Friday I took Leofwyna to her appointment followed by many errands. By that time I was starving so she went with me for an early supper (my lunch) before heading home to get two-thirds of the mowing accomplished. While I did that she make my calls for me and got the peaches sorted and later we prepped and canned seven quarts. There's more to do tomorrow.

Saturday we drove up to Omaha and had lunch at Pla Too before heading north to pick up the pullet eggs I'd ordered. We stopped at Blair and Gretna for the Goodwills but they were closing at three for a family picnic day to our disappointment. When Haldora called we learned our chicken order isn't happening and I'll be paying more than planned on the pies. So when we got back to Lincoln I went to Aldi's and found the chicken I need for $2/lb and got 12 pounds and was happy not to pay $5/lb. The evening was prepping and canning the rest of the peaches. I really need to figure out how to prevent siphoning though.
Thursday Leofwyna headed out for a precook for Cattle Raids noon inn and aside from library computer time I loafed with the fripping bag in front of the tv. Friday Leofwyna and I hit the Goodwill stores for the 99-cent sales. I came away with a great pair of BORN shoes to wear this winter, a small Mirro pressure cooker, nine half-pint canning jars, and a couple cotton cutters. Leofwyna added many additional cotton cutters to my workpile and got a lot of good deals herself, including a pile of scrapbooking books and a nice big packet of scrapbooking stuff. I don't think she found any of the clothes she wanted for herself though. In the evening I took Leofwyna to Red Lobster for her 3-month late birthday dinner and we both enjoyed snow crab legs, crab pasta and a brownie sundae.
Wednesday I was up and out early to see if the huge sheepskin spread was still at the south Goodwill. It was and I got it at half price with Leofwyna underwriting half the cost for an early birthday present. It was a real hoot to see Cassie's reaction to it. She was kneading and kneading it but when she decided to start biteing and pulling at it we stopped her now it's where she can't get at it. The weather has cooled off significantly so planting in the garden is on hold until it warms up again. Tonight was A&S farble followed by supper at Huhot. At the sewing table I'm cutting blend strips again for more blocks.
Tuesday I made a stop at the community garden and raked over the east end, raking the shredded weeds off to the side. Looking real good. Then headed to the other side of town for lunch and the south Goodwill, looking to fulfill a requested commission. The sheepskin is still there so tonight I ran the idea by Leofwyna about getting it for a bed pad in the camper... she thought it would be a good idea so I'll go back tomorrow in hops it's still there. On the way back to go to FoodNet the car died. A nice young man had stopped and let me use his cell. Calling Leofwyna didn't get her on the phone... she didn't have the one upstairs turned on and didn't hear the one downstairs ringing so I was only able to leave a message on the machine. Nearly an hour later the young man was back with a gallon of gas (He wouldn't allow me to pay for it, bless his heart) but the car still wouldn't start. I called Farmers for a tow and left another message for Leofwyna on his phone before he had to leave again. It was a nice neighborhood. Over the next hour three different man checked to see if I was okay. The one from the house I was in front of allowed me to visit their bathroom and later his wife came out and offered coffee or hot chocolate. The tow finally arrived (from Omaha for heaven's sake) and in no time I was finally at 24-hour where I learned sometimes it takes more than a gallon of gas to get the car started again. Who knew? It was a relief, when I got home, that Leofwyna had rationalized sufficiently so as not to worry about my absence and had gone to FoodNet without me. Since it was late when I got home we went to Golden Corral for supper. At the sewing table I broke down the cotton flannels from Kronberg for a couple tops but I can't finish either of them until I find the box of flannel I know I have somewhere.
Saturday it was raining most of the day so unpacking will wait. I arranged to have my flat tire fixed (turned out to be a bad stem valve) then headed out for lunch. Spent three hours hitting the three Goodwills for the 99-cent sales and found a few cutters and five half-pint canning jars. Pulled the last quart of spaghetti sauce from the pantry for supper and spent the evening piecing Kronberg blocks.

Daffodils and Windflowers are blooming and the peony stalks are nearly 6-inches high.
Friday while Leofwyna was gone (taking a friend to Omaha for an appointment) I took myself to lunch at KFC then stopped at Goodwill where I found a neat bag on casters that I'll use for fetching things home from Foodnet. I also found slippers, a couple tops and while there ran into Pat which is always a little uncomfortable. Learned she's recently retired though. Saturday we went back out to Gerald's for more washing and linseeding wooden parts as he continues to take down the Great Machine. Asa and Libbie were there, too.
Tuesday being pleasant (but not sunny) I headed out to get the car licensed, go to lunch and stop in at the south Goodwill where I found way more to bring home than I probably should have. This included a bushel for the garden, a purse, a couple wooden boxes (to make over for largess), a card compact, a taupe shawl, a file purse (for the gift drawer), and I don't remember what all. I got to FoodNet in good time but our row was nearly last so things were rather picked over. I got a hand of decent bananas, a tomato, poppy seed rolls, and key lime cookies. Leofwyna showed up to let me know she was going to Fibre Arts and was convinced to go through the line too. More bananas and I don't know what else but I'll be making banana bread tomorrow. While at the sewing table working on Kronberg blends Leofwyna was thinking aloud about how we might manage Gulf War and New Orleans this year. in just a couple weeks. Sounds like we'll be going!
Monday and Tuesday continued fighting off this cold and really not accomplishing much on the to-do list although we did get the camper pushed into the garage Monday. I took myself out to lunch both days. With a stop at the south Goodwill I found a beautiful green car coat which I'll give to Leofwyna as green is her color and I already have my great turquoise car coat. Tuesday I did make it to FoodNet and being the second letter called up was able to come home with some really nice stuff (qt pineapple juice, croissants, chocolate bar, runza, two big apples, onion, sweet potato, grated cheddar cheese, motzarella cheese, a fruited quick bread and crackers). When it came time for supper though I went lazy and called for a pizza from Valentino's. At the sewing table I'm still progressing through the Sash's tote fabric but the end is in sight.
Monday I went to have lunch, stopped at the library was unsuccessful as the computers were all in use. Instead I stopped at the south Goodwill where I found thread and a canning jar. At the sewing table I dug through the Kahre tote, pressing pieces and sorting them for projects. Tuesday I went to lunch and the library where I printed out forms for gaming and the mystery quilt instructions, in case I actually get around to starting something new. This afternoon I'll stop at FoodNet, Leofwyna is making supper and I'll get back to constructing kronberg blend blocks.
Saturday was another pretty day. I went out for lunch and stopped in at the north Goodwill where I got another bag o'stuff. Back at home to trim and bind Ingabiorg's quilt; it took all evening but I got that finished. I made turkey vegetable soup for supper to favor Leofwyna's delicate tummy. Sunday I was able to take it easy until time to head out for gaming at the Doerr's. It was a quiet night for Pansy in town and preparing for future adventuring. At the sewing table I got another Wilderness Cabin top finished for kronberg.
Friday I woke up unusually achy... probably from yesterday's massage. It was a sunny day and I was glad to get out and about. Discovered this weekend is the 99-cent sales so stopped in at a couple of the Goodwills and came home with a couple bagsful. Back at home I found Leofowya is down with something and no appetite. Spent the evening finishing the quilting on Ingabiorg's quilt and a little while sewing up Kronberg blend blocks.
Sunday we were up promptly at ten, loaded up, said our good-byes and off looking for Savers and Goodwills. Both of us found a few good things before we hit the road to get me back in time for gaming. In Theron's set-up (Gnancy) we gleaned information, bought horses and after a night's sleep started out on an adventure which was immediately interrupted by a wizard and his six hirelings (Black Earth Monks... "Earth Monkeys!") which we were unexpectly efficient at eliminating. Lot's of experience points and we were done this time with a full 'day' for adventuring when we come back. At home I worked at the sewing table on the kronberg blends for a second Wilderness Courthouse top.
Friday finished loading up and headed out for KC. /got there in time to do a little thrift shopping (I found thread), had supper and set up the camper at Kenney's. Saturday, coronation with two great courts. Gyda was called up for Laurel and Seraphina for a cross in afternoon court. Lots of good other stuff too. My new outfit garnered plenty of compliments and I think a gal I was talking with will form up a team next year.
Friday afternoon we went to see Hidden Figures, a splendidly, nostalgic movie.  Afterwards we stopped in at Goodwill before going to supper at Greenfield's.  We do love their three-way chocolate desert there.  At the sewing table the pile of junk blocks is growing.
Wednesday afternoon I brought Leofwyna home from the hospital.  She can't drive as long as she's on the pain medication so my car is still in the parking garage there.  We both took naps this afternoon; she didn't sleep much last night.  I went to business moot alone tonight.  Lots of discussion about Winter War Maneuvers and the new location.  I helped Gerald some with his sewing machine.  We all went to Old Chicago for supper.  Thursday Their Highnesses postponed coronation for a week due to the icy, cold front heading their way.  I headed out for the afternoon picking up tickets for a movie tomorrow, stopped in at the south Goodwill where I came away with half a dozen canning jars.  Back at home I made both potato soup and chili, then canned the chili.  At the sewing table finished two nine-patch quilt tops for Kronberg.  
Sunday Owain led gaming so I played Han again.  Although I hadn't done my homework and surely missed opportunities we had a good night chasing down a pack of goblins through the back alleys of the town.  When I got home I went through the book learning what this character might be capable of and making plans when he advances.  Monday I stayed in while Leofwyna ran errands.  In the evening I sewed up a special cap to assist a project she has going.  Tuesday I headed out for lunch, haircut and the Vine Street Goodwill.  I found a replacement purse as my 'Alaskan' purse is falling apart.  Since I stopped at Joanne's for webbing I was late getting to FoodNet so I was last through the line.  I got a sweet potato, two oranges, a hand of bananas, a jicama, crackers and a loaf of bread.  At the sewing table blend squares have been assembled into a top that needs a narrow border but I set that aside for the moment to assemble blend bits and start a bit and strippie top.  
Friday Leofwyna got up early and we went to the 99-cent sales at thre Goodwills in town.  I found something at each one; mostly cutters and a blank journal.  Couldn't make chili as planned... the recipe is missing.  It's one I adjusted over the years and was just right for our tastes and now I have to start the process over again.  I'm really bummed about this.  Leofwyna ended up making supper for us... hamberger and tatertot cassarole.
Saturday Leofwyna and I spent Christmas eve at the Ambassador with the Mobleys; we played a full set of dominos.

Sunday, Christmas afternoon we opened our presents and put together a jigsaw puzzle while watching a couple old movies.

Monday we drove up to Omaha for lunch at Pla Too and hit a few Thrift Worlds where I found a really nice pair of brown leather mules.  We returned to Lincoln in time for a movie, Rogue One.

Tuesday afternoon lunch at Ticos then another movie, Magical Creatures.  I was able to get to FoodNet where I picked up two hands of bananas, a cantelope, crackers, macadamia nut cookies, a couple sweet potatoes, and multigrain bread,

Wednesday I went to stand in the end of month lines at the DMV to get my driver's license renewed.  I was pleasantly surprised to pass the eye test.  I wrote my thank you note to Laurel for a Christmas check and replaced Leofwyna's December check. Then there was A&S in the evening followed by supper at Famous Daves with the gang.  Haldara taught nailbinding to some of us while Volkmar wove, Isadora worked on his new cloak and I stitched linen coifs.

At the sewing table this week I've put together half a dozen Kronberg quilt tops from the blends they've provided.  I'd be glad to be done with 'em as I don't enjoy working with the blends this way but there's still lots of that stuff to get through.
Friday I spent some time at the library before lunch.  I stopped in at the south Goodwill for a quick look but no purchases.  Homemade pizza and colorado peaches for supper.  At the sewing table I'm still working through a box of blend pieces making tops for Kronberg.  It rained some during the day so the temps are cooler but at lealst not so frigid as last week.
Friday I went to three of the Goodwills for 99-cent sale.  I found a little something at each place, including a 'sparkly fruit wreath for Leofwyna's della robia tree, a journal I'll use for a canning recipe book, two cotton cutters, four tops and a pair of capris.  Back at home I finally baked the banana bread and washed a load of cotton accumulated from several trips this year.  



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