Wednesday first thing I applied a second plaster coat to my patch; after supper I sanded it smooth and put on a coat of primer.  Leofwyna will be disappointed when she gets home tonight and sees this job isn't finished but I got a good excuse and can put on the two coats of paint tomorrow.  While I was at Menard's this afternoon to pick up the prmer I saw a couple books I couldn't resist, one on greenhouses and one on year around vegetable gardening.
Friday morning I drove Leofwyna to Menards to try again to get the color she wants in paint.  After I took her home I went to return the key and garage remote to Chris.  They were very pleased about my handling of the dogs and it sounds like they may take other trips now they know there's someone to deal with the dogs and house.  I also brought up my idea about using their greenhouse next winter and Chris seemed quite taken with the idea.  This will be much better than trying to deal with a hoop tunnel or hoop house; lots less work setting up at least. 
It's been a week and I have no excuse but pure laziness.  I haven't been accomplishing much and didn't want to confess it here so I practiced avoidance and denial. 

I harvested all the rest of the ground cherries when we had a couple really cold nights. So every 3-4 days I'm going through them to sort out and freeze them as they ripen.  It's been a beautiful week weather-wise and I should have been outside in the garden but... I just didn't.  We did finally have rain, beautiful rain so at least wet ground gave me an excuse part of the time.  During this week I've pretty much come to the decision I won't put up the winter garden this year.  I just don't have the 'drive' for it right now.

Once Leofwyna is satisfied with her walls I'm determined to deal with the painting PDQ so we can get this project finished up.  She's bought a paint sprayer so it should go rather quickly once she gives the go-ahead.  

Last Monday I put together a big pot of potato-hamberger soup using half of the potatoes from this summer's garden.  Note to self:  don't wait too long before using up the rest as they're not keeping well where I have theem stored and have nowhere better to store them.

At A&S farble Wednesday I took along my sewing basket and got one coif finished.  There's half a dozen in there to finish up.  I'd like to have them ready when we next do largess.  I finally finished the fighter's pennents I took to hem for Crown Tourney.

This week I've been noticing a trigger-finger problem with my left ring finger.  I've been trying to be very careful of it in hopes it can cure up as surgery is Not likely.  Really the first time I really noticed it is when I reach to type a w, 2 or @ and now the finger is just slightly achy most of the time. 

Last night I sorted through four bags of plastic... folding up and pressing out air so I can store and use recycled bags for A) trashcan liners, B) aluminum can and recycling bags, C) bags for the rummage sale next spring, and D) only one bag now to take to the plastic bag recycling bin at the grocery store.  Oh yes, we recycle lots; aluminum cans for the cash, glass/plastic/cardboard to the recycle bins, plastic bags for personal use as much as possible then the balance to the bin at the grocery store, and composting for kitchen waste, too.
Leofwyna recently asked where I'd like to travel if the opportunity would arise.  Aside from a wish to spend a summer touring Denmark, I'd like to do the drive north along the Pacific Coast from California to Oregon and Washington.  We also really should get out there someday to visit Aunt Jeanne.  It sounds like Leofwyna is really considering trying to accomplish such a trip next summer; she says Yosemite tops her list.

I've been assiduously harvesting ground cherries and freezing the ripest ones for baking once we have the kitchen put back together.  The cool nights are clearly having an effect on those plants.  I've been doing some research and have ideas for having many more plants in a bed propped up by tomatoe cages over the ground cover to make harvesting easier next year.  Now it's time to cut the broccoli plants out and take them to the zoo so I can get the beds ready for winter and next spring.  I also need to start putting up the improved hoophouse for the winter garden.

I got stopped by the police Tuesday night; one of my headlights is out and he just gave me a warning.  I'd planned to get an oil change and replace a windsheild wiper soon so this just moves the date up getting the car in to deal with it.  A certified letter also reminds me my insurance is due.  I'm just waiting for a transfer to come in from T-C so I can drive a check over to them this week.
Sunday, Oh dear, it's been awhile since I checked in here.  Wednesday was A&S night followed by supper at Appleby's with Sash, Kat, Oz and Joe.  The other's went to Perkins.  Thursday I finished straightening up in the garage. Friday the moving men were here in spite of the rain and moved the furniture into the garage and the kitchen appliances onto the concrete apron in back.  We have the fridge plugged in and strapped shut with a padlock.  For awhile the only cooking we can do will be with the microwave; this may cause some difficulties. 

Saturday we daytripped Cattle Raids separately.  I drove out in the morning and sat troll noon to two.  Most activities were moved indoors 'cause it rained on and off all day.  The equestrians played in the rain but I assume the archers didn't.  Their majesties rode into court which was cool, I helped Ingeborg present largess, lots of nice awards were handed out and we only just finished with court when the rains really let loose. 

I didn't have to water Sunday since we had more rain.  Sunday, Monday and Tuesday we got more stuff moved out to the garage, removed wallpaper and doorframes, and set up the camp table in the kitchen with the electric skillet for some simple cooking.  I mowed the backyard Tuesday and cut back the tomato plants..  I finally figured out the old doorframes' wood is just what I need to build my hoophouse.  WIN!!!
Wednesday-Thursday Leofwyna was sufffering with a spring cold and was glad to be put on call Friday.  I got on the ball Friday and put together a ham and potato gratin for our supper and baked an apple cake since it was a holiday weekend.  I spent my off-computer time this week pressing Robin's fabrics so I'm now ready when she finally sends her quilt she wants repaired.  Late Friday my throat started with the nasty tickle and Saturday I was in full bloom with Leofwyna's cold.  Phooey!!  Saturday night I had to run out and put the cover back over the winter bed as there's four cold nights in the predictions and I want to hold on to the head start this nice spring has given me. 
Sunday I mowed for the first time this year... in MARCH for heavens sake!  Daffodils and forsythia are nearly finished.  I harvested carrots and spinach from the winter bed for our supper Tuesday and got stuff to make kale soup one more time before clearing that end of the garden.  I spotted my first bumblebee of the  year near the compost piles and the cardinal is singing "Spring is here".  The neighbor is saying we're supposed to have a major snow storm in April.  I agree it's a possibility but with the temps the past two weeks and predicted for the coming week I can't imagine a weather system strong enough to overcome the three week long warm up all across the Great Plains.  Any storm is more likely to be cold rain now I should think.  I'm loving this spring in March we're having!!
Beautiful spring-like weather has arrived and Sunday we had some rain so the winter bed has been well soaked.  Those plants should really take off now.  I really need to get seeds out there for early spring growth.  Saturday coming back from hitting a couple thrift stores I managed to lock the keys in the car so I sat on the stoop reading for an hour waiting for Leofwyna to get up.  Fortuntely I had the library book I'd picked up for her so I started re-reading Dies the Fire (S M Stirling).  I do enjoy this series and I may be going through the whole set again now.  Meanwhile the "low coolant" light is on again so I'll be going to the mechanic again Monday to see what's up with that.
Wednesday after moot Volkmar put on the gambeson and it fit perfectly!  I'm cleared to go ahead on the other two but that'll be later... but before Lilies.  Next up is a jacket repair for Joe and six faux garments for JAV photo ops. 

Thursday afternoon I put the plastic back over the winter bed for a couple nights; I'm carefully watching the weather reports for this.  I've made a list of things I need to do in hopes I'll be motivated to get things crossed off said list.  I'm truly in a lazy mode recently and need to find my way out of it.  Spring is here and I'd really like to stay on top of things this year.
Tuesday I spent an hour outside putting back the plastic on the winter bed, clearing dead foliage and finding a surprising amount of new growth coming in on kale and chard.  The carrots are healthy and nearly two inches long but thin.  It's supposed to rain Wednesday and not freeze overnight until Thursday so I'm leaving the plastic off a couple days.  I finally got on the ball and put together the first of Volkmar's gambesons.  It surely does take longer to assemble because of two layers of cotton batt and two layers of duck.  I thought binding the edges could limit bulk but that took longer than expected as well.  Well, at least I can deliver it to Isadora at moot so it can be packed to go to Gulf. 
It's been an entire week staying close to home.  I haven't even dug out the car from that great snow storm yet.  We got 8-9 inches here... rather wet stuff but the snowblower handled it just fine.  It's just as well I hadn't planned on going to Clothiers this year as hardly anyone made it from this end of the kingdom... especially not the day-trippers.  My hoop house over my winter garden has held up just fine so that part of the experiment has been successful.  There's no way I can get into it right now with all that snow holding down the edges, but considering how the snow affected tree limbs it's good to know the hoop house hold up under the snow cap and then shake it off at the first opportunity.  And on that subject the snow may have destroyed the little elm tree the city finally put in a few years ago to replace the big elm we lost ten years ago in the October ice storm.  At the very least two large branches are bent over double and broken.  Unfortunately the city no longer will replace these trees along the streets when they break down and there will be no replacement unless we can manage it ourselves.

With all the time closed in at home I have finally completed my first pass through the 15th century and started the 14th century yesterday... whoopie!!!
Tuesday it was a nice day so I turned back the plastic on the winter garden to harvest enough chard for supper and water it all.  I think the beet greens are all dead but the chard is holding on and the carrots actually look healthy.  The broccolini is totally gone and now the kale is "green lace".  I have no idea what pest is doing this but so far its leaving the other stuff alone. 

I made potato/chard gratin and corned beef for supper.  The chard worked well with the potatoes but I have decided I prefer scalloped to the gratin.

I finished the hems on the seventeen purple napkins I have in hand which makes a total of 27 in this batch.  There's still a good size piece of yardage so more can be made but not in time for largess at WWM as I need to be working on some other things now. 
Monday Leofwyna got half turned back in her sleep schedule.  She had a Groupon so we went to BBQ4U for a late lunch where the BBQ was good and the cornbread was GREAT!  We stopped at Sash's to give him the newspapers with the SCA article and a photo of Killian and his Queen's Prize entry.  Back at home I got the van unloaded.  While Leofwyna went to her last foot appointment I made a pot of Portugese soup for supper.  Getting greens from the garden after dark emphasized to me I should do that during daylight hours, especially this winter if there's ice and snow to work around.
Saturday while Leofwyna was at another scrapbooking day I went over to Menards to get more tubing and stakes to reinforce the ends of the winter bed hoophouses.  Since it was so very windy I put off doing the yardwork as the weather report was saying it would be less windy tomorrow.

Sunday I went to feed a friend's cats in the morning.  In the afternoon I worked in the yard, first mowing Leofwyna's new patch of grass, and second, properly putting up the hoop house over the winter veggie bed that the winds last night had stripped the plastic off of.  Now the plastic is fastened down with lath and screws on three sides.  Hopefully I have enough weighing down the fourth side as I DO need to be able to get into it myself occassionally.  Leofwyna came out awhile and cut back her rose bushes; which is good 'cause I don't like to deal with that thorny stuff. 
Thursday I spent an hour outside clearing the fall veggie bed.  We had some really nice young spinach that I used in a salad with supper.  I also straightened up the hoops on the winter bed; one of the stakes has cracked and I reset it for now.  I need to reinforce the end hoops and get the plastic cover fastened down properly but I didn't get to that yet.  In the evening I finished ironing the cutters I'd gotten washed this week.

Friday I finally got back out in the garage to start taking down the set up for the sewing day I held last month.  I got Gold Key packed back into the totes in a logical manner (two totes for events this winter) and the other three with Lilies and camping in mind.  Several bags of stuff made it to the car to take to the Salvation Army.  I carried folding chairs, the step stool and a rolling table back into the house.  There's still piles ot fabric and stuff to sort and pack up and the sewing machines to carry back in.  I'll wait until after Yule Court to return the tables along with the tablecloths and signs to the storage unit.
Monday I got out and weeded the fall and winter beds again and watered the front and side yards.  I also got the fourth square bed turned and roots pulled out of it.  I also finally got the third new bed assembled and in place and worked at getting weeds and carpet bits out of it.  It still seems I hardly accomplished anything relative to what still needs to be done.

Tuesday a stop at one of the Goodwills netted a couple yards of cotton suitable for a quilt back and two pair of the gloves I like to keep in the car in wintertime.  Back at home I used kale and broccoli rabe for the first time in a soup with white beans, potatoes and sausage.  I need to 'tweek' what I'm doing with it but this is going to work just fine if the winter bed is a success.
Sunday was an absolutely perfect fall day, beautiful and clear and mild.  I went out in the afternoon to weed the fall and winter beds.  It was so mild I encouraged Leofwyna to come on out too and she did some additional weeding while I turned over one of the four foot beds and moved the lemon balm and camomile.  I finished up with a thorough watering of the backyard and veggie beds.
A week whipped past without my making any notes here.  The sewing day a week ago Saturday went very well.  It started slowly with HE Cat and I sorting fabrics and cutting pants and tunics for Gold Key.  We wanted to get enough ready so anyone wanting to sew something up could just grab something and put it together easily.  Cat sewed up a lovely rust red tunic and I did a pair of green pants, I fixed a blue tunic that had a major problem... no hems, just raw and raveled edges.  I finished it up with trim all 'round to finish the edges and it looks better than I expected.  During the course of the day my 'brother' Killian came with his machine and learned buttonholes.  Isabeau and Carlos set up a machine for her and scroll table for him.  And, Ingaborg worked on her bead project.  Leofwyna came out briefly to visit a couple times while preparing Mulligatawney to take for baronial A&S Sunday.  It was a good day.

Sunday we spent with the gang... Baronial A&S... I started another inkle project using heavier thread than usual and making it the widest possible strap I could with my shuttle.  Leofwyna participated in the judging as baby judge with Their excellencies in the "winner takes all" competition.  There were four entries and our judges appeared to be having a fine time.

Monday I got my winter bed 'hooped' and one of the plastic sheets over it in anticipation of a few cold nights.  I can see my plan in the garden is going to work very well; I just have to get out one fine day soon and secure the ends and set up the double layers of plastic.  The supplies I picked up Monday cost me $60 with which I was very pleased as I'd estimated $100 for the expenses.

Tuesday evening Isadora and Gwyneth came over for pizza and Scrabble.  That's something I'd like to see us doing a lot more of now we've got the public areas of the house cleared of so many boxes of stuff.   This time it was 'specially to help Leofwyna have things to look forward to doing while recuperating.

Wednesday was A&S moot at the library, Friday was pinochle at the Jones and this Saturday was an odd sort of quilter's event at Pershing.  I was expecting more quilt show and less merchant area but it was okay despite the somewhat high 'gate' fee.  I bought a celtic cloak hook set for my blue spring wool cloak with the celtic embroidered horses and I plan to move the heavy disks to my gray winter cloak.

Leofwyna is having an easy time of her recovery since the surgery was somewhat less complicated than had been anticipated, she's had much less pain than she expected and was very fortunate not to have total non-weight bearing after all.  I think she's only used the knee cart a couple times and she rarely uses more than one crutch when she does feel she needs 'em.
Wednesday I was still feeling lethargic but I got out for Moot in the evening and went to supper with the group.  Carlos talked with me about making hall banners of the past baron/baroness's devices for use at events.  I then brought up the idea with Sash and he voiced a strong preference for painted silk banners over the heavy appleque version.  That project is pending further discussions. 

Joe was pleased to announce that he'd found work here in Lincoln so won't be going back to New Mexico afterall.  He's already found a place to rent with a fenced yard for his dogs and permission to put in a garden.  I know he'd never gardened before so obviously it's my little garden that's inspired him.  Best though is keeping a willing worker in the barony as our labor pool is so small for when we put on an event. 

Whatever malady I'm suffering has shifted to a rather nasty cough and I've been lethargic all week but thankfully I haven't clogged up which would totally lay me out.   Arrangements for the rummage sale have been significantly slowed but will still go on as I have no intention to re-store what has been sorted and cleared out to the garage.  I'll just have to run a reduced sale this fall and set up again for another in the spring for the rest.  At least the living room and my bedroom will be cleared and much more pleasant.  So the spring sale will be stuff from my sewing room which has been stored up in the spare bedroom since we tore into the foundation walls several years ago. 

Cool weather running several days this week has ruined the tomatoes for us.  Once they get chilled the flavor changes so we won't eat them; I'll be putting the green tomatoes on freecycle and pull the plants.  I'll cut 'em up and bury them under the next round of grass clippings.  Finally the potatoes will start dying back so I can get them dug out during the cool fall days and the brocolli plants will go to the zoo for the animals there to enjoy.  THIS year the old beds will be spring-ready when winter blows in.  The new beds have lovely seedlings shooting up and I'm ready to put the hoops and plastic over the winter bed when fall advances a bit further.  If we don't have a srong Indian Summer the other new bed won't have time to do anything.  Right now the radishes and beans look promising for October but I won't worry over them, I knew it was a gamble.

Sunday Leofwyna and I went to see Contagion which is a very alarming look at what an epidemic would do to us now.  It had a great line up of actors and was well done... but I wouldn't quite call it entertainment. 
I kinda let the week get away from me as far as journaling is concerned.

Monday Leofwyna stayed with Sami (dog-sitting) so I didn't have anything specific to deal with. I confess I loafed.

Tuesday I sorted through my box of seeds, throwing out old stuff and putting in a late summer bed [beans, squash, radish, lettuce, spinach] and the winter bed [Kale, chard, spinach, carrots, beets]. I'll wait until later this fall to put up the hoops and plastic but it's shaping up pretty well. If we have a mild fall we'll have some fall crops, otherwise I'll end up just turning stuff under so the bed will be ready for spring.

Wednesday I did get out to moot for the Cattle Raids de-briefing. Sounds like everyone is sold on the site and some plans are being made to help with the "kitchen" for the future feastocrats. If we go back there having to deal with no appliances is a major factor. This time around Mikhail dealt with it by having grills, lots of roasters and a hot-box. After moot most of us headed out to Red Robin; after two months going to Perkins this is an incredible relief!

Thursday I set up the tables in the garage and started carrying boxes out of the house for the garage sale. This is going to be an ongoing three week process... boring... tiring... but it must be done this month!

Friday I got on the ball and mowed the entire lawn since the weather man was predicting a couple days of possible thundarstorms. This time the weather blew up around 8pm so I was very happy with myself. Leofwyna took me to Grisanti's for supper as she had a 'Groupon' to be used before it expired.



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