Saturday after some computer time at the library and lunch I went home and seriously attempted to get the computer reconnected.  I pulled the desk out from the wall, checked all the connections and the power strip and tried opening the computer system... I did this three times thoroughly before giving up and pushing the desk back to the wall.  We still have only solitaire and Ma Jong.  So I started washing cut cutters... first the last stack from the 'red' box and then a bag full of frippered 'rolls'.

Sunday we were up and out for Baronial A&S at a very nice new (and economical) location.  Carlos talked me into helping with the judging so very little quilting was accomplished.  Carlos had succeeded in getting a good number of entries including Jane, Leofwyna, Isabeau, Natalya, Gwyneth, Zino, Volkmar(!), Aveline, Ffelix, and Halldora.  Zino's very impressive poetry entry was the winner.  There were several visitors (I dressed a couple from Gold Key), many of whom were 'self costumed'.  At the sewing table I'm cutting the red into strips for another Kronberg top.
We've continued to have beautiful weather all week. Wednesday I set the replacement satin center panel in the child's purple velour dress for camera key before heading out to A&S where I led the discussion on choli. I told the girls they could call to meet with me one-on-one for actually fitting and sewing these. I learned that the blocky construction was a more modern variation; the period paintings show the scoop neck bodice form instead. Thursday I cut the garnet velveteen for a doublet but I didn't get around to sewing it up. The weekend was really busy beginning with Friday in Auburn and Bellevue for Shelly's funeral. Isabeau and Carlos rode with us. Others there from Magmor were Isadora, Volkmar, Asa, and Vasilla. Isadora and Volkmar invited us over for the evening. We took along the Balderdash game and I was soundly beaten by the three of them. Saturday Leofwyna and I hit all the Goodwill stores for the 99-cent sales where I had lots of luck finding cotton cutters, a black/red brocade skirt and a sweater dress. Sunday we went up to Omaha for the Chanticleer performance. We headed out early enough to eat at Pla Too and stop in at a few thrift stores. I came away with only a belt for Gold key.
Tuesday was a rather laid back day.  Checked for squash at the community garden but the borers appear to have completed their work killing the rest of those plants.  Someone had 'flattened a few feet of my fence.  Either they took what squash was left or no more had developed since I harvested last week.  The shell beans are looking good.  I did bestir myself to clear up some things in honor of Shelley coming up.  Leofwyna did supper though so I had it pretty easy.  She used my broccoli to make my favorite salad with bacon bits, onion and sunflower seeds.  Wednesday was supposed to be a massage but that got postponed so I headed to the south Goodwill (trug, two red goblets, two pkg pens and small notebook) and the library early for some computer time.  There was A&S with Zino telling us about early stone polishing techniques.  Leofwyna and I may be trying some of this eventually.  Some highly interesting conversations tonight were quite eye-opening.  Oh, and a note about a sharp pain in the right hip joint in the night interupting sleep and continuing into the morning was dealt with (a heavy dose of ibuprofin).  Hasn't come back yet.
I was planning on mowing Tuesday but it rained during the night so that's off until Thursday.  Oh darn.  Instead I busied myself dumping compost, doing dishes, sorting magazines and poking at the living room.  We went to fighting/fiber for Halftroll's birthday in a surprisingly lovely, cool evening.  Wednesday morning we got up to the alarm clock before ten; a Craigslist item last night indicated a curb-cull with fabric, not far from home, we wanted to check.  It wasn't much there but we snagged some fabric, stopped for donuts on the way home and then took naps.  We both spent part of the afternoon upstairs poking at piles before cleaning up to go to A&S.  I turned in the silk cappies and started pulling threads on linen hankies.  After supper with the gang we headed home to greet Shelly.
Tuesday I checked at the community garden and picked a pound or so of green beans.  It's movie night at the local theater for $5 so we went to the new Jurassic World movie and enjoyed it immensely.  The pizza though, not so much.  Later at the sewing table, for a change of pace, I cut down a turquoise with gold embroidery garment to make a couple caps (one man's, one boy's) for the camera key tote.
Sunday Leofwyna and I went to the Baronial A&S.  She'd made apple pastries for the potluck.  While listening and chatting I converted a couple thrift store skirts (one rust broomstick and one ikat straight) into a pair of persian pants.  I finished up the last bit back at home on the sewing machine and it fits just right.
Wednesday when Leofwyna got up I measured the laundryroom walls and we headed out to check on the shelving units at Salvation Army. They were still there and we decided to get them both.  Yay, that will make a huge difference with the totes and will make everything easier to access.  We went back home for a lunch of leftovers and I got the cinnamon syrup boiled too.  Following a leisurely afternoon we both went to A&S and then supper with the group.  I'm still adding logs at the sewing table at the end of day.
Wednesday I went to A&S in the evening and helped with the spice bags.  Leofwyna had to work but she sent along some little upholstery bags she'd made up while ago, three packages of corked vials and various excess spices and herbs.  We discovered the glass vials we have won't take an 'etch' so we started packing them up plain and adding name tags with purple cord.  The tags were ones I'd punched out last year with the same punch I'd used to make decorative tags... that's two or three other boxes I have stored up somewhere.  After the group supper at Chili's I stopped in to let Sammy out before going home.
Wednesday I went for a haircut (she remembers me!), stopped in at Salvation Army (found two brocade vests to convert for the camera totes, picked up Julia's gold key contribution from Sabi and headed in to A&S moot where I stitched on an arming coif while Ingaborg taught us SCA songs.  Supper followed at Red Robin with Natalya, Owain, Ingaborg, Bindi and Zino.  One of the topics was... wait for it... next barony.  Learned a complete different POV on a previous conversation and some very interesting suggestions that came up nearly blew my mind!  I must remember to sit Sash down and get his viewpoint on some of this.  I did share all this with Leofwyna this evening, too.
Wednesday was, of course, A&S and we had a speaker!  Will did his new presentation on Memory in the Middle Ages.  I had almost decided to skip but I'm glad I didn't as it was really quite interesting. 

Wednesday we had A&S moot at Saint Mark's on campus.  Gyda and Sash talked about garb for beginners.  The weather has cleared and warmed up some so I cut the overgrown and flowering broccoli and lettuce plants to take to the Childrens' Zoo for the animals there.  Friday I had a flat tire.  I wasn't far from 24-hour so I stopped in there to gt it fixed and had to order a replacement instead.  Again I'm reminded the front end needs work and now the front tires are wearing unevenly and will need to be replaced soon too. 

Sunday I spent the day at baronial A&S.  I played the anachronism quilting most of the afternoon while the judging was going on with fourteen entrants which was a record-breaking number of entries.  One of our newest members, Katrine, took top honors with the pants she made for her husband.  There were entries of singing, poetry, medicates, cooking, and garments. The potluck feast filled three tables and had amazing variety.  I cleaned my plate(s).
Wednesday I'm afraid I sluffed the usual A&S and went all 'lone wolf' and prowled around town, stopping in here and there and then when damp from the rain headed home.  Leofwyna worked Wednesday and Thursday and since it rained both evenings I was laying the towels along the south wall, soaking up the seepage and running them through the laundry each day to prepare for the next evening's rain.  Leofwyna had four days off in her new schedule and was looking forward to getting lots done.  It's all a blur to me now but all her bedroom furniture is in the house, the trimwork is nearly completed, the yard is mown and the gutters cleaned out.  Sunday was the barony's Newcomer's event where we invited persons who seemed interested at JAV to come and have a more intensive opportunity to learn about the SCA, away from the ren faire atmosphere.  Monday we went to Menards and Hy-Vee together to take advantage of some coupons and brainstorm some projects around the yard.  I'm planning converting some soaker hose and plain hose with connectors for the raised beds so that I won't be making wet places in the paths between the beds.  I'll be able to utilize this in the hoophouse in the spring and fall, too.  We're also planning on how to set up the water barrel we bought a couple weeks ago so it will be secure, useful and still able to remove to the garage through the winter months to help it last longer.
Tuesday evening, having finished sample tops for Kronberg, I looked around for the next project and found the bag of samples I'd sorted out for crazy quilting.  I started stripping labels so I can build blocks.  Maybe I can have them ready to embroider on the west coast trip this summer.

Wednesday Kevin opened the last box of the hardwood flooring and was worried he might not have enough... but he got the last board installed with maybe ten feet to spare.  That's a lot better than needing to open a last box for four boards!  He was working alone today and made great progress.

I headed out to A&S where Master Gerald talked about hammers.  Turned out to be more interesting than anticipated.  He finished up by letting us work the hammers with clay which reacts simularly to hot metal... the kids were loving it.
Wednesday I went and got a haircut, started sewing a lattice pattern doublet and, mowed the outer verges and the backyard.  Leofwyna reported a weather threat of heavy hail as she left for work so instead of finishing with the front yard I cleared the garage to put the car in.  Fortunately the worst of the storm passed north of us so my garden was saved from that stress.  Thursday I set part of the sewing back up in the garage and worked on the camara garb, finishing the lattice patterned doublet, a bronze stripe silk "skirt" and remaking the heavy blue skirt from the Gold Key Tudor outfit.   Friday I sorted and packed for the weekend.  We were loaded up and on the road around four and pulled in to the motel around ten.  While on the road I'd worked on handstitching the lace on the magenta silk dress for the camera booth and got that finished.

The event this weekend was Kingdom A&S and included an equestrian competition.  Natalya's snow sculpture project was really quite impressive and she was successful in having an actual 'freezer-saved snow' sculpture on-site.  Otherwise my favorites were a lovely trestle table, a gorgeous illumination, and a Persian themed dance, garb and party food combination entry.  A whiz-bang storm cut outdoor activities short late in the afternoon; Isadora had wanted to authorize for equestrian but that was cancelled.  The storm blew through quickly and by time court was done and we were getting ready to leave the rain had mostly drained away.  We pulled back in at home around 1am

Sash has given me four yards of really nice off-white linen... just right for a new undertunic.  This will call for some hand embroidery I think.  Reminds me I still need to make up the brown linen I bought at Lilies last year.  I wanted to embroider that with cherries, reminiscent of the scroll I received the previous year.   Which also reminds me I have that red linen for an undertunic for the mustard caftan.  I've really gotta get on the ball!
Wednesday I got an email from JG for some work.  I stopped by his place on the way to A&S to pick up his laptop to work on.  I didn't want to commit to this job with my set up as I'm not sure it won't act up.  Learned the deadline for this is next Wednesday; nothing like the last minute boyyo!  I told him I had things to do to be ready for Saturday's event and something already on the schedule for Sunday, too.  So I've dedicated Monday-Tuesday to his job. 
Tuesday I washed up the tableclothes from Yule Court while I was on the computer with my genealogy.  I'm still slogging along in the 15th Century.

Wednesday I stirred myself up and headed across town for A&S.  Nothing specific had been planned so I pinned hems on the purple largess napkins during the chat session.  I really need to get on the ball and finish them before Twelfth Night... more than a month should be plenty of time if I'd just DO it!!!

Thursday I made brownies and homemade pizza for supper.  It's the first time in years and years I've done pizza this way, why haven't I been doing it all along?  It's so good and relatively easy.  We decided the new tree Leofwyna found just was too spindly and cheap looking, it will go back to the store.  Anyway, the new plan was to take the lights off the old tree (much nicer and fuller looking) and put on different light strings.  We worked on this for hours but when nearly done winding cords and tying down the lights some of these weren't lighting up either... we finally gave up.

Friday I got to exercise the snowblower again.  Got up and dealt with it first thing, at eleven a.m. that is.  After Leofwyna left for work I grabbed the tree with the lights we'd spent so much time struggling with and just set it up.  For a wonder when I plugged 'em in they were working so I didn't even try to go back to organising the lights on the branches.  I just pushed the last tangle to the inside of the tree and left 'em alone.  Having the lights in the window means more to me than what it looks like close up.  Just hope the lights last the season now.

Saturday I went out to clear the snow on the car and completed my Christmas shopping.  On the way home I noticed one of the dummy lights (low coolant) was on so I stopped in at 24-Hour to see what's wrong with the car.  Turns out to be a hose connection problem and no part available until Monday.  I asked if it might be due to the accident Leofwyna had Sunday; no connection though so I won't be able to have insurance pay for it.  Since they gave me a ride home I wasn't able to make my planned stop at the grocery store and I had to manage with what was on hand at the house.

Sunday when Leofwyna got up she took me out for supper then back at home we dealt with putting so many decorations on the tree that's all you can see.  Looks real good!!!
Tuesday I stayed in and mostly concentrated on genealogy.  I stepped away occasionally to deal with dishes, laundry and putting away stuff from the weekend.  Wednesday morning I finished quilting the Seven Sisters quilt so I could deliver it at Philosophy night.
Tuesday we both went out to the garage and got everything packed up.  Several boxes to hold a few more months for one more sale in the spring, and the rest loaded in the van, some to go straight to Goodwill and a box of hardback books for the library.  

Wednesday we both went to A&S where Seraphina had us working on leather medallions for largess.  Leofwyna is getting along real well with her knee-cart... WHEEE!  And she hasn't had pain in excess of what she was feeling in her feet anyway on a daily basis. 

Got stopped, ticket for expired license
learned new function in car when I got stuck on muddy road


spread groundcloths, sunshade to dry
picked up my linen at Sash's
philosophy night at A&S


set up tent to dry
stopped in at Salv Army, found office chair
library to change out cd-book in car
sealed floor seams in tent, weeded veggie beds
Leofwyna mowed backyard, made fajitas


thunder and shadefly
99-cent day at Goodwill, went to all four
took dry tent down



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