.  The team is discussing doing it again next year with Elizabethan for Kate.  Isabeau wants to do German when its her turn and I think we can keep it up long enough for everyone to get clothed.
Friday was New Years Day and I spent it with the appenti at Rich's.  One goal was to pull Sash's boxes and stuff out of the garage and divid it between us to carry away.  My car is full to the roof and I still need to go through it and put what I'm keeping away.  I brought along meatballs and brownies and put a corn bake in the oven there so we could all have supper together.  We spent some free time watching Star Wars tv shows; they're much better than I'd known so I want to make the effort to catch the rest of them.    Saturday was 12th Night and Morgana and Shelly rode up with us.  I had bentwood boxes for the girl apprenti and promised Killiam a fighter's coif which needs to be finished.  Sunday Shelly and Morgana joined us in hitting all the Goodwills before Shelly headed home.  Monday I went to depost my checks, find my pillows, and order my birthday book.  At the sewing table I finished the blended lozenge top.  My most recent 301 foot pedal has stopped running which is very dissappointing.  Now I need to find two different replacement foot pedals.
Tuesday I went back to the community garden with my potato fork and got the few parsnips and several slug-chewed carrots.  There's no sign of the artichoke plants so the decision to let the plot go is that much easier.  Back at home Leofwyna discovered some 'winged' ants on the north wall of the house so we scrambled to move stuff away from that wall and spray.  We'll be keeping a close watch but I think we caught them as they were colonizing.  At least we're hoping that's the case.  At the sewing table I sewed up the tunic Sash asked me to finish for Halftroll so I could deliver it at social moot Wednesday. 

Another ten days gone.  Tuesday and Wednesday a little garage reorganizing was attempted.  At the sewing table I tried to use up the 1.25 strips but there's still quite a ways to go with those.  Thursday I mowed the lawn and packed for the trip.  We took Maggie in because of her issues.  Friday we loaded up and drove up to Huron, SD.  Saturday morning was Sash's "Celebration of Life" at Wolsey with family and community friends.  About a dozen Scadians were there including four of the five apprenti and we were invited to join the immediate family at the cemetary for the burial of the ashes.  While there I got stung by a bee on the left shoulder.  We were also shown where Sash's red oak tree will be planted at the homeplace.  Saturday afternoon Leofwyna and I headed west and spent the next four days exploring the Badlands and the Black Hills with a highlight being the evening lighting ceremony at Mount Rushmore.  Animals we saw while we were gone were bighorn sheep, antelope, prairie dogs, mule-ear deer red squirrel and thirteen-stripe ground squirrel.  Thursday was all day driving the long way home.

Saturday I realized the lawn needed mowing so I did the first section in the heat and humidity.  Leofwyna showed up as I began my break and jumped on the second section, a nice surprise.  I got out and got the final section done before supper.  Sunday it rained... pretty hard and the sunshade half came down.  I spent the day doing laundry and sewing 1.25" strips.  Monday (Labor Day) it sprinkled some and we took it easy; for me that meant balancing the checkbook and sewing more strips.  Tuesday I put the sunshade back up and moved eight boxes of stash back downstairs out of the garage.  During the evening I boxed up processed stash big pieces and flats.   Wednesday I moved another six boxes of stash dowstairs before cleaning up to run some errands before going to Moot.  Rich visted Moot to discuss a memorial event in October, and see if anyone was planning on attending the September Celebration of Life the family is doing.
Tuesday I ended up 'vegging out'.  We ate leftovers, watched recorded stuff and napped.  I sought out every Facebook comment I could find re Sash.  There were some wonderful, beautiful comments all through the day.  Wednesday I stirred myself up and went out to get a haircut before going to Wednesday's social night and supper.  Thursday was another coasting day (I have been piecing 1.25 strips at the sewing table)... but Friday we pulled things together and got busy in the garage again.  I put up the sunshade and tables while Leofwyna sawed down an  inconvenient post and dug up a bush that's been in the way.

Sunday evening I discovered a message on the answering machine left Saturday while we were gone.  It was Rich and news that Sash had a poor week and a bad weekend and Rich needed help the upcoming week.  He wanted someone to be with Sash at home during the days while Rich was at work.  Leofwyna and I were glad to agree to spend time helping in this way so Monday I made a point to be up early to receive the call that they were returning home after a doctor appointment.  That 9 o'clock call changed these plans to a hospice death watch... and in order to set up tha hospice care at home Leofwyna was one of the two nurses available to care for Sash (the other nurse was an RN in Rich's family).  Monday was a long day but only just long enough for some of Sash's family and several members of his SCA family to arrive to say good-bye.  As the dim twilight turned full dark the announcement was made to the gathered waiting group that he was gone at 9:51 pm.   Scant moments later a wavering voice began Non Nobis and was immediately supported through to the end.  Not to us, Lord, not to us but to your name give glory.

Friday I got a late start but we got Leofwyna loaded up and out the door.  Then she was back... the trailer had bounced off the ball a couple of blocks from home and we had to jack it up to get it back on the hitch.  The pipe is bent so we won't be able to mount the front wheel on untill we get that fixed so we'll have to figure out a temporary support when we park it.  Anyway, once she was gone again I still needed to get loaded up myself, so it was after seven when I arrived and we put up our camp.  I spent the end of my evening taking advantage of tables and basted the purple and gold quilt.  Seeing it spread out like that, I'm liking it much better than I did initially.  Saturday was a full day of activities at Cattle Raids.  I offered to help at the steel table and spent time there, although only four fighters were available and I didn't have much to do.  During the afternoon I sat in at Natalya's show and tell session.  Court was busy with the changeover from Saraphina and Randwulf to Gyda and Villhelm, unfortunately some pretty intense rain came down on the metal roof so no one could hear anything after the elevation.  And then to top off the day, ALL the apprenti took the opportunity to head into town to visit Sashatec together.
Monday pressed and sorted a pile of re-washed cutters (dealing with May's flooded wet box).  Tuesday I cut the tunic but got hung up over what sort of seams to do if Viking embroidery is going to be done.  Need to talk to Sash before continuing.  Wednesday mowed front and verges on a very cool day.  Would have done it all but for philosophy night.  Delivered Jerry's tunics... he was satisfied with the results.  Shelley showed up in time for the group supper.  Thursday I finished mowing and did some weeding.
It has been a full week and I need to catch up on the journaling.  Monday I mowed the yard and made a run to the community garden to harvest several pattipan squash.  Tuesday we loaded up the Aliner and headed west.  We didn't find anyone in Kronberg to take the quilt tops for the Sew'nSews but in Marquette Leofwna found Clint Petersen to assign him the task of delivering them for us.  We reached North Loup about 9:30 which was much later than we'd intended. We quickly got set up and plugged in so Laurel could turn in.  Wednesday Leofwyna went to tour the Chalk mine where Dennis was docent(ing) and Thursday afternoon I helped Dennis can tomatoes in Laurel's kitchen.  Thursday evening we all were at Chris's for supper and her granddaughter's birthday celebration.  Friday we came back home by way of Grand Island where we stopped at a couple thrift stores and JoAnn's.  Saturday I canned the tomatoes Dennis had given us while Leofwyna was at a pre-cook.  I wasn't able to do them all because she took one of the big pots with her.  Sunday I went to Sash's to collect the materials for Halftroll's tunic so I can finish it.  Sash was in the hospital while we were out of town; he's had bad news and faces another round of chemotherapy.  This will hopefully buy him through to the new year but he won't be attending any events.  I've cancelled the reservations for Battlemoor since Sash won't be going and his going was our reason to go ourselves.  Instead I'll be able to concentrate on prepping for and doing a rummage sale and getting my glass hoophouse put up this fall.
Friday I sewed up the first of some canvas bags, planning the best use of some canvas scrap.

Saturday a group of us went to Sash's to do a thorough house-cleaning.  He's been dealing with medical issues and treatments over a year now with the accompanying lack of energy.  Cat approached a few of the core group recently and seven of us were there to get-er-done while Shelly took him to lunch and, on his request, to shop for paint for his Christmas Lights project. 

Sunday I went over to Volkmar's in the afternoon to draft a gambeson pattern for Carol, a new young fighter.  They were working on her armor there that afternoon.  That evening at home I sewed up several pairs of canvas bags to be used for weights for the Great Machine. They'll be filled on site with stones, gravel, sand, or dirt to be the weights and can be dumped on site thus avoiding additional travel weight.

Monday and Tuesday during the day I continued some sorting in my bedroom.  This time I succeeded in thinning out some stuff I won't ever use and filled a black bag to go to Salvation Army.  These evenings at the sewing table I frippered two green linen shifts for a project for a friend.

Wednesday I spent the afternoon 'out and about' before going to the social moot and supper.  Back at home at the sewing table I finished converting the two green shifts to a functional tunic.  It actually turned out somewhat better than I expected.
Tuesday went looking for a certain green fabric.  After a couple stops, on the way to a third, remembered that particular fabric was from a skirt purchased at the thrift store.  Doh!  Wednesday hustled out to provide Sash transport for an appointment and he treated Leofwyna and me to lunch at the Engine House.  Showed him the camper while we were in that part of town.  After dropping Sash home I stopped in at the Salvation Army where I found a canning tong and three cotton cutters.  I stopped at the bank to put things back in the deposit box, too.  Leofwyna and I went together to business moot and late supper with the gang at Culvars.  Back home at the sewing table I finished the borders on the yellow and green 'kit' top.


Jan. 9th, 2015 07:06 am
It is the battery!  And add on an overdue oil change and tweeking the brakes.  When he mentioned a loose tie-rod I objected.  It's not so long since we did the work on the front stuff so that better be on them!  We'll see how that goes.  So I absconded with Leofwyna's RAV4 since she was sleeping into the afternoon, and Shelly was coming, and there's no music this week.  I got Sash and Chiara to their various appointments; it made a rather full day.  Mid-evening when that was all done I joined Shelly and Leofwyna at the Greek restaurant for supper with the Straatmans including their young son.  I continue to be impressed by the young man who can hold his own with the adults with such elan.

I inventoried the pantry and freezer Sunday.  I got all caught up on my paperwork Monday morning.  When I went to drive Sash to an appointment Monday afternoon he was already gone so I don't know what sort of miscommunication occurred.  I ended up stopping at the Salvation Army since I was out anyway.  I also stopped to put some things back in the safety deposit box but they weren't able to get their big door unlocked so I'll have to go back some other time.


Jan. 3rd, 2015 11:11 am
As I didn't get to bed until VERY late, I slept until two.  That's really going to mess me up!  Leofwyna was packing up to go stay with Shelly for several days.  They'll be packing up at the house.  I went and ate an early supper and stopped in at Joanne's before going over to Sash's for a short evening.  All the lights were off the house and all over the kitchen and living room.  The 40,000 lights were being organized and stored up in totes.  This process is clearly going to take a couple days.  Back at home I packaged fudge for tomorrow's prezzies.app
We had lots of fun at the Doerr's New Year's Eve wih a big crowd.  And New Year's Day I headed to Sash's for a gathering of apprenti [Shandra, Killian, and I].  Braganza was there too.  At both venues I had my handquilting along.  I'm still working on 'Child's Play' but it's getting close to being finished.
Monday I got up and out right away to drive Sash for an appointment.  After dropping him back at home I headed over to the new Goodwill where I found a bunch of sewing thread.  I spent a good deal of the evening working on log cabin blocks and have another sett almost ready to assemble another top. 
Sunday Leofwyna and I went to check an estate sale for fabric (another craigs list person suggested to us).  Wasn't interested in what was left but we did get a sheet for a quilt back.  We stopped at Sash's with green tomatoes and Leofwyna and he 'went off' on a bunch of musical stuff.  Rich and he have big plans for holiday lights including computer music enhancements.  Back in the van we drove through UNL East Campus looking for a Mason bee habitat I'd seen on their website and found a small one but not the big one we wanted to see.  We did see some birch logs we coveted but behaved ourselves.  We watchd for curbside discards as we went through various neighborhoods and found a small desk that suited.  We loaded that into the van with the shelves that are still in there.  Another curbside pile produced a wreath and babygate. I'll use the gate to support peas in next summer's garden.  After a quick stop at home for shovels and bushel baskets we fetched home some compost from a pile we had access to.  If we can get that settled we want to go back for some more for my raised beds.
Monday I provided transport home for Sash following some tests.  Hopefully those will provide some good news.  Back at home I started the crock pot with five packages of bargain gizzards and in the evening I canned them.  I've emptied the 'pantry' so I could stash my canning therein and sorted out older stuff to concentrate prompt usage.  A new pantry list was made as I put things back on the shelves.
Wednesday I only got the community garden watered and some tomatoes delivered to Sash before going to moot where final discussions and plans were made for Cattle Raids.  I skipped out on supper this time though. Back at home at the sewing table I'm putting purple/gold pairs together.

Thursday in addition to watering the community garden and the lawn at home I straightened up the house in anticipation of the visit of our masseuse.  Unfortunately she wasn't feeling well today and cancelled.  At the sewing table tonight I assembled purple/gold quads while we watched So You Think You Can Dance and Project Runway.



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