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Friday was coronation prep although I got away for one quick computer session mid afternoon. Before the library I cooked up 15 dozen eggs; after the library I returned and boxed the eggs up and got them in the cooler. I brought Subway footlongs for our supper and had to browbeat Leofwyna into stopping long enough to eat hers. Saturday was coronation and I thought it went off very well. My task was to sit guard over the Easterday location which we hired for the bathrooms... was cheaper than portajons... and cooler. Only a few dozen people came through but it was available. The other task of the day for me was clean up. Folks were stepping up well for this and I dried to Sigthrig's washing up in the kitchen. Loaded up my car. Swept the kitchen and stayed until Leofwyna was satisfied all was well. It was after midnight when we got home and crashed. Volkmar, Owain and Sigthrig stayed for locking up with us as well.
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