Nov. 1st, 2016

Monday headed to the library for computer time.  Back at home I took a nap, then canned the last of the tomatoes including the ones ripened from the green tomatoes.  Got another 3.5 quarts by using a few of the cherry tomatoes to fill in the last of the pint jar.  At the sewing table the sniglets squares pile grows and the rough pile shrinks.  Leofwyna started putting together the shelves in the laundry room. 
Tuesday Biggerstaff starts putting in the new heater/ac.  I went and picked up tickets for Inferno tonight.  Weather promised to be nice through Thursday, though now there's some indication it may rain Wednesday and otherwise be nice through Friday.  If I can just get my energy back I should be able to put the veggie beds right for spring and get the garage ordered for the winter.  This afternoon I'll visit FoodNet, put together supper and head out for the movie with Leofwyna.



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