Sunday I got four loads of laundry cycled through and I put crab salads together for our supper.    Monday after weeding out the 'empty' veggie bed I made tacos for supper.  Tuesday with Leofwyna gone off to work I loafed on the computer.  Halldara brought a bag of overgrown cucumbers to me, bless her, we'll have cinnamon pickles this year.  Wednesday morning I peeled cucumbers and got the 'spears' packed up in gallon jars in the 'fridge.  In the evening I was late getting to A&S but as it turned out to be a farble it was easy to get caught up in it.  I got a few inches of quilting added on.  I stopped at the store for the supplies for the cinnamon pickles and at home put the pickling lime in the jars with the cucumber so the process is begun.
Tuesday morning the doorbell rang.  We'd forgotten the electric man was coming back to deal with the dishwasher cut-off box.  That's done now so all that's left is Del finishing the interior doors and wood trim.  Unless Leofwyna decides to repaint the living room which she is thinking about.  She still isn't happy with the color and it hasn't (as she'd hoped) grown on her.

Wednesday I went to A&S where I finally met up with a couple new folks needing Gold Kay for our next local event.  As he carried the totes in and out for me this was fairly painless.  Saraphina gave the presentation tonight about the Bayeax Tapestry and covered it thoroughly in ways I'd never even thought of.
Wednesday at the A&S farble as we discussed a variety of random ideas I finished another 2-yard piece of inkle tape.  Gerald has been lobbying for a wide piece for his bow so I broke out the heavier pearl cotton. I'll use it up in this project and use the full width of the heddle.  I haven't been successful with wide tape in the past but I'll give it one more try.

Friday I got the ad for the rummage sale done.  I hadn't been able to call it in because there had been a name change and I couldn't find 'em in the phonebook.  I had to go myself to the office location to take care of it.  I stopped in at the Vine Street Goodwill [they're having 99-cent for clothes this weekend].  I found a pair of jeans and a couple tops for myself and half a dozen cotton pieces for the quilting bag. 

Saturday I went to three of the other four Goodwills to check the sales there.  I found a pair of black oxfords my size; they weren't on sale but hey they fit.  I also found a few paperback books and a string of blue Xmas tree lights I'll use in my winter garden.

Sunday after weeding the new veggie beds [lots of sprouting crabgrass] I watered the front yard and the garden thoroughly.  Weather indicates no moisture again this coming week so I want to keep the new grass and garden seedlings going strong. 
Tuesday I poked around outside a little bit, deadheading daylilies and pruning the yews.

Wednesday I was able to get out to the library for our A&S discussion on definitions of color in the medieval era with Natalia.  At the same time I continued working on my inkle loom and got halfway through the current purple/yellow piece I set in the loom last week. 

Thursday and Friday I finally fired up my 'Get her done!' and worked on the compost piles and veggie beds.  I also carried out a few more boxes to the garage for the sale.

Saturday I was sorting stuff in my bedroom putting away summer SCA gear and making room for the Gold Key totes.  When I went to my closet to get my shoe-case the closet pole crashed to the floor.  I hadn't touched it; just all three supports failed!  Cleared everything out of the closet to the living room sofa, studied the situation and figure I can fix it myself.

Sunday Leofwyna pretty much finished her front yard project removing the flower beds she'd put in fifteen years ago.  All that's left now is the forsythia and the thyme bushes and a volunteer maple we're encouraging.  While she dealt with that I mowed two-thirds of the yard, leaving the zoysia in front for another day.  For a wonder it's stayed green this year with the nicely spaced rainfall all through the summer but growth does seem to be slowing some.

Monday Leofwyna declared a holiday with pizza and root beer floats while we watched 9-11 programs.  We also taped programs on stations we weren't watching.  My favorite was the one about a photographer who revisited the folks she'd met and photo'd those days.  Another favorite was the French photographers who were already taping the fire department that was first on-site on 9-11.  I did get out while Leofwyna was sleeping and bought what I needed for the closet repair.

Tuesday and I'm down sick with a sinus crud.  Blech!

And naturally a portion of every day is still applied to job searches and genealogy research.

This afternoon I sat down to get Halftroll's tunic done, thinking it would take 2-3 hours.  Six hours later It was done but for a little hand sewing to control the tucks on the border trim around the hem.  I keep forgetting how long those seams are on his oversized tunics and since they're all french finished that doubles everything.  It does look good though, esp. with the narrow trim finishing the neckline trim.  To bad there wasn't enough of it to put on the armband borders too, but oh well.

I was late getting out for the A&S moot; got there just in time to join in the last bit of chatter before the library closed.  In hindsight, since Halftroll wasn't there, I could have skipped it.  I guess I'll just deliver it all to Gyda next week at moot. 

Back at home we watched the Survivor we'd taped... huzzah, they voted Russel out.  Too bad he'll probably make a comeback.  There's not very many who'll be able to defeat him at Resurrection Isle.  

I'm still seriously involved in dealving through the site following my leads.  There's still lots of this to be done. 

Got out into the cold for A&S farble at the library followed by supper with the group at 9South Grill, then stopped for groceries on the way home. I 'specially needed fruit to go with the leftover cream cheese which I whipped up with a small jar of marshmallow creme. I found the most scrumptious pears for the purpose.


Finished last week's leftovers concluding with the Thanksgiving turkey, gravy and dressing tonight. Then we set up the Christmas tree. We're using the Cup of Christmas Tea theme this year with the collection of toy teapots and cups and discussed setting up Maude Doll and Jennifur Teddy in a tea party vignette.


Still working on genealogy and jigsaw puzzles, avoiding the cold outside.


Went for groceries so I could start the crockpot chili and make something for Yule Court potluck tomorrow. Stopped at the library to pick up books I'd requested; I'm still working my way through Jim Butcher's Dresdan File novels.

We've had more than a week of beautiful weather, every day. And I'm still dealing with the post-illness lethargy and coughing... and coughing... and coughing. It's really kept me worn out and I haven't accomplished much of anything since the rummage sale. The coughing also keeps waking me up so I'm not getting much sleep either.

Late Tuesday afternoon I finally got out and cleaned up the east end of the vegetable garden which had been overgrown between the beds with lemon balm, dill and various unidentified weeds. I harvested a few 'turning' tomatoes and then pulled the tomato plants (with lots and lots of little green tomatoes) and dumped them in the compost which allowed me to get at those other weeds. I found Leofwyna's majoram and moved it into one of the cleared beds. That corner of the backyard looks immensely better now.


Went to this week's A&S evening where Sash demonstrated and let us practice 5- and 7-cord finger weaving. I think I'll like this better than the method I've been using for shirt-ties so far.

Went to the library to print out a form I needed, then a stopped at Petco for catfood, stopped in at a couple thrift stores and at one found two pieces of fabric (actual yardgoods) $1/ea that both will work very well for Saxon peplos. SCORE!

At A&S tonight we had a panel discussion for some newcomers about what to expect in the SCA complete with many treats, both fruit and cookies.

Took Leofwyna's van in for an oil change so she wouldn't have to get up early. I remembered to pick up my bag at DAV, too. Ran the van home and switched out vehicles then headed to Salvation Army for their 50% clothing sale and found a bunch of cutter cotton AND five cotton sheets at $2/each. I also found a cunning little charcoal cooker I can use in camp for my meals. Had a thought to look for a little round grill to use with it and hey noni-noni found one with a retractable handle. How cool is that! I'm looking forward to trying out some of my new setup this year if I actually do get to go to Lilies.

I went out for A&S this evening and when I got back home Leofwyna and I went to a late supper together and ended up working another through another puzzle while watching our Tuesday tape.

After a quiet afternoon I headed out for A&S picking up Sash along the way. There was half a dozen of us there with no set program. I had my inkle loom there working on a bit of narrow weaving and listened in on a lively discussion by Sash, Gerald, Zino and Natalia.


Up a little early as planned and after checking the weather reports for the day (which was a trifle iffy) headed out anyway to pick up Sash and Isadora. This way Leofwyna could get a last few minutes of sleep before getting up and ready for our day. We planned one of our days thrifting in Omaha and thought to invite our peers along for the trip. We hit the five Thrift Worlds up there and then introduced them to our favorite viands both noon and evening at Thai Pepper and Cheesecake Factory. It was a great success and we had a wonderful time. We hardly noticed the snow and slush at all and had no trouble traveling either way.

With all the snow on the ground and the chill in the air I'm spending a great deal of time lounging around at home. Do I take advantage of this time to accomplish anything? Well, there is the excuse of avoiding making unnecessary noise while Leofwyna sleeps but just the same I'm not doing even as much downstairs as I could. I immerse myself in the Internet or a jigsaw puzzle. I'm clearly in hibernation mode here.

Tonight I did get out of the house to attend A&S; I was one of three to do so but we had a nice discussion about glovemaking, Winter War Maneuver's and its revel, and so forth.


I got a call from NelNet today about one of my applications there so I'm being considered for an interview. I've responded to 5-6 positions there so naturally this is my least favorite choice but it is within my desired salary range and has benefits so I've got my fingers crossed that this might be accomplished. After eighteen months it wouldn't do to be fussy and perhaps getting my foot in the door could be translated eventually to a lateral move within the company.

I've got turkey legs in the crockpot with barbeque sauce and crushed pineapple for supper. When Leofwyna gets up we'll eat and go to the late movie to see Avatar in 3D.

Leofwyna and I dropped a vanload of stuff at Goodwill and returned tables to their owners.  While we were at Goodwill we cruised through and saw a couple things for the house; didn't buy 'em though since Senior day is tomorrow so I'll pick them up then.  We also dropped off our Necchi for service; the odd clunking noise it's been making intermittantly has me worried.  Since we got a late start with all this (Leofwyna slept in pretty late) we finished up with a stop at the store for the makings for spagetti for supper.  Worked again on the quilt tops and finished with the current pile of samples. 


Made the run to Goodwill to pick up the home decorating items, a couple knick-knack shelves Leofwyna wanted.  Also found several VHS movies including one, Ladyhawk, I've been seeking for Leofwyna a couple years.  I also found the set of Fellowship of the Rings movies; just the other day Leofwyna suggested renting these for a movie night and this is much better price-wise.  Back at home I cleaned up the kitchen and got the laundry going.


Wednesday was A&S learning a Carolingian 'hand' which I do want to work on some more real soon.  I was surprised as this is the best turnout we've had at A&S for quite some time.  Later I finished up my laundry; just gotta put it away upstairs.  I was frustrated not to be able to deal with some buttonholes tonight.  The attachment doesn't work on the slant-foot Singers I have.  I really wanted these done for Thursday night, darn it.   Mostly these two days while Leofwyna was working I was loafing with the computer, good intentions nonwithstanding. 

Since we got so much done yesterday I was able to coast this afternoon.  Stopped in at a couple thrift stores and found a great lined denim carcoat and a set of flannel sheets so I'll be warm this winter.  After A&S this evening I put up sale signs (the ground is hard so I'll check them or have Leofwyna check them in the morning to make sure they're still standing) and put out a big pile for the garbage collection.

Some further discussion with Leofwyna regarding timing of the next rummage sale.  I offered to wait to leave for Lilies Sunday if she thought we should try for that Friday-Saturday.  Breathed a sigh of relief when she suggested that might be too much for me on sequential days.  Well, yeah, but I was willing to try anyway.  So the rummage now has to wait for early July and I can buckle down to Lilies prep.  I have lists.

At A&S this evening I delivered Halftroll's new tunic.  I was afraid it might have turned out too large but Gyda measured it on herself after a fashion (flat, it only went around her three-quarters of the way and reached halfway down her shins) and deemed it just right!  Oh my! 

Went to Salvation Army for their 50% sale and picked up a few cutter shirts and a top, grabbed supper at House of Hunan before going to A&S where our archers shared information on bow making and arrow making.


Went to Sash's for Fiber Arts.  I worked at getting the inner seams whipped down on my wood apron dress and some more split stitching on the baronial banner.


Didn't sleep well last night... said hello to 5 am before I finally dropped off; then was woke at 7 am with a repeating and rather annoying dream.  When I woke again at 10:30 I got up thinking to make sure I sleep well tonight.

More job search, chauffered Leofwyna after dropping her van off at the shop for maintenance, got Ford papers noterized, stopped at a couple garage sales and a thrift store (no purchases), went to Chili's for ribs for supper and had a movie night at home with zigsaw puzzle.


Spent the day very quietly... didn't feel awfully sick but my glands were tight and I was lathargic.  Did cut the light grey wool I'd had in my workbasket for the last several months. 


Sewed sewed up the grey cote and trimmed it at neck and sleaves with violet-rose 'shirt tim'.  I'll need to get Leofwyna to mark the hem for me later.  Leofwyna got things organized and asked me to help her carry up her chest of drawers from the guest bedroom to her bedroom.  Then we carried in Little Sister's black lacquered chest of drawers and got it down into the guest room.  It's just a good thing they weren't a single pound heavier than they were and yes, we did take out the drawers to carry separately.  I went this evening to A&S where discussed the play for the JAV demo and A&S competitions in upcoming events. 


Today I pulled everything out of the acquisition corner of my bedroom... literally the entire quarter of my bedroom where parcels were piled hip-deep from the past six years of thrift store purchases.  I took everything out of the bags and sorted according to fiber or use.  It's all piled now three feed deep on my twin-size bed.  When I was thoroughly worm out from the sorting I grabbed the half dozen 'trim' shirts and went downstairs to watch television and start cutting them up to go into the 'trim' tin.  I'm contemplating sleeping on the couch rather than clearing the bed at this time although the couch would need to be cleared too.

Anyway, the piles on my bed consist of half a dozen leather skirts, a dozen silk shirts, half a dozen wool skirts, a 3-foot deep stack of linen and cotton-linen shirts, skirts, pants and dresses, a similar stack of cotton shirts, three bed-skirts, half a dozen cotton broomstick skits, half a dozen decorative vests and finally a 3-foot stack of yardage, tablecloths, shower curtains of appropriate for garb fibers.  Oh my!

At this point I must interject that this is the last six  year's accumulation of thrift store finds... less the few things I've actually already put to use.  This does not include the similar sort of stuff I have already boxed up in storage (and probably every bit at much if not more in volume) from prior to the last six years.  I really need to get stuff organized so I can actually put it to use.

I'm always glad when someone calls me to do transcription but then while I'm actually doing it I sometimes feel it will never come to an end.  It helps when I find the subject to be interesting however that's not so much the case this time.  I have had worse to do.  I'll be done with it this week and there's been no indication there's more to do. 

At A&S tonight the lady harper came and did a program about harps in period for us in exchange for the outdoor cooking talk her group requested.  Halftroll arranged all this in his role as demo coordinator.   It would be nice to have an Irish personna harpist in our group... It could maybe happen. 

Told Leofwyna about the tapestry loveseat and couch I saw at Goodwill Monday; I t hink she's going to check them over tomorrow.  She wants 'em for the living room if they're in good enough shape.  Oh my, the amount of furniture we'll have in the garage for a Spring rummage sale.  Clearly the vehicles will have to sit out in the weather for awhile.  I picked Leofwyna up from auto service so she could leave the van for maintenance tomorrow; took her to Village Inn for supper as she was so tired she couldn't decide on what to eat.   I introduced her to the 'improved' strawberry crepes; borrowing orange sauce from something on the special menu.


Sewed stripe pants and camel flannel pants for Murdoch while Leofwyna borrowed my car for her errands.  When I  had my car back I got my hair cut, picked up some stamps, stopped in at the computor lab and went to A&S but had forgotten to mark out the wings on the banner and had finished the beast so was unable to use the time embroidering.  Didn't work on bookbinding as I hadn't brought the tools for that.  Leofwyna loves the couch and loveseat; she already paid for them so I must pick 'em up tomorrow while she's at work.


Picked up my prescriptions, arranged for help (Marty and Toni) to pick up couch and loveseat, sewed up Murdoch's tunic and went to the computor lab.  Toni wants to include some stuff when we have our rummage; I must remember to let her know the date once it's decided.

What the freak!  The disc I put the transcription on fritzed and I lost it all.  Too good I'd already sent part one to Chris and was able to retreive the email to record it on a new disc, but the portion of part two I'd done is gone-gone-gone and I must redo it on my own dime.  Knowing this I wasted part of the afternoon procrastinating and then headed out (fighting traffic all the way so I was late!) for A&S where Natalya had us assembling quires(sp?) into books with leather covers.  Actually rather easy, this, and suitable for largess I'm thinkin'.  Finished another sampler quilt top while watching Wall-E with Leofwyna at the end of the day.  I think there's only enough of this batch for one more, rah-rah!

Spent the day keeping myself moving, tried to pick up the prescriptions again (Insurance still not picking up, have to call and straighten this out), spent considerable time at University Library working job searches, and spent the evening stitching the sample fabrics into strips to work into the Mission quilts (no tops actually finished though).  Drooping at 11:00 so headed off to bed... which is super early for me these days.


Wide awake at 7:30, kept Joey the cat company all morning while Leofwyna was sleeping.  Made several phonecalls regarding exchequer, ride to Kris Kinder, and insurance for my prescription.  When Leofwyna left for a half day at work I spent the afternoon waiting for the phone to ring.  The Insurance carrier was supposed to call back about the coverage so I could get my prescription.  At 4:30 I gave up on that and went outside to hang the hoses in the garage and pull the Obedience plants out of the front flower bed; a lovely mild day.  This evening I finished two more Mission quilt tops.  Heading off to bed at 11:30 again... could we be developing a new, good habit?


There was half an inch of snow on the ground when I woke at 7:30 this morning, spent a quiet morning while Leofwyna slept.  Whipped through the dishes so she could work on her Raspberry Jelly this afternoon.  I headed out to try to pick up the prescription, hit some thrift stores (found nice Isotoner slippers, a stick mixer, a white shell, and several pieces for gold key stuff [I'll be making britches, byzantine tunic,  more shirts]).  Picked up Sash to go to A&S where Natalya gave us excellent suggestions on handling documentation for our A&S entries.  Her notebook is very impressive for logical documentation.  Headed off to bed at 11:30... at this rate I'll be in good shape at 6am Saturday morning to go to Kris Kinder.



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