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Saturday Leofwyna and I spent Christmas eve at the Ambassador with the Mobleys; we played a full set of dominos.

Sunday, Christmas afternoon we opened our presents and put together a jigsaw puzzle while watching a couple old movies.

Monday we drove up to Omaha for lunch at Pla Too and hit a few Thrift Worlds where I found a really nice pair of brown leather mules.  We returned to Lincoln in time for a movie, Rogue One.

Tuesday afternoon lunch at Ticos then another movie, Magical Creatures.  I was able to get to FoodNet where I picked up two hands of bananas, a cantelope, crackers, macadamia nut cookies, a couple sweet potatoes, and multigrain bread,

Wednesday I went to stand in the end of month lines at the DMV to get my driver's license renewed.  I was pleasantly surprised to pass the eye test.  I wrote my thank you note to Laurel for a Christmas check and replaced Leofwyna's December check. Then there was A&S in the evening followed by supper at Famous Daves with the gang.  Haldara taught nailbinding to some of us while Volkmar wove, Isadora worked on his new cloak and I stitched linen coifs.

At the sewing table this week I've put together half a dozen Kronberg quilt tops from the blends they've provided.  I'd be glad to be done with 'em as I don't enjoy working with the blends this way but there's still lots of that stuff to get through.



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