Sunday I headed out for a quiet afternoon on the library computer, supper at Red Robin and gaming at Volkmar's with Arne as DM. Monday Leofwyna and I headed to Aurora for the Cousins' luncheon. I'm relieved that Leofwyna changed her mind about going to North Loup this week; she needs more recovery time. Both evenings were fripping in front of the tv until bedtime. Tuesday I watered the back garden, unloaded the car and put away the Gold Key totes before heading out to the library computers. Went to FoodNet where I picked up another hand of bananas, half a dozen eggs, tomatoes, chopped macadamia nuts, and so forth. I sense more baking soon. A movie didn't happen as nothing we wanted was playing right now.
Sunday and we finished one puzzle and started another. Gaming tonight was Munchkin with just four of us but it was fun and I want Leofwyna to experience it sometime.
Sunday, after sleeping ten hours, went out for a late lunch, awhile on the library computer and then to gaming at the Doerr's. DM Arne lead the game for Buck Bannerman, human fighter!!! Back home at the sewing table I reorganized my event basket and pre-sewed several coifs for largess.
The last thing before going to bed I started a batch of Thai Beef in the large crock pot so Sunday morning it was ready to can up in six pints for the pantry. A quart of the broth went into the fridge; I have an idea to use it for a sort of sloppy joe mixture this week. Part of the afternoon and again in the late evening I continued work on the Kronberg blocks. Gaming tonight was at Theron's with Mark as DM, I was playing the Buck Bannerman character.
Sunday afternoon I did four batches of banana bread, clearing out all but two bananas. I also went out and put seed in the brassica bed... brussel sprout, broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage. I put chicken wire over that bed to hopefully discourage the robins, rabbits and squirrels. Gaming was at the Doerrs tonight with Arne doing DM duties. He's jumped us up to third level in order to get better adventures going.
I spent the day Sunday at the sewing table before cleaning up to go to gaming in the evening. I did manage to get my stuff out of the RAV once I was dressed and out the door. At the sewing table in the late evening I was finally able to press the blocks being developed and trim them.
Sunday I took it fairly easy through the day but felt clear in the head and did go to gaming. At bedtime though I was 'clogged' and the coughing picked up; wouldn't let me get to sleep.
Saturday was another pretty day. I went out for lunch and stopped in at the north Goodwill where I got another bag o'stuff. Back at home to trim and bind Ingabiorg's quilt; it took all evening but I got that finished. I made turkey vegetable soup for supper to favor Leofwyna's delicate tummy. Sunday I was able to take it easy until time to head out for gaming at the Doerr's. It was a quiet night for Pansy in town and preparing for future adventuring. At the sewing table I got another Wilderness Cabin top finished for kronberg.



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