Jan. 13th, 2017

Wednesday afternoon I brought Leofwyna home from the hospital.  She can't drive as long as she's on the pain medication so my car is still in the parking garage there.  We both took naps this afternoon; she didn't sleep much last night.  I went to business moot alone tonight.  Lots of discussion about Winter War Maneuvers and the new location.  I helped Gerald some with his sewing machine.  We all went to Old Chicago for supper.  Thursday Their Highnesses postponed coronation for a week due to the icy, cold front heading their way.  I headed out for the afternoon picking up tickets for a movie tomorrow, stopped in at the south Goodwill where I came away with half a dozen canning jars.  Back at home I made both potato soup and chili, then canned the chili.  At the sewing table finished two nine-patch quilt tops for Kronberg.  
Friday afternoon we went to see Hidden Figures, a splendidly, nostalgic movie.  Afterwards we stopped in at Goodwill before going to supper at Greenfield's.  We do love their three-way chocolate desert there.  At the sewing table the pile of junk blocks is growing.



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