Sunday up at eight and on site shortly after nine to set up the sunshade and hang the camera key. The weather was fine and warm with a light breeze, thank goodness. It was a long, busy afternoon and I was glad to see six o'clock when we packed up and loaded up. I'd gotten over-heated and headachy so wasn't interested in supper. I had a bowl of cereal and was in bed by ten... slept straight through ten hours. What a way to 'pull forward' my sleep cycle.
Friday the rains came. JAV has been postponed to Sunday, May 28 so we had a slow and lazy afternoon and evening. Then so much rain fell around midnight that it came in at the southwest basement windowwell and we were kept busy a couple hours dealing with all the water. The crack in the southeast wall did it's part also. We checked and the downspouts were properly connected and the well covers in place so that wasn't the problem.
Friday Leofwyna and I went out to help with setting up JAV.  The pavillion, presence sunshade and three subsidiary sunshades were put up in the SCA area and archery got a sunshade up the hill.  Sunday we were up very early and on site around nine.  It was a beautifully clear, sunny day with a lovely cool breeze.  The best weather for JAV I remember ever having.  We got all the camera key totes emptied onto hangers and tables and had the camera booth ready for the day by ten.  At that point I realized the male partlets were not there... epp!  So Leofwyna and I made a dash back home to fetch them.  (She went along for the AC in the van.)  The faire went smoothly and well except for one of the steel fighters falling wrong and messing up his shoulder requiring him and a friend to head off to the hospital.  I gotta say by the time the day was done and everything packed up I was more than finished.  I was in bed by midnight.
Friday was grey and sometimes drizzly but we got our sunshades up for the Saturday event between the drizzles.  Saturday was nearly perfect all day (sunny and light breeze) so we got a full day in (noon to 7pm) with lots of people attending.  Our photo booth pulled in a variety of customers in waves, allowing time to hang things back up and catch a few sit-downs.  Any more business and we would have needed more hands.  Joel stayed 2-3 hours making sure the equipment worked and making sure Christie and Natalya could manage it.  I stuck to dressing, undressing and wardrobe management.  Before we do this again, I need to add ties to what we have, re-do the organdie partlets, make 3-4 mens' shirts; aside from that we have good variety.
Thursday I finished mowing the front yard, pre-loaded the van for Saturday and sorted out the pile for Friday.  In the veggie beds I harvested the first spring radishes.
Wednesday I spent time at the library computer lab before heading out to A&S.  Back at home in the late hours I've been breaking down cutters.  Thursday I sorted boxes, moving about a third of them into Leofwyna's bedroom and condensing the rest into a couple neat piles in the livingroom and dining area.  This was mainly done so there would be room for the massage table; I now owe Ingaborg when she next needs something done.  Thanks to her work my shoulders are much more limber and comfortable.  She did a range of motion check on hip and shoulder joints and I did much better than anticipated! Friday after using up my available computer time at the library I headed out to JAV to help set up for Saturday's faire and Saturday I did the same process only helping with take down and furnishing van space for the baronial tables.  I had decided that although I no longer had the dogs for an excuse I still was in no shape (stamina-wise) to do the entire day this year.  A storm blew in Saturday night and is revisiting us Sunday afternoon so the lawn is getting enormously shaggier.  At least the veggie plants are getting a thorough soak. 
Saturday the JAV demo came off really well.  The camera booth did fairly well, except for the hour lost to camera problems.  The weather was clear and the morning through noon winds eased up to pleasant breezes most of the afternoon.  But end of day was cut short when a storm blew up.  Fortunately we had enough warning we had folded up and loaded just as the first sprinkles arrived and we were on the road home when the heavy storm hit.  Back at home it turned out to be not much rain as my rainguage shows only .15 but it's good stuff didn't get wet as I don't know how I could have gotten things dried and put away on top of everything else to be done.

Sunday we unloaded JAV stuff from the van and loaded for a week of camping in Missouri then I weed-whacked around the veggie beds, weeded in the garden and mowed the outer verges.  Leofwyna took up mowing the front and though I'd intended to do the back she pushed on through and finished that up as well.  It was a very pretty day for all this with cool breezes which would have been perfect for a full day at JAV, darn  it.
Friday I loaded up the tables, sunshade and 'closet' to take out for JAV; arrived on site about four but we were sitting around waiting for the lay-out plans until Sash arrived at 5:30.  I had help setting up my sunshade and I helped set up isadora's and the baronial pavilion.  Back at home I loaded up the camera garb totes, two camp tables, Leofwyna's bench and folding chair before crashing with a soda in front of the tv.  I MUST rouse myself for a touch of supper... and I need to go back outside and put the little camp table in the van, too.  Saturday is going to be long and  tiring but I'm hoping we'll have steady business with the camera booth to make all the sewing worthwhile!!! 
Saturday was good with Natalya and Isadora sewing most of the day with me.  Belinda stopped by to see what was progressing for awhile in the afternoon.  I finished the partlet I found in Sash's scraps awhile back then put together ruffs with linen bands and the golden plastic lace which will wear up very well (no drooping).  I may even appropriate one to wear with my green irish.  Natalya worked on kids' stuff and Isadora made hats.  Leofwyna reports she slept soundly; didn't hear anything at all.

I had thought to accomplish something further during the evening but I totally crumped... I napped, then forced myself to deal with getting something to eat.  I even went to bed a little earlier than usual and slept solidly tto 10.  Turns out we were lucky with the dry weather and temps Saturday 'cause it's chilly, grey and drizzling again Sunday.
I spent the last four days fighting off... not a cold really but a similar nastiness that caused lots of coughing and lethargy.  I think it's finally fading.  I did manage to get out Tuesday evening to cover plants against a possible frost and to mow the backyard but that used up what energy I had.

I've posted to the MagMor list that I'm hosting a sewing day the last Saturday in April (weather permitting) where I'll do the majority of the work on the faux garb for the camera booth at JAV.  That'll leave enough time for finishing up the handwork.  Meanwhile I need to make rough drawings and develop the patterns for the day... and gather up the makings that are scattered throughout the house. 
Wednesday after moot Volkmar put on the gambeson and it fit perfectly!  I'm cleared to go ahead on the other two but that'll be later... but before Lilies.  Next up is a jacket repair for Joe and six faux garments for JAV photo ops. 

Thursday afternoon I put the plastic back over the winter bed for a couple nights; I'm carefully watching the weather reports for this.  I've made a list of things I need to do in hopes I'll be motivated to get things crossed off said list.  I'm truly in a lazy mode recently and need to find my way out of it.  Spring is here and I'd really like to stay on top of things this year.
Did a yardwork session Tuesday, getting the entire yard mowed in one go and turning over most of the dill bed where I'll plant the tomatoes this year.  All eight potato plants are thriving, brocolli is coming right along, half the spinach was used in the fowl pastries and the first flush of radishes is nearly gone. The lettuce has bolted already and needs to come out this week so beans can go in.  Still gotta buy a couple tomato plants to put in between rainstorms; this has been a long wet spring.  The basement has remained (so far) blessedly dry... thank Gale!

I got the first third of the fowl pastries made up Thursday evening for the JAV privey tent.  I'd asked Leofwyna to make up the pastry for me again; it definitely turns out better when we do it this way.  This time I didn't bother with the little tool and they went considerably more quickly and smoothly.  They also turned out to be somewhat smaller, a true bite size.  This batch turned out particularly well with the lavender flavor being subtle but definitely there.  I'll make up the other two-thirds next week to turn in Thursday at the last pre-cook.

JG called this week. Apprently he's been let go, too.  One has to wonder are there any producers at NET any longer.  Anyway, he sounded me out for some work in September but he wanted bargain rates.  Since I haven't had any transcription in more than a year and he is just getting started I conceded.  I just won't be quit as thorough as I normally would be and I told him this would be the case.  Part of my decision is the subject is Jun Kineko again and I'm interested in the art world discussions that will be involved.

JAV this weekend turned out well for a wonder.  It rained Thursday and Friday so we were forced to do our set up Saturday morning before the event.  I got there earlier than I normally would so we could set up my sunshade for the steel fighters.  There was a good turn out of help and set up of the other canvas was going well.  I ended up resting on the baronial sunshade matting after 10am for awhile.  Near noon I helped their excellencies with their dress, lacing and tying points and pinning on ruffs.  Once I'd gone up the hill to change I settled in as lady in waiting most of the afternoon, with intermitant asides doing storytelling with random kids and catching the occasional cat nap while sitting quietly on my bench.  The day stayed clear with cool breezes; a late afternoon storm passed west and north of us which kept the temperatures nice for us.  I'd successfully husbanded my energy as I was able to help take down the steelfighters' sunshade and get myself loaded up.  Fortunately the ground had dried enough we could drive in for the load up. 

And yes, a great deal of time is still being spent in genealogy minutia.

Still fighting with the computer. Got the purging system going on it AGAIN and headed out to the library to use the computer there for a quick read through my email. Finished organizing for the weekend which is full of things to do.


Spent the day at Sash's appretice ingathering. Luchie was there too. Marcella and I were making garb for Sash while he worked on Pennsic garb for their majesties. I got pants and a tunic done using the toasty gold stripe cotton I'd found recently; I just have to finish buttonholes on the pants this week and get them back in time for him to pack.


I picked Sash up to go to Antelope Park for our Newcomer's Revel. Saraphina and Natalya organized it as a followup for our JAV demo last week. We had an excellent turnout of barony folks and I'm told there were eleven interested people who'd been at JAV. In addition we scored some walk-by interest as well. One gentleman was quite taken with the tablet weaving loom and singing rounds. As he was also talking about going to coronation next fall I matched him up with a tunic from Gold Key for the summer. I really think we'll have some new members out of the work these two weekends.

Stopped in at a couple thrift stores on the way to our social moot this evening. Picked up the Anne of Green Gables DVD I've been looking for to complete the set and a nice batch of white on white cotton that will allow me to put together the Irish Chain I've been planning from the scrap box. We had an extra nice social moot discussing the success of our JAV demo and also welcoming three possible new members... Ariel, Matt and Marie.

Back at home Leofwyna and I watched the last of DWTS and was delighted with the results... Nicole won hands down over the competition through the entire series. Leofwyna was dealing with lengthening her beach jacket by inserting some cotton lace with minimal input from me. She's come so far in dealing with sewing from the days she'd try to make a simple blouse and blow up from frustration.

I was off to the JAV demo in good time for a change. It was nice that the heavy set up was already done; made it a lot easier just dealing with the displays. It didn't rain but the wind was really intense all day. My small sunshade had 2-3 holes ripped into it; good thing we were planning on retiring it anyway. I've already got the duck to make the next pair (big and small) sunshades; just need to make 'em up. And I plan to remove the cotton webbing from the old big sunshade, cut it down some and replace the webbing and put in new grommits. It should be good for demos and things awhile yet. Way too much fabric to just ditch it.

Leofwyna came out at the end of day since she got put on-call to help us break down. Since everyone was rather worn down by all the wind her help was greatly appreciated. Back at home Leofwyna said she'll get up early and pick up Maggie tomorrow since I'll be busy. Yay!


Sure did sleep soundly last night. Yesterday had really worn me out in spite of the naps. I met up with Chiara when she got off work and we started preparing the June newsletter. Since I hadn't received the letter from Sash to include in it we stopped over at his place to remind him we needed it and while we were there Rich looked over the CD with the addresses and we think we figured out a way for me to deal with it. I haven't tried it yet but I'm sanquine about it.

Leofwyna decided we'd wait to get Maggie Tuesday so we wouldn't be leaving her alone at the house right off. Pooh! I wasn't going to be gone all that long. Anyway she headed off for her evening before I got back and I loafed the rest of the evening.

Got sunshade canvas and poles, tub of ropes and spikes, tub of camp carpet, etcetra loaded up and ready to go for tomorrow in spite of the rainy day. While watching the weather channel weekend predictions shifted back and forth regarding the weather clearing or scattered thunder showers. I'm crossing my fingers, hoping for a nice day.

Sash wants movement and color so this evening I hemmed a couple remnant pieces of lining for banners Saturday. I'd found three slim bamboo poles in my garden supplies that we can use for banner poles before they go back for beanpoles this summer.


Picked up Sash mid-afternoon to head out to JAV to set up for the faire tomorrow. We had a real nice turnout all afternoon so the division of labor wasn't too bad. As part of the early crew I helped raise... what? About five sunshades. A follow up crew [more men] arrived and dealt with two big pavillions. And another couple guys arrived in time to help put up the 'kitchen' tent. All that's left to set up tomorrow morning is the 'bumblebee' Saxon A-frame and the exhibits. Not to bad at all.

After I dropped the baron off I swung through behind the mall and found a nice, clean [really big] pallet which I managed to wrestle into the van and take home... wrestling it out and into the garage alone, too. We'll be outloading the downstairs storage room into the garage, onto the pallets. Then we'll set up the guest bedroom and sewing room and start sorting the boxes out one-by-one and putting away what we'll keep and pricing for rummage sale the rest. By fall after a September rummage we should have everything all nice and tidy at home. My bedroom will be getting some of this treatment too (it really needs it) and I'll finally be able, then, to get into some real, creative quilting again.

When I finally settled in downstairs tonight I found a note Leofwyna left for me there. We get Maggie from The Cat House... either Sunday or Tuesday I'll pick her up. Open hours are rather tight so we have to wait for 'em, then kitty love returns to The Wee Bluet!

Loaded the mower into the van this morning, took it in to the shop and waited to bring it home again. Last time I mowed I 'found' a hand pruner in the grass. Made a right divot in the edge of the blade. Fortunately it was only $7 to hone the blade as the balance was still good to go.

I stopped in at the Salvation Army Wednesday Sale and picked up a couple cutter shirts as well as a scrapbook kit that I'll save in the Christmas box for a present this year. Headed out to Moot this evening for more JAV planning and back at home I pieced some more batiste blends but didn't get any one thing finished.

During the early afternoon I finished clearing the craft area for Leofwyna's use although my sewing area is still a mess. I got the rest of the lawn mowed and my squash, tomato, broccoli, cauliflower and basil seedlings set out in the garden late this afternoon before heading out to this month's social moot. We made JAV plans with Jim Ballard and among other activities the musicians and dancers practiced, the barony conducted interviews and munchies were consumed.

While Leofwyna was sorting some of her stuff from the spare room yesterday she ran across a 'tablecloth' tunic she'd cut out (probably years ago) for gold key and never got sewed up.  She passed it off to me to finish so I got that done today.  This is a HUGE tunic but I went with it thinking sometimes you do have a large person wanting to see what we were about so I didn't cut it down any further.  I also had Little Sister's cotton bathroom curtains to cut down and hem for dish towels.

Went to Moot this evening where plans were made for JAV next month.  JAV is our big demo out at a local vinyard's annual spring one-day Renaissance Fair.  This has been very successful for us for several years now and I kinda look forward to it.  I'm going to work on bookbinding as I still want to have twenty done for the Cattle Raids project.


Darnit!  Leofwyna got put on-call again today.  The way hospitals manage their staff-hours these days annoys the HELL out of me and I have to be careful not to transmit that annoyance to her.  She certainly doesn't need me to aggravate whatever she feels about it.

I pulled a bag of white material out of the pile in my bedroom to take down to the sewing room today.  First piece out was an L-shaped remnant of fine linen so I made a pair of ladies trews.  My thinking is the 12th Century woman needing protection while traveling or riding wanted something extra under her skirts and instead of 'borrowing' a pair of trews she made her own fine pair.  Since there's a record of a sermon denouncing women wearing such that it must have been done sometime; although how the clergy was aware enough of this to have an opinion gives me pause.  There was a 7-inch strip left from which I cut four 7-inch squares to put in my workbasket to become goblet covers.  I'll try to get them done before Cattle Raids for the largess baskets.



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