Sep. 23rd, 2016

Wednesday after getting in some computer time at the library and some time at the sewing table working on the sniglets blocks Leofwyna and I went to the weekly Magmor get together at the library where scroll painting occurred.  I worked on a swan and got it about half done.  Supper was at Old Chicago this week and the barony tables were finally returned to Owain's keeping.  On the way home, talking about this fall's activity load, we decided to postpone the rummage sale to spring.  Instead I'll get the garage sorted so we can get the trailer inside again this winter.

Thursday after another round of computer time at the library I stopped at another FoodNet near 27th and R where I found considerable disorganization.  I probably won't go back there but I did get four cans of diet Pepsi, a cucumber, a tomato and two bags of mixed potatoes (which turned out to have been frozen I discovered when I got them home and they had thawed and were mushy).  I had thought I'd check out a second place later in the afternoon but decided to wait until a later date for that one.  Instead I stopped in at the southern Goodwill where I found a couple cotton shirts with interesting prints and a couple pieces of quilting yardage at half price.  I got a roasted chicken for supper and whipped cream for the peaches and poundcake.



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