I met up with Gyda this afternoon at one of the libraries to work through exchequer reports for her first time through it. We got the 4th quarter to balance straight away and got a good start on merging all four quarters into the doomsday report. I can see she's not going to have any problems with this; actually she'll probably get through it easier than I did as she has a better grasp on some of the things I toiled over.

Leofwyna and I went to see Young Victoria tonight. OMG, to my uneducated but not completely inexperienced eye the costuming was spot on!! I have no complaints about the movie. The environs, acting and pace all contributed to believability and it held my attention in spite of the potential for distraction by the costuming. I want to see it again and I want sequels as Victoria (and the actress) ages.

Back at home we pulled out another jigsaw. When it's this cold and we're generally housebound this is a standard fallback. The cat disapproves as there's no lap available when we do this.

Met with Gyda this afternoon and got her signature on the baronial account so she can assume her full duties and I'm only advisor and co-signer. I may be taking on Gold Key but that's still uncertain; we'll see.

At home I raked leaves and when Leofwyna woke up she mowed the backyard and front verge so the entire yard is looking pretty good. The veggie beds could still use work but that depends entirely on what the weather does the rest of this month.

Finally reached Luke at Kronberg about presenting a Cattle Raids proposal at the church council. They'll be expecting us at the meeting Monday, and since it's Monday, not Tuesday, Sash can go too, thank goodness!


Today we cooked a pork loin roast in the crockpot with dried fruit. I prefer my pork seasoned simply 'cause I like the tast of pork but Leofwyna likes it with fruit and we alternate techniques. Tonight I cleaned up the kitchen but put off doing laundry as her stuff is still in the laundry room.

Got my garb and camp bedding sorted and re-packed; got the tubs stacked back up in my bedroom.  Now I  have a pile of stuff to go away; perhaps Gold Key or the Scarlet Keep kids can use some of it.  There's another small pile of things to be repaired before putting them away.

Gyda and I missed each other at the bank so we still need to arrange for the signatures on the Barony account but she did catch up with me at home and we went through the books and forms and she took away the box, file and other exchequer stuff.

I was pretty much worn down and didn't accomplish anything else during the evening except over-eating chicken-grape salad.

Ran errands Wednesday afternoon and hit a couple thrift stores.  Went to Moot and turned in my last quarter report for exchequer.  Gyda and I will get together Monday to do the signature thing at the bank and go through the books and forms.  I went to supper after Moot with Sash, Kat, Oz, Sarafina, Halftroll and Gyda.

Got the thirtieth block together for the crazy quilt top.  It blends in pretty well after all.  I spent the afternoon today at CYT printing out documents about banners and embroidery.  When I got home Leofwyna asked me what my second entry would be!  Second entry?  Gotta check the flyer; hadn't caught anything about two entries.  I don't know if this is going to work out with only one day left.

Slipped out quietly before noon and dealt with several errands.  Copied exchequer pages at Kinkos, picked up sewing machine from repair shop, and dropped a bag o'clothes at Salvation Army.  Leofwyna was already up and gone when I got back home.  As it was raining again today... actually just a long and long drizzle... I didn't do any work outdoors.  Just cleaned up the kitchen, wrote checks to mail and did some clothing sorting in my own closet.  And finally lots of computating and weather channel watching of the flooding situation in the South.

As planned I sat troll Friday 6-12... Gyda was there off and on as exchequer in training so I was able to get up now and then for this and that. 


When I set up camp Friday I found I didn’t have the hardware to put the bed together so I ended up on the ground again.  Although I felt the cold Friday night it’s probably not because I was on the ground (I had the wood slats and one of the wool blankets under the air mattress)… I could have used one more wool blanket with the one heavy and two light wool blankets I did have. 

I think I’m going to use these two light wool blankets (the ones I bought in Canada this summer) as the filler for the pieced linen camp quilts.


I had made arrangements for troll to be covered so I didn't have to be there until after ten.  I'm not very good with early mornings and this caused me trouble last year so I was determined not to repeat myself this year.  I had good reliable help for troll this morning and was able to 'let it go'.

I wore all Linen for the first time at Hidden Treasures this summer and Cattle Raids this weekend and found it good. It’s time to sort the garb wardrobe and move some things out to make room for new. The goal now is for all Linen and Wool garb eventually… I have some cotton camp garb I’ll probably hang on to and wear out myself but there’s other stuff that can be moved into gold key just as soon as I get myself better organized.


First thing Saturday when I was dressed and had their excellencies together I brought out The Project… the new baronial banner… and presented it to them so it could be used. The bull is hung!


We had a good day in court, too, with Cailee getting a baronial golden feather, a Queen's Chalice, and an AOA.  Dwolm and Randwulf were fyrded, Osric was given a Torse, Eleanor Deyeson was awarded a Silver Hammer and HE Vasilla was given a Cross.  Countess Jane is our new archery champion.


Organizing bardic entertainment for feast turned out to be… interesting? I had lined up HalfTroll myself ahead of time and then during the day had so many offers I became concerned about having too much. I didn’t need to perform myself and late in the afternoon I actually turned down an offer on the basis of too many already.  My thinking was there needed to be time at feast for general discourse, too, and of course there’s always the possibility their majesties might take up time, too. Just before feast while the populous was settling into the hall I held a confab with bardic friends about this and I then decided to narrow the field further. One of the bards was from out of kingdom and thinking I wanted to feature Calontiri I notified this individual that I wouldn't be calling on her.  Let’s just say this did not go over well at all. 


During the various courses I presented HalfTroll, _____ and Dorcas. Their majesties did indeed accept a presentation during feast and later requested another individual to perform for them (I think she may have been the same as I’d spoken to that afternoon). All was well with my timing, I think. The out of kingdom personage did make the presentation to their majesties during feast and used the opportunity to add her input to the evening; I choose not to elaborate further on this.  As for the feast, Gwyneth made it and as always it was perfection!


I was up bright and early packing and loading. I think I actually rolled out of bed by eight which is exceedingly unusual for me.  At least it allowed me to work in the shade for a good 2-3 hours getting the sunshades down and the tent cleared out.  It also allowed the tent to have an hour or so in the sun before I dropped it.  Back at home I crumped and accomplished very little the rest of the day.


When I got home from Milford Sunday I was just too beat to empty the van so I got on it this morning while the driveway was still in the shade… besides I wanted all the camp gear to have a full afternoon in the sun to dry thoroughly before I packed it up for the winter late this afternoon.   Again this evening I'm collapsed in front of the TV and I'm not doing anything further today.

Left the house soon as I got up fully intending to take the wool blankets to the dry cleaners and pick up the serger.  Didn't do that, instead after eating lunch I dropped off aluminum cans out of the trunk and headed back home. After going to the Chinese buffet for supper I mowed the back yard while Leofwyna weeded and deadheaded around the edges.  I also ran the weedwacker through the veggie bed paths and around the house. 

When I came into the house we got into a little tiff regarding a TV program; only explanation I can come up with is too much togetherness the last couple weeks.  This sort of behavior hasn't happened in years!  We rebonded over Baskin Robbins ice cream and alls well.


Left the house after checking email.  Decided not to deal with the wool blankets until Leofwyna found her two to add to the pile.  After eating lunch I stopped in at Goodwill for their traveling sale day (buy one normal price get four more at $1/ea).  Found a pretty little miniature teapot to add to Leofwyna's collection.    Leofwyna spent the afternoon with Shelly and called with supper suggestions and we ended up eating BBQ ribs at IHOP.  I had fun teasing her (and the waitress) about the 'surprise' but not telling her what it was until we got home.  She had to call the waitress to describe it as promised.  I spent part of the evening partially assembling one of the new camp carpets; had to stop when my hands got ache-y.


First thing this morning the mouse died amid power surges and scorch oders (this explains internet connection problems the last few days).  Upon looking it over I found the wire failure where the cord meets the mouse so I shopped for a replacement this afternoon.  Brought home a cordless version so the cord won't be a problem.  Trouble is the mouse needs to be within 3' of the tower attachment.  Hmm, may need to rearrange something.  I stopped in at the Salvation Army 50% clothing sale and found a beautiful black poplin car coat, half of $6.99 is a great price for a very gently used coat.

Natalya had called for a Finance Committee meeting before A&S tonight so of course I went for that.  There was discussion about the Cattle Raids situation and the possibility we may not have the feast hall and kitchen if the site owners succeed in selling their house whereupon they'll be re-constructing the feast hall for a residence! This may happen as late as a couple days before our event; no consideration of contract or fees paid.  Their suggestion is for a feast hall refund, or perhaps we'd like to cancel our event!?!  Unbelieveable!!!

Concensus was to rent (rather inexpensively really) an alternate feast hall with kitchen as insurance in case we need it.  And prices are being sought for security for while over 150 participants are off-site for feast.   

I also learned that Gyda was selected for next exchequer while I was gone and we'll be working up the next quarter report together.  She'll also be helping me with troll at Cattle Raids.  I think she'll make a great exchequer. 


With Leofwyna off to work I became mondo lazy and accomplished nothing of note.


Leofwyna took her van to the shop for an oil change, I picked her up and we hit several rummage sales (bought pricket replacement for feast gear).  We tried to catch a movie but timing was off and we headed home.


Went to 3:30 movie with Leofwyna, Transformers II.  The length was uncalled for as a quarter of it could easily have been cut.  The last half was almost as good as the first one.  Once home I spent 5 hours putting together 2nd quarter report, then had a problem emailing such a large file


Must have re-sent the 2nd quarter report four dozen times before both got through.  This afternoon I helped with Sabi's move, one van load and a promise to help with another when the boxes are filled and ready to go this week.  Ellid is in town and we firmed up our plans for Wednesday.  I never got back to shearing the weeds out of the veggie beds so I must get back to it


I spent the afternoon at home getting the Domesday report done while Leofwyna headed up to Omaha to look in on Little Sister at the hospital.  We had hoped she'd be feeling better by the weekend so we could start going in and entertaining her during recuperation.  Leofwyna was also going to go to her apartment to take care of utility bills and remove things from the refrigerator that might become 'smelly'.  

Leofwyna's discussion with the doctor today changed everything.  Tests on the fluid taken from Little Sister's lungs showed that the cancer is back.  Her heart is not dealing well with the dialysis and further surgery is not suggested.  Hospital staff indicatesd Little Sister has been unresponsive even with sedation stopped and she's quickly failing.

Leofwyna came back to Lincoln to take me back to Omaha despite the snowstorm that was developing.  We got back in time together to bid Little Sister farewell.  This next week we'll be busy dealing with the closures. 

Initially I was motivated to get part of Murdoch's pile o'projects done so I serged the ends of the 'linen' so they can be washed to remove the sizing and be evaluated as to usefulness.  They're fairly loosely woven and so probably will be underlayers at some later date.  I got the two pair of pants hemmed shorter thus removing the frayed at the heels look on 'em.  Started straightening the wool for the sleeveless surcoat and pinned it for stitching.  At this point I realized it was time to run a couple errands and get supper on the way to moot. 

Moot was a small group tonight but plans for WWM are looking to be well under way.  Back at home I worked on stripping samples until Leofwyna finished on the computor and headed to bed. 

Little Sister's condition remains pretty much the same.  A call came from the medics for permission to drain the excess fluids from her lung and she remains entubated and sedated.


The third bank statement arrived today so I balanced it and started on the fourth quarter report and the Domesday.  I thought I'd finished the fourth quarter and started on the Domesday and encountered a 'blip' and so returned to the fourth quarter to figure that out.  When Leofwyna put together supper I put it all aside to finish tomorrow as my brain is numb.  Change just one little thing and can't get it back into balance!

After supper we settled in for a movie she'd rented, the third The Mummy which wasn't nearly as good as the first or second ones.  Stripped a few more samples while this was proceeding then switched to the computor when Leofwyna headed off to bed.

Today the medics called for permission to drain the other lung.  Her numbers remain improved and we wait as patiently as our natures allow for other progress.

Made myself a list this morning so I wouldn't forget anything.  Emilye is coming over this evening with fabric for me to sew up for Murdoch as he's going to Astrella where it may well be Cold  and he needs more clothes.  So I vacuumed and cleaned up the kitchen, then I posted the ledger preparing for fourth quarter and Domesday reports.  Now when the statement does arrive (hopefully tomorrow) I can balance it too and fill in the report forms ASAP.  I need to get that to Natalya this weekend. 

When Emilye arrived (surprise Murdoch was with her) they'd brought a blue stripe duck for fighter pants and a yellow and black stripe upholstery cotton that's enough for both a tunic and fighter pants (no, he won't wear them at the same time).  There's a couple pair of pants to shorten the length on, too.  They were talking about ordering wool for a warm cote and another tunic and Leofwyna popped up and went downstairs to her stash.  Came back up with a diaper-woven heavy wool for the cote, lightweight white wool to line it with (and taupe dye to make it less Bright) and some camel wool flannel for pants.   She also had a short piece of heavy wool that'll be a nice sleeveless surcoat to layer warm with.  They were thrilled and bought those from her and will wash/shrink the cote fabrics and bring it back for me to sew up.   I also lent him my grey silk-wool tunic with the rust ikat trim for an extra layer... it'll look great with the new surcoat without being bulky.  My-my, he'll be looking grand in service to our king.

I have a nice new sleep pattern set up, early to bed and early to rise.  I'm reading my emails and ljs in the mornings while making Joey a warm lap and doesn't he love it.  Cut and sewed up a pair of britches to go with the second doublet Thursday afternoon and went to Fiber Arts in the evening.  Friday I whipped through the dishes and then started sewing up the squares cut from the earlier samples... might as well get them out of the way even if they are fiddly.  Set up and ready for a fast get-a-way tomorrow for Kris Kinder and early to bed.


Up early and dark, beating Leofwyna to the facilities as she works this weekend.  Met up with Cat, Oz and Sash to pool the ride to Kris Kinder.  While there I cruised through the merchants but managed to refrain from serious shopping; did quite a lot of work on the banner while getting to know Marcella better and visiting with many various other folks.  Did attend my exchequer meeting and manged the last little while of the fiber meeting also.  Got to page through the many books Jane and Angelo brought from from their trip to Europe.   Court was splendid, especially the presentation of the magnificent floorcloth for the Kingdom pavillion.

Spent the day keeping myself moving, tried to pick up the prescriptions again (Insurance still not picking up, have to call and straighten this out), spent considerable time at University Library working job searches, and spent the evening stitching the sample fabrics into strips to work into the Mission quilts (no tops actually finished though).  Drooping at 11:00 so headed off to bed... which is super early for me these days.


Wide awake at 7:30, kept Joey the cat company all morning while Leofwyna was sleeping.  Made several phonecalls regarding exchequer, ride to Kris Kinder, and insurance for my prescription.  When Leofwyna left for a half day at work I spent the afternoon waiting for the phone to ring.  The Insurance carrier was supposed to call back about the coverage so I could get my prescription.  At 4:30 I gave up on that and went outside to hang the hoses in the garage and pull the Obedience plants out of the front flower bed; a lovely mild day.  This evening I finished two more Mission quilt tops.  Heading off to bed at 11:30 again... could we be developing a new, good habit?


There was half an inch of snow on the ground when I woke at 7:30 this morning, spent a quiet morning while Leofwyna slept.  Whipped through the dishes so she could work on her Raspberry Jelly this afternoon.  I headed out to try to pick up the prescription, hit some thrift stores (found nice Isotoner slippers, a stick mixer, a white shell, and several pieces for gold key stuff [I'll be making britches, byzantine tunic,  more shirts]).  Picked up Sash to go to A&S where Natalya gave us excellent suggestions on handling documentation for our A&S entries.  Her notebook is very impressive for logical documentation.  Headed off to bed at 11:30... at this rate I'll be in good shape at 6am Saturday morning to go to Kris Kinder.

As it turned out little sister was sick Wednesday and decided to stay home and take it easy.   Leofwyna cooked up a lovely Thanksgiving dinner though and we both enjoyed it immensely together complete with flowers on the table and favorite fixin's.   We compared things to be thankful for and I think I struck a chord when I said she was the top of my thankful list this year!

We left the dishes for me to do Friday and went to the movie instead.  Went to see Quantum of Solace, the new James Bond movie.  Gotta say, I find the footchase scenes much more exciting than the car and boat chases; although they are exciting too.


Today I was a good girl and did up all the dishes and caught up with exchequer paperwork [although there's a couple things I gotta take care of Monday so I don't forget 'em again].  Went to post office for stamps and then to pharmacy to try to pick up prescriptions.   Darned if the medical insurance isn't messed up again and nothing to do about it until Monday; means three days mostly no meds cause I've run out of all but one.  Finished up the day putting together most of two more quilt tops, neither of which is completely done.

Just couldn't get to sleep last night; heard Leofwyna get up for work then finally slept.  Woke at 1pm.. loafed the rest of the day.  Pray I sleep tonight!


That's better.  Slept and woke at normal times then headed out for my haircut.   Tonight was moot and making plans for Saturday's demo, Yule Court, WWM and Jubilee.  In other words, the future is going to be busy, busy, busy!  Cut a check for fighters' practice insurance cert for next year and stitched some on the banner

Grey, gloomy, rainy day.  Stayed home and sent out resumes.


Worked on my phone call list this afternoon; sent for insurance cert for WWM.  Still haven't been able to reach the new Kingdom Exchequer about her signature.

Ray and Stephanie were at Moot this evening with wine, candy, flowers and a check for the demo.  They have been assimilated!  Upon learning she doesn't sew and was looking for somewhere to buy garb I offered up time to deal with it.  While I'm not working I might as well be using it for this; maybe it'll get me motivated to deal with the sewing room as well..


Spent both days doing yardwork, mostly moving compost and cleaning out front flower beds.  Ran a bucket of iris corms over to Sash Monday.  Spent a couple hours both days at CYT for my computer fix and some job search time.  Upon learning Asa and Calien had room for a passenger to Standing Stones next weekend for the Charlemagne event I decided to go; Leofwyna encouraged this thought so I was encouraged to follow through on that decision.


Went to CYT to email Asa to confirm plans and Maglist to beg help on the monitor situation.  An immediate response from Dwolm and Owain was most gratifying.  Arranged with Owain to pick up a monitor from him at archery practice this evening.  Got back home in time to complete 3rd quarter report so I could get Natalya's signatures on it at moot tonight.  Also at moot arrangements were completed with Ray for a demo to facilitate his proposal next Monday.  We're having a rehearsal tomorrow night. 

After moot Leofwyna and I joined Isadora at Noodles for supper, then we stopped at archery practice to pick up the monitor from Owain.  We were very pleased when we got home, plugged it in and accessed our systems straight away.   Rah us!


Mowed the lawn and a good thing I did as it rained good during the night. 


Found Owain's check that I had tucked into a safe place last Thursday; naturally I couldn't remember where that safe place was for a couple days.  Made that deposit for the barony today.  Stopped at Salvation Army; found a red shell and green plaid pullover I can wear as well as a couple 'cutter' shirts (green check linen-cotton and coral linen).  Then remembered to pick up prescription before heading home to do some yardwork... whacked the weeds in the veggie beds and shifted the four concrete blocks I want to keep for the step.  Wanted them separate from the others when Gerald comes to pick up the rest. 

Need to ask Marty if he wants to take the apple tree for the wood; we must get that tree down before winter to prevent it falling into the patio doors as it weakens further from this summer's split. 

Still breaking down sample books in the evenings, carried out a trashbin full of backing cards and put a couple bags of rejected samples in the car to drop off this week.

Still overcast and damp so Leofwyna headed off to cheer up a friend and I finished sewing the gift bags... 75 in all.  I still need to thread the cords through them all but that's for another day.   She brought home steaks and fresh corn for supper... probably the last time to grill and definately the end of the fresh corn for the year.  After supper she processed more corn for the freezer.  We finished the day breaking down more sample books.   Got out the tag punch to use on some pages from the sample books; now we've got a huge pile of colorful non-seasonal tags and no idea where they'll be used.

Poor old Barkley is showing his age; I cleaned up after him several times this evening. 


Spent a good chunk of the day doing personal and baronial paperwork.  I am as ready as I can be for Moot tomorrow.  Got out and mowed the entire yard bagging the clippings for compost while Leofwyna continued dismantling the fence.  She's been dealing with the fence gradually for a week and has nearly gotten it done.  Tonight we went to the south Valentinos for supper and stopped at Bryan Hospital for a quick tour of the new Women's Tower where she's now working; that's some special facility!  And then back to the sample books.

Hey, hey!  I've got a job interview tomorrow for a Receptionist/Admin Assistant position at South 48th and Old Cheney, quite a way across town.  Since they got my name from Workforce I don't have any details but it's my first interview in this cycle and I'm feeling pretty good about it.  Tried to call Mary to have the latest mediocre haircut shaped up but she's not in today, darn it.  I'm NOT going to another hair butcher at this point so I'll have to live with what I've got. 

Weeded a little in the fenceline flowerbed, ate a quick supper Leofwyna made of fresh corn on the cob, tomatoes, smoked chops and peach cobbler and headed to the library for Moot.  We're getting geared up for our Cattle Raids next month.  Since I'm Exchequer I'll be busy mostly with troll that day.  Finishing off the evening watching the tape of tonight's So You Think You Can Dance.  The contestants at this point are all so good there's no choosing between them!



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