Sep. 5th, 2017

Saturday after a couple library computer sessions I returned home to get the laundry upstairs and deal with cleaning up the kitchen.

Sunday I returned library books to the drop and had lunch early. There was no computer today or tomorrow with them closed for Labor Day. Leofwyna went with me to gaming to spend some time with Isadora. Asa brought me 25# of big cucumbers so I have a big project coming up this week.

Monday with the library closed I loafed away time while Leofwyna slept. Once she was up I finished clearing up the kitchen and dealt with Asa'a cucumbers. Realized the big jars were still in the van which is at the shop so the cukes in limewater are in the fridge in the two red pots which took shifting the shelves. We went to the China buffet for supper. I finished another cotton cutter bag and dug into the linen cutters to get my workbasket back into service.



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