Wednesday after lunch we decided we were in good shape getting ready to go so we went up to Fort Collins for a little while.  I thought we were just going to go to Goodwill and a fabric store we discovered last time.  How wrong I was, Leofwyna found three ARCs to stop at.  We both had some good luck though and only my feet are complaining.  Back at the house after supper we ran dishwasher, laundry (towels) and loaded up everything but the kitchen tote and cooler.  I've packed my bags and brought them upstairs then took a little time to mark the next line on the quilt.  Only one more line after this one!  The question for tomorrow is will there be room for a flat of peaches?

NOTE:  Unfortunately there was no room for anything more.  We left Leofwyna's new fan and a couple puzzles on a high shelf in the garage to use next time we come.
Tuesday we stayed at the house and did what we could to be ready for the big cleaning and loading push Wednesday.  Aside from that we relaxed some and after supper (Thai soup) I finished the next line of quilting.  There's only two lines left and the binding so concentrating on this here in Colorado has done a lot of good.  No puzzles though and Leofwyna commented on that yesterday.  Next time.
Monday we went back to Rocky Mountain National Park to see if we could catch sight of some of the color change and the elk.  We were in luck.  The color change is just beginning but there were some good patches of yellow and gold showing on various mountainsides.  We saw several harems of lady elk with some rather impressive males.  We also saw a young single spike elk who looked like he belonged on an African plain with some impala or something.  We also saw a couple large clutches of magpies and were close enough to see the rich blue and green sheen on their feathers.  The weather is supposed to change on us this week and we encountered some of the beginning of that driving through a bit of rain during the drive out to Bear Lake.  It cleared off in time for us to take the walk up to the lake although I declined taking the walk around it.
Sunday Leofwyna went out to get the cellphone replaced and pick up some groceries.  I sorted my purchases, cleaned up the kitchen and fixed the folding door in the hallway.  We fixed mac and cheese and apple crisp (again) for supper and I quilted some more while we found more 9-11 programs to watch.
Saturday we made a point of getting up to hit the Goodwills in the suburbs north of Denver.  We both had good luck.  I brought back a couple tops, shortie pjs, a couple pj bottoms, a cotton sheet set for Gold Key undertunics, quilt fabric yardage for borders, some nice cotton cutters and I don't remember what all else.  So back at the house we had leftovers for supper and 9/11 tv shows while quilting.
Friday we had decided we weren't up to doing the Scots-Irish Festival in Estes.  So instead Leofwyna took a quiet day.  I made the run to the Loveland Goodwill hoping the pint canning jars were still there.  I found eleven wide-mouth pints and a half-pint.  So back at the house I spent the afternoon picking apples and canning eleven pints plus one quart of sliced apples.  I'm thinking they're pretty thoroughly cooked but I'll try them as crisp, in muffins and in cakes and see if it's worth the effort to repeat another year.  That wore me out so we went to the Chinese restaurant we found the other night for supper again.  Back at the house I quilted while we watched "Oh God!"; hadn't seen that one in years.
Thursday we headed down to Boulder for a Katmandu lunch and some thrift store visits.  Leofwyna's cellphone went rogue and we had some problems finding the thrift stores.  We did find a Vorizone where Leofwyna was told the phone seemed to have issues.  Really?!?  Neither of us found much at the thrift stores today but a stop at JoAnn's changed that for me as I bought a big bunch of cotton prints I hadn't seen at our own JoAnn's in Lincoln.  We did find the German bakery in Longmont along the way and stocked up on pastries.
Wednesday morning was wakened by the phone at eight and the housemaid at 8:30 so gave it up and got up.  So much accomplished before noon, shopping for meals the next couple days and more peaches to can as well as marking the next line to quilt.  After lunch I canned seven jars of peaches... packed as tight as I could with quarters and still have an inch under the floating fruit.  Oh well.  Leofwyna made spagetti salad and apple crisp for supper.  Quilted some more after supper until fingers hurt too much and switched to reading backlog on a new quilter's blog.
Tuesday we drove up to Estes and the Rocky Mountain National Park.  This time we were able to make it up Trail Ridge Drive to the visitors' center at the top.  It was a beautiful day and the vistas were glorious.  Coming back down we took the north drive where we saw all the elk last fall.  This time we saw four males and nine females; also several magpies... not a flock but that many.  I think they were interested in a roadkill.  I didn't know magpies did that.  We stopped for supper at Sweet Basilico in Estes; worth a return visit sometime.  Back at the house I quilted the rest of that line before fading out.  Bed earlier than usual.
Monday we both stayed in our jammies.  After lunch I canned four quart jars of peaches to finish up in a hot water bath.  That used two-thirds of the peaches so we've decided to get another flat and can up two more batches later in the week.  Leofwyna continued with the laundry through the day.  After supper I returned to quilting on Ingabiorg's quilt almost finishing another line while we watched a movie, Next, that we hadn't seen before.  I liked it but she was frustrated by how it ended.
Sunday while Leofwyna stayed in her jammies and had a quiet day, I dressed and emptied the van, made a run to the grocery store for supper and peach canning supplies, sorted the thrift store purchases, caught up on emails and blogs, washed up the canning jars and quilted awhile on Ingabiorg's quilt.  Leofwyna did some laundry and made supper for us, fresh tomato sauce (I brought tomatoes from home) on spagetti. 
Thursday I went back up the road to revisit the Goodwill 'cause I wanted their canning jars.  I got twelve.  There's Colorado peaches being sold all over the place and we want to can some to take home.  It has to wait until we get back from Battlemore so I'm hoping there will still be some.  In addition to sleeping in Leofwyna took a long, long nap this afternoon so I quietly worked on the quilting a good part of the afternoon and again in the evening.
Wednesday we went over to Greeley after lunch to check the thrift stores (Goodwill and ARC) for puzzles and canning jars.  We've decided we want to can some Colorado peaches while we're here, and maybe some apples from Agnes' trees.  Found a couple puzzles there.  I also slipped into a 'kitchen' store where I found a red pot just like the one we have liked using for the past two decades (I've been looking awhile) so I bought it.  We can use it for canning here and replace the dinged up pot at home.  For supper, threw the leftover pork and saffron rice into Thai ginger soup... yummy.  Got the tv connection working after considerable effort so got a lot of quilting done through the evening.  Leofowyna got on the computer to make a Friday night reservation in Pueblo so we can go to Battlemor Friday and Saturday.

NOTE:  Turns out this pot is a little bigger; no problem with that.
Tuesday we saw Agnes and Carl off shortly after noon.  We hit Smashburger for lunch and stopped in at the Goodwill in hopes of finding a puzzle.  The bag of puzzles were forgottern at home in the rush of loading.  What else might we have forgotten?  We drove by the prairie dog town on the west side of town and found it totally deserted; so totally it was obvious systematic poisoning must have occurred.  The critters were still there last April when we were last here but now it's a prairie dog ghost town.  Leftovers brought from home for supper and watched movie, I am Legend, since we couldn't get DirectTV to load up.  I quilted during the movie.
Wednesday we packed up for Colorado before heading to our usual Wednesday meeting, this week being a farble.  I worked on the quilt again.  Thursday we loaded up and headed out for Colorado to house/cat sit for friends in Loveland for a long week.  They pay for the gas going and coming and we have what we call our little vacation cottage while they're gone, this time to San Juan (I think).  Anyway, we pulled in Friday evening and they pulled out Saturday morning.  We spent Saturday afternoon in Rocky Mountain National Park and went out to the Wild Life Sanctuary Tuesday.  Sunday was a grey day so we stayed in and did puzzles and I quilted some.  Other afternoons we went about to find the Habitat ReStores in the area (Longmont, Boulder, Denver and Fort Collins) as we still need more 16-inch tiles for the laundry room renovation.  Unfortunately none were to be found so we'll probably have to order them in Omaha at somewhat higher prices than we'd hoped.  Those days we also hit Super Savers and Goodwills as we found them.  I stayed in better control of my spending this time and came away with a more reasonable expenditure for cotton cutters and one linen cutter.  On the other hand Leofwyna found a TROVE of scrapbook items... literally a storeload of stuff.  She spent a consisderable amount that was ten times or more in value so she is stocked up for quite some time with some high quality materials.  Saturday was another grey day with some snow so we stayed in.  There's some sorting and packing up to do of our finds, puzzles to apply ourselves to, and of course, more quilting.



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