Sep. 2nd, 2017

Friday after a couple sessions on the library computer I returned home so Leofwyna could get to her physical therapy appointment. I spent the afternoon cleaning jars, sorting out the canning cupboard and putting away the peaches and tomatoes. I started the crockpots with several unsuccessful jars of peaches to make peach butter with Amaretto which I was putting into the jar around midnight. Got eighteen half-pints which we plan to use for 12th Night gifts. In the afternoon when Leofwyna returned we headed back to the library for one short session before they closed. I pulled the two jars of spaghetti sauce from the pantry for our supper with leftovers for tomorrow and reminded Leofwyna that she had beets and applesauce to use up. And naturally today was one of those days she commented how I wasn't getting ready for the upcoming rummage sale.



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