Nov. 15th, 2016

Monday I called NTT to try and get the computer at home connected onto the internet.  The gal there said she'd call back, in about an hour.  I wasted two hours waiting on her before giving up and going on to other things.  Delivered the brassicas to the Children's Zoo.  They've always so surprised and appreciative.  Apparently no one remembers me from one year to the next but those plants are just too much roughage to put in my compost piles and I'm glad I have somewhere useful for them.  On to lunch and the library for computer time.  Later back at home I canned the ripened green tomatoes (1.5 quarts) and baked bread pudding using the croissants from FoodNet.  Leofwyna doesn't usually like bread pudding but she really likes this and says feel free to make more anytime.  I had to discard the hubbard squash from a few weeks ago.  I don't think it was properly hardened off and was turning to mush on the counter.  I finished some prep work on the mountains majesty blocks then set them aside to do some machine maintenance and sorting scraps from the pumpkin project. 



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