Sunday, while Leofwyna took her turn loafing, I went out and about and... basically loafed, too.  Sunday evening we caught up on some television programs we like while I continued processing silk samples into 12" blocks for some quilt tops.  Monday pulled the pantry cupboard and reinventoried while putting away the new peaches and pickled beans.  I'm discarding the potatoes from last year as a non-success.  I went over to the community garden, harvested pattipan squash and pulled the bush beans.  I watered while I harvested what few beans were there before chopping the plants up for compost.
Saturday was the last day this year to get tuna frenchies at Ted and Millie's and I stopped at the Goodwills for the .99 sale.  I found a pair of shoes that I think will work great for SCA.  I set up to paint the closet shelves late in the afternoon but couldn't find the box of brushes and rollers and lost the momentum.  I'll have to wait a couple days now for warmer weather to return.

Easter Sunday and I found my annual bunny basket at my threshold.  Leofwyna is very holiday-centric to my definite advantage.  On a trip to the store I found three packages of turkey backs and a small beef roast, all at major discount, so that's what I was cooking up (separately of course) today.   It wasn't ready in time for supper though so we went to Golden Corral for supper when Leofwyna woke up.  We're getting used to the new television set up and amassing quite a list of recordings.

Monday before making a trip to Menards for a short list of things to finish up details I found the painter's box so I didn't have to get rollers.  After I made up the beef with rich gravy and noodles for supper we went to a movie and saw Mount Olympus Has Fallen.  I'm afraid it had a definite flavor of the sort of movies they were making at the beginning of WWII, preparing the masses to be properly motivated.  Aside from that it was action-packed and the story worked.

I've almost reached the bottom of the sample pile.  The last few blocks are pieced with golden fabric as that's all that's left.
Sunday we discussed going to a movie but couldn't find one out right now that either of us were interested in seeing.  I've got my pile of crazy blocks built up to around 40 and I'm trying to eke a few more out of what's left of the samples without losing the quality of interest.

Monday I got out and washed the car, got the bad haircut trimmed and stopped in a couple thrift stores (I found another hose tractor for $20 so I can water the yard in half the time).  In the evening after putting together supper I went back to the crazy blocks.
Tuesday the old linoleum was scraped off the stairs to the basement and tiles started going down.  Turns out we need to get another box of tiles and a tub of glue.  I had thought he was being a little cavalier with discards when he was doing the kitchen but I didn't act on it.  My pile of crazy blocks continues to grow each day. 
Friday I went out and bought the new tags for the car and picked up a roast chicken for supper.  Kevin got the grouting done in the kitchen and bathroom.  He disappeared while I was gone which surprised me 'cause I thought he was going to strip the linoleum from the stairs to be ready to tile them Monday.  I spent part of the evening working up a few more crazy quilt blocks.
Thursday I started putting together crazy blocks from the sample bag and got ten completed and roughly another dozen started.  I think I'll pick the best dozen blocks when I'm done to do embroidery on and just put the rest together for the Kronberg pile.

The tiles got put into the bathroom.  The little blue Martini tiles are perfect with the periwinkle paint and I like the pale tiles on the floor to complement the intensity of the color on the walls.
Tuesday evening, having finished sample tops for Kronberg, I looked around for the next project and found the bag of samples I'd sorted out for crazy quilting.  I started stripping labels so I can build blocks.  Maybe I can have them ready to embroider on the west coast trip this summer.

Wednesday Kevin opened the last box of the hardwood flooring and was worried he might not have enough... but he got the last board installed with maybe ten feet to spare.  That's a lot better than needing to open a last box for four boards!  He was working alone today and made great progress.

I headed out to A&S where Master Gerald talked about hammers.  Turned out to be more interesting than anticipated.  He finished up by letting us work the hammers with clay which reacts simularly to hot metal... the kids were loving it.
Sunday Leofwyna got up early to go see the wall piece I told her about at Goodwill.  I knew it was exactly something she would like but it was a little to pricy for me to take the chance on.  She was delighted with it and snapped it right up.  On the way back home she stopped in at another Goodwill.  We spent the evening working some on the living room floor removing staples and carpet tack strips and then watched the new shows starting on television this week.  I also worked on the sixth sample top that's almost ready to add to the pile for Kronberg.
Friday the tile man was working in the kitchen again.  We have tile on the floor now, too.  There's still grouting to be done. I ran across a bag or prepared pieces that looks to be enough for three tops altogether so I'm piecing together more samples into tops for Kronberg.

Saturday I pulled myself together to get out of the house for the day.  A stop at the drycleaners found them closed.  A stop at the sewing machine repair shop found they can't do anything for the foot pedal for the 221/301, darn it.  A stop at Ted and Millies for tuna frenchees for the first time this year since Lent has begun.  I stopped in at four Goodwill's and a Salvation Army.  I found a nice framed topiary picture to add to Leofwyna's collection, a magic card game for two I'd like us to try, a set of nesting boxes, three paperbacks, a pad of graph paper and a blank cookbook to put my favorites in.  Turns out Leofwyna doesn't work tonight so I'll have to think up some supper for us when she wakes up.
Thursday saw Leofwya off to the doctor with a red and swollen toe.  Ironically, after six weeks no troubles from the surgery, now she's hurtin'.  Turns out she's developed an infection and won't be going back to work this week; she's on antibiotics.  Meanwhile I got the first coat of paint on the last wall.  I meant to get the final coat on in the evening but decided to leave it for Friday instead.  I started putting together the sample pieces I cut last month for another quilt top for the Kronberg box.
Tuesday I painted first coat on the east wall and second coat on the north short walls.  Wednesday I dealt with the five inches of show with the snowblower.  Downstairs I finished assembling a 'samples' quilt top for Kronberg and started piecing the pink double-four-patch top.  Thursday I painted the second coat of the rest of the living room walls that were ready for paint.  Needless to say I'm sleeping well through the nights with all this energetic activity. 
Saturday afternoon in the sunshine I scraped another layer of snow pack off the driveway.  I really should have gone out in the cold Thursday and worked on it then when it was looser (as Leofwyna was so kind to point out Friday).  It didn't get thawed as much today as I'd hoped as the sun is low enough in the south that 'those damn pine trees' in a neighbor's yard cast a shadow across the street and halfway up our driveway.  Part of the year its the awful trashy castoff from those trees but in the winter it's the shadow causing ever thicker ice in the street.  Since this was the warmest day predicted for the next week I don't expect it to get any better for a long while now.

Leofwyna started her house/dog sitting with the shar pei today so I'll be walking Sammy at midnight those days she's working over the holiday and she'll be sleeping over there days so I could be accomplishing some painting except she's changed her mind about the tone of the gold paint for the front room and hasn't gotten it yet.  So I'm dividing my time meanwhile between genealogy (Tenth Century, I've got P-R-S-and-T left to do) and cutting down cotton samples for a couple more quilt tops to send out to Kronberg.

Was up and dressed doing dishes when Sash called; I was supposed to have picked him up for a dentist appointment and I spaced it. He was able to call to get in a little later and I left the dishes soaking while I hustled myself out the door. After we had the appointment out of the way we made stops at Office Depot and Hancocks. He says I'm a bad influence as he bought three hunks 'o fabric instead of the one he'd planned.

Leofwyna had a holiday party to go to tonight. At home alone so I did three loads of laundry.


I hit the 50% sale at Salvation Army this afternoon and came home with two summer tops, a pair of good black dress shoes and a dozen cotton shirts for quilting. Tonight I made up a Cola-Cherry jello salad for tomorrow then I worked on piecing up a couple more sample quilt tops.


Went to Sash and Rich's for Thanksgiving dinner with Briganza, Niamh and Thomas. Sash does a lovely moist turkey and fixings and we stuffed ourselves thoroughly. Back at home tonight I worked up a couple more tops. My Rubbermaid tub overflows but I think there'll be an end to this eventually. Now I've got to go up and cook the giblets so Leofwyna can make gravy for our turkey here tomorrow evening.

While Leofwyna slept today I worked on sampler crazy pieced blocks for the next quilt top.  When she got up I got busy stripping my bed and putting on the flannel sheets for winter and the nice clean wool blankets.  Getting in bed tonight will be heavenly!

I also emptied my closet, cleaned it and swapped winter for summer clothes.  I sorted through the summer stuff and pulled the tired, stained or worn items.  I hung a new canvas shoe tower and got the shoes up off the floor ( my previous one collapsed last spring and the closet floor has been a mess all summer.

Since Leofwyna has a CD player in her 'new' van we got out Little Sister's box of CD's and chose several to put in the two vehicles.  We want to give everything we don't recognize a listen so we know what we want to let go at the last rummage sale next spring.

Time to go upstairs and deal with the kitchen before we watch Amazing Race which we taped while we were being busily productive earlier.

Leofwyna was late getting home from work this morning as she arranged to take a van to the mechanic to check it out. She's bought it and brought it home this morning so she's on top of her scheduled plan this week and ready to turn the Dodge in to the insurance agent Friday. It's good for me that this van worked out for her or I would have been taking another in this afternoon while she slept today.

It's an amazing thing here in Lincoln that 8 out of every ten vehicles are white or mud-colored, one will be husker red and the last one some pretty color. I've made a game while driving around Lincoln counting blah cars between pretty cars to see if my percentage is right and it's nearly bang on. So guess what Leofwyna ended up with... it wasn't the pretty blue van but it is a very nice smoked teal.

I 'wasted' the afternoon on the computer but this evening I put together another rather small sample quilt top.

Carried all the garb tubs out of my bedroom into the living room.  Everything in them is so jumbled from this summer's activities that when I want an outfit I have to go digging through many of them to get something pulled together.  It all needs to be resorted and packed up in an organized manner to avoid this hassle. 

Sabi called this afternoon asking to ride with me to A&S.  We'll load up and leave by 11am.

I was glad to learn from Isabeau that only one entry was necessary for the A&S entry.  I got the black silk binding replaced on the banner and wrote up the documentation for it.  I used a cake mix from the pantry stash we're trying to get used down so we can restock fresh for the winter.  So orange cupcakes with chocolate frosting for tomorrow's feast.  Leofwyna disapproved of my plan to go out for canned frosting and made up a batch of homemade fudge frosting for me.  Luv my sister I duz!


Sabi got lost getting to my place. It's a good thing I called her cell about twelve to guide her. Then on the road we got held up quite some time where a road re-finishing machine had caught fire.  When a total of six fire engines and a water truck came through and was blocking both lanes and the ditches I decided to turn back and explore back roads to get around it.  We ended up on some extremely bare of even gravel roads but they were well-packed and dry so it worked out well.

A&S went really well with one Novice level, two Intermediate, and six advanced.  Knowing the faults and shortcomings of my entry I opted for intermediate; besides I really didn't want to deal with the responsibilities on the off-chance I might win.  Turns out that wouldn't have been a possibility with the great entries we had this year and Natalia's especially fine metal-cast order medallions.  So Natalia is our new champion, yay!

For court I was one of the attendants since I'm still bardic champion for another couple months.  Court was fun especially with getting to play with Randwulf's great mace when he was called into court.  That thing is HEAVY!


Got the kitchen cleaned up from the weekend and started unpacking and sorting my SCA garb.  Spent part of the evening throwing together a couple more sample quilt tops... I have twelve in the stack now along with a couple old sheets from the clearing out process. 

Ran errands Wednesday afternoon and hit a couple thrift stores.  Went to Moot and turned in my last quarter report for exchequer.  Gyda and I will get together Monday to do the signature thing at the bank and go through the books and forms.  I went to supper after Moot with Sash, Kat, Oz, Sarafina, Halftroll and Gyda.

Got the thirtieth block together for the crazy quilt top.  It blends in pretty well after all.  I spent the afternoon today at CYT printing out documents about banners and embroidery.  When I got home Leofwyna asked me what my second entry would be!  Second entry?  Gotta check the flyer; hadn't caught anything about two entries.  I don't know if this is going to work out with only one day left.

Seems like the rebound from being sick a week was to neglect my journalling here for another week.   I did get my third quarter report done this week.  I pieced 'crazy-style' another sample quilt top.  I caught up on my laundry.  It's been mostly rainy and nasty-chilly so nothing has been accomplished outside.  Except Leofwyna and I did get the rest of the garage packed up so she could pull her van into the garage.  She'd had an accident on the way to work one day smashing the passenger side door and breaking out that window.  The insurance company is totalling the van due to it's age and book value.  She has to decide whether to buy it back and replace the door or take advantage of the opportunity to get a more fuel efficient vehicle and give up the camp-freight value of the van.

I got a lead on a job I WANT so have plans to go into HR fill out the application and get a typing test.  I want to make sure I'm going to be considered for this one and not just trust someone will print out my application from the internet like I've been doing so often lately.  For this one I really want to stand out from the crowd if I can manage this.

An old friend made contact on Facebook.  I'd tried to locate her this year but hadn't been able to find her.  I'm probably easier to find since I've got my maiden name back after the divorces and she's remarried, something I hadn't known.  So now I'm back in contact with both high school friends from the old days after nearly twenty years since last in touch.

Leofwyna and I spent a couple hours working on clearing out the front flower bed... this project is going to take couple hours for many evenings to get it done as there's a 14 yard stretch of it across the front and it's hard going.  We may leave the stretch of Veronica for next summer and take out the last 3-4 yards next fall. 

I also hit the oldest compost bin that I'd put the sprouted potatoes in early this summer.  They'd thrown up several plants and there was a couple pounds of new potatoes which I sorted out.  The compost was in shade and I wasn't surprised that it hadn't done better.  Now Leofwyna can take compost from that bin when she seeds grass up front.  We're both still avoiding the big compost bin that the yellow jackets have colonized.  I'll deal with that this winter.

In front of the TV tonight I grabbed up a pile of polished cotton samples to stitch together in another quilt top.


Up very early (only four hours sleep) and said good-bye to Leofwyna who was just coming up to bed as I was getting on the road to coronation.  Since the instructions in the MEWS weren't very helpful (Never did find an Edmonds Ave exit), I was pretty late finding the place getting into a long line for troll.  I missed out on any chance of getting feast.  Got dressed and up to morning court where I had missed the first bit and came in after Ashir's knighting ceremony had begun.  I was way in the back and couldn't hear much of anything so made up my mind to get a good seat for the afternoon court.  I ate inn fare then sat and illuminated a scroll during the afternoon before heading up to secure my seat for court.  I got a real kick out of watching the Bellwood kids as several of them got their AOAs and how delighted they were for each other.

I told the Scarlet Keep kids who were riding home with me that I would disappear during feast, not to worry, enjoy a leisurely feast, I'd be back for them.  Headed out to find supper but found most places I was interested in backed up with waiting lines and ended up pulling through Taco Bell.  Dropped the Scarlet Keep kids who rode back to Lincoln with me back at their doorsteps and was home myself by midnight.  Leofwyna called from work a little later to see if I was home yet and ask about the event.  I was tired enough to head to bed earlier than usual.


Wow, a full ten hours sleep which felt really good.  Since Leofwyna was sleeping all day I left the house for the afternoon, ate and hit a couple thrift stores.  When she woke up we headed out for another couple hours work on the flowerbed.  She had set up the crockpot full of fresh pork ham this morning with plans to use my little batch of new potatoes creamed with peas for supper.  This evening I finished putting together the polished cotton quilt top and it looks really good although it's to small for me to keep and quilt so it goes into the charity quilt pile, too.


Since it rained during the night we both took it easy today.  I headed out for lunch while Leofwyna was still sleeping and stopped in and browsed at T J Maxx.  Back at home while Leofwyna left and ran her errands I poked around on the computer... basically a very lazy day.

I didn't really get motivated either of these days to accomplish anything of significance.  I did get myself up to the Scarlet Keep college group Thursday evening for our A&S demo.  I took my wirebending workbox and worked up a Saxon dress pin. We had a nice turn out of MagMorons (all in garb): Sash, Gyda, Natalya, Gerald, Eleanor, Zino and Chiara.  We were also lining up riders from Scarlet Keep to go to Coronation next weekend; I'm borrowing Leofwyna's van for the daytrip to St Joe. 

Friday I stopped at Hancocks for their bargain white thread and snapped up several spools.  I also remembered I needed a couple spindles of black thread for the serger so I can finish adding to the camp carpets sometime this winter.  I should have gotten the lawn mown one of these two days but I procratinated... then it rained Friday evening.  That's not good.


Turned out the sun and a light wind dried off the lawn sufficiently to mow today after all so I powered myself straight through the whole lawn 'in one swell foop' so I wouldn't have to think of it again until after Coronation.  Got the kitchen cleaned up and dragged the laundry downstairs this evening; won't do any laundry though 'cause Leofwyna still has hers in the machines.  Also I've been working extremely 'off-and-on' this week making more quilt tops from the sample fabric so I have three more ready to go.



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