Thursday I got in a couple sessions on the library computer before returning home so Leofwyna could use the car. I got five jars of tomatoes canned, finishing that task and did a couple loads of laundry which will have to air dry on the racks. Leofwyna and I returned to the library together to finish the day and then to Golden Corral for supper. That place has become rather disappointing these days.
Wednesday I got in a double session at the library computer before Leofwyna needed the car (the van is at the shop getting repaired from her accident a couple weeks ago). I did some pick and put to clear the kitchen before getting seven quarts of tomatoes in the water bath. When I could turn off the burner we headed out for moot and supper with the gang. There was a rehash of Cattle Raids and plans for next years Crown Tourney. Owain reminded me about 'dish research' he'd brought up last week.
Tuesday morning I picked up 30# tomatoes and a seeded watermelon before heading to lunch, then to the library for computer time. Back at home I picked up the multitudinous branches before I could mow. The weather was fine for this... not too hot at all. We finished up the evening with a movie, The Hitman's Bodyguard.
Sunday after the clean-up Leofwyna crashed at home and I headed out to the library for computer time and gaming in the evening. When I got home we cleared what was necessary from the van and took it to the repair shop (radiator, hood, bumper and paint 'cause of her accident a couple weeks ago). Monday I headed out to the library computers again but went back around one to pick up Leofwyna for lunch and a couple afternoon computer sessions. Late in the afternoon we weeded and dug potatoes in the community garden.
Thursday I went 'shopping' for bread while Leofwyna made shortbread and mulligatawny soup. Refrigerater space was at a premium so the soup went into quart jars in a cooler with ice on the back deck. Began loading the van with Gold Key and stuff, finished loading Friday and headed to Cass County arriving around 3pm. I spent Friday afternoon and evening cooking the pullet eggs, baking brownies and finally putting the beans to soak. Everything is, so far, on schedule. Saturday was spent assembling the scotch eggs, cooking the ham and beans, and (during court) deep frying the scotch eggs. It all got done in spite of my lack of feastocrat savvy thanks to Leofwyna, Gwyneth and Isadora. More people stayed for supper than usual and our evening inn was a great success. It rained vigorously early Sunday morning so tents got packed up wet. The weather was otherwise nice for the entire weekend. Leofwyna and I were both up earlier than our usual to help load up and clean, clearing site around noon.
Wednesday up early to get additional supplies for replacement pies, then home to make those two pies. Was able to get in a little computer time before the evening meeting and supper group. Nice visit with Owain re dishes, dental work, and peers. Back at home I put up three quarts of ripe tomatoes which cleared the counter nicely.
Tuesday ran out first thing to get more chicken for second set of pies, made four pies then headed to FoodNet for bread (got eight). We had to dump eight loaves that didn't get taken to the freezer space and developed mold so we're recovered to where we were. Need about eight more. Went to the library to send ingredient list to Isadora, then back home to move cooled pies to Gwyneth's freezer. Leofwyna managed to scorch final pie and offered to remake it. As she still has shortbread and second batch of mulligatawny to deal with I said we'd both deal with making another pair or pies. No point wasting expensive pinenuts so we will make two tomorrow.
Monday we picked up Morgana and took her with us to Cortland for Felix and daughter's birthday bash which was to include the eclipse totality. We got to see the beginning and end but clouds rolled through during the main performance. Felix's smoked pork was good with broccoli salad and we had some good visiting time with several friends. Back at home I hit the library awhile before returning to make three chicken pies during the evening.
Sunday was a recovery day (computer time)and in the evening was gaming. We slayed a manticore.
Friday I took Leofwyna to her appointment followed by many errands. By that time I was starving so she went with me for an early supper (my lunch) before heading home to get two-thirds of the mowing accomplished. While I did that she make my calls for me and got the peaches sorted and later we prepped and canned seven quarts. There's more to do tomorrow.

Saturday we drove up to Omaha and had lunch at Pla Too before heading north to pick up the pullet eggs I'd ordered. We stopped at Blair and Gretna for the Goodwills but they were closing at three for a family picnic day to our disappointment. When Haldora called we learned our chicken order isn't happening and I'll be paying more than planned on the pies. So when we got back to Lincoln I went to Aldi's and found the chicken I need for $2/lb and got 12 pounds and was happy not to pay $5/lb. The evening was prepping and canning the rest of the peaches. I really need to figure out how to prevent siphoning though.
Thursday Leofwyna's night was rough as her knee was paining her greatly. I took her back in to get her knee re-wrapped as the binding was way too tight. She was much more comfortable today after that. I got in a full set of computer sessions but as a result didn't get much else accomplished. I've got to do better.
Wednesday and Leofwyna got her knee scoped this afternoon.
Tuesday lunch and library computer time. Big cucumbers are available now so processing them for cinnamon pickles is now added to the list. Leofwyna and I went to a movie tonight... Dunkirk kept us in tension throughout. Dad would have appreciated these war movies.
Monday I went to FoodNet, found Leofwyna was there too. Got a couple loaves of bread for CR, two diet pepsi, soup, cukes, a tomato and a dozen eggs. I went to lunch and library computer time. Back at home I picked a quart of tomatoes off my own plants... they're finally ripening up but no additional flowers yet. We're approaching 'crunch' week when pies, soup and pickles will pile up with Leofwyna on crutches, oh my.
Sunday I spent the afternoon on the library computers then went to gaming at the Doerrs'
Saturday after lunch and library computer time I returned to clear up the kitchen, carry up laundry, carry down fripper bags, carry up jars and carry out fripper trash and compost. Leofwyna made the first batch of mullagatawny and I canned the five jars. NOTE, freeze the following batches of mullagatawny... two of the jars siphoned half their contents then didn't seal. We ended up with three quarts (and two half quarts) of soup.
Friday after lunch and library computer time I went to the community garden and dug up five of my potato plants. Leofwyna needs the potatoes for the Mullagatawny she's making for Cattle Raids tomorrow. We went to Shopko together to check out the towels on sale and pick up canned sodas for Cattle Raids.
Thursday after library computer time and lunch I returned to deal with the peaches. We canned 6 quarts... about one/third of the haul. Unfortunately Leofwyna removed them from the canner shortly after the pressure returned to zero and they siphoned drastically. A learning opportunity I suppose as I didn't state more carefully before I left the house for a final round at the library computer.
Wednesday spent much time on the library computer then Moot and supper with the gang. We've got some new people coming to Cattle Raids who sound willing to pitch in with some of the work as well. The peaches are coming along, which is a relief considering what we paid for them, and tomorrow may be the busy day dealing with them.
Tuesday after lunch and some library computer time I noticed dark clouds rolling in so hurried home to get the rest of the yard mowed. After I showered and as I climbed back into the car it started sprinkling so my timing was excellent. I returned to the library to get the rest of my available computer time. For supper I opened one of my quarts of spaghetti sauce. I forgot to go to FoodNet but Leofwyna did and got more bread for the freezer for Cattle Raids, bless her heart.



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